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Barn NameSteimee
Registered NameSteimee's Misbehavin
LocationHillsboro, Oregon, United States
Age17 years, 8 months old
Acquired07/04/2000 (15 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
Leg MarkingsCoronet, Pastern
DisciplinesDressage, English pleasure, Hunter

About SteimeeSteimee is the biggest baby in the world. I have had his since he was 2, so we have been together for 14 years. He is so sweet and loves to learn. He is smart but also very stubborn. He always has a horsey best friend and really loves his people as well. He has lots of energy and I think he is the most gorgeous horse I have ever seen. He also always has his trademark mo hawk (roached mane).
ActivitiesBeing crazy, dressage, some jumping, eating lots of grass, groudwork
Favorite FoodApples
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