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    10-26-2010, 01:45 PM
AWWWW im soo sorry.. :(( at least he had a long happy life with you!! Just remember that he was a happy pup an you did what awas best for him.. it still does suck though. Did you get him cremated or anything!! Put a cross up around the house some where in his remeberance .. I have one for my pup who I had to put down cause he broke his back :( !!! Hope things get better for you!!
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    11-02-2010, 11:26 PM
Are you ALWAYS sick lol I really hope you are alright though
    11-24-2010, 01:11 AM
Originally Posted by PintoTess    
are you ALWAYS sick lol I really hope you are alright though
Lol it does seem like that doesn't it? I actaully have a pretty good immune system. Everyone in my house can be sick and I'll be fine. I don't know, maybe I just only write in here when I'm sick so it seems like I always am?

Lucas is getting moved to my barn in a week. Everyone is really excited about the move, even his owner, which I'm happy about. Things at the barn have been going really well lately. We got a new BM at the end of the summer and she is great. I've become good friends with one of the girls that works there. I'm also being more social with a lot of other people there, which I've never had at a barn before. I rode in my first ever show back in October and got a 5th in walk/trot and 2nd in the 6 fence class. I'm really proud of myself for that one considering that in the 4 fence I was so nervous the horse ended up running out at the last fence. The next show is in 2 weeks and hopefully I won't be as nervous for that one.

Well, that's the short recap of the past few months. Now for the issues.

Lucas is being moved in one week. I went to a show with my friend (his owner) on Sunday so she could meet some people from the barn and whatnot. Well she loved everyone and is now really excited about moving him. The barn he is at right now does a lot of western and breeding stuff; not a whole lot of english and showing and things, which my friend misses. So seeing that there is more of a show barn atmosphere at my barn, she got super excited. That's all fine and good. I'm happy she is looking foward to having him there. The problem is she started talking about things like how she is going to be riding every day and doing all these shows while she's home. There hasn't, however, been any talk of changing the lease to half or something. I know he is her horse but I'm not paying for her to be riding all the time. I know he can be ridden more than once a day but she likes to work him hard. She was asking me if I would be taking a lesson on him so she would no what day she had to go easy on him. I plan on talking to her about this of course. Thus far she has been very understanding and reasonable regarding how much/what I would be paying for. I guess I'm just a little suprised she didn't mention moving the lease to half while she's home. But she did mention that I might be paying less once he is moved since the board is less there so that's good. Then there's the whole jumping thing. When I first started riding Lucas my friend said he was difficult to jump and, for that reason, she didn't want me jumping him until she had time to teach me how to jump him (she was about to leave for school). So we agreed I wouldn't be doing any jumping with him until she came home for winter break. I mentioned the other day that I was excited to be jumping him soon. Her reply was, "Learning to jump him". Like I have no idea how to jump a horse. Like he's soooo different that one needs to be specially trained before they're even allowed to think of jumping him. I've seen her jump him. Nothing special. He gets a little fast and strong but that's how he is with anything you do with him. She's just got it in her head that he's her horse and that no one can figure out what to do with him without her guidance. She claims she is the only one who he'll get on the trailer for too. No idea if this is true or not but I find that people who say this tend to be full of it. So that's all that's going on there. I'll probably be putting up pictures of Lucas in his new home once he's moved and I'll definitely post about how it went. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly!
    11-24-2010, 01:31 AM
Haha just realized I posted twice about the show. I guess I was really happy about it lol.
    12-07-2010, 12:32 PM
I'm having a really bad day. I've just felt like crap all day. My stupid job that's not even my job anymore is making me miserable. I hate it.

I rode in my second show ever yesterday. I didn't do as well as I did in the first one ribbon-wise. I got second in my W/T class. I didn't place in W/T/C or 6 fence. But I wasn't nearly as nervous for this one so that was a plus. And I had fun and it was a good experience which is what it's all about.

We moved Lucas on Friday morning. A couple that I ride with offered to trailer him for us, which was so nice of them. Everything went smoothly. Lucas was nervous to be going somewhere but he went right on to the trailer. Since we had the show on Sunday only a few of the horses went out so he got a chance to make a couple new friends before meeting the whole herd. He met everyone else yesterday. I worked the AM shift so I got to be the one putting the horses out for him to meet. It went well, just the usually squealing while they got used to eachother. Everyone there was so excited about him coming and everyone loves him. It's so nice to finally have him there with me. I'm going to start lessons on him on Wednesday so I'm excited to see how that goes. He's been ridden in the ring a couple of times already and gone over the jumps. He's taken to it very well. I think he goes better in our ring than the one at the other barn. He just felt better to me. So this is my one bright side. I feel like a lot of stuff is falling apart for me right now and that things will never go right but at least I have Lucas with me.
    12-14-2010, 04:18 PM
Glad that you got to move Lucas Cloer to you.. let us know how the lessons are going!
    01-01-2011, 06:07 PM
So life is going pretty good at this point. One bad thing but we'll get to that later.

I got pretty much everything I wanted for Christmas. I didn't have a really long list this year, mostly just things to keep me warm for those lang days at the barn. Lots of thigh high socks, long underwear type pants and under shirts. And a team barn jacket (for the adult show team I'm on). It hasn't come yet so I'm still excited for that. Then I got the other two big items on my list: a kindle and a saddle. The kindle is great, though I only have 2 books on it so far. I need to activate my credit card so I can buy books for it, but I've been avoiding activating it so that I can't use it and spend money I don't have lol. The saddle I haven't gotten yet because my grandma just gave me money for one so I can go pick it out myself and make sure it's one that will fit Lucas and everything. My trainer and I are going to a used saddle shop sometime to pick one out. I'm excited for that too. So Christmas was pretty good this year. I also got the sweetest gift from this woman at the barn. She started taking lessons around the time I started working there, always on Wednesday afternoons which during my shift. She is an older woman, coming back to horses after a long time. If she ever needed help getting ready for her lesson I would give her a hand and she would always thank me. On the Wednesday before Christmas I found a gift bag in front of Lucas' stall with a jar of treats and a pair of winter riding gloves. They were from this woman. I thought that was so sweet of her and the next time I saw her I thanked her. The gloves are great because they are a kind that I have and love. My first pair had to be retired this year so I'm on my back up pair and now I have a new back up pair!

I've ridden 4 times in the last 3 days and I feel great about that. I had 2 lessons the other day: my private on Lucas, and team practice. Then I had a make up group lesson the next day, and then yesterday I rode my firend's horse. The private on Lucas went well but not as good as usual. Usually when I go to catch him he runs from me so I chase him til he's decided being caught is the better option. So by the time I get on him he's good and relaxed and doesn't have a boat load of energy. This time, he tried to hide by wedging himself between the fence and another horse. The other horse didn't move so Lucas couldn't go anywhere else and we caught him. So no running all of his energy out before hand. He wasn't bad, just a little more foward than usual. And I was a little more tired than usual on that day, so not a great combination. Still, he did well. Only ran out on one jump. The lessons with him really have been going great. I can see improvements each time in his attitude and ability. It really makes me wish he was 10 years younger. I know he can only go so far this late in life. He's such a good horse, it would be nice if his potential wasn't so limited by his age. I have a video of the lesson that I will post as soon as it finishes uploading (youtube is taking forever). Both group lessons went well. We're working on counting and judging distances, which I am terrible at, so the practice is good. The ride on my friend's horse yesterday was awesome. Ever since I started working at this barn, I have wanted to ride this horse. He is a 4yo pinto National Show Horse/Andalusian named Lucky. I don't know why I've always wanted to ride him, but I figured I would never get the chance because he isn't a lesson horse. Well, his owner (and her husband) are very nice and on the adult team with me so I've gotten to know them and become friends. So recently my other friend and I were house sitting for them and they said we could ride any of their horses while they were away if we wanted. We both had wanted to ride Lucky so we finally got to. He was a lot of fun to ride. He gets confused about were to put his feet sometimes, especially when you ask for the canter, so he'll kick a bit. It's exciting to ride a horse that isn't the perfect lesson horse (even though not all the lesson horses are perfect). Anyway, even though he's a little confused with what you're asking him (and so he kicks and goes in directions you're not telling him to) I really enjoyed riding him. So yesterday while I was at the barn his owner asked if I wanted to ride him. I definitely wanted to ride him again so I did. It was another fun ride. I got to try him over a few jumps, which was a lot of fun. I hope I'll get to ride him again in the future because I really do enjoy him.

Now on to the bad news. Lucas has some sort of tendon injury. My friend was out to ride him on Thursday, so she hopped on him real quick for a half hour in between lessons. I was there for my make up lesson so I didn't get a chance to really talk to her but when my instructor came to start the lesson she said Lucas was hurt. After the lesson I talked to my friend and her mom about it. He's got a little swelling and heat in one spot on his leg. It doesn't look too bad, but I know nothing about tendon/leg injuries. The vet will be out on Monday to take a look at it. I'm trying to get off work so that I can be there to hear what the vet says, but my boss hasn't gotten back to me yet. I'm supposed to be signing a new lease agreement for the next 6 months. I told them I want to wait to see what the vet says before I sign it. I hope it's not anythign serious, but I can't be paying $300 a month for a horse I can't ride. Even if I can ride him, if he can't do a lot anymore it's no longer beneficial to me. I feel terrible saying that because I really like Lucas and it seems a little heartless. But all I'm paying for is getting to ride him which is to help me move along in my abilities. And if I can't do that anymore I can't keep paying.

So that's my update. I'll post again after the vet sees him. Cross your fingers for good news.
    01-06-2011, 02:41 AM
So the vet was out on Monday to look at Lucas and everything turned out pretty well. He's got some inflamation in his check (don't know if that's the right spelling or not) ligament, probably just a strain. He's on 4 weeks stall rest with standing wraps 24/7 for the first 2 weeks and then just at night for the last 2. The good thing about all this is that the vet was able to talk my friend's mom into getting Lucas hock injections. He's always had lameness issues in his back end (since I've known him anyway) and since he's been at my barn I've been told he's never completely sound in the hind. So the vet pointed out that he actually appeared more lame in the back than in his injured front leg. She procceed to explain that the hind end issues probably caused the strain in his front leg from Lucas trying to overcompansate for the pain in back. Through explaining this and how he is really sore back there and a little more discusion, it was finally agreed that he will get injections when the vet comes back in a few weeks to check on him. I'm so happy they're going to have this done for him. He's been so much better since moving to my barn, I can't wait to see how amazing he'll be once he's not in pain anymore. This is one of those times when I wish he was younger. I've been wishing that a lot lately. Things are finally starting to look up for him, but it's just so late in his life. I wish he could've had better earlier on.
    01-31-2011, 06:13 PM
Hey Glad to hear that Lucas if getting the treatment he needs now!! Give us the progress updates kk!
    01-31-2011, 08:42 PM
Well, his last day of stall rest was supposed to be today. But his owners don't want to pay to have the vet out again so they are just going to wait til she comes out to do the spring shots for the other horses. I understand that. I think that's in the next week or so, and if they wait for that they can split the farm call fee so it will be cheaper. But, they don't want him out in the snow or mud or anything anymore so even if the vet oks him to no longer be on stall rest, he still won't get to go out. And, not suprisingly, they are backing out of the hock injections. Now, she claims that she just can't afford them right now and will get it done in May or June. But they can't even afford to keep the horse so I don't think they will ever be able to afford the injections. I don't know if she even ever had any intention of getting them done. I figured she had only agreed because she felt pressured with the vet and BO and trainer all there telling her it's what's best for him.

At this point I don't think I can keep leasing him. I wouldn't feel good riding him knowing how much his hocks are bothering him, and until the vet comes back out I don't even know what is ok to do with him anymore.

Ugh. I am having a terrible day.

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