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        07-26-2012, 11:23 AM
    Hello All!

    I first rode when I was like 6 or 7 and I got my first horse when I was 8. I have to admit that we didn't know what the heck we were doing when we bought him because honestly he's kind of a junker! But that doesn't mean that I don't love him to death because I do! We've had him (Rusty) for 7 years and we have a special bond. My first horse lessons were English and that was a long time ago. I rode a horse named Bailey and then Amigo. I learned the basics and towards the end we started on little jumps and poles, but I got out of English and took more interest in western. I first started taking western lessons at a barn near me on my insructors horse; Sneakers. Then I took lessons on the stable owners horse; Buddy. That instructor moved away but her horse stayed here, I continued taking lessons at that barn with a different girl. Finally I moved past Buddy's level (not my Buddy the other Buddy) and started taking lessons on (my) Buddy. I worked with these 2 instructors for about 2 years before I got into reining. I first rode a reining horse when I was around 11 or 12 (before I started taking western lessons) and I LOVED IT! For a while that's all I thought about- and it's all I think about now too! I started taking reining lessons in April of 2010 but sadly it's been kinda on and off. I rode his mare named Remy. She is an experienced reiner and show horse and I really enjoy riding her. She had a foal last April so I haven't had a lesson since then. My instructor is amazing he's a good teacher and I've learned a lot from him. I've also learned a lot about hoof stuff from him because he's our farrier too! Recently I've been battling with white lines disease with Rusty and other hoof problems with other horses and he's helped us a lot. Now I ride Buddy a lot and have been working with him on reining stuff and improving his western foundation/ basics (flexing, bending, moving off legs and seat etc.)

    The horses in my life...

    Rusty: 18 y/o chestnut QH gelding, first horse, don't ride him much but I like to ride him bareback and groom him/ play around with him, his personality is two faced because he's so shy and reserved around other people but with me he's comical and loving. When other people are around he'll get real close to me and nudge on me and try to get me to pet him and scratch him- it's like he's marking his territory- apparently I'm all his! Loves to be scratched under belly, if you scratch him once be prepared for him to follow you around until yo uscratch him again. I ride him on trails and little kids and friends ride him when they come over.

    Buddy: 11 y/o chestnut appendix QH gelding, raced twice when he was two then did some roping, really muscular and stocky, great horse to ride, loves to please you, loves people, drinking out of the hose, popsicles, swimming in creek and is an absolute sweetheart! He's really great to be around in the saddle and on the ground.

    Goldie: 12 y/o chestnut QH mare, when we got her she was a spoiled brat and she's come a long way, although sometimes pushy and stubborn ahe really is a good horse (sister and dad ride her western)

    Ace: 8 y/o bay QH gelding, has had previous western pleasure training, HUS horse, likes to jump, likes coke donuts and playing with whatever he can get a hold of (sister's horse, english)

    Dusty: 4 moth old palomino QH colt out of Goldie, sweet, cute, good natured easy to get along with and is going to be a great horse one day!

    Sneakers: lesson horse, all around, western and english, good horse, very sweet

    Buddy: lesson horse, good horse but LAZY!

    Remy: lesson horse, reining horse, amazing, taught me so much

    "Little" Rusty: horse that I learned to ride on, we called him little Rusty because we had two Rustys and he was little (like 14.1 or 14.2) died from colic, really old, like in his 30s

    Molly: another great horse, racking horse mare, fun to ride, died when she layed down one day and she coundn't get back up because of her back legs

    Blaze: Goldie's first foal, adorable and sweet, developed joint ill when he was only 2 weeks old, the vet came one day and picked him up and put him in the front seat of his truck to take him to the vet clinic, spent a week there before we had to put him down

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please ask questions and comment!
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        07-26-2012, 11:30 AM
    Welcome to the forum!
        07-26-2012, 11:39 AM
    Welcome to the forum this is a nice place to be enjoy
        07-27-2012, 12:53 AM
    Green Broke

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