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    09-19-2010, 09:04 PM
CHICKEN NOODLE heals everything!!! I hopw eyou get better soon so that you can jump on lucas and forget about life worries for a moment!!!
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    09-22-2010, 05:18 AM
Egh, getting sick is the worst. Get better soon! Life will come around and have a good stroke soon. :)
    09-25-2010, 01:31 AM
This stupid cough is still hanging on. My friend thinks I got it from her. I hope not because she had that thing for a good month before I went away.

I got bit today. This horse at the barn is supposedly a bitter, so she's not aloud to have the top of her stall door open. I'd never actually seen her bite anyone, just pin her ears and make faces. I wondered if they were just being cautious with her, but then someone left the top of her stall open and she bit a girl's face. So she's a bitter. Still she's been there for months and I've never had any problems with her. Not that I don't watch out but I just thought she had the whole "don't bite the hand that feeds you" thing going on. Apparently not since today she decided my arm resembles a chew toy. I don't even know why she decided to bite me. I was just bringing her in and when I turned around to close the gate I felt a very sharp pinch on my arm. I think I scared her when I yelled ow. Luckily she only broke the skin a little bit. It's mostly a lump and bruise. But after that I'm not really sad she's leaving in a few days.

My friend finally agreed to move Lucas to my barn, but I'll have to wait til she's here so that will be in December. I'm trying to convince myself it's better than nothing but it's so far away and I don't kow if I can handle two more months at that barn.

Ugh I wanted to type more but I'm too tired.
    10-03-2010, 04:38 PM
*sigh* I need to go ride Lucas. I haven't been in a week. It's been raining like crazy so he hasn't been out. Which is even more reason for me to go ride him since he's not going out to play. But I haven't had time and now I'm just dreading getting on him and fighting with him because he's feeling fresh and doesn't want to listen. I don't know if I can stand 2 more months of this. I was hoping it would stop raining for long enough that things would dry out and they would go out and he could run his crazies out. But I don't know if it was dry enough that they would've been out today, and it's going to start raining again. For days. Oh, and he's afraid of the sound the rain makes so I can't actually ride him when it's raining. And I hate going there by myself. No one is ever there and I'm just not comfortable being there alone. And my only horsey friend is Lucas' owner so I don't have anyone who wants to come to the barn with me for a couple hours. My one friend will come with me but I can tell she is bored and doesn't really want to. I wish there was a way for me to explain this to my friend. She said she's coming home for a weekend at the end of this month. If I could explain this to her maybe she'd agree to move him when she comes then. But she said she's not telling her parents she's coming home and they would need to be involved in moving him. GAHH!!! It's just so frustrating!! I hate that barn so much. The isle lights have been broken for 2 months now. I know that has nothing to do with anything, but honestly, what the hell is up with that? I really can't stand being there. I just need to find a way to make it through.

I'm supposed to be getting a raise at work but I'm looking for a new job so that doesn't really matter. I've applied for a bunch but that was only last night so I probably won't hear anything for about a week or so. There was one really well paying job that I had been hoping to get. I applied a week ago and had been waiting for them to get in touch with me. Well I hadn't realized the position was full time. I definitely don't have time for full time. I go to school full time and have my job at the barn. So the only thing I would have time left for is sleep. I literally would have time for nothing else. So when they called to talk to me about my application I had to tell them I hadn't realized it was full time and couldn't do it. I was so upset. I so wanted that job. It was overnight hours so they were going to pay a lot more than other people will. But at this point, with how my current job is, anything more than what they are paying would be fine. They could even pay me the same as what I'm getting now, as long as I don't have to make an hour round trip for a 2 hour shift. Hopefully I hear something from one of the jobs soon. And I still have some places to apply to. I might go over to Dover and see if they are hiring. Though I'm not sure I want to work retail again, especially with the holidays coming.

Things at the barn are going ok. We got a new barn manager; she's nice and seems to know what she's doing. I've offically got one month til my first show ever. It hasn't really sunk in yet so I'm not nervous. I'm sure I'll feel like I'm going to throw up or pass out the night before/morning of. I am excited for it though. Getting to go to barns I've never been to and ride horses I don't know is going to be an awesome experience.

Two more boarders left. I don't want to think things are still going downhill but I don't think they have anyone looking to move in except for me, and that's a ways away. On one hand, I hope we get more boarders, as it's obviously not good for bussiness to not have boarders. On the other hand I am worried about a stall being available for Lucas come December. Not that I think all the stalls will be full (there are quiet a few empty on both the boarding and lesson sides) but people are going to want the bigger stalls. Lucas is a big horse and the smaller stalls will be too small for him. I don't think people would be happy about moving to a smaller stall so he can have one he'll actually fit in. Hopefully everythign continues to go ok. I would hate for them to keep losing business and have to close.

That's about all for now. I will definitely be out to see Lucas tomorrow so I'm sure there will be a lot to say then...
    10-04-2010, 04:55 PM
My mother is driving me insane. I'm trying to get a new job so I can make enough money to pay for the things I need to pay for. She wants me to get a job so she can get a discount on our pets' vet care. She already gets a discount because she has been going there forever and the doctors like her. I have tried to get a job there again (I used to work there in high school) but whenever I go in they say they don't have anything available and that they'll call when they do. They never call and one time they lied about not having anything available. It wasn't too bad when I worked there before, but there were some problems. Now, with them lying to us about job openings, it seems to have gotten worse. But she doesn't care that she's trying to force me to persue a crappy job. She just wants her discount. Honestly, she has the time and ability to work there herself. If she cares so much about that discount she should try to get a job there. And unless she is going to make up for my crappy pay by paying my expenses she needs to stop trying to tell me where to work.

Now that my crazy mom rant is out of the way, on to other things. I got a call and an email about jobs I have applied for. I emailed back and set up an interview for tomorrow. I have been told I'm bad at interviewing (and that's since I've improved; I must have been really terrible before) but I think I should be better since I've been working retail for almost a year. I have noticed I'm better at interacting with people then I used to be. So hopefully that carries over to my interviewing abilities. Plus, I definitely have the experience for this job. So maybe even if my interviewing doesn't go too well, my experience will help. The job I got the call about I'm not even going to touch. Right after I sent in my resume I read some pretty bad things about the company on facebook. My friend went to them and they were still charging her for insurance on her cat for over a year after it died. Then I was talking to my other friend about them and she said they've got a whole bunch of people sueing them. So not even going there. Hopefully this first one will work out and I will have a new job soon.

I only have 11 hours this week at my job. That is no where near what I need to be working. It's barely enough to pay for gas. I don't understand why they have been cutting back on my hours. They claim they want to promote me so shouldn't I be getting more hours? Just one of the many reasons I need a new job.

Well I'm off to the barn now. Hopefully Lucas isn't nuts. I know it'll be easier once I get there. It's just getting up and going that's the hard part, especially with all this rain and cold.
    10-08-2010, 06:27 PM
DUUUDE I havent seen liberty in 2 weeks... im going today though after work thank God I have missed her.. I've just been sooo busy broke up with the baby daddy so yeah crazy stuff!!!

Dude Jobs are sooo hard to find anywhere specially a good payin one just keep looking ... and moms are always crazy sometimes lol my mom drives me nuts sometimes about money lol!! Good luck on the promotion!!!!
    10-09-2010, 12:55 AM
Aw I'm sorry about your break up. Those can be tough. Hope you are doing ok!

I went out to see Lucas a few days ago and just lunged him. I was going to ride him but I just didn't feel up to dealing with all of that pent up energy. So I let him run on the lunge line and get a little of the crazy out. Luckily it has stopped raining so they are going out again. I went and rode him today and I guess he was really happy to get out and play because he was really off at the trot. I'm guessing he just played too hard and is now a little sore. I checked his legs -no heat or swelling- and walked him around for a bit and he was fine as long as I didn't ask him to trot. I will hopefully go out again tomorrow and see how he is doing. He behaviour seemed good today, though I only walked him but he seemed to be listening pretty well. I'm hoping to get on a better schedule of going out to see him. That will go a long way toward he acting better.

That's all I've got for now. Want to get to bed.
    10-19-2010, 01:20 PM
Yeah the break up was pretty lame but im much better now got a new guy .. well sorta lol its weird cause we arent together but havin fun.. I kinda wish we where together though cause he's pretty awesome he makes me SMILE all the friggin

Dude ok so where Liberty is at right now I just pay for food pretty much any way .. 2 weeks ago I bought an 80 lb bag of pellets and then gave her 20$ so that woulda lasted her 2 weeks and then some.. I f@cking went out there 2 weeks later liberty lost like 75 lbs I was sooo pissed she was using the food that bought for her other horses and givin her 1 scoop a day... so then I went and got 7 80lbs bags of pellets cost like 100 bucks right that shoulda lasted at least 2 months with 4 scoops a day.. a week later I went back and there where only 2 bags left.. and she maybe gaine 15-20 lbs I was soooo freaking mad soo I tryin to find corral so I can move her to my moms!! So im hoping its very soon specially caue winter is about to be ghere and she needs more weight on her!!

Hows lucas riding lately you jumping him yet?
    10-19-2010, 11:40 PM
Wow that's terrible! I can't believe people try to get away with things like that. Do they think you won't notice a ton of your food is missing? That's one of the reasons I want Lucas moved to my barn, because I know everyone who works there and I trust them to feed him the way we want. I hope you can get Liberty moved to your mom's soon!

Lucas has been lame since last Saturday :( We thought, at first, that he was just sore from playing too hard outside. It had been raining a lot here so he hadn't been out in a week and Saturday was the first day he got to go back out. But it's been over a week and he's still off. The farrier came today and my friend is hoping that will fix it but I haven't noticed anything with his feet so I don't think it will. I was hoping she would want to have the vet come out and look at him but she told me they can't afford it right now. If I had the money I would pay for it but I don't.

So no jumping him. Even if he weren't lame she doesn't want me jumping him til she comes home in November. Doesn't really matter at this point since I can't do more than walk him right now.

I had my first show ever on Sunday. It went... ok. I was in a walk/trot class, 4 fence class and 6 fence class. The walk/trot was good. I got 5th. The only comment the judge made was that I was going too slow. I was happy that I placed. For the 4 fence I completely bombed it. I was soooo nervous I just screwed it up. I was nervous for the walk/trot too but since I wasn't the only one in the ring I didn't feel as much pressure. When it came to the jumping... I guess I kind of went into shock. I didn't feel that nervous but I could tell I wasn't paying attention and doing terribly. So for the 4 fence I just kind of sat there and the horse I was riding ran out on the last fence. After my warm up for the 6 fence I was still out of it and doing terribly. My coach told me if I kept riding like I was I would get myself killed. I managed to straighten myself out after that and ended up placing 2nd. All-in-all it was a good first show. Hopefully at the next one I won't be so nervous and do well in all my classes.
    10-25-2010, 01:56 AM
My dog died on Friday. We have other dogs but he was "mine". I wasn't expecting it at all. Maybe I should've been. He was getting up there in age. He had cancer, but he'd had it for years. It wasn't agressive at all. Most of the tumors weren't malignant. It was basiclly a freak accident that took him. His stomach twisted causing him to bloat. They would've had to do surgery to fix it. He most likely wouldn't have made it through the sugery and even if he had it would've been a long hard road to recovery. If he even made it long enough to recover. I know putting him down was the right thing to do. But I can't believe he's gone. I've been through this before. We've had pets my whole life so I've grown up with losing them. I even came home one day to find one of my cats dead on the kitchen floor. But I've never been as close to them as I was to Sandy. Now that he's gone I realize I thought he'd always be around. Which is silly, I know. He wasn't going to live forever. But I just never thought one day he'd be gone.

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