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        08-11-2011, 05:58 PM
    Green Broke
    Finally updating :) Just covering the major points.. I will try and update more often, not that anyone reads this.

    Had an XC lesson with the coach on the weekend; Chinga was awesome. No refusals OR run outs. Had to do a hard line into a "scary" jump, placed on a really awkward hill. He was super and VERY honest. Jumped some bigger jumps AND had no stops into the water jump - hopefully this boldness will stay out on the course.

    Have a few show jumping comps coming up, I'd love to take him out and do an ODE or Dressage Comp, but theres just nothing on. So that's rather annoying. We're thinking about moving up a level and competing over some higher jumps ; we'll see. No rush, but we just think he/me may be ready for it. Assesment for my D and D* certificates is coming up - wish me luck!

    Been working with Jazz a bit, I lunged her the other day and for her second time doing it - she was super! She really got the idea and it seems once I put her on the lunge her not-so-balanced-canter became balanced! Than I rode her a few days later, worked on getting her to stop falling out at the shoulder when she canters a turn. She improved LOADS.

    Both ponies are being a dream basically.
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        09-04-2011, 04:47 AM
    Green Broke
    Finally. An Update.

    The thing is - I really don't train Chinga, I spend simply way too much time playing with him at the moment. He's been going super. Playing with some jumps, in the puddles and doing some lovely flat work. Can't even remember everything that's happened - so I'll just cover the important bits, otherwise we'll be here for ages.

    Rode PumpkinzMyBaby22's pony 'Pumpkin' the other day after giving her a lesson. He's cute and I'm rather pleased with how much he has improved over the weeks. She had an issue with him & knocking rails with his back legs over fences and I worked on that with him for her. He very quickly picked it up. Also very happy with how much her heels are improving. YAY.

    We also played with my lovely boy - Chinga. He worked very nicely for me and jumped some very crazy Cross Country fences. I was also very pleased with how bold he was in the water. Specially because his a horse that use to have many issues with water jumps. But hopefully all this playing in puddles has paid off. Also created some of our own jumps and he thought they were quite cool. Didn't have one refusal all day over our scary jumps. Jalah rode him too and even though he has such a big stride compared to Pumpkins she handled him very well! She jumped some pretty big stuff on him too and once again he didn't even flinch. That was very impressive occurring to she hadn't ridden him in ages!!

    We also played on the dirt/gravel hills. Which take a very skilled style of riding. AHAH. Chinga was super cool about them and just chilled over them like no problem. Even with many laughs - he's a pretty cool horse sometimes. Pretty sure Jalah had never done anything like that before, so it was a whole new experience for her and Chinga wasn't even fussed at all.

    A day or so off due to rain - Than it was time to actually do some training with him to get him ready to compete in a week or so! Did basically all flat work even though it was a Show Jumping competition. I did do one jumping session and he didn't work the best he had so I wasn't exactly confident about competing him. I took him out and was quite happily proved wrong. No rails all day - My never knocking a rail at competitions streak is still held!! And no naughty refusals, we did have two - but they were understandable. One of his refusals was at a double which he has had quite large issues with. Than in my next round there was both a double AND a triple and he nicely popped over them no fuss at all!!

    Overall, we had an 11th in one round and a 7th in another. Placing us in 14th overall. Big shout out to Jalah for ALL her help, Videos & Photos !
        09-07-2011, 08:48 PM
    Green Broke
    Updating :)

    He got Sunday off, because I went sailing with my dad for Father's day and I went out and lunged him on Monday. Very pleased with how well he is now going on the lunge - specially because of all the issues I had with this last year. Than I rode him on Tuesday, did some basic flat work; mainly played with him but actually did get some training done. We worked on mixing some things up. Walk - canter. Trot - halt. All those types of things, its something I should be doing more as its very valuable for his showing. I was once again very pleased with how quickly he got the idea of what I was asking him to do.

    Jumped him yesterday, worked on some doubles, triples, grids - we had a stop at them at our last show. No refusals or run outs - he simply went straight through them like there was no issue. So hopefully we've made some progress to fixing this issue. Today (Thursday) I plan to play arund on him bareback - his worked well for the past three days and even though its been fun its time to have some actual fun with him.
        09-10-2011, 01:30 AM
    Green Broke
    Nothing incredible the way of updates go. But just writing something to bump my journal back up and actually write an update..

    I didn't end up competing today - it's been raining and Chinga's issues with his hooves have come back. So I'm keeping a very close eye on them. Although, farrier has said that he should be okay if this rain goes away soon and I'm doing everything to prevent the issue. So, I scratched from competing. Therefore decided to go sailing, way to windy. So the racing was called off.
        09-23-2011, 03:45 AM
    Green Broke
    An Update.

    Sigh. So much has happened - went on holidays with my best friend Ella, who is also a member of the forum and comes to ride Chinga occasionally. We both had an awesome time and there will be so many memories that will never be forgotten!

    Now to the horses - as some of you may have read the thread about Chinga's hoof issues. There seems to be some rapid improvements. The farrier came out and is sure he will not be taking six to twelve months off work. So this is pretty awesome news. The bad news - Jazz has sold and she leaves on Sunday. I had my last ride on her today, it was sad. BUT she's going to an awesome home and I'm sure it will turn out great for her.

    Chinga, gosh. He rode so fun today. His had a week off - so he was a ball full of energy from not being worked. He was really cute and wasn't rude at all. Just very forward. He jumped like a superstar!! He jumped some pretty scary and big stuff but didn't flinch at all. Seems he didn't like the smaller jumps though & had to take massive leaps over them. *sigh. I do love him though. He flatted quite nicely as well - showed some reeaaally nice tracking up and looked rather nice at the canter.

    ALSO rode Pumpkin today - three horses in one day, I'm stuffed. He rode quite nicely. It seems I might be riding him quite a bit as Jalah 'PumpkinzMyBaby22' has broken her arm. Therefore - I get the 100% joy of exercising him. He did really well & I popped him over some jumps, then tried to do flat except he really did not have the focus to do that. So I asked him to do some long & low and ended on a good note.

    .... Went to Horse Land and now Chinga owns what is most likely his billionth rug + some treats. His worth spoiling!

    Certificates/Exams for PCAQ on the weekend. Ek. Wish us luck!! Videos/Photos from today to be uploaded.
        09-25-2011, 01:16 AM
    Green Broke
    Update. Ha. Second time I've written this - because it deleted itself the first time. Rages at computer - haha. Okaay. Where to start.

    Worked him on the lunge and generally played around with him. His gotten really nice at lunging and his showing loads of respect on the ground. His become really 'happy'. The new food I've given him has given him a bit more energy and it seems to have helped him gain some weight - he's looking lovely. His hooves are improving rapidly with care as well.

    Found a 'stow-away' in my tack shed today. A little cat. She didn't look very healthy. We've decided to give her some feed - we have another cat and if she doesn't gain any weight we'll take her to the vet. She seems friendly, although very scared of people. But she'll adjust with time. Monday was a pretty quite day - only one horse to work and managed to find time to even give him a bath.

    Sunday -
    Gosh. Love my horse.
    Completed my two of my Pony Club assessments today - passed with flying colors! He rode so well and wasn't phased by any of the other horses around him. Even if they were a little bit nuts as some points - everyone from the club rode really well and we all received our certificates and badges!

    The theory side of things were pretty basic - seems I over studied! Parts of horse, Parts of tack, Uses for tack, Feeds, Traffic Rules & Common illnesses. Found every question easy and didn't really struggle at all.

    The riding side of things was very easy as well!! As I mentioned above, Chinga really didn't put a hoof out of line. He stood nicely while waiting too - his learning! Did some pretty basic stuff riding wise. Walk, trot, canter, change leads through trot, trot out on a long rein - this was all as a group. Than as a single rider we were asked to do a very simple Rider Class work out - I wish they were that easy when I compete!!

    It was to walk out, knowledge your judge. Pick up sitting trot, complete a circle on both reins changing on a diagonal . Repeat this with a rising trot, showing the correct changing of diagonals. Then canter on both rein, showing a basic lead change - I did a flying lead change. Ha. I'm cool.

    Then we had to go through a set of trot polls in normal seat and two point - Chinga struggled a bit in two point, decided he would attempt to canter. Though it was quickly corrected so the coaches did not mind.

    Then over a small fence (around 45cm. Lol) at both trot and canter from both directions and that was really it.

    Took him home and saw my little stow-away cat again. She seems to have eaten the food. Excellent! The flies are getting bad with the heat - on with the fly mask and out with the flies?

    Jazz left today :( She's going to a home in Melbourne - though we've been promised that we will be kept updated on how she is going. They sound like very nice people, so I'm sure she'll love it there. It was very sad to see her go, but I'm sure it will be what is best for her!

    Now.. I'm off to ride the little white ball of cuddles! .. Er.
        09-25-2011, 07:17 PM
    Green Broke
    Sunday continued...

    Rode the joyest white pony today, I believe he was feeling the big workout I gave him on Friday as he was not committed - at all. No really, he tried. I decided to flat him and do some poll work after a few mishaps. I'm quite pleased - his flat work is loads more balanced then it use to be. Just a quick little thing, as I'm now off to ride the horsies :)
        09-27-2011, 10:40 PM
    Green Broke
    Updatee. Did a two hour flat work session yesterday. He was awesome. Lovely and soft, I was generally really proud - his come so far. Only real issue was he picked up the wrong canter lead once or twice, but before I had a chance to correct it - he did an automatic flying change!

    Will write more soon - Cross Country training.
        10-06-2011, 11:34 PM
    Green Broke
    Life has been pretty full on, so I haven't had time to write - barely visit the forum. Been really enjoying the horse side of things & am quite impressed with how well Chinga has been going. Last week-ish, I took him out on Cross Country and he jumped super bold! We didn't jump anything super big - although some were rather large. But I more wanted to work on putting some more fences together/courses and working on certain fences he has issues with. I'm so proud, after a little bit of work he was popping straight into the water jump like it was any jump. He's shown a few issues with this previously. So it was nice to have a change.

    Other than that I've been just working flat with him - nothing overly hard. Although, his improved incredibly and really started working onto the bit. No longer leaning on my hands!
        10-14-2011, 08:30 AM
    Green Broke
    An update, because I really do owe you guys one. Firstly, I have some photos AND videos sitting on my computer - I now just have to get around to uploading them to the forum. Been riding heaps, but I'm just going to talk about a few major points; otherwise I'll be here for ages.

    PumpkinzMyBaby22 came out a while ago, we had heaps of fun with Chinga and now she'll actually be able to ride since she has her cast off!! She video'd my dressage schooling and we discussed a few things. Generally, I'm really, really happy we managed to unlock a heap of things in his horsie brain and we discussed what I need to work on with him. Which I than spent the next week or so working on and its already showing incredible improvements. I've started asking him to do some more 'dressage movements' and his slowly getting the idea - I'm excited for my dressage I've got coming up on him, his doing so well and I think we'll be able to complete some more of our personal goals.

    I have a Show Jumping Event on him tomorrow night, WOS which goes into the night and you jump in an outdoor ring = lights. Last year I had so many issues with this - the shadows really freaked him out. Though, his grown up a lot since then so I'm sure we'll see a heap of improvements. Generally, I'm not hoping for any placing's. I'll be quite happy with completing some of my personal goals on Chinga. The class we are doing is only 70cm starting height, but at the last one I heard the jumps got very big, fast! So it will sure be interesting!! Hopefully, he shows once again that he is a non-refusing & no rail knocking horse. Never, in my two years competing - have I knocked a rail. Rather proud and haven't been eliminated this year. Though, if we knock a rail at WOS or have a refusal - it's understandable, its dark in a somewhat new environment with loads of horses around!

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