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Lifting Legs Over the Jumps

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    11-10-2013, 05:20 PM
Question Lifting Legs Over the Jumps

Okay, so I have a green horse. I'm training her for jumping with help from my instructor. My horse, Roswitha, truly enjoys it. She perks up and I can feel she gets excited BUT there is one downfall. When the jumps are small, she puts minimal effort into it. We have jumped an OCCASIONAL 2'3" and she clears it perfectly. Small verticals and cross rails, however, aren't spared. Yesterday, I rode her in a small fun show at my barn. Since she's still pretty green we put her in the smallest divisions. First round had ground poles, second had ground poles and tiny cross rails, third round had small cross rails and raised cross rails, and the final division had 18" verticals and a couple cross rails. I trotted the course and she would jump but knock the rails almost everytime. I'd urge her on a few steps before the obstacle but she still would hit them. In the final division, she seriously bulldozed through some of the jumps. She would start lifting her legs but then it was as though she changed her mind and just wanted to run through. She was still perky and uppity but I'm assuming maybe a bit distracted? There have been other times during lessons in which she cleared the higher jumps but would knock over the smaller ones.

Does anyone know a way of fixing this? Or what exercises would help her? Any advice is much appreciated
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    11-12-2013, 01:18 AM
I just think cavalettis would help...

Little ones, maybe 6 inches off the ground, and a trot step apart. Then, when you've got her stepping over each one with a definitive rhythm (no barreling through!) Then you can do a simple bounce exercise. Still crossrails, but I think one-stride jumps will help.
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    11-12-2013, 07:29 AM
Is she wearing boots? If so make sure they're open front.
If you can try her over some solid obstacles , logs etc she can't go through then
    11-12-2013, 08:40 AM
Ok sounds good :) I've done some raised cavalettis with her and she was fine with them. She would lift her legs though she had her moments if distraction and would take a misstep or something. The problem with the jumps we had at the little fun show was that they were PVC pipes so the bent easily and would knock out of the holders.
I've done bounces before but never set them up. How much of a distance do you put between each one?

And yes, she has open front boots that she wears. Plus bell boots :) when we jump something solid (we have a wall jump) she has a tendency to way over jump haha. When she gets used to it she doesn't over jump quite so much though. She just seems to treat each type of jump differently
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    11-12-2013, 09:16 AM
DON'T use PVC poles with her. My horse used to be really bad about this (still is actually, but he's improved greatly) and I think that the PVC poles were the initial culprit. They just bounce right off the horse's legs and give them no motivation to pick their feet up. At my first barn that's all they had to my options were limited, but things improved greatly when I went to my new barn when I moved. He became much better about not barreling right through with the addition of wooden poles exclusively. If I were you I would avoid doing any more barn shows with pvc pipes until you get her going pretty solidly over them. I agree to also use open front boots if you use any at all so that they actually feel the effect when they knock a rail.

I'm not a jumper by trade, and my horse and I just mess around with small things every once in awhile, but I've noticed with him that if he CAN get away with trotting over something then he will. Small x rails are never jumped... just treated like big trot poles. Same with teeny verticals, lol. If it's particularly tiny then he'll trot it no problem at all... but if it's slightly larger than tiny he'll often knock it in an attempt to just trot over. I guess it's better than the TB that I was working with who would over jump a ground pole at a walk like there was a crocodile down there!

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