Barn NameCody *sold*
LocationPincher creek, Alberta, Canada
ColorRed Dun
Head MarkingsWhite face
Body MarkingsWhite splash
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings

About Cody *sold*Cody is my horse, my best friend, and the only man in my life. We have an incredible bond, even for the short amount of time we've been together. I got him home on January 31, 2010. We've come a long way from playing around in the arena, to going on 5 hour long trail rides. He LOVES water. If he had a choice to go through a puddle, or around it no matter HOW big or deep, he would always choose to go through it. He follows me around with no lead rope, and if I run, he runs after me, and stops as soon as I do. Hes amazing with his feet, and according to my ferrier "A ferriers dream". He is still a little chubby, but he is losing weight and gainging muscle. Hes a barn favorite. He just loves love.
ActivitiesWe love to play chase. Its a game of tag where he will chase me around and follow me with no lead rope. I dont make him do it either, he just chooses too :). Also going on trail rides with his favorite buddy, Ollie.
LocationClaresholm Alberta, Canada
Favorite FoodCrunchie Horse Cookies
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From SRCM16 on 01/22/12
He looks like a grumpy little booger. Lol. Handsome boy though!
From Haylee on 02/27/11
He is so pretty! I have a APH gelding named cody with blue eyes too!=> Strange Irony right?
From GoldSahara on 05/20/10
Such a great relationship so early on! Congrats on finding your best friend!
From BlueEyedBeauty on 01/17/10
He looks like a sweet heart, Also his color is very pretty (:
From MangoRoX87 on 01/17/10
He is sooo cute! I bet he will be so pretty once all that winter fat and fluff is gone:)
From EquestrianHollywood on 01/16/10
I love his facial marking!! Pretty cool horse!
From ThatGuyRob on 01/16/10
Wow, that is one of the coolest looking horses I have ever seen.
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