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    01-28-2007, 01:53 AM
message from Belgium


My name is béatrice and I'm leaving n Belgium.
So, I'm French speaker. I hope that you will understand me
Either. My Enlish dates from school. Many years ago.

I come time to time in this forum. I like it. I never log in before today
Because, I can read the posts, but I never answer cause I'm not sure
Of the translation so I'm afraid that I would say in English, just the
Opposite as I want to say.

The reason why I post to day : I get many difficulties with my riding
School, here in Belgium. And I want to propose something to you.

It's not easy to explain. So, I will do as I do in French
So, I will ask you to go to my site (the problem is
That all explanations are in French
(I hope the moderators will accept it and if they do so, I ask them to
Tell me if I have something more to do, thanks)
So, go to

When you are in the first page : click on : "je te dis".
You will see a photo of a poney (her name is Papoose).
Slip with the mouse on the image.
You will see messages appearing.
To come back, click on "retour".
The idea I had when I do that is explain in the first page
(for the one who understand French).But I will try to explain
The idea is : send a message with Papoose to somebody you love
For the arrival of Spring. (21 of march). You can send a message
(120 caracters) to your grand father, your friend, your wife, your horse,…who
You want to. You can sign with your URL if you want to.
The only messages that will be not accepted are those with pornograph,
Insult, ..
You send your message to and I put it
On the photo. There will be place for every body, if (who knows) I would have
No place enough for all messages(what I hope), I will simply put an other photo (of Princesse,
My draught-mare).
On 21 of March, the day of Spring, the photo will be on Internet, with all messages
Of love. This cost you 3€, you can go on the Paypal button at the first page.
Why I do that ?
First of all, because I thing that we never say enough to people we love that we love them.
(therefore, I've had prefer to do this free, but there are other reasons)
Secondly, it is to support "le projet bucephale" which is on the third page.
This project is one of my stabble : learning with horses.
So, I beleave that we can learn many things with horses. And not only about them.
Because we have a long history with them. They can also explain many things of current
Life or scholar matters.
For instance (it's Jahil, the foal who put the question and the others horses answer)
Jahil's question : why the humans put our litter on a pile and what are they doing
With ?
Answer : (chemie) : they use it for fertilize the fieds. (explanation of all the chemical
Processus of fermentation,…)
Q. : We do it cereals, Are horse eating cereals all around the word ? And humans ?
And so on.
Of course I could not explain everythings in this forum. This project will take a place on a web site.
Everybody can see it, cause I think that everybody is allowed to learn. That's why
There is a paypal button "donation" on the third page.
Ok, this forum is not a space of publicity for the web sites.
Why I propose you here it's because I need money (it's hard to say)
It's really urgent : I need it for tomorrow (Monday).
Till now, I 've tried to find it in other way cause I don't like to do what
I do now. But I didn't find.
So I need it for my horses, and also for my school.
So, I though that I could propose to you to participate to the "Spring operation"
And perhaps if you like it , to support the "projet bucephale".
If you want to contribue, please, do it now. It's urgent.
Last thing : if you clik on paypal button, the explanation are in
French. I think you can change your language . The name of my
Riding school is Azimut.

I don't know if the moderators will accept this post. Thanks to them to do it.
If they not, thank you also.
I thank you all to have had the patience to read my bad english and to try
To understand me. If you like my ideas or if you want to help me, don't forget
Do it now and please, speak about to your friend quickly.
THANK YOU. And for the French touch : Bisous * tous. Béatrice

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