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Green Broke
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oh boy, how bout a video? ;) haha

Last time I jumped in a tank top, those metal jump cups don't feel so great when they're scraping a big line down your bare back!

Actually this isn't even my worst fall, just the worst LOOKING one. The worst was sometime before this one happened, and I have arthritis in my neck now as a reminder of that one

"The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand, is when I carried you..."
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Green Broke
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Originally Posted by Mckellar View Post
I won't include my #1 worst fall. Don't want to talk about it and not ready to.
But heres number 2

#2 : A little while after that riding in a warm up ring at a show ( I was still on crutches at this point too.... ) This show was to build my confidence back up on horses I LOVE showing. And some young girl (who I did know ) Went over a jump when my horse was on the other side she did not call the jump i went to say sorry ( even though she was in the wrong ) and this was all within seconds her horse got way to close to mine, and mine kicked and since i was facing the wrong way trying to apologize i was unbalanced and woooop off I go over my 17.1h horses head. Ilacerated (sp?) splean 3 day ICU, blood transfusions, and another 4 in hospital
OMG! And that was your second worst??!!! I am so sorry!!!
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I've fallen off so many times in the 15 years that I've been riding but never hurt myself until last year a few days before Christmas.
As a fun non serious riding lesson we played a few games and a couple of us were riding bareback. We had 2 identical jumping courses and 2 teams and the fastest to jump the course won. The pony I rode (in my avi) is a bit of an a-hole and tends to attack other geldings. Right after a jump he decided to attack the horse I was racing against and since I was bareback I came tumbling down and I hit the ground hard. Completely knocked the wind out of me. I got up and kept riding.
Managed to get whiplash, bruised rib and f***** up jaw. My jaw was probably the worst. I couldn't eat anything that was chewy, and it was really painful. Had to go to the dentist quit a few times to get it checked out and had xrays, but nothing could be found. So I just got drugs for the pain so that I could eat normally and after half a year it got better. Never found out what happened to it.
Sneezing and yawning was the worst!

And then the scariest fall I had was last summer. The horse I was riding tripped and both me and the horse came down crashing and I somersaulted over her head face first into sand. Eew!
I just remember at some point seeing her sitting on the ground.
Later found out that she had been tripping quit a bit with other riders as well.

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I don't come off easily....I can probably count the number of times I've fallen on both hands. You learn to develop a good seat real fast when your 5yo OTTB's first year on trail consists of spinning, jumping, and leaping at the snap of a twig.

My worst fall was a bail....Was riding my mare in the arena practicing barrels at a lope and she slipped and went to her knees, so I took my feet out of the stirrups and let myself be propelled over her head. Wasn't injured, just a mild concussion and memory loss (asked my mom upon getting up why my mare was in Western tack....), and I remember nothing of walking her back to the barn.

Then there was the incident with the same horse where I was scratching her forehead and her head flew up and down, jamming her tooth through the skin below my lips and causing profuse bleeding and a trip to the ER for stitches.

Compared to others, I've been very fortunate in that I've had no "bad" (knock on wood!) falls.

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I've been very lucky and I've never been seriously injured from a fall (knock on wood), but my worst fall could've ended up much more serious.

I was riding a very quick Arabian mare in a jumping lesson. She wasn't shod and I suspect she was having trouble with the footing, poor thing. We were doing a pretty tight rollback and through the turn she just slipped and fell right over on top of me. She scrambled up and I felt her legs and hooves hitting me. I remember thinking "please don't kill me"
In the end I had a nasty hoof shaped bruise on my upper arm, a shallow scrape on my lower arm from one of her hooves, and she'd stepped on my hand. No breaks and I was riding again the next day.
I heard her hitting my helmet though, so I'm very glad I always wear one!
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I was jumping a 3 footer and Red, the horse, After he jumped the jump beautifully, he jumped a mid air jump again! I kicked him while he was in the air and he came down at top speed canter! I was not prepared for that either, and hit the side wall and fell. Uggggghhhh. My face STILL hurts! Thank GOD I was wearing my helmet!!! :)
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This is probably my second worst fall ( first one in the worst falls thread to lazy to post again :p) But I was pole bending with the mare I was riding, and we were galloping home, she was really excited and she did a massive buck, I flew over her shoulder and completely smashed my helmet to pieces, then I slid across the arena. And of course she was determined to finish the run, so she nearly trampled me, luckily she pivoted right before she galloped over me. And thank goodness for my helmet, it took all the brunt.

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My worst fall happened actually back in 2008 now that I really think about it. I was probably 17 and my friend Jessie who I was riding with had to be around 13. She was riding her 17yo TB Justin and I was on Beau, my QH who at the time was 7. Jessie and I were riding on trail and Justin tripped over an exposed tree root coming off the top of a hill and fell just about on top of her. Somehow, I think he managed to arch his body and avoid landing on her because she was completely uninjured. Justin then got up and cantered off up the trail towards the barn.

Now, I made two mistakes here. First; Beau was still green and we shouldn't have tried to chase down another horse. Second; we were headed towards the barn. I guess Justin decided he was going to act like a ~REAL TB that day because for the first time ever, Beau and I couldn't catch up to him, at least going up that trail. At the top of the trail, which also happened to be a hill, the barn was off to the right a little ways, and the trail itself opened up to a bit of an open area, but there was a spot of small trees/very large bushes directly ahead of the trail opening. When I had discerned that we weren't going to be able to catch up to Justin, I had to make a decision; turn right or left. I obviously tried to get Beau to turn left since I didn't want him running home all the way to the barn, but that didn't work out so well. He was like LOL I DON'T THINK SO and took a sharp right turn towards the barn (at a full out gallop by this point) and I was caught off guard and flew off.

I landed on the back of my head/neck (thank god I was wearing a helmet) and flipped over, slamming the left side of my body into a fallen tree. I couldn't move for a good 10-15 seconds so I just started screaming for Jessie. I guess I was in shock or something, I don't know. She helped me get up and I ran-limped back towards the barn to make sure Beau was okay and the horses hadn't run down towards the road or anything. I should have known better, Beau is too much of a pig to run away from the barn. I found him standing in the aisleway OUTSIDE his stall, turned around to face me with a very sheepish look on his face. :|

I SHOULD have called it quits right there and went to a doctor (I never did, actually) but being as stubborn as I am, I hooked my arm over Beau's neck, had him walk me out to the arena, and proceeded to hop on and ride for another hour. Interestingly enough, the angle my hip was at when I was riding made it so it didn't hurt at all, though I couldn't walk for about 3 days afterward once I got home. To this day I swear I must have broken or at least cracked a rib or two, because it hurt like heck to breathe and I had severe pain in my ribcage in my left side. I also got really sick a few months after that with an upper respiratory infection I think; I was coughing really bad, to the point where I had to call my mom to come get me from a 3 day school overnight service project thing we had to do (I was excused). I was at a point where every time I would cough I would start sobbing uncontrollably because it hurt so bad in my ribs. :/ Either they weren't fully healed, or I coughed so hard/frequently that I re-injured them somehow.

To this day I have chronic back issues/pain and can't sit in one spot or stand for too long without being in excruciating pain. I also still have issues with my left hip if I walk for too long at once. My short term memory started going downhill after that as well, so sometimes I wonder if it wasn't related to this fall somehow. I am unsure, though.

I know this post is already super long, but my girlfriend Kina has also had some pretty spectacular falls; I'll just outline a few of them briefly.

About two years ago back in Cincinnati, she was cantering Beau bareback and he turned more quickly than she was expecting in one of the corners and she flew into a fencepost. Not the safety flex-fencing around the arena, no, one of the solid wooden posts holding said flex-fencing up. :| She managed to walk out of the arena with help from her friend who was visiting us (while I jumped on Beau and gave him a 30 second lesson in LISTEN TO YOUR RIDER PLZ) and collapse in the shade. I got Beau put away in under 2 minutes, ran over and pulled her helmet off because it was 105 degree weather with extreme humidity and that was my first thought. My phone also cut out halfway through the 911 conversation when I was attempting to call an ambulance for her (I didn't realize that they could use the cell phone location thing to get the address) so we said screw it and against better judgment, got her into my car and proceeded to haul ass to the nearest hospital. It was supposed to be a 30 minute drive.. we got her there in 15 mins!
Anyway, she sustained a broken rotator cuff that still needs replaced, shredded the muscles in her back/shoulder on the right side, broken collarbone, fractured humerus, and collapsed disc in her back.

Another time, up here in Erie, we were riding double and Beau's back foot slipped on the dirt/gravel driveway because it was a tad bit slippery out and we both fell off. She managed to pull me on top of her somehow so she took the brunt of the impact and suffered a fractured pelvis.

She tends to have horrible luck with Beau, because later on that year he stepped on an underground beehive when they were cantering and proceeded to rear/buck/flip sh*t because they both were getting stung up by all the bees. He bent the clips on my favorite pair of split reins when he stepped on them after she bailed, but at least he was in the bitless bridle so his mouth didn't get torn up or injured in any way by a bit.

Fly Without Wings

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Somehow my worst fall did not involve jumping, even though I've had a horse hook it's front legs on a fence and switch positions with me. Humans are not meant to be on the ground and horses in the air... my knee can attest to that. ;)

When I was... younger I lost my first horse to colic right before our 4-H county round up. The only horse available to exhibit was her last colt, now a rangy 6yr old gamer. What the heck... why not... I've barrel raced on and off. Only catch was this guy had a bit of a nasty streak in him, usually it showed up in trying to bite when you're not paying attention.

We actually had a really good run through the first two barrels and were lined up for a time in the 16s. He got a bit goofy on the turn around the final barrel, but put his head down and came running home like he meant business. Darn horse did mean business.... about 10 yards from the timers he hopped up into the air, yanked the reins through my hands and proceeded to do his best impression of a rodeo horse (it was a pretty good one from what I was told). I was already out of the seat urging him home, so after the first few bucks I was hanging on to his neck. I hung on for a little bit but he kept trying to kick at me with each buck. He spun full tilt at the arena fence and geared up to jump (we occasionally schooled him XC). Not sure how I knew where we were in the arena but, I shoved away from him when I bailed but the bugger actually came at me. The last thing I remember before my mom threatening to send the horse to the meat packers at the top of her lungs was seeing him turn towards me when I was rolling and try to strike/jump on me. Thank god I was wearing my helmet... he hit the side of it with both front feet but not anything else. He proceeded his little rampage by exiting the arena over the gait. I'm guessing I passed out in fear, cause other than some road rash on my back I was a-ok. Got back on that horse and worked him in the schooling arena for a few hours before handing him back to his owners.

Oddly enough we ran a 17... I hadn't hit the ground till a few feet after the line so our time counted. Technically made it to the Districts show. I declined... part force by my mother, and a fraction of common sense that told me I escape him once... why tempt fate again.

Scariest thing is they sold him to a trainer that used him as a lesson horse.

Ok I know not jumping... but he had it in mind. Honestly I feel safe jumping more often than not.

If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question or asked the question wrong

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A long time ago, when I first started riding, I was riding a very sassy, stubborn Apoloosa. I was in the ring with a few other girls. At that time, I hadn't really cantered much, but the other girls did. The instructor told us to play a sort of "follow the leader" thing with jumping, and the horse i was following on my own began to canter all of the sudden. Then my horse started cantering, and, in shock, I lost my right rein and my left foot came out of the stirrup. I couldn't find the rein to try and stop her. So then, she slid to a sudden stop right in front of the fence and I flew foward, and hit the fence hard, on my back. I think. Another time, I was riding a horse that had some arthritis in his back legs, and I was trying to get him into a corner he didn't like. He suddenly just started spinning around and I went forward. I held onto his neck but I couldn't hold on much longer and I fell right on my knee. My knee hasn't felt great ever since. My falls haven't been as bad as some I've read, though. Thank god (:

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