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        03-28-2012, 05:34 PM
    More wind today! Awesome. Well Buck and I did some ground work with the tarp again. He got worked up yet again, but at the end of the lesson I had the tarp all the way open and him standing on it while I petted him. Think I'm going to make this a daily thing till he gets bored with it.

    He's tied to a try right now awaiting a ride. So I'm off to remind him he's a horse. And we'll see how that goes. All in all I'm happy with today's progress. But this post is called 60 days in the saddle so I better make as many as I can.

    Oh and more shedding today! Yay! The pumice shedding block is amazing, but Buck has the greasiest hide of any horse I've seen. But he's getting his dapples in, yeah on a white horse. Goes luck everyone with all your horse projects!
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        03-29-2012, 01:26 PM
    Just a note on yesterdays ride time. Buck did really well and was much more responsive. However, I did ask him to lope and it took quite a bit to get him to take a few step in the lope, with some head shaking and general unwillingness. Made me kind of nervous. I did keep asking him until he gave me a few strides in the lope going both directions. We are still in week two so it may be a little early in his conditioning phase to ask to much of him just yet. Plus he was pretty sweaty from the tarp desensitization which was about an hour and the time in the saddle was used to reinforce leg pressure and his power steering, which is coming along nicely. He still was looking for something to spook at during the ride phase but was not reacting to anything (tiredness I'm guessing).

    I watched a few videos on You Tube on exercises for barrel racing. Nothing speedy and fast, just teaching the horse how to move and rider tips to allow for the best movement for the horse.

    Also he got his deworming yesterday after the ride. He's such a sport and took it like a champ as always. We'll see if that affects him today, not too worried about it though.

    Plan to use several trot poles again today. He did really well placing his feet yesterday, well until the tarp came out. Seems he had trouble multi-tasking. Ha.

    Today will be a light workout day for him since yesterday was a little tough on him.

    Happy riding everyone.
        03-30-2012, 12:28 PM
    Put Buck in a bit yesterday and rode him in his paddock. Did the tarp training the day before so just an easy day today. "Reminder Day" I'll call it. So I jump on and start to move him around the paddock and AHHHHHH SCARY MONSTER!

    A clear plastic garbage bag had blown into his fence and he freaked out. Ha. So I dismounted, grabbed the bag and rubbed it all over his body till he realized it wouldn't eat him. Then I tied it on the fence and that's where I feed him everyday, so he has to put up with it.

    Did some flexing with his bit. Working on getting him to give me his head when asked so there is no harsh pulling on his mouth. I want him to be soft mouth, where my child does not have to struggle to ride him. It will take sometime, he neck reins pretty well but needs some refreshers in cues and listening to the rider.

    I'm trying not to confuse him, since I'm quite a beginner in finishing a horse. So I'm happy I have the time to work on him before her events start.

    Need more long rides on him but still working on getting him in shape first. Will be looking at some hill work next week to see if I can bump up that hind end a little, it's so not muscle up, he is a TW though so he will never look like a quarter horse, but some tone would fill him out nicely. His front end (shoulder area) looks much better now.
        03-31-2012, 12:00 PM
    Yesterday I did some lunge work with Buck. It was his hard work day since he got a super easy day.

    Buck has never been lunged before which is was very obvious. Took him out to the field and asked him to move out (I use a long driving whip, but I just wiggled it a little to get him to leave. He must have canter 20 times around at a frantic pace, spooking on one particular side. I just let him run, no pushing him, and I didn't ask him to stop.

    Well he started to calm down and came back into a speedy trot. I had to work at stopping him several times. (I've free lunged quite a bit in a round pen and it's a lot easier on horse and person.) We worked on turning and moving out, which was not the intended lesson for today. I really just wanted him to actually work up a sweat and get some exercise. However, it turned into a lesson which was much needed apparently.

    I had to use the whip to get him to move out, not hitting him at all just as the extension of my arm use. Keep in mind when he stopped I would walk up to him and rub him all over with the whip so he wasn't scared of the whip it's just a tool.

    By the end of the lesson he had worked up quite a good sweat. Which made me wonder if I hadn't been pushing him enough in the other daily lessons to improve his conditioning. He sure is eating more so I thought I was doing well enough.

    Well by the end of the lesson which probably lasted about and hour he was picking up my movements just like other horses in a round pen. I could get him to stop easily and move out just by pointing (Clint Anderson style). It was pretty awesome. *My other horse picked up on the Clint Anderson training super fast, he was super smart and a quick learner. Buck is very slow to learn, but I understand horses are like dogs and children, they learn differently.

    I did like that I was able to watch his movements, where his feet landed and how he moved. Buck with sometimes catch his back feet, more so than stumbling with his front feet. I can really see the TW in his front legs when he moves and he kind, don't know if shuffles is the right word, but he doesn't pick his feet up in the back a whole lot and on uneven terrain he stubs his toes so to speak. I thought about taking his toes down on his back feet but want to get him into better shape to see if this is just a conditioning issues and that fact that his paddock is super FLAT or it make be a trait of a TW. I haven't yet decided.

    He was quite tired at the end of the exercise so I took him for a long walk out into the field to cool him off and dry him out. By the time we got home he was dry so I groomed him and let him grazed while I groomed him. Some GIANT misquitos were trying to eat him so followed grooming with fly spray.

    This morning you would have thought Buck got hit by a truck. He's sore and very stiff. I walked out to the pasture to get him and he barely moved. Today will be an easy day for him. I may just hand walk him to get his muscles warmed up and them give him a massage to help his soreness and put the saddle on and just sit on him in the paddock. Nothing to hard for today, poor guy. I felt like that when I had to run 2 miles and could barely walk the next day.

    Hope all your horse training is going well and stay safe everyone.
        04-04-2012, 10:48 PM
    Two Day Review:
    First Day: (Missed Post). My son volunteered to due some time on Buck today. I kept him on the lunge line since my son is not a horse nut and is green rider. Worked Buck at a walk and trot today. Buck had a wonderful attitude with my son bouncing around on his back (learning to get his seat). Taught my son how to ask for a trot and I just stepped in to control Buck from the lead if he got going to fast. My son was learning how to ask him to slow his trot down to a jog since he doesn't yet know how to post. Both seemed to enjoy the experience. Grooming (which I do everyday) and some yielding to the hindquarters. He's getting really good at that.

    Day Two: Didn't get off work till 4 and had to make a 4 hour trip to get feed and grocery shop. No time to ride today. At 10:30pm I headed outside to groom Buck and that was about it for the day. I'll have to plan my days better to make sure I at least get on him. Even just for 15 mins or just sitting on him.
        04-04-2012, 11:08 PM
    4/4/12 Today I noticed an issue with my saddle that ended it's career until it can be fixed or replaced. :( So called the tack shop to see if they had what I'm looking for. It's time for an upgrade anyway.

    Today I lunged Buck to get him some cardio. Walk, trot and lope. He did much better than his first day, but tested him some and tried to do his own thing. Once he worked up a good sweat and was doing really well at the (point means go) I put another saddle on him (doesn't fit very well with a rider on him so I just use it as an accessory for training purposes). So I slapped the saddle on him and grabbed the whip and blue tarp and proceeded to sack out.

    Buck was a champ with the whip. Whipped about 2 inches from his face, butt and sides and he didn't move a muscle. (Clint Anderson Style). Plus was able to toss the whip all over him and scratch him every where. :)

    Now the BLUE HORSE MONSTER EATING TARP: Buck did an amazing job at this one. I folded it up the size of a saddle blanket and rubbed it all over him. Then opened it up a fold and rubbed more, the opened half way (about a 10X10 tarp) and throw it across his back and flapped it. Keep in mind this whole process took about 45 mins to an hour to get the the season finale. But it was worth it.

    My husband brought home a horse show flyer and since I just got a new horse trailer, well new to me :) I was thinking about seeing if my daughter would like to take Buck in the local horse shows. Then I got to thinking, wow, I have a lot to teach Buck before he will even be able to compete in a horse show.

    So the goal was to get Buck into shape for the fun days at the saddle club and 4H. Now the goal just got bigger. Prepare him for a summer of horse shows. Yikes, that seems so much bigger and I have so much to learn. I was only in one horse show as a kid and I remember how much work just the appearance was. But I'm up for the challenge on getting him ready. He's doing so much better now. He'll be getting a complete vet check up and shots in 2 weeks and his eyes checked. Gosh I hope there are no issues there!
        04-06-2012, 01:27 AM
    Long day today. Didn't have much time to spend with Buck. I wanted to do some more sacking out but didn't know how much time it would take to complete and didn't want to half a** it. I ended up throwing the bosal on him and rode him bare back in his paddock for about 40 mins. Worked on his neck reining and turning and my balance! Seemed pretty easy at a walk :P. He did really well, but I could tell he wanted to go out and open up. No such luck today. He is backing up much better now. Before you really had to ask and ask and ask. So I knew it was something he needed to work on. I'm seeing the progress coming along.

    Weather is supposed to be back, possible snow, and in the 30's, thunderstorms and such. Will end up doing some light lunging work tomorrow, can't work up a sweat with that much cold coming and it's been so nice for so long. Will probably concentrate on sacking out this weekend and more bareback riding. Hopefully can make the trip to get a saddle replacement. If not then bareback it is for the weekend and I'll cross my fingers for next weekend. I may even take him to the saddle club and see if I can get better at the bare back at different gaits. Need to try the canter but I have a feeling I will be going over his head:) I always wanted to fly, but not that way!

    Hope everyone is overcoming their obstacles with their horses. It's sleepy time here. Buck's all tucked in for the night!
        04-06-2012, 10:33 PM
    Originally Posted by digggin    
    So if any of you have any ideas on the best way to get over your fears of riding after bad accidents go ahead and throw them my way. I hope if you ride you never have any of those moments and for those that have just keep going. I'm sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
    Like you, I fell off a lot when I was younger and just jumped back on. I think once you have kids, your whole outlook changes. Especially when it comes to things that might cause injury. I now have two boys, ages 17 and 5. The youngest needs a lot of extra care (spina bifida). So I knew that if anything serious happened to me, his main caregiver would be gone.

    My last fall happened only a few weeks ago. Luckily, it wasn't the horse's fault (so hopefully there won't be any repeats). Getting back up into the saddle after that was difficult. I'm still not totally comfortable. But pushing the fear back a little bit at a time has helped. Concentrating on having quiet hands and doing flexing at a stand still and just walking has helped a lot too.

    I hope you're doing well and hang in there!
        04-06-2012, 11:47 PM
    Originally Posted by sjwrightauthor    
    Like you, I fell off a lot when I was younger and just jumped back on. I think once you have kids, your whole outlook changes. Especially when it comes to things that might cause injury. I now have two boys, ages 17 and 5. The youngest needs a lot of extra care (spina bifida). So I knew that if anything serious happened to me, his main caregiver would be gone.
    I'm happy your facing your fear also! I remember how much fun riding was before this head mess of mind. I ride him out, but I can hear the whisper in the back of my mind going listing "what if's". Setting a goal to get him in shape and tuned up for my little girl ( so she has a wonderful experience) has helped a lot. I don't want her to be embarrassed by him at events or when we start horse shows due to his lack of experience. So that really drives me to work with him daily ( well not today 'lower back kept me in bed today'). "She wouldn't be embarrassed though because she loves him and he can do no wrong ":) Thank you for your comment.
        04-07-2012, 09:25 AM
    Supposed to have some thunderstorms and snow today :(. But we need the moisture for all the farmers so we'll take it.

    Buck didn't get worked yesterday. I had some issues with my lower back yesterday that landed me in bed with a heating pad and a handful of Advil. Not a fun evening for the family or the horse. I had gotten up early in the AM due to my back issues and hand grazed him for an hour in a field, so I got a little time with him, but didn't accomplish what I'd wanted too. But I'm happy I was able to spend the quite time with him early in the mourning.

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