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    10-04-2012, 03:57 PM
Thank you! And so far, yes! Her legs seem to be doing pretty good for this workload and we'll probably stick to this amount for the next few months until she has more training under her belt. Lots of improvement though!

October 4, 2012

Her blankets came in today! I'm not sure if I'll get down to the barn tonight but tomorrow night for sure probably.
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    10-04-2012, 09:51 PM
Good job! You'll have to share some updated photos of you two c:
    10-04-2012, 10:03 PM
I'll try to get some this weekend! (maybe even tomorrow) I'll see if my mom can bring her camera so she can take a longer video and a bunch of pictures. She doesn't look too different, but her joints sound a lot better (ie: not as much "creaking" when she comes out of her stall) and she's just a lot less stiff. We're upping her grain though because my instructor wants her to put weight on a little faster than she is.

I'm hoping to get down tomorrow night and maybe Saturday morning, Sunday for sure.
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    10-05-2012, 09:20 PM
October 5, 2012

Got down to the barn tonight!

I brought Indie in, after walking all the way to the end of the pasture.. where she was hiding near the trees by the fence. I had to really look hard to find her! I got her in her stall after brushing her off and fed her some supper while I wrapped polos and put her new blankets on the little "blanket line" in front of her stall.

Once I got those all done, I got her legs rubbed down and put the polos on before saddling up. Got her down to the arena and set up some trot poles with her following me while I did so.. surprisingly, she was very good about standing still and followed me around no problem, she also stopped whenever I stopped. Yay for progress!

After I got on, we did lots of circles and lateral flexions (she's getting pretty dang good at those.. she pretty much touches her nose to my boot with no problem compared to our first lateral flexion, ie: five minutes of me going in circles to even get a slight bend). Once she got all her stiffness out, I added in some trot transitions. We did a bunch of transitions on a circle and I threw in a spiral here and there.

My instructor ended up bringing in a younger student so we worked to the inside of the arena. Get this, Indie did a few circles, went large around the arena and over the trot poles.. all in frame! I gave her a nice walk break before we tried out some leg yields. Going right rein, all was good.. she even did a lovely side pass. Left rein.. there were good moments and not good moments. At one point, it took her about five minutes of me constantly rubbing her side with no decrease in pressure.. not to mention the fact that she kept trying to back up so I'd have to push her forward. Oh well, she'll get it eventually, I hope!

After about forty five minutes, and a couple more trot circles in-frame, I figured I'd end it there.. so I gave her a nice neck rub before I hopped off and walked her out by-hand.

Got her up to the barn and got her untacked in her stall for the first time since the cross-ties were occupied. I had no clue how she'd behave but she managed pretty well. Once the polo wraps were off, I went and hosed her off before putting her new black cooler on her while I did her feet. Once I had every little thing on her, from the Fiske's to the CopperSet.. I got out her new rain sheet and put it on her. It fits her pretty nicely! I love the colour.. I just wish they had the winter one of the same colour in stock (they had to swap it for tartan). It has black edges, with mainly gray plaid with some turquoise... it matches her polo wraps perfectly!

I gave her another slice of an apple and a few carrot pieces before I went to put her in the pasture. All in all, a pretty good day and I'll be down again on Sunday to see her!
    10-07-2012, 03:11 PM
October 7, 2012

Got picked up from my friend's house earlier today so that I could go to the barn before Thanksgiving supper tonight.

Indie looked super spiffy in her new rain sheet! Seemed excited to see me, she walked right over as soon as she noticed that I was there for her! No rips in her blanket, although it was a tad dirty.

Got her hooked onto the cross-ties and got her all groomed up before I rubbed down her legs and wrapped them. I got out the saddle and bridled her up and we headed down! I didn't have lots of time today so time before and after our ride was limited to just the necessary stuff. My dad is dropping me off tomorrow so I'll have plenty more time then.

My instructor must've been jumping Roger or Hemi because there were a few jumps set up. I left them and figured it'd just be another opportunity for Indie to get used to different objects because I highly doubt that she's ever seen jumps before. She took a few seconds to check them over while walking by, but she got over it quickly before I got on.

She didn't stand still, in fact.. she went backwards so I almost sat right on her neck.. which would not have ended well at all. I think her new way of getting out of things is backing up, as she does the same when she gets frustrated when we practice yielding her hind-end. (although she's getting much better)

We did some lateral flexions (touched her nose to both legs and she quickly softened, so she's getting much more supple!) and did lots of circles at the walk. After about five to seven minutes of walking, we went onto a 15m circle and did trot transitions. She engaged herself much more quickly and went into frame for a good circle at one point, but continued to have nice moments throughout. It'll take awhile to build up the necessary muscle but we have a start!

Once she was more warmed up, I let her walk a lap before we worked on leg yields. She's finally realizing that leg yields start with the movement of the hind end. She actually did a few really nice side passes going right rein! Even better, is that she also did one going left which is her problem area. Much better than spending five minutes just getting her to yield her hindquarters, like on Friday.

I gave her a walk lap around the ring going large just to give her a mental break, because a) she did a good job up until that point and b) she tends to get frustrated easily so my instructor always reminds me to never to push her to that point.

Once she was relaxed again, with her head almost to the ground (okay, not quite, but her poll was a bit lower than her withers) and she wasn't flapping her lips.. I decided we'd do walk/trot transitions going around the ring just to tune her up some. We switched gait each letter so by the end, her transitions were considerably quicker and softer.

After we did about three laps of transitions each way, I decided we'd switch it up so we rotated between trotting large and trotting 10m circles.. just to keep her busy and get some energy out in a constructive way. She managed to keep a decent headset all the way around even though she had moments of speeding up, but she slowed down with a half halt or two.

After that, we went towards the center and did lateral flexions and just cooled down with a mix of walking large and walking circles. Once about five minutes went by, I walked her out by hand for another five before we headed back up.

I gave her part of an apple before I went and hosed down her legs. They weren't too warm, but I figured I would anyways just to be preventative. The flies were bugging her face while I was brushing her off and taking care of all her little cuts and scrapes so I put her fly mask on while I was finishing up. Once I had her hooves all treated, I got her blanket on and sprayed her legs and part of her neck with fly spray and put some MTG in her forelock.

I didn't bother putting her cribbing collar on her because I have yet to see her crib while outside, she's usually too busy being a little piggy. She does crib in her stall, collar or not but since she's only in there to eat breakfast/supper, it's not a huge deal. Usually if I'm there, I'll tap her nose and she'll quit it for the duration of my stay. I've noticed that it's rubbing a bit of hair off the side of her face so I also wanted to give the hair a chance to come back.

After I closed the gate, she went right to the water, as usual, before walking off to the rest of the herd. For the first time ever, I didn't see her get chased off from the round bale! When I drove off, she was eating hay with Maggie and Mirabelle, so she should have a nice afternoon.
    10-08-2012, 07:25 PM
October 8, 2012

I got a ride down to the barn this morning from my dad, yay! Of course, Indie was being a loner out by the round bale when all the other mares were out eating grass (with the exception of Livvy and Belle who were laying down beside each other). Even better? Around the round bale is an ocean of mud! Definitely going to help her feet... not.

Anyways, I managed not to fall in the mud on my way to get her and I ended up hosing off her pasterns and hooves just so it'd be easier on the both of us. I let her hooves dry off and let her munch hay while I ran down to the arena to take down jumps and switch them for ground poles! I sat out seven trot poles (she's only ever gone over four) on one of the quarter lines, and after a good twenty minutes of lugging filthy, dusty poles around and making sure the distances were perfect.. I attempted to dust myself off and ran up to the barn.

I curried and brushed her all off before I rubbed down her legs. I had already re-rolled the polos before running down to the arena so I put those on before tacking up. The woman leasing Molly (although she's going to be buying her shortly.. maybe she already has) was down to the barn as well so I figured we'd try to get a nice ride in before we had to share an arena. (even though Indie is getting better about other horses in the arena with her)

She stood still while I got on, but then took a few steps backwards.. I made her stand for a little bit before we walked on. We did some lateral flexion, which she's a pro at now! (remember my entry about my little merry-go-round ride during her first lateral flexion?) We also did side passes and I could feel her taking bigger steps to the side and as a video confirmed, she did indeed cross each sets of legs!

We did a billion circles of varying sizes before we threw in some trot work. At the trot, we mainly ride circles and we're starting to do lots of trot poles. I also try to get in two laps each way of walk/trot transitions (switch at each letter) just to practice. The video that my dad took was of her first time going over seven poles instead of the usual four (which she did for the first time last Wednesday) so she was hesitant at first but picked it up quickly! It definitely gave her something to think about.

I tried getting her more engaged in her hind-end and at times, she felt like she was going pretty good. Watching the video, I realize that she isn't over-tracking consistently (although she now over-tracks by a whole hoofprint and then some at the walk) but she's still learning so we'll add more focus on it now that she's catching onto the basics.

Near the end of our ride, despite Molly warming up, I decided that we'd try to get a couple canters each way. In both directions, it took a few tries to get the correct lead but when she did, she got a nice pat! My instructor describes her canter as "up" and not "forward" so we're trying to lengthen her stride more... but for now, I'm just thrilled when she gets the correct lead!

After the canters (about the fifty minute mark of our ride), we did a lap of trot/walk transitions before I walked her a lap, hopped off and walked her out by hand for ten minutes. She's actually getting pretty good at leading, she follows me everywhere! I can walk in any direction and she'll follow, keeping the reins drooped.

And while we were walking a lap loose-reined, I just had to smile and remember her first ride here.. which, as recorded here, didn't go quite as planned. We had spent pretty much the whole ride just on a circle trying to get her to walk calmly, so every other stride, she'd try trotting off. So a lot of improvement!

I was watching the videos of me trying her out and there's a difference in those as well!

Got her up to the barn, untacked, gave her 1/4 slice of apple and hosed down her legs before we came back in to finish up! I gave her a nice brushing, applied Fiske's to all her little scrapes and applied the CopperSet to her feet... which by the way look so much better! Her hind right hoof has a little chip at the side but her feet will be getting done in two weeks so we'll fix it up then. The farrier said that we'll most likely see the most improvement after a few visits.

After a good hour, I finally got her rain sheet on before putting her outside. It's a little big but once she puts more weight on, it'll be perfect! I'll be going back tomorrow night for my lesson! Also, my dad is going to try and e-mail me the file for the video so I'll post it once I get it.
    10-09-2012, 11:01 AM

Video from yesterday afternoon!
    10-09-2012, 11:29 AM
I see progress still haven't lowered these stirrups..........
    10-09-2012, 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by deserthorsewoman    
I see progress still haven't lowered these stirrups..........
Thanks! I feel like we've made so much progress.

My instructor made me lower them by another three holes just awhile ago.. I'll have to lower them a couple more then! My legs must be longer than I thought.. although hopefully she'll get a bit more muscled and larger around the barrel so I'll have something to wrap my legs around. There's another girl who rides in the saddle so I never know when she might have changed it and I admit that I'm horrible with stirrup length. I think she is starting to get a topline though, as the saddle fit isn't so great anymore.. so we're trying to hurry and find a saddle that'll work for her.
    10-09-2012, 12:04 PM
Stirrup length is measured with your outstretched arm...fingertip at the buckle where the leathers attach to the saddle,bottom of stirrup in your armpit. Once it feels right just count the holes and remember

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