Barn NameClaymore
LocationIndiana, United States
Age14 years, 9 months old
Acquired06/24/2009 (8 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze
Body MarkingsFlecking or Ticking
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesPleasure driving, Pleasure trail riding, Western pleasure

About ClaymoreClaymore is 1/4 Clydesdale, 1/4 Paint and 1/2 Appaloosa. I'd say he got the best of all three genes. He very much inherited the Appy personality though, he's a mischief maker. He's also a drama queen. He's madly in love with Misty the pony, and follows her around the pasture like a puppy dog.
ActivitiesHe likes to trail ride. He was shown under harness before I got him, and that's still on the long term agenda. He loves the water, but hates baths. He's also an escape artist, I have been through four different kinds of latches on his stall door - best luck I have had so far is with a flip-latch that is supposed to be escape-proof, mounted sideways and WITH the addition of a length of bailing twine tying the stall door :) He's only broke out of that combo twice :)
Favorite Foodmy hair
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From ZombieHorseChick on 06/05/14
Very stunning horse!
From TheAQHAGirl on 12/08/12
Wow! What a unique horse!
From ilovepets on 11/27/12
Wow! what a beautiful horse! i have never seen anything like it :)
From poundinghooves on 11/13/12
Stunning horse! I live in Indiana too!
From FaithCat on 09/28/12
LOVE! :)
From HorseGirlFive on 09/05/12
Wow.. beautiful!
From Elizabeth Bowers on 08/11/12
Wow he is so unique looking i love it!!! He is awesome!!! :)
From Cacowgirl on 08/01/12
Beautiful horse! He looks so different from each side.
From Sinister on 06/06/12
In love!
From Crimsons Clover on 04/16/12
Very cool coloring and not bad conformation either. Neat horse :)
From randomrider92 on 04/13/12
What a gorgeous boy~\~
From SRCM16 on 02/13/12
Paint in the front, appy in the back. Lol. Adorable!
From Evansk on 02/01/12
OMG hes gorgeous! O_O love his colouring and markings
From allisonjoy on 01/14/12
ahhh i love the looks of this horse!
From randomrider92 on 01/04/12
From Evansk on 12/27/11
Beautiful HORSE! :D
From ButtInTheDirt on 11/27/11
If he goes missing.. uhh.. it wasn't me. ;) He must get you a lot of attention on the trails.
From EthanQ on 10/01/11
he is amazing
From EthanQ on 10/01/11
he is amazing
From Cat on 07/22/11
What a striking looking horse! I love his coloring.
From SpiritedLittleCopperSpots on 06/23/11
I SO love your Claymore! (as apparently a lot of members do!)
From Jessabel on 06/22/11
Had to comment again, he's just so pretty. He looks like tons of fun, too. :3
From A knack for horses on 06/06/11
Me wants :3
From MHFoundation Quarters on 04/18/11
Just had to say that he is by far the coolest colored draft I've seen! What a handsome guy :)
From horsesaremylife on 04/17/11
Amazing color!
From strawberryfieldsequine on 03/29/11
What a handsome big boy he is!
From Creampuff on 03/18/11
Cute! He looks to be built like a brick outhouse. :P But he also has a very gentle eye... VERY adorable. :3
From Haylee on 02/16/11
What a nifty looking Horse! I like him! So perdy!
From CarolynRosser on 01/29/11
That horse is absolutely gorgeous.. I would hate to see that brick house charging at me however! He's a big stout boy.
From fuadteagan on 01/25/11
omg gorgeous ! i love appaloosa colored horses that aren't purebred appies like drafts or ponies !
From breezystar on 01/23/11
He is so cute! And big! Haha! Look at that belly. =P I love em'! lol
From wheeler4x4 on 01/04/11
Oh my goodness, like everyone else has said, he is gorgeous!
From bighorserider on 01/02/11
Ah, I found my next inspiration for a model horse I want to paint. Thanks for sharing him! He is gorgeous!!
From Gus on 11/14/10
WHOA O.O i have never seen a draft like that!
From Moonieandme on 11/12/10
ahh an escape artist eh? Gotta love them! lol he looks incredibly sweet(: and GORGEOUS!
From Althena on 10/19/10
WOW!!! Very awesome horse.. You are right in that he got the best of all breeds. Except maybe the escape artist part. But I bet that added bit of character makes him a wonderful companion :)
From loveBradforever on 10/18/10
He is so Handsome! love the colours!!!!!
From MangoRoX87 on 10/11/10
AHHH!! I love everything about this horse!! I'm going to steal him MUHAHA!
From CuteLilKatieKat on 08/22/10
OMG - I just love him!!! His color is so unique, and I love the drafts!
From leonalee on 08/17/10
What a BEAUTIFUL boy!
From TheRoughrider21 on 07/13/10
He's gorgeous!!!
From aruraeclipse on 06/29/10
Hey Clarymore, your very beautiufl, I haven't seen any horses like you before. I love your coloring.
From LeosAmericanShadow on 06/18/10
he is sooo freaking cute! you got lucky!
From speedy da fish on 06/11/10
hes the cutest pintaloosa iv'e seen! or should that by clypintaloosa? :P
From Lonannuniel on 04/08/10
WOW! what a unique horse! absolutly brilliant!
From englishrider on 03/18/10
Love your horsie!
From King03 on 03/14/10
I love him he's so cute !
From JustLeaveIt2Mya on 03/06/10
Gouregously handsome!
From Golden Horse on 02/20/10
New person here just finding my way around and have just seen this boy........HUBBA BUBBA that is one handsome man, love him
From Quixotic on 02/13/10
he's gorgeous, & sounds like he has quite the personality haha
From luvs2ride1979 on 02/12/10
He is SO CUTE! Where did you get him? I WANT ONE!!! ;-)
From rdn1234 on 02/04/10
That is an awsome looking horse!!
From Curly_Horse_CMT on 02/04/10
Very flashy looking boy :) Four-wheel drive horse all the way.
From snoggle on 01/30/10
He is so beautiful and unique. You have to do us all a favor and post more pics of him!
From Hunter65 on 12/20/09
oh my gosh he is sooo beautiful
From appy rider 4 life on 12/16/09
From Smarby on 12/14/09
Woww, he has an absolutely stunning colouring! He looks gorgeous.
From juneau on 12/10/09
Can I have him! I would do anything to have a horse like that!!!!
From speedy da fish on 12/09/09
wow he looks like someones had the paintbrush too him!
From AllegroAdante on 12/09/09
He's gorgeous! If he comes up missing don't look for him at my barn!
From murrayhallbuccaneer on 12/08/09
what a beautiful horse! i love his colouring :D and the bulky-ness! absolutly stunning :D
From ShutUpJoe on 12/08/09
What an amazingly beautiful horse!
From Jessabel on 12/07/09
Gorgeous horse!
From EquestrianHollywood on 12/07/09
Omg what a cutie:) I love his coloring1
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