Barn NameRansom
LocationSewickley, Pennsylvania, United States
Acquired08/30/2010 (7 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesPleasure trail riding

About RansomRansom's Story:

He could have gone to slaughter, his pound of flesh for our society; for some dinner plate or dog food. Those human eyes, his riding ability, his personality, none of those would have factored into his “meat price.” Maybe he wouldn’t have been shipped to slaughter; maybe another bad home would have got him; another home that wouldn’t have treated his scars.

Ransom came to me with the sentence that he was to go slaughter otherwise. He was my first horse and full of challenges for a newbie. Ransom has had a lot of issues and a hard life until he came here. Starting at birth what probably was a bright colt was born with a structural conformation defect causing him to toe out in the front. At a young age this could have been corrected but it was ignored. As he grew he didn’t receive great care. Ransom’s feet were a mess. He came with abscess on top of abscess, not to mention compacted soles and slight rotations on both fronts, likely due to founder. Addition to these problems, Ransom was underweight, showing the personality signs of starvation, and was sick with a mild conjunctivitis. He has allergies and arthritis, and had wounds on his face as well as a scar or two. This doesn’t even begin to cover his mental anguish. This horse has permanent worry lines on his face.

Despite his issues, Ransom is well on his way to being a healthy horse. His allergies and arthritis is being managed, his wounds have healed, and scars have hair growing over them. His feet are being worked on. He will never be a competition horse but he loves trail riding, rolling in the dirt, and any food you might give him. He is starting to trust people more; starting to socialize with other horses more, and is really turning into a handsome boy.

Ransom has taught me so much about horses and horse care. I’ve made mistakes, and he has forgiven every one of them. Even in my frustration he was right there, human eyes telling me it is okay. He tests me every day, sometimes I think I must fail, but the next day he greets me with the same expression of understanding. Some people want a horse they can just hop on and ride off into the sunset. Ransom has taught me that a horse is not just a tool for our amusement. People that thought that way made him the way he was. I may have rescued him from death, but he rescued me from making a horrible mistake with my life. A horse, even a healthy horse, is your companion, and while they can be entertaining, they still deserve your love and respect. He has taught me what it means to be owned by a horse.
ActivitiesRolling in the dirt, courting mares, being afraid of the wind, eating anything he can, and giving kisses
Favorite FoodCarrots
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From kiwigirl on 08/01/11
Ransom is beautiful and as lucky to have you as a friend as you are to have him.
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