I knew it intellectually, but it sank in today

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I knew it intellectually, but it sank in today

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    09-01-2011, 07:19 AM
I knew it intellectually, but it sank in today

...chipping in is caused by rider error. Namely, jumping ahead.

I am so proud of Monty, he managed to correct the bad takeoff, land in a good spot, and take off in a good spot for fence number two - all in the space of a single stride. Such an honest horse. The ONLY time he chipped in was the time I jumped ahead.

Also, other than that one really bad anticipation, any crit? My stirrups were a bit on the long side but I can't shorten them any more. I think I'm a bit far out of the saddle too. Anything else? ME, not him, he gets lazy over small fences because he's a high-level eventing horse. His form over anything over 3' is pretty much perfect. These are about 2' - oh and this is jump one of a one-stride double. I haven't jumped anything decent in a couple of months and the saddle doesn't fit me, plus we were working on striding - I usually train to about 3' and was aiming to move up before my accident.

Edited; these photos are off my phone, and it distorts photos (note the jump standard that bends one way in one photo and the other way in the others), so these pics may not be the most accurate. Also, I am a showjumper/eventer. And excuse the release in the first pic, or rather the lack of!

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    09-01-2011, 12:33 PM
Lol, I love the way your standards look in these pictures.

Anyway, your upper body is a bit far from the horse, try following the horse's movement and leaning closer to his neck. As for the stirrups, you can roll them if they don't go any shorter. The only problem is, it's quite hard to do once you're on the horse. It does seem like they make stirrup leathers too long, I'm 5' 4" and my stirrups are always on the very first hole!

That's all the critique I have for now, happy riding! :)
    09-01-2011, 11:46 PM
My coach yells at me for ducking if I'm any closer to his neck over little fences like these O.o

It's not the stirrup length that's the problem (I'm 5'4" too, these are kid stirrups because they're on the saddle I jump in) - it's that the saddle is too small! I normally ride in a 17.5 inch dressage saddle and this all purpose is only 16.5 inch. I could not canter without bouncing unless I was in two-point and he gets faster because he's an eventer so two-point means YAY CROSS COUNTRY TIME NOW

I used to be a REALLY bad ducker and my coach is now 10000000000% anal about any kind of hint of it. I guess I'm a kind of defensive jumper too because I event.

I'll work on it though :) There's a pretty good chance I won't be allowed to ride today (supposed to be working) but I will keep it in mind.

EDIT: I love my standards too, except for the one minor problem that they are solid pine... and therefore weigh a TON. It takes two people and a furniture trolley to move them!
    09-04-2011, 11:32 PM
I was under the impression that chipping was a result of "burying" the horse at the base of the fence, I.e. Not being able to stride up correctly. Jumping ahead was what the rider would tend to do as a result of the chip. In other words, you would see the take off spot, the horse would see one more, take the stride, and you're already in 2 point (doing the jumping for the horse) thus making you ahead of the motion.
That's just my thoughts on it.
    09-05-2011, 06:09 AM
That makes sense. I know from my own experience though that when I jump ahead Monty chips in, and when I don't, he doesn't. So either way it is rider error, but I think it's my jumping ahead that causes Monty to chip in, in our case at least.

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