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Things I wish I could tell non horse people......

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        02-27-2013, 07:43 PM
    Here's another one from me. My cousin was visiting our "farm" (loads of paddocks, a dog, 3 goats, 2 horses and an old little cottage), and this is the conversation (by the way, the cousin is 21 years old)

    Cousin: wow, nice place.
    Me: yep, I love it here. Riding almost every day...
    Cousin: what, you ride one of THOSE horses? (pointing at Luca and Fleet)
    Me: yes, both of them.
    Cousin: are they both yours.
    Me: no, only Luca is mine. The other is my sister's lease horse.
    Cousin: oh, so you own that brown one? He looks like he suits you. (Fleet is a chestnut)
    Me: no, that's my sister's lease horse, Fleet.
    Cousin: omg so you ride the BLACK BIG ONE?????
    Me: um....(Luca is actually BROWN, not black, and it's actually quite visible, lighter parts under the armpits, around the muzzle)...yes...
    Cousin: but he's like wayyy too tall for you!!
    Me: 0.o I'm still growing you know so he's actually the perfect size for me (he's 16hh and we two actually suit each other very well.)
    Cousin: ohhh...okay. So you live on a real farm eh?
    Me: yeah...I guess.
    Cousin: and you have your own black you're a real cowgirl! Yeehaaaw!
    Me: actually...he's a gelding. And I ride English....
    Cousin: that a breed?
    Me: gelding? No....he's a Standardbred.
    Cousin: what kind? Like a racehorse?
    Me: well.....he used to be one..
    Cousin: cool! So you enter him in races and stuff like that?
    Me: me, I need to check something with Luca...

    So I went to Luca so I could laugh my head off in peace....
    This actually happened and I remember so much of it because it happened yesterday and my dad was filming my sister train her goat to jump little obstacles and my cousin and I were watching, having that conversation. So it's all on tape, too!
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        02-27-2013, 08:59 PM
    Green Broke
    ^^ youtube?? I must hear this! (and see the goat jumping )
        02-27-2013, 09:03 PM
    Youtube is your friend! Please feed YT your funny video
        02-28-2013, 12:21 AM
    I tried talking horse to hubby. This happened.

    ...And then there's this one horse, his name is Impressive, and he-

    Hubby - Wait, what?


    What's his name?


    His name? What's so great about it?

    ......What? Oh! His name IS Impressive!

    The horses name is Impressive?

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        02-28-2013, 02:40 PM
    I wish I could---but my iPad absolutely hates YouTube, doesn't let anything get downloaded or uploaded (soemthing to do with storage -_-) and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the vid here because I'm pretty sure my cousin would be totally embarrassed :S I CAN send you a pic of jumping goat, though I must say she is rather lazy

    Oh and also---I don't even know how to upload videos!! :S if someone told me, I could ask the cousin if I could upload it here.
        03-12-2013, 12:52 PM
    Originally Posted by Tessa7707    
    No, sweetheart, he didn't try to buck you off, he just coughed..... XD
    Hilarious XD and so true!
    Posted via Mobile Device
        03-12-2013, 08:53 PM
    Iv got a little story for ya...

    Me and my friend go riding down the dirt road and a little girl comes running out of the house and asks if she can pet our horses. So we said yes. (im thinking she will pet the horses shoulder or something, nope) The FIRST thing she does is pet my horses HOOFS?! Then grabs my friends mares head (who is head shy). To our amazement the horse didn't budge a muscle, thank God. I swore my horse read my mind (if you move one muscle your dead) All the while her mom is standing in the door way watching. This all happened within 20 seconds and the little girl was done...

    I didn't even bother saying anything...because EVERYONES horse is kid proof right?!
        03-13-2013, 09:08 PM
    What I am getting lately from coworkers is...
    Horses are expensive to feed. How do you manage?
    A. I budget
    B. I shop around
    C. They mainly eat GRASS!
    D. They are cheaper to feed then my kids $50 of food lasts them a whole month....$50 bucks of food lasts my three kids 2 days if I am lucky
    E. They don't ask me for new clothes, games, toys, or books. They are content to be outside and run and play.
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        03-17-2013, 01:35 AM
    He he. Here is my funny conversation:

    (This is just before my mums first ever riding lesson. She wanted to learn to walk the horse, stop the horse and steer the horse so she will know what to do when she goes on one of those nose-to-tail lead rein trail ride camps with my younger sister next month)

    Mum: I like mares. I don't like geldings. Can I ride a mare?

    Me: (who happens to know that my mum IS riding a gelding). Err, geldings are nice too.

    Mum: Why? How?

    Me: Well, for one, *struggles to find a reason why boys are better than girls*(he he) they ahh... don't go on heat?

    Mum: *rolls eyes* Don't be silly. I'm going to ride an old horse, remember? It will have gone through menopause.

    Me: * face-palm*
        03-18-2013, 12:15 AM
    LOL! That's hilarious!

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