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    03-12-2013, 01:54 PM
Green Broke

So today (yesterday) I went up to the barn to lunge Alahna and see if she was still lame..Still lame, slightly off though, not dead lame like last visit.

She walked right over to me as soon as I opened the gate and shoved her nose in the halter. I even left my chain in the truck, she never needed it, not once.

She stood great for her foot to be soaked..tried stepping out of it twice in 20 minutes but set it back down when I*told her off and rubbed down her leg, lol.

She's also a real lady when taking treats..haha. She's careful not to get any fingers and all. She was nosing around my pocket to try and get the treats the whole time I was soaking her foot, lol. It was too funny and cute to correct, and she didn't push any limits (shoving me with her nose, nipping, etc). At one point she opened her mouth up, stuck her teeth on my arm, opened her mouth back up and licked my arm, lol. Obviously after the first time she laid teeth on me she learned that they aren't welcome, haha. :p

She also kept trying to stick her face through the fence and back into the halter while I was trying to shut her gate and leave, lol. It was just too cute. And as soon as I looked back down at her she power walked over to the fence and nickered, haha. Unoredictable off lead and hates people my ass xD
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    04-10-2013, 04:13 PM
Green Broke
Okay..So, lets get back to this journal of mine, lol.

I didn't update for our last two rides..but here's a link to our team penning day:
TB in a QH World!

Anywho..Today I whistled and she turned away, I whistled again and Copperhead's Raina kept trying to get my treats and stick her head in my halter, lol, but Alahna turned back around and walked two steps toward me and waited for me to get to her. We walked down to the barn and Scout (a boarder's dog) was bolting around the arena and Alahna was NOT having it. She tried kicking her multiple times and jumped forward a couple times. By the time we did three circles just walking with the dog running around she finally stopped actually kicking, but still pinned her ears and lifted her leg up to kick. I left it at that and tied her up and brushed her good.

I had the two curries and a medium brush and got a good clump of shedding fur off her. I finally got to her back end and was able to curry it gently. We're still having some issues on her kicking when she's touched farther than half way down her body, so it was progress. We're taking it slow because I can't afford to get kicked right now (just got back to work and all). I'm bummed I can't pick her back feet or brush her legs off, but she'll live until I can get down there safely.

She started all over with the tacking up process..sadly enough. Her attitude was fixed by the time I got the two pads on (saddle is too wide just a tad, so I've been adding another pad underneath and it fits well enough. Not perfect, but no pressure points). She never actually kicked, but she did threaten to more than once.

The other boarder that was there with the Arabians were heading out for a trail with her husband and they asked if I was coming. How could I ever turn down a nice trail ride? Lol So, of course, I hopped on and tagged along with (was planning on just doing walk/trot work and maybe some cantering in the arena). We ended up beint out for a good hour an a half to two hours. By the time we got to our river destination she didn't even pin her ears at Scout anymore and went out front, in the middle, and brought up the rear perfectly fine.

I was hesitant to take her down into the river, but they went down so I took her down. She wasn't fond of the slope down (real steep) but after she stared down the water for a few seconds she stepped a foot in. And then the beating of the water came around, lol. She loved it, absolutely loved it. She didn't wanna go when we were leaving and all she did was paw at the water with her ears perked up and nose barely in the water, haha. So, we'll definitely be going swimming this summer, haha.

On our way back the neighbour's big mastiff looking dog was out with about 5 screaming little kids. She was PERFECT. She made a little spread the front legs and stare kinda spook when the dogs came out from behind a tree, but she quickely collected herself and continued on her way back to the barn.

Soo..we got back to the barn and I got her all untacked and had a smoke while the wash rack was occupied, because she was SOAKED with sweat and lather.

The wash rack went a little worse than I expected..I'm going to assume just because the water was so cold since she was still hot. She kicked almost her whole right side (took the water off as soon as she put her foot down) and only kicked once or twice on her left. I didn't actually get to spray her whole hind end off because (again) I can't afford to get kicked right now, but I got the majority of the sweat off, swiped her off woth the scraper and threw her back out to her field, where she happily trotted off to the water tub and then up to the top of the hill, lol.

Soo..I'm extremely proud of her. She was a bit more lovey when we got back too. She usually puts a mare glare on and glares at me when I try to pet her face, haha.

Oh! And it started POURING while she was tied and she didn't even pay any bit of attention to it! It's quite loud in the indoor, and I can't be happier that she wasn't pacing or anything! She winnied once or twice, but nothing I have a problem with.

I'll put pictures and a video of her standing tied with the rain in the next post. (:
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    04-10-2013, 04:21 PM
Green Broke

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    04-13-2013, 07:45 PM
Green Broke
Soo..Went up to the barn again today.(:
I ended up meeting Copperhead and we went for a good 2-2.5hr trail ride down to the river/giant creek with a purdy little field, lol.

So, Alahna had no intentions of making my hike to find her easy on me..had to walk all the way up to the hay to get her and then had to coax her through the mud in the tire tracks. She actually came almost straight through the little gate today, balked twice because of slipping in the mud but I just left her behind me and walked down a little more so she didn't think she was going to run me over. She wasn't too bad today either. She almost stood to be saddled without being tied. I ended up dropping the lead over the saddle pad rack and told her she was tied, lol. She still backed up when I got my saddle, but at least she wasn't turning away, haha. I noticed that the giant concho on the front of my breastcollar is gone..its probably floating down the river from wednesday when I went out..Must've come off as she was pawed and pawed at the water. I guess I'll have to message the lady I custom ordered it from and ask if she can make me another and send it out and for how much.

But anywho..I have a lame horse on gravel, lmao. She's fine off it, but the gravel is definitely hard on her feet, so I've been trying to minimize the amount that we walk on, but the driveway is

Our trail went great. She went down a hill and through the smaller creek just fine until we got to the top on the other side and Raina decided to throw a fit and almost shove us off back down the hill D: But, we got through the ordeal just fine, lol. She ended up pretty much sitting down on me down one of the hills. Since we've had rain the past 3 days it was muddier than I thought and I meant to keep her on the drier side but she darted to the left and before I could get her back over her whole hindend went underneath her and we sat down for a second before she continued on, haha. Didn't happen again, so I'm hoping it was a learning experience for her that my way is, indeed, the best way, lol.

We got to watch Raina almost flip herself over..We got to the field by the river and Copperhead had her stand so she could hop off and stretch out a little and Raina decided to move forward and got a smack on the butt..Where she then proceeded to run backwards and rear while Copper just held on, lol. After that she calmed down about as much as she can and we continued on our way back to the barn. On our way back Alahna almost went down again, except this time it was uphill. I let her decide to trot or canter up since she just doesn't have the muscle to walk up those yet and she decided that she was close enough to the top to walk again, and headed toward a big step up instead of the small slope, thought better of it and got confused with her feet and almost tipped over back down the hill sideways (let her have her head for the hill). Luckily all was good, she regained footing and made it to the flat.

And then, we got back to the barn, lol. We got back and stood in the middle of the arena to let them catch their breath and watched the one girl ride her grey around and the husband I went with on wednesday for a trail threw a fit out of nowhere. I guess his wife's horse nipped at the girl and she shoved his face back into his stall and closed the door (had a door guard up). Apparently he threw a fit because that's his horse and heaven forbid she touches his horse when he's standing right there. I'd have done the same thing and I don't blame her. He didn't realize that the gelding nipping at people riding by was a danger issue..He felt like an a$$ after he talked to Copper and I about it because apparently he just didn't know that his wife's horse bit at others near his stall.

So, I then untacked Alahna and gave her a good brushing. She has a small saddle sore on her "lower" back towards her butt I believe from the second pad I use, so I'm going to put some neosporin on that tomorrow and try a thicker pad instead of two. I think she'll fill out just fine to fit my saddle and pad combo, but she obviously needs to gain a bit more in both muscle and fat. She is gaining though! Her ribs are much less visible and her hips are finally covering up some. And she's shedding those nasty starvation hairs!

I gave her a good brushing with the rubber curry and then the medium brush. I also trimmed up her beard a bit, because that's just not very lady-like, lol.

And we're making progress with her hind end and kicking! She's real touchy about her stomach area, but she only kicked twice today while I was currying it (gently) and got corrected. I'm to the point that I can actually brush her hind end now down to her hocks! I should just take a day to get down all the way and picking her back feet up. But, I just can't afford to get kicked and be off work again right now after my accident and all. I'm going to just keep going little by little until I'm all healed up and then maybe I can afford to get kicked if that's what's going to happen, lol. I just don't think a little mud on her legs is going to be life threatening right now, so I don't feel it necessary I put myself in more danger than I should while I'm still hurting from my accident.

So anyhow..I know y'all want pictures now :p I actually took my phone with on today's trail, lol.

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    04-14-2013, 09:48 PM
Green Broke

That's all for now..Ill post the rest later tonight or tomorrow. (: I don't have time for the rest, but I couldn't wait to post that, lol.
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    04-15-2013, 01:16 AM
Green Broke
Okay then!

Soo, today (technically yesterday) went great! I do think I came across a small problem with Alahna's body though. :/

We got all groomed up and saddled just fine with no issues. I used one of the community pads with extra padding built in and I think it made the saddle much closer to a perfect fit than a second pad until she hits her ideal weight.

She actually stood and didn't walk away at all while I stood on the mounting block, so none of the bothersome jumping back down off it and spazzing at her. She's still walking off after I swing my leg over, but we're working on it..just not all in one day because I'm not sure my body can handle up and down too much all at one time.

So, she was a bit on the lazy side today, didn't really want to trot unless all the others in the arena were trotting or cantering. I ended up borrowing Copperhead's dressage whip and "beat" her a little bit, haha. She trotted fine after that both directions, swished her tail at the whip when I hit her, but no bucking, lol.

I then went to work solely on leg aids and neck reining (rein and then leg). She turns just fine (slow, but she only learned it four days ago, lol) to the left, but it looks like she just doesn't register that the rein is on her neck to the right..I have a feeling that she may have damaged some nerves or such at some point because she was maneless down to the skin when I got her where the rein hits her neck. So, I'll have to decide on what I'll be doing for that..All I know about it is that if I rub that certain spot on her neck, she'll shake her head.

So anyhow..after we did lots of trot circles both directions, we stood and watched Copperhead free lunge Raina. She kept wanting to back up from the fence or go through it at first, especially when Raina came around past the gate, but we quickely got over that and stood for me to take some pictures. After watching them for a bit I changed it up and did trot serpentines (not true figure 8, but whatever, lol, the muck truck was in my way). She did great with just about no direct reining. Only legs and neck reining were used (aside from once or twice going to the right I bumped it a bit) and she did great! I was so proud of her. (:

I ended up hopping off and untacking her and we went out for a cigarette and to hand graze the horses for a bit. While I was excited about finally actually being confident in brushing her hind end down to her hocks, Copperhead decided to burst my bubble and tell me I was being too cautious and I should really start picking her back feet out. Which, I completely agreed with. I just can't afford to get kicked and end up off work again. So, I ended up going back in and picking all four feet. She didn't offer to kick not once and even picked her back feet up for me when I tapped above her hock with my hand! Major breakthrough with us and I'm glad I felt stupid enough for being overly cautious to just do the **** thing, haha.

So, we set them back out to be free in the pasture and finished up. I then came home to a tryck flashing check gauges and no oil left. Lovely end to the day, eh? Lol I'm taking my morning shift off at work to get an oil change and a new air filter, thank goodness.

And tomorrow shall be a trail ride, lol. Topline here we come xD will be in another post to ensure I don't completely lose this one ;;
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    04-15-2013, 01:21 AM
Green Broke
We're also obviously the epitomy of bad I do know she spooks in place though if she does spook (only twice in the 5 weeks I've had her), so neither of us were too worried about her running us over. Bad us, but oh well. Made a nice picture, lol.

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    04-16-2013, 09:08 AM
Green Broke
Soo..yesterday was exciting, lol.
Copperhead and I went out to the barn and Alahna got to lead a trail for once, haha. Both Alahna and Raina did great, neither pitched fits aside from Alahna not wanting to move out from the barn (but we fixed that with the whip, lol).

So, we cantered up the first hill and quickely dropped to a snorting trot when we reached the top where there were two trucks parked that weren't previously there. We got over that and I realized something..Alahna is dead to neck reining to the right. I thought she was being stupid the other day and wrote it off since she did just start learning it, but I've come to the conclusion that she has little to no feeling where she had her mane rubbed down to skin when I got her (supposedly from a RB feeder). If I throw the rein up above that spot and give a cue she'll bend her head and slightly move over..So, I'm going to have to see what I can come up with for that issue, maybe a heavier rein.

So, we went up and down hills no problem and led like a champ. She wanted to trot everytime Raina got closer to her butt, so we worked on staying at a walk and got a little better.

And then we came to the last hill up that leads to the old barns..This is where it became exciting, lol. Well, I figured we were good to canter and didn't realize that we had a quad jump with a ditch full of water after it. Both our horses jumped and I lost my phone slightly after when I pulled her up another 15yrds or so after our jump (I'm ready for cross country now, right? Lmao).

I've also decided that I HAVE to lose weight..I can't mount like I use to anymore, especially since I've had the luxury of a mounting block lately. I thought I was going to pull my poor mare over! Not to mention she's a lot taller than the rest of the horses I've ridden. It sucks..but not only am I embarrassed when someone is around to watch me mount, I feel horrible for my horse! So..I'm going to have to figure out a good way to lose weight, because I'd like to get off and stretch on those long trails, but I don't want to have to clamber on.

So, we got back to the barn and ended up going through the pastures because that's the gate we found (got lost again lol). Alahna did great walking through the loose horses even though the lead was nipping and chasing everyone away, haha.

So thus..I untacked her and tossed her back out, in which the dog promptly nipped at her heels and she took off with a little buck right in front of my face. ;; I know she knows better, but I can't blame her, I wish the dog would just get kicked and learn his **** lesson though. >.o

Anywho, pictures. (:

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    04-23-2013, 12:52 AM
Green Broke
Soo...I'm satisfied with yesterday's visit.(: I didn't ride much, but we got TONS of shedding hair out, lol.

She seemed to forget everything she knows somehow. I'm going to assume it's because she's in heat and it's just something we'll have to work on. Didn't remember how to back up (I only have to wiggle my finger usually and say back), forgot that I was on her a few times and tried to dive at the gate back to the pasture, and she didn't want to stand still at all. Wouldn't give her feet either, which I was pissed about because she usually has it held up for me by the time I start at that leg before I actually ask.

Soo..she walked up to me in the field and ended up being attacked by Shaggy (herd leader) while I was haltering her. All she did was throw her head up and sidestep one step before I got after him for it. I gave her a treat and Raina a treat (since she asked nicely lol) and continued on my way to the barn. She didn't balk at the gate and we stood ground tied while I brushed her since everyone else already had their horses tied. She did pretty good. She tried nibbling my leg and got a swift elbow to the face (not sure exactly where I got her). I have a feeling she decided we were mutually grooming and accidently added teeth (because she'll rub her top lip back and forth sometimes, but never any teeth). After that she hung her head low and looked half dead o.o

She saddled up just fine and we ventured into the saddle and on our way to the outdoor she stopped. No reason at all that I could think of. I managed to get her going again and she slowed down almost to a stop. I added some leg, she didn't speed up and kept slowing down, so we added a teensy bit of spur (just a whisper on her fur) and she stopped dead and refused to move. I finally got her moving forward again and stopped her two steps in before she tried to slow down and hopped off to get the crop. I was hoping I could just use spurs as my back up plan when leg didn't work, but I guess I'll have to juggle a crop/whip now. I got back on and was constantly smacking her with the crop because she'd stop dead and seem to shut down until I brought her back to reality with the crop everytime my spurs jingled. So, I took my spurs off and tossed them on the barrel and we worked a lot better. I know it wasn't me bumping her with them, so I'll just chalk it up to the assumption that something happened to her with spurs (either the jerk that owned her or the amish he sent her to). She shouldn't really need spurs anyway, just a simpler solution than a whip, lol. Maybe we'll try again when she has even more weight put on.

But, we did some trot circles after walking around and working on leg/neck reining and some trot turns around the barrel and I unsaddled. I ended on a good note and that's all I could ask for yesterday. She was much less responsive than usual and I didn't want to deal with it. So, I brushed her again, cleaned up, and went for a cigarette and some pictures in the sun. After pictures, I took her back in and brushed her again, getting the same amount I got the first two times I brushed her!

All in all, I believe it was a successful, yet uneventful, day. I was content with it though, spent some more time with my horse and I even squated down to clean her back fetlocks and stuff (just the major, wasn't trying to be down there too long) this time!

Anywho, pictures! (:

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    04-23-2013, 01:01 AM
Green Broke
Lved going through this, just too see the photos and you can see how far you both have come together!!

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