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Alahna's Journey

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        05-12-2013, 02:57 PM
    Green Broke
    Soon as she's looking better she gets stuck in the fence.. :/
    It's not terrible and could've been much worse, but obviously I have a horse that doesn't respect the fenceline..
    Update later, gotta talk to BO and go get some meds for her..geez :/
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        05-12-2013, 07:53 PM
    Green Broke
    Okayyy, so..Moving Alahna to stall board with turnout.

    I bought some Omelene 200 for her feed and a mineral block for her stall. I got some Furazone to put on the cuts (another boarder had some I was offered to use for today) and she's going to the back barn.
    I'll be doing my own stall every other day (I guess the stall horses are turned out 24hrs and then stalled 24hrs?) And supplying my own feed to lower my board some (I had no intentions of adding another $130 to board. O.O) instead of $250 I'll be paying $200.

    The cuts are obviously rather painful since she's usually calm and stands for me to crawl around and look at her legs, but she was having none of it. We had to have a small come to jesus moment after she decided to kick at me while I was trying to get a picture..

    So, no more pasture board for her since either..the fence is falling down or she has zero respect for it.

    She had some cuts awhile ago (that I also thought were barbwire) that I brushed off since they weren't too bad, but after two instances..she won't be back in that pasture so incident three can happen and risk her getting tangled up even worse and having to be put down.

    I had intended on walking the fenceline to see where it was down but threw Alahna in the paddock and ran to TSC before they closed (thought they closed at 5) to get feed and some furazone.

    Soo..mum's helping me with money so I can get her all fixed up. I know the cuts are just superficial, but I am worried about them getting infected since they're all over her legs.

    I think the one on the front of her hock and the inside of her front leg are the worst two of the bunch, but I am curious as to where she did it I will be walking the pasture tomorrow when I go up to see if I can find where it all went down at. :/
    Pictures will be in next post, like Majority of pictures are just the cuts..I only got one or two of her full body.
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        05-12-2013, 07:55 PM
    Green Broke


    Also, she won't let me near the hock cut..She was still kicking after our CTJ session, so I'll be using a crop to apply the Furazone like I did today. Hopefully I can get closer tomorrow.
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        05-14-2013, 08:39 AM
    Green Broke
    Soo..yesterday went relatively well.(: She wasn't lame Sunday, but I figured a day off from the cuts and the time it took me to do what I wanted was okay, lol.

    Yesterday I planned on riding though :p I was going to do some arena work, but Copperhead and her sister showed up so I figured I'd ask if they were planning on going for a trail and if I could tag along (she needs to be 100% with others before I take her alone so I don't fry her brain lol). And, we ended up on a trail ride, lol.

    I also think Alahna is in heat again..because she doesn't want to pick up her feet, she's pissin' everywhere, and leg cues make her go even slower O.o Which is what happened during her last cycle.

    So anywho, trail was awesome..we went down to the river, explored an unknown trail and went back down to the river, and then ventured home to the barn, haha.

    I started her on some Omelene 200 since I'll have the chance to grain her now that she's going in a stall that includes feed. She's going to get 1/3 coffee can AM/PM for a week and we'll see how much to up it by, the bag says she should be at 7.25#/day.

    But oooh!! The end of our trail was exciting.(: We started to trot a small incline and all of a sudden, I see Copperhead and Raina jump to the side and lunge past little Sabee and they both take off. I figured, what the hell, lets go. I put her up into a canter and pushed her into an IN-HAND (emphasis on the in-hand), and then all of a sudden I felt her lose the in-hand and went into racehorse mode..And before I could gain control again..everyone else stopped. D: So, Copperhead tries to put her hand out to slow her down as we blow past, and while it didn't stop her, it took her attention off blasting through the woods and I was able to get her stopped before we ran over poor Sabee, haha. And here I thought we were over the racehorse runs xD

    Also..seeing as she'll neck rein on the trail, we're going to be switching out of the snaffle and into a curb for trails. Snaffle will still be used for arena work for awhile, but I think it's acceptable to stick her in a curb for trails so if she does take off again and it happens to be a bad spot, I'll have an easier time stopping her.

    Anywho though, she did great aside from the take-off, lol.(:
    For some reason I only took like 5 pictures the whole 5 hours I was there..not sure HOW that happened, but I'll definitely get more today :p
    Three pictures in next post, lol. She's in the paddock all alone until BO gets her stall done.
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        05-14-2013, 08:41 AM
    Green Broke
    Poor, lonely mare, lol.

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        05-14-2013, 06:08 PM
    Green Broke
    Soo..I think I found Alahna's perfect bit.(:
    There's a swivel shank with 3 copper rings (double mouthpiece) that came in the tack lot I got, and I figured I'd try it out on her since she's mostly neck reining. She need a bump going right because I think she has nerve damage where my rein lays from where she was rubbed down from the hay feeder before I got her, but otherwise she neck reins!

    So, I got her out of her paddock and she ended up out with the senior horses who have pasture with two stalls as a run in. BO gave the stall away and I was actually hoping I'd be able to get her down there, but didn't think BO would board down there with hers.

    So, I tried some new bridles on her, and I just LOVE the light oil, one ear..So I put that new bit on it and left it a little lower in her mouth than I normally do (bridle is a smidge too big and needs another hole) and she held it up on her own and seemed to love it! And while it doesn't match my black saddle, it looks great on her!

    So, we did a bit of trotting and walking on a loose rein with mainly leg cues and neck reining. She backed like a PRO! While it wasn't completely straight, she backed and backed and backed until I asked her to stop! I'm just so excited about that the most, I can't get over it. She usually doesn't want to and throws her head up when I get in her mouth with the snaffle, but I only needed the couple bumps that I usually do and her head stayed down and she tucked it a bit, without me having to pull!

    So..she hadn't left the stall by the time I had to leave the barn, but I'm sure she'll get out in the field with the other horses..I just hope I don't find a horse that's still in the stall when I go out tomorrow, haha.

    So overall, she was perfect for me today aside from her feet..I think she's in heat again, but she has NEVER dropped to her knees while I had a foot..ever. I let her drop because I don't let go until I want to, but I couldn't find any reason for her to do such a thing. Her feet didn't seem too ouchy, she's sound, no heat in her legs, etc..So I'm not sure what was up with that..I'll probably just see what happens next time and go from there..I'm hoping it's just a one-time, off thing though.. :/
    Anywho, pictures in her pretty new (old! Lol) bridle and meeting the new pasture buddies in the next post. :p
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        05-14-2013, 06:19 PM
    Green Broke

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        05-19-2013, 10:48 PM
    Green Broke
    Baby girl did great for me today. (:

    I started on her feet to fix the hack job Mr. Farrier did... :/

    I balanced out her right the best I could (she toes out a bit and he didn't leave me much to work with..he took off the whole white line on the toe o.o ).

    Now the left is the one she's lame on...I could tell it was the foot and I just knew it was going to be a bad bruise..What I didn't realize is that it would be the WHOLE SOLE! I almost died when I got in there since he left too much foot all around on this side. Soon as I got off the exfoliating sole and got to the live stuff I dropped her foot..The picture doesn't show anything like what I saw, not to mention it was taken after I already dug a bunch out. Picture was taken after I was done aside from balancing the foot and smoothing out the sole some more. I took off a good 3mm of extra wall/sole and added the concavity to her sole that I know she naturally has as she's not flat footed at all.

    I'm going to make sure to keep her off the gravel until I get another trim on her in 2 weeks to get that bruise out (I get her trimmed every 5, when she's due) and see how we go. She's always been ouchy on gravel, but never to this extent of falling forward and down, hard. So, if I can keep her sound with shoes I'll be getting her some hoof boots for our trails where she HAS to walk the gravel driveway to get to.

    I just can't understand how he did a great job all around to a hack job on the fronts and a semi-decent job on the backs! I'll cry if I need to put shoes on her to keep her sound when I know she'd still be sound if I'D have trimmed her like I was suppose to instead of being too careful with my back and calling a farrier. ;;

    BUT, I stuck the breakaway halter on her and tossed a flymask on before I put her back in the pasture. She gained the weight she lost back soo quick I'm surprised. So, she's still on 1/3 Folger's coffee can of Omelene 200 (show horse feed) AM/PM.

    After I put her away I noticed another boarder lunging their noticably lame OTTB mare..I asked and she said they didn't know why she was lame so I offered to say it looked like her shoulder, but that I didn't like her shoe job (has a good half inch of extra foot and clips that stick out and catch her leg on the shoes). She agreed she was due for another farrier visit and we went out to smoke and hand graze her 17hh beast mare, haha. She then brought up the bridling question she had. Said she can't get her bridle on because the mare hust throws her head in every possible direction and won't take the bit.

    I showed her how to work with her on bridling and bridled the mare about 5 times until she'd drop her head for me and then her owner tried about 10 times and managed to sneak it on. We discussed that the bit seemed to be a little too thick for her mouth and her headtossing undersaddle is most likely the nutcracker effect because I noticed she has a lower pallete. I suggest a french link, a roller, or the "moon and key" type D-ring snaffle. I don't think the full cheek was correct for rider/horse pair..especially with bridling, just too much metal to maneuver around with a horse that still whips it's head around when bridling.

    Overall, I had a pleasant 5 and a half hours at the barn (when I planned to do her feet and leave lol) and I just love teaching people who appreciate help and want to learn. I was ecstatic when she asked me to show her how to bridle, it's one of my favourite things to work on xD will be around in the next post :p
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        05-19-2013, 10:53 PM
    Green Broke
    Here's the hoof..which is the one I'd like to actually explain on for once xD
    The bruise line across the toe is the worst part where she actually jerks a bit if I would tap with the hoof pick. This shows it after I had dug down as deep as I felt safe to avoid bleeding her. You can also see all the light pink covering almost her whole sole that is also bruising (not her foot like someone asked me about).

    And the

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        05-22-2013, 08:57 PM
    Green Broke
    She's looking much better!

    Today was a vacation day for me (told me I was off lol) so I spent a few hours at the barn :p A trail would've been amazing, but with her foot, wasn't going to happen. :/

    So, I went down to the field and she actually moved towards me again! Progress! Haha. She does NOT like the mud we have to walk through (she sinks, I don't) to get out so I got tons of mud and dirt balls flung at me while she tried to run through it, haha. But, we got through and made it up to the barn. Since I found my own brushes (community brushes at the barn disappeared) she got a nice good brushing to get some of the STILL shedding hair off her bum and made her all shiny :p I need to go pick up a bottle of fly spray when I get paid though, because I feel like she's getting the brunt of them all since the other horses (that aren't sprayed) weren't being too bothered by them..

    So anywho, I decided we were going to work on the dragging lead and not spazzing when she stepped on it..So, I dropped her lead in the arena and went out to have a cigarette. For awhile she didn't move (she assumed she was ground tied I guess, lol), and she hesitantly stepped one foot while I watched and continued when I didn't correct her for it. After about 2 minutes she had it under one of her back feet and had danced around a bit before it came loose. She stepped on it with her front feet a few times after that and didn't yank her head up (like she usually does, which is why I wanted her to figure it out), but picked one foot up and stomped it down in a different spot until the lead was free again, lol. After awhile after she went to eat something and I hollered she stood...and stood for a good 25-30 minutes without moving. It looked like she took my holler as a "stand still" and not to just not eat what she was about to, lol. She fell asleep for a bit and then I took some pictures and we went to doing something else. I'll have to figure out how to keep her moving safely with the lead dragging so she can figure it out solidly..but that's another day :p

    I picked her feet out, had a small fight with her left hind in which she kicked out with a few times and stopped after I stopped shushing and hollered, but overall was good. She picked each foot up as soon as I asked for it.

    I then took her into the wash rack to find a dead robin floating in a bucket O.O And then the beast decided to try and drink from the bucket! D:
    So, I moved that behind stuff and got to fixing the water (I decided I need to use the hot with the cold until I get her her chiro and massage) warm enough she wouldn't drop her back and we just hosed down (both of us soaked lol). She tried to play with the water as I did her front legs and seemed to love it when I sprayed the water down under her face between her jaws. The rest wasn't too bad either..she figured out how to actually drink from the hose (grabbed it and sucked it right up, haha) and she didn't actually kick at all! I've been taking it easy on the hosing and just taking the water away when she stopped kicking, so it's been working. We're now to the point where she picks her leg up and seems to be covering her teets with it..So I keep telling her "down" and taking the water away when she puts her leg down. She's getting better, but since it seems to hurt her back when I hose that with water that isn't warmish, I'm not going to beat her for it. With this I think release of the water will work better for her, because she's not really doing anything wrong just by holding her leg up (since she's stopped kicking). Next time she'll actually be getting a bath and not just getting hosed off.

    I took her out to stand tied (looped, lol) to dry while I took her feed down to refill her bucket for this week (1 bag lasts 2 weeks ) and then I took her over to hand graze for a bit. She did well, didn't try to drag me around this time, lol. She didn't seem to know what on earth the mini in the paddock next to the yard was though...or she hates it..or she misses the ones she use to be pastured with before I bought her.

    But, I tossed her flymask back on (with no problems! Every other horse I've had to put one on hates it lol) and tossed her back down into her pasture.

    Soo..I can't wait to start turning her new fat into total muscle! Soon as I can get her sound (I reallyyyy don't want we're going to try boots on her fronts..cavallos or such first..) she's going to be hitting the trails everytime I'm out. Rain, mud, hot, or not we're going to be out there going up and down all those hills, lol. And then we'll start a bit more arena work and putting her on circles, spins, maybe some slides, and patterns :p I decided that I want her as a CTR horse mainly though..with just arena showing for fair in August (games, pleasure, hunter, etc).

    So, pictures in next post :p
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