Barn NameStar
LocationArizona, United States
Age12 years, 1 months old
Head MarkingsStar
Leg MarkingsFetlock

About Stari rescued this guy when he was 2 months old. he was an orphan and terribly sick/underweight. he had a bad case of worms, double pnemonia, and only weighed about 100 lbs. the vet didn't think he would make it though the night but he did. it was a ton of work but he made a full recovery although his growth was stunted from the malnutrition. he is one of the sweetest horses you will ever meet...he is stubborn though but it was that willpower that helped him make it through.
Activitieshe has been started under saddle and is doing great. he loves to jump and is making a great trail horse.
Favorite Foodany and all food
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From Clydesdales on 09/21/13
LOVE mustangs
From Piaffe on 07/09/12
Wow..great job with the little guy!
From butterflysparkles on 03/13/11
Oh, so pretty!
From ShutUpJoe on 01/04/11
Brilliant recovery! Such a nice looking horse.
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