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I'm baaaack! HA

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        06-10-2010, 02:23 AM
    I'm baaaack! HA

    So, I just wanted to apologize for my prolonged absence... I really and truly love this site, everyone is so great and helpful and informative! But school rolls around, and sports seasons begin and I already have too many horses... So the internet loses priority haha. But I have returned for the summer, to add to my growing knowledge of horses! =) I'm excited. But anyway, I just thought I'd post about what I've been up to with my horses, and if you have any random questions, just ask! I know no one probably cares about my horses... we all have our own to worry about! But I love posting about them, so here goes. =)

    How did we go from having 6 horses to having FOURTEEN?! Somehow they just keep accumulating ha. I'm not going to post about them ALL everyday, but I'll give you a rundown on them.

    Cinna -- My new (ish) red roan baby. She's a year and two months now. What a cutie. She's a half-sister to Flair. In some ways, they aren't alike at all. But at other times she does stuff and I just want to cry, because it was so much like Flair. I still compare them, even though I know Cinna is her own horse. She's a little firecracker. I wondered if I would ever get that bond back that I had with Flair. I thought it might have just been that I'd trained her from birth (almost). But no. Cinna is awesome, but I'm definitely sad to find that I can't have that bond anymore. I dunno, maybe it will come with time. But I kind of doubt it. They say that every cowboy/girl has is allotted one great horse in their lifetime. As a rural/ranch kid, I've always heard that. And everyone knows exactly which horse theirs was. Sadly, I feel like Flair was mine. And I only had her for Two years. =( But maybe someday I'll find that bond again. I can only hope. Anyway, back to Cinna. I took her to the fairgrounds the other day. Poor baby, it was such a long trailer ride there and back. She was exhausted. But everyone was in awe at how good she was. So that's good.

    Classy -- Got her back from the trainer and she rides like a dream. I wish that i'd had the time to train her myself, but she deserved better. I just wanted the satisfaction of saying I had been the one to train her, because she's just eye catching, and everyone asks about her. But she was only there for two months, so I guess I can say I finished her? Haha. Anyway, I feel bad because I haven't had the time to devote to her lately that she deserves, but next week will be all about her. Promise baby. Lol. She's such a sweetheart.

    Corona-- I haven't even ridden him since last fall. Dad rides him though. He has been pretty much a spoiled pasture puff for the winter. Spoiled boy. We wormed him and gave him shots today though, and he was good. I have got to trim his hooves up so I can get back to riding him....

    Dazzle -- Glad she's not mine! Ha, she's been a pasture puff too, lately, and my mom has got to start riding her. She's still pretty as ever, but green grass in her belly does not combine well with little riding. She'll be fine though. She has a good mind.

    Bailey -- Now that horse IS a handful. She's testing the limits now. She keeps bucking with my sister... As soon as I get on, she knows she better not. I can't help her I guess, bailey's just got to learn that my sis is just as much her leader as I am.

    Nita-- Bratty as ever. And FAT! Oh wow. That mare does NOT lose weight once she puts it on. I'm at a loss here. I have to feed her, obviously, but she can stay fat on one flake of hay a day. No joke. So I guess if anyone has any tips? Haha

    Knox-- he's aging, but he's doing it gracefully. Still the prince he always was, just 24 now. =)

    Ernie-- Oh my. Now this was my kid horse. He taught me to ride. And a few weeks ago, he was fighting through the fence... No idea why, only knox was on the other side. And he got caught in the wire and stood there for 3 days! We were on a trip, and the house sitter apparently did not check on the horses. Grr. Poor boy. Any other horse would have died. But not ernie. He's too tough. =) it's healing up nicely, but he has a gash right on the top of his leg where it meets the shoulder that is probably six inches long and two inches wide. It's nasty, but luckily we haven't had any flies. So he'll be fine.

    Annie -- she's now two, and my sis is supposed to be breaking her. I dunno how well that's going to go, I have a feeling it will end up being me that does the work. But that's fine, as long as I get paid for it!

    Lucy-- she's also two, and has quite the attachment to annie. Ugh. She's mine to break, and she's coming along nicely. I haven't touched her for two months until yesterday, but she didn't forget anything, thank god. Lol. It's like I never left off. Which is a good thing. I figure I'll try her first ride in a week or two.

    Dixie-- Waaaay too fat for her own good, but is just too much of an easy keeper. Does anyone have tips for that? She seriously doesn't lose weight. It's strange.

    Flicka-- Is also fat, however not too bad. She's just a little overweight. But she has ringworm. Probably because it's been so rainy and nasty. No sun to kill it. She'll be fine now though, it's already going away.

    PJ-- last year we roached his mane... now it's flopping over and it looks funny. Haha. Gotta love it.

    And last but not least... Belle-- she's my sister's, and she's had a few rides put on here, but she's been out all winter, and is going to be a handful now. I can garuntee(sp?) I won't be asked to help with her, but I'm going to have to. My sis gets so mad, but I am a lot older than her and way more experienced. If she gets hurt she will be wishing it was me. Haha

    WOW! What a huge post haha. If you actually read that, kudos to you. =) so that's what's up here in Montana. The weather has been cooperating lately, which is nice. And I built a round pen out of panels today, so that will be great to have!

    Ta-ta for now!


    Oh, and just reiterating... I'M SO GLAD TO BE BACK! I missed you all! Haha

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