This horse is for sale for 1500!
Barn NameRandy
Registered Nametra
LocationCalifornia, United States
Age13 years, 12 months old
Acquired04/05/2011 (6 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlue eyes
Body MarkingsBloody Shoulder
DisciplinesCompanion horse

About RandyShe is broke to ride and just learning the basics of collection. She will need an intermediate/advanced rider. She is a very smart and sweet natured horse. She clips, bathes, and trailers well. She is priced to sell quickly as I sadly do not have the time to invest into her. She will be sold to an approved home only as her best interest is my concern.YOU CAN CONTACT

ActivitiesShe is up to date on all shots and coggins as of May 2011. She just had her teeth floated in May as well.

Favorite Foodgress
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From Been There Dun That on 01/24/16
and btw tra is a pathetic show name ITS SHORTER THAN HIS BARN NAME!!
From Been There Dun That on 01/24/16
seriously?? a she gelding? bloody shoulder?? BLUE EYES?? learn a few horse terms!
From minimoe on 07/14/15
Didnt catch the he/she & I just figured the missed and extra $0
From aphroditesmom on 01/22/13
From Dreamcatcher5 on 01/03/13
What a beautiful "mare" this is, and I love her "blue" eyes! Hahahaha! Seriously, did you think people would fall for that!? 0.o
From TheAQHAGirl on 10/31/12
Scamscamscamscamscamscamscamscam...I didn't think they would exist on HorseForum...LOL
From Red Raiders on 08/18/12
Why are you scamming people?! This isn't your horse!!!!!!
From DressageDreamer on 03/19/12
Wonder who owns the horse that they stole the pictures from? I bet they would be thrilled to know that someone is trying to scam others by using their pics. A gelding is not a "she."
From arcainia1 on 03/19/12
and you would have moved to london and just send a money order, you'll spring for the trucking of the horse becuase you just really need to sell her who is a him, but a girl.. yeah...
From soenjer55 on 03/03/12
...I am really confused... Well, the horse in the pictures is stunning, any way...
From Falicity on 01/26/12
has shehe been bred before? XD
From Falicity on 01/26/12
aaaahh one of those rare double-gendered, companion friesians, only shehe is very special because shehe is learning collection under saddle. AND at a steal for 1500. +blue eyes and a bloody shoulder? absolutely.
From welbornw on 01/05/12
is she really for sale for $1500 or are my eyes bad??
From mistrider on 09/27/11
Oh my goodness she's fantastic if she was more trained and i had more money id buy her in an instant. I am looking for a horse.
From Phantomstallion on 09/24/11
I love black horses!
From smrobs on 08/10/11
Really speshul. A girl-gelding Fresian with blue eyes and a bloody shoulder mark LOL. *rolls eyes*
From Golden Horse on 06/22/11
Oooh,it's one of those girl geldings, speshul
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