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Explain your first jumping moment!

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        12-14-2012, 12:55 AM
    My first jump was on a school horse. My trainer told me to go into two point over the crossrail and the horse popped over it with as minimal effort effort as possible. My trainer asked me "So how did it feel?" to which I bluntly responded "like a catapult."
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        12-14-2012, 07:48 AM
    Glad you had a good one!
    Mine was rubbish, I was taking lessons at a riding school that I thought were fine, now I realise they were terrible teachers that were only out to make money.
    I got sent over a jump without being taught what a two point even was. They just said "stand up in your stirrups and lean forward"
    Needless to say, I fell off!
    I fell off a LOT jumping at that place.
    Haven't fallen off once jumping at my new riding school :) I've fallen off just the once there and have been taking lessons there for 3 years :)
        12-27-2012, 05:39 PM
    My first jump was about, 3 years ago at a professional equestrian jumping facility. I was riding Alladin, an extremely energetic stallion. We were doing trot poles, and then we finally advanced to a 2ft vertical. I was simply trotting up to it, and he was being his usual speedy self and --BAM-- there was a huge thunder clap from outside. That scared him, causing him to gallop, and reach far over the tiny 2ft jump infront of him. I wasn't expecting it, and came very close to falling off.
        01-04-2013, 11:02 PM
    A teeny tiny cross rail a few years back. I was so excited and a little nervous at the same time. Of course, my lesson horse trotted over it. It was hardly really jumping, but in my mind, I might as well have been doing a 3' course. I nearly burst out of my skin I was so happy and eager to jump.
        01-05-2013, 08:51 AM
    My first jump was when I was having a riding lesson, it was summer and we were just having a more relaxed lesson, so my instructor put up a little course but instead of jumps, trotting poles but with 1 tiny jump up, I was riding the lazy horse but she still jumped it, I was so excited! My second jumping experience was with my friend and on her horse, I fell off and got trodden on, not the best haha
        01-05-2013, 10:52 AM
    Remember it like it was yesterday, though it was actually MUCH longer than that
    I was riding the old beginner horse, Cowboy. He was a little fat Paint, blind in one eye, but sweet all over. He was really the perfect beginner's horse. We had our lesson centered around it. I'd been trotting trot poles and doing two point for a good long time. I was super excited to jump. We trotted right up to a TINY crossrail, with caveletti laying on their side (not the lowest setting, the second lowest), and in a crossrail. All be darned if Cowboy actually jumped the thing! We went back and forth a few times, trotting up to it, two point, jump, stop. Turn around, repeat. It was GREAT!! At the end of the lesson, I had been doing so well, my instructer actually made the crossrail a verticle - we sailed over that, and it was complete bliss. Been hooked ever since!! Now, coincedentaly, my horse's name is ... Cowboy! And strangely enough, the old Cowboy passed away about 5 years ago - and the new Cowboy? Is 5 years old. If you believe in reincarnation....

    Anyways, though that seems like it was just this morning, it was actually about ... 11 years ago
        01-05-2013, 01:18 PM
    Green Broke
    Me or me and the horse ? And does sticking the landing count ? What about maintaining cool points ?
    Horse one, I trained to jump my first horse on a log in my backyard, there wa only a couple strides after the log and a big bush so after the jump of about a foot and a few strides Dammit would stop, Id tap his neck hed reach around Id give him a treat, and around we went agian... All is well went riding on a trail in the woods came to a straightaway with a down tree across trail,,, "Oh boy I thought, kicked it into high gear,( kinda a slow bone jaring wonkee trot) saled over the log with the greatest of ease, I turned to look at and gloat to my companions right about the time my horse did exactly what I trained him to do, STOP turn his head and reach for a treat, as I continued on over his head I reminded myself of that little error in my training plan.
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