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Cool ideas for jumping gymnastics

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    06-10-2012, 02:26 PM
Cool ideas for jumping gymnastics

Any cool ideas for jumping gymnastics? I am trainer-less and wanting to work on my position and strength over fences as well as my mare's form so if anyone has any cool ideas! Also what distances do you use (how many feet between jumps/poles?)
I did bounces today with alternating ground poles and jumps which was fun but I think I need to do some more trot in stuff :)
Added info: my mare is a 16.1 h OTTB with about a 12ft stride (can get longer lol) we don't really jump more than 3ft ATM but hopefully will go higher once we get some lessons.
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    06-10-2012, 08:31 PM
Exercise 1

I love giving ideas for jump gridwork, as well as courses and neat exercises. Here is what I have:

*note I'm not sure what kind of jump building supplies you have (like how many poles etc) so if any of these require more supplies that are available, either improvise or discard the idea*

Double bounce from the trot:
ground pole 9 feet in front of the first vertical, 11-12 feet between first vertical and second vertical (depends on your horse for the distance between the jumps) and than another 11-12 feet between second and third vertical, followed by another ground pole placed 9 feet after the gird.
Approach at a controlled trot, apply aids for canter after the ground pole, canter steady through bounces, land inside the ground pole at the end of the grid and canter away balanced.

This exercise will help with:
Improve the horses sharpness and technique
Improve the horses athleticism
Encourage elasticity in both horse and rider
Ensures rider's independence of balance
Establishes rhythm and consistent pace.

I will post another in a few minutes. Do you do anything with jump fillers live liver pools, flower boxes etc? Have you done square, ascending, descending, triple, and hogs back oxers? Have you done any narrow fences or jumps on an angle? I'm just trying to get an idea of what you have done so I can suggest things a little better. Also are you looking for just your grid work or would exercises involving turns to other jumps be of interest to you?
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    06-10-2012, 08:46 PM
Exercise 2

Cross rail with a low pole behind:
Make a steep cross rail so that the top V of the cross rail is reasonably high and narrow. Make this an oxer by placing a vertical behind the cross rail at a little lower than the V made by the cross rail. The width of this oxer will depend on horse and rider comfort.

Ride this jump at a forward canter. The horse will need to lift his knees and shoulders more at first by the narrow cross rail, then will need to bring the forearm forward to clear the spread. On landing, canter away forward and regain momentum if any was lost. Prepare for a larger jump by giving a large release.

This exercise will help with:
Improve the horses jumping technique, particularly in the hind legs, but also in the neck, back, shoulders, and knees.
    06-10-2012, 08:59 PM
Exercise 3

This is not a gird, but is still helpful nonetheless
Construct a single vertical with a ground pole on both sides of the jump in the center of your riding space, at equal distance from both ends of the arena.

This exercise is a figure 8 over the vertical and will require focus from the rider to plan for the turn back to the jump. The jump can be made from an angle, but can also be ridden straight (space permitting) Ride this at the canter, and maintain the canter throughout the exercise. Aim for flying changes over the jump, but if the lead change is missed, do not try and fix the lead, but remain in the canter. Jump the jump in the figure 8 a few times to gain a feel for the turns etc. Once comfortable, approach the jump and count aloud, "one" at one stride in front of the jump. As you return to the jump, count the two strides in front of the jump, and continue to count from there. (third time over the jump count the three strides before, and fourth count the four strides) until you are counting the entire figure 8, turns included. This exercise is one best done over a few rides if the rider is unable to count strides larger than three strides before the jump.

This exercise will help with:
Establish a balanced rhythm
Educate the rider to evaluate distance
Promote readability and control.
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    06-11-2012, 01:53 PM
Thanks for all your ideas! I will definitely try them.
And as far as equipment, I just have poles/planks and standards, a few cones and also a couple barrels. Not too much but enough to make do!

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