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    04-23-2013, 01:00 PM
Green Broke
Thanks! I can't believe how far she's come in less than 2 months!

She's getting the clippers taken to her today when I go out..Not sure if I'm going to ride or not, we may just do some groundwork and lots of grooming, haha.

I've also decided I won't be selling her. I'll be leasing her out to my little cousin when they're both ready after she takes a few more lessons to get a good seat since I'm not allowed to give lessons at my barn.

I just can't part with this mare. She's too perfect and willing to please. I should sell since that's what I bought her for, but I'm not sure I could live with myself if she left me and someone did more harm to her, lol.
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    04-26-2013, 10:46 AM
Green Broke
So..we're still in heat. ;;

Anywho, yesterday we used the crop much more than I wanted to. Didn't want to go, forgot how to back up, forgot how to lead, and forgot how to move her ass over.

I brushed her down, beat her ass because she kicked at the dog while I was brushing her butt, and saddled on up. She's much better with saddling, didn't pin her ears and make them invisible when I brought the saddle out, lol. We worked on mounting without moving off and got down to just one step forward which seemed to helo her balance, so I left it. I won't complain about one step.

We walked around a bit and worked on taking the contact and then we attempted to trot..And that's where it went to h*ll. I gave her leg, I gave her more leg, I gave her even more leg, and then I tanned her ass with my crop until she picked up the trot. She was much more willing after that,*still needed a bit of persuasion, but by our last set of circles she picked it up within 3-5 steps of me asking for it.

Ill be back to finish..have to go in for a class for my new job ;;
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    04-26-2013, 06:30 PM
Green Broke
Okay..time to finish. Tried editting but I typed for too long, lol.

So..after we finished with our trotting we worked on ground work. LOTS of ground work. She hasn't been backing up and moving her butt like she did, so we took the crop and worked on it. I smacked the leg that should move when she didn't when I asked to back and we got back to going back with just me asking her to. Same with her hind end, I progressively smacked harder until she moved. She was moving as soon as the crop touched her by the end.

I unsaddled and repeated before I let her back out. I didn't realize it was already 9 by the time I tossed her out, haha. from yesterday:

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    04-27-2013, 04:13 PM
Green Broke
Today went..not as well as I thought it would, we ended great though, lol.

I woke up, got a shower, and took off for the barn, lol. I arrived to a horse that ran kicking in my direction from hay bale to hay bale for a good half hour almost as soon as she saw me. So, since she wanted to run, I took my lead and ran her off everytime I got close enough. She finally just stood at the bale and gave up..even stuck her nose in the halter.

So, brought her down and was asked my a little girl if I wanted to go for a trail ride, lol. I brushed Alahna's body off and saddled uo real quick.

Oh, and she's out of heat, finally! I know it was only about a week, but it felt like months, lol.

We went out on the trail and was fine..until we had to turn around down a wrong trail. The little girl's pony decided he/she was going to canter and Alahna thought she was going to as well. She would NOT stop trying to trot almost the whole rest of the way..So, we'll definitely be working on that quite a bit in the near future.

Anywho, we got back and I let Alahna just chill on the wall for a little while I uploaded some pictures and smoked a cigarette..And then a little while later I went up to sit under the tree while I hand grazed her. She*did great..until she stepped on her lead and almost flew backwards. She went to lift her head, her head didn't come up, and she threw her whole front end backwards and stood there like, "Yeah..I meant to almost fall on my ass, it's cool..", lol.

We then went back in and we lunged..She cannot balance on a lunge circle at the canter. I could tell she wasn't trying to take off and ignore me, she just couldn't canter on the circle and dragged me around the arena. I just held on and dug my heels in, lol.
I got a video of her trotting though. She finally slowed down to a nice trot, was tracking up, and had her head down a good 4" from where she usually has it. Not sure if I'll be able to post the video from my phone, but I have stills (not blurry!) from it.

Soo..after we finished lunging I ended up unsaddling and sending her back out to the pasture.

Pictures in next post because there's more than I want to post in one and then end up losing this whole post somehow, haha.
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    04-27-2013, 05:39 PM
Green Broke

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    04-30-2013, 11:10 PM
Green Broke
Today was GREAT! Aside from catching her...

So, I went to the dealership 5 minutes from my barn and got my issue found and took a trip out to the barn. I had to squeeze between a **** electric company truck posted at the end of the driveway (can they even do that!?) and found my horse and the rest of them all right down by the fence, lol. Copperhead's Raina walked right up to me looking for pets and a treat (she was polite though, lol)..mine took off at the slightest inclination of me walking towards her. -.- I finally got to her and rubbed her neck a little before I went to grab my lead rope and she took off and recieved a nice wallop from my lead/halter. I walked her down for another 15 minutes and finally had her stand and she actually put the halter on herself when I opened it up..FINALLY! Lol

I took her down and sat on my tailgate while I hand grazed her a bit to associate her being caught with better grass, lol. I then tied her up to the hitching post and got to brushing her! Lol. She's STILL shedding like she just started..I don't know where all the fur is coming from! After we finished with that I let her chill for a bit and brought her into the barn. I decided I would lunge her a bit and work at the nice jog I got out of her last time.

She did great, I point and she goes, nothing like how she did when I first got her. She doesn't understand stopping we'll have to keep working on instilling a very good Whoa, verbally. I could probably sit down in the middle of our circle and she would continue on the circle. So I've just been giving her a chance when I say whoa and cue..and then circling her in closer until she finally walks and I just step into her path and she stops.

I wasn't planning on riding her because her girth area is about bald from her shedding weird (vit-a should be here thursday/friday to start), but I figured since it wasn't scabbed or sore at all I'd saddle up and go for the trail I was invited on.

The trail was great! Alahna didn't do not one thing wrong the whole trail. She didn't freak when Silver flew up behind her and hit her butt on his way by (that's a good horse). Anywho..reason for that, Silver bolter and K couldn't stop him. And when he did it again, I left her in the middle of the trail to block him and sure as I thought he would, he stopped.

And then, right as we were about to come out of the woods to the driveway, Silver lost his bit..lmao. I shouldn't laugh, but it was just so funny. Ariat's rider mentioned that his bit looked funny, like it was falling out of his mouth..sure enough, he ended up spitting the bit out, lol. We got it rigged up to finish the way back to the barn and everyone but me unsaddled and cleaned their stalls. I took Alahna out to the arena and worked on just walking around listening to just leg cues and neck reining to reinforce it. We also ended up working on ORSs..She decided she was going to trot and not go back down to a walk without me hauling on her face (for some odd reason, as she's very responsive to the bit)..So I just shut her down completely and quickly moved right back to what we were doing.

We ended that on a good note and we stood in the indoor for awhile before I hopped off snd unsaddled her. She did just fine and I threw her back out in the field after I hosed her legs down.

She's now backing with mainly just verbal cue, but occasionally with a "bump" method. Everytime I give her a little bump, feet start moving. Every step corresponds to a bump.

So in next post, yet again...I need to stop taking so many? Lol.
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    04-30-2013, 11:12 PM
Green Broke

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    05-04-2013, 09:22 PM
Green Broke
My baby girl was STUNNING today! She's deserved a day off tomorrow.
I showed up at the barn to my trail buddies leaving and was bummed, but then they told me they were going to eat since they were starving and they planned on coming back for another trail!

So..I hiked up the pasture to find my mare walking away from me..again. I walked her for a good 15-20 minutes until she finally stood for a few scratches and a treat and slipped her halter on with another treat. With that we made our way back to the barn. She wasn't quite herself though...she's usually trying to bowl me over by getting so close (still working on it, that's apparently how she was trained to lead..), but she hung back and needed some persuasion at two points.

I got her down to the barn and had to give the girls that were there an excuse as to why I didn't want to free lunge my mare with them (who they all still call a and I got started on brushing. She's still shedding, especially on her butt, but the majority of winter fuzzies is out and I'm left with a summer coat that still has the starvation hairs here and there. She's still gaining weight and growing some summer coat into her vald

I finished brushing her and got her dose of vit-a in her before I saddled her up. She did great saddling and we ventured to the arena since the girls were done free lunging. I finally got my jog! It was a lot smoother than her normal trot and I could actually sit it (why my back is kind of sore now)!

And then we cantered..except it was definitely more of an in-hand gallop than a canter, lol. She stopped/slowed down when I asked though, so we'll just have to work on slowing it down a bit more. She actually dropped her head a bit and rounded up the slightest bit though, which surprised me. Last time I cantered her in an arena at team penning she had her head way up and was flying around even faster! She has the smoothest canter though, I've only ridden one other horse with a more comfortable canter.

And so we departed for our trail ride. (:
K was on Silver, his OTTB gelding and C was on Jim (Jim Beam lol) her arabian gelding. K ran up the hill before us while C and I walked up it without either of our horses trying to catch up. We then proceeded to go up a hill that was a good..85 degree incline, lol. I waited to see how Silver got up it only to see K roll right off the back of his horse just as Jim was starting up the hill. I don't know what happened, but Jim went from a canter to backing up away from the rolling log that was K coming back down the hill, lol. We all laughed it off and continued on our trail (Alahna went up it just fine with bunny hops, lol). We ended up taking the new logging road down to the cemetary (not sure what kinda cemetary it is..I'm going to have a looksy on my next trail; it's very small, maybe 15 graves?

Soo, K cantered down a stretch while C and I walked and we took a break before the next hill (there was a tree we had to go around as well). We decided that we were all cantering up it. The line up was Silver, Jim, and Alahna bringing up the rear. Silver kicked it into full gear gallop while C and I stayed at a nice controlled gallop..and then we see Silver duck to the right and K soar in the air before he landed on his forehead on the ground. Silver stayed put and just dropped his head to graze while we slowed ours down and hopped off. We gathered Silver first and I held the horses while C checked out K to see if he was still alive. I didn't see him move not one bit and he didn't answer when we asked if he was okay. He finally ended up on his feet complaining about how the horse did this and that (not the horses fault, all his) and was wondering where the blood on his hand came from..He had a little scrape from his "well planned landing" on his forehead and a scratch or two on his arm. Then he blamed it on his stirrup length..I'm just glad I wasn't running to the nearest house to call for an ambulance. O.O;

Soo..we ventured back to the barn at a walk and finished up. Alahna was really ouchy on the driveway we may have to find an alternate route for her since I don't plan on having her shod if gravel is the only problem(which it is).

All in all she did absolutely great and I'm giving her a well-deserved day off from work tomorrow, lol.
Farrier is coming out tuesday for her trim (I know they need done, I was hoping to be able to do them myself, but I'm not going to hurt my back trying. Not to mention, I take longer to trim than my farrier, amd she gets kicky when her feet are held up for an uneccessary amount of time. It will be done, but we're just not to the point of holding them up for ages since I just recently got them up at all without getting kicked at.

Pictures in next post since they're uploading :p
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    05-04-2013, 09:27 PM
Green Broke

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    05-06-2013, 11:29 PM
Green Broke I had an absolutely amazing horse, and then a monster.. O.O;

So, I went out to the barn intending on just doing canter work in the arena and maybe a light trail afterwards. Well, as soon as I showed up I was asked if I could lead a trail for one of BO's "lessons" because the girl wanted to go on a trail but didn't want to go alone. I figured, why not? I'll take a trail, give Alahna an hour or two break between and then do our arena work..Well, the trail was awesome. We saw a very pissed off snake (good god I almost pooped myself! It was one of the Copperhead/Black Snake crosses..). I was soo glad it slithered right back under it's rock as we stood maybe a foot away from it. Aside from the snake, our trail was uneventful. Cantered a few hills, played in the creek, and did a lot of walking. I lead and the girl that was on Sweets followed since I know the trails better than her (even though I barely know them lol). It took longer than the hour she had to ride, but I'm pretty sure BO didn't mind. So, we got back to the barn and I untacked Alahna and let her chill for a moment while I relaxed.

After we both relaxed for a little less than an hour I took her to the wash rack to hose her off and get her ready for our next session. The water was a little too cold for her at first and she kept trying to kick, but we fixed that (because even if it hurts a little or is uncomfortable, kicking at handler or what I'm holding is unacceptable). I changed the water around to make it semi-warm (past "room temp", but not boiling) and she didn't offer to kick anymore.

After that we chilled outside by my truck for a little while she dried off and we went back in to tack up. She didn't even pin her ears this time for the saddle or the pad! I figured all would be well, she was perfect. And then she kicked at the BO..BO thought I was crazy when I backed her up across the arena hollering like a mad woman, but she didn't realize the kick was aimed at her. She has a bug kick, and she has a cowkick..what she did was most definitely a cowkick at BO. Completely uneccessary and punishable to the fullest extent. I'll be ****ed if any horse I own/lease/ride/handle is going to kick at someone, especially for no reason.

So..we head out to the indoor. She REFUSED to stand for me to mount, everytime I moved from her head to mount she tried to walk off. So, we backed and backed some more until she finally stood. I got on just fine long enough to get my foot in the stirrup before she "took off" into a BEAUTIFUL, rounded canter and was working off her back end. So, I went with it, because all I ever get in place of a canter is an in-hand gallop that's all over the place. She just felt so balanced it caught me off guard and I went with it..for three strides. And then as she stopped for no reason I'm assuming she gave a little buck as well because my whole seat went forward into the horn (bruised and swollen crotch, yay. You boys don't understand the extent of how much it hurts us as well, lol). Not only did I kill my crotch..the tip forward from the unexpected stop was shoved all the way forward from what I believe was a buck. So, here I am heading towards her neck (that was way down), at that exact moment she threw her head up (with what I feel was intent) and got me in the face. If I hadn't have had my head turned inside the slightest bit, I have no doubt she'd have knocked me out cold if her neck would've hit my face straight on.

Once I gathered myself I pushes her into a hard working trot for a few strides and then we worked on ORSs when she tried to trot off after I asked her to walk multiple times. The kids in the arena thought I was crazy, I could see it on their faces. After about 10 minutes of that I finally got her to relax a little bit..So, I was debating on calling it a day. And then she refused to stand when I tried to open the gate. While I've never asked her to move with a gate as I open/close it, she moves up to the wall and such with no problem and stands while I grab my phone or something. I had no idea she was going to spazz like she did! I mean, it wasn't a full out spazz, but she seemed to think backing amd backing and more backing would get her out of it. The boarders in the barn asked me multiple times if I wanted them to just open the gate for me, but I told them no. This is something simple that shouldn't phase my horse, it's not difficult for her to stand beside it while I pick it up and push it open. So, we finally got the gate open and closed after 15 minutes or so and we calmly walked to the wall and moved parallel to it (just like I was asking at the gate...) with no issue to grab my cigarettes and chat with Copperhead outside.

At that point I really started to feel that hit from the horn, so I hopped off and let her graze for a couple minutes before I untacked her and threw her back out.

We do have a problem though..we have a small saddle sore on one of her right ribs (I'm assuming from the saddle). I don't think any parts of my saddle or pad sit there, so I'll just have to check next time I'm out (aside from tomorrow..tomorrow is JUST farrier and put my truck in the shop day, lol) what could possibly be rubbing there. If nothing, I'm going to cover it with*some stuff and continue riding. If it is the saddle, then we'll just be doing lungeline and in-hand stuff for the rest of the week.

She was also much easier to catch today. She stood and contemplated coming to me at first and got chased away from the hay in the middle of her thought. She turned away once before she stood for scratches and a few treats and stuck her nose in the halter.(: in next post, like always :p
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