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Gelding Rushes Fences

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    02-26-2012, 09:33 PM
Gelding Rushes Fences

What are some things I can do to stop my gelding from rushing fences? He is fine from a trot but as soon as we start cantering fences he's like "let's go let's go let's go..ooh we're jumping?!" As of right now I half halt, sit deep, breathe, think slow, tell him easy and support with my lower leg. But is there any exercises I can do? I have tried ground poles and it works while they're down but as soon as they are gone it's back to the same thing. And going to a harsher bit is NOT an option.
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    03-31-2012, 06:43 AM
In my experience, it depends on the horse. I find this very irritating because it throws off your sense of everything when you want to clear a course, and your horse is rushing. On some horses if they would start to get really quick or too heavy on the forehand, I would simply steer them off the jump (not at the last minute of course) and canter, canter, canter, until they had their act together, and then give them a 3-4 stride notice on a jump, so they didn't have enough time to get rediculous again. TB's do this a lot in my experience. Change up your jumping routine. I don't know your experience level but try doing at things at an angle, rollbacks, etc. If that doesnt work and he is still rushing, then I would dig deep and really try to get him to collect. Does he respond to your half halts/check and release? How high are you jumping? I have ridden a few horses that get too quick when they are bored, say at 2ft, and if you raise the stakes they aren't as excited to hurry. Make sure you aren't sitting to far forward or giving any cues of anticipation. Don't anticipate the jump, and he will be less likely too. Just stay with him. Don't let him pull you around when you have tried everything else, finally lay it down that this is not okay and he needs to collect. Heck, stop him two strides before a jump and make him stand there, and talk to him like nothing exciting is happening. We bred TB's to foxhunt and steeplechase, so you can't be too mad, just try to get in his head that everything is calm and collected. Strong half halts, and a calm demeanor will help. Talk to him while he is being speedy in a voice that is assertive but relaxed and kind. Canter in circles before you jump. Don't give him too many strides before a jump for him to over anticipate and get too fast. Make sure your eye is up and your body is straight. If you look down and hunch, he may be more likely to gain momentum and get fast.
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    03-31-2012, 08:57 AM
Do you have any video so we can see whats happening ?
    04-01-2012, 08:44 AM
I had the same problem with my horse. Make sure when you sit deep to hold him back and do your half halt that you don't end up driving with your seat as you try to sit deeper. Walk him up to a ground pole. Halt, then allow him to step over it. Same thing at the trot and canter. Even if he doesn't usually rush a pole, this exercise helps. Put up small cross rails and repeat. Leave yourself a few strides before the jump when you halt and then take him right over it. I wouldnt suggest veering out around the jump if he rushes, you never want to discourage the horse's eagerness to jump or let him think that running out on a jump is an acceptable thing to do. Once he has his sights on the jump and you've pointed him at it and made the intention of jumping clear to him, it will be confusing to suddenly ask him to not jump because he was rushing. Circle your way up to the jump at the trot, getting closer and closer to the jump with your circles until you are going right by it. Keep the trot relaxed and steady, as if you were just doing flatwork. Then take him over the jump on your last circle and he should just pop over it in the same relaxed fashion. If he does jump in a relaxed way, praise him lots!! If the horse is sensitive to your seat, try jumping a course in a half seat the whole way so he doesn't feel any driving pressure from your seat, and use lots of little half halts to remind him where you want him. Good luck! :)

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