Barn NameCheyenne
LocationAlberta, Canada
OwnerCheyennes mom
BreedQuarter Horse
Age32 years, 1 months old
Head MarkingsSnip, Stripe
Body MarkingsWhite hairs
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesBareback, Barrel racing

About CheyenneCheyenne goes english, western and bareback and is very good at all of them! Has the smoothest canter and is the most gentil horse I know! :) She has an awesome backwards question mark on her forehead too which is kinda funny! She doesn't act like her old age though! haha! (if you don't believe me then come to my gymkhanas and see for yourself.)
Considering that she's so old, she is doing incredibly!
Retiring her this year due to her age. :(
ActivitiesAll around! She does mostly everything except dressage, and she's good at most things that she knows how to do! She's just getting used to me riding with one hand, she is a really fast horse so she's great for gaming, I used to show her in english and western, and jumped her as well! she's an amazing trail horse, etc! Retiring her this year.

Favorite Foodmy homemade treats :D
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From WesternRider88 on 02/03/13
She's beautiful!!! And I love the marking on her face. :)
From Get up and go on 07/18/12
I thought her mark looked more like Captain Hook's hook(:
From VanillaBean on 10/31/11
What a sweetie! LOVE the costume picture. VB
From Can He Star on 08/30/11
gorgeous girl.... i agree with mhr
From myhorseriesen on 08/14/11
i just can't resist i just have to click on her every time she comes up!
From Sharindee on 07/06/11
wow she is soo beautiful!!!
From Can He Star on 07/04/11
sooo cute, just had to heck her out after that pic on thread oam replys
From bubba13 on 06/20/11
Looks like a very sweet mare.
From Creampuff on 03/15/11
She's a beauty! :D!! And you make her treats on your own? Aww!
From Haylee on 02/25/11
I love her face markings! So adorable!
From lovemycowboy on 02/25/11
She's so cute!
From spookychick13 on 02/15/11
I love her blaze!!!
From myhorseriesen on 02/14/11
i love Cheyenne! she looks great in English
From Gidget on 12/10/10
i love the santa hat pictures!
From Zora on 08/16/10
Very cute horse!
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