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Best Days with Sky! : Rediscovering Sky

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    02-03-2012, 08:15 PM
February 3rd.... yikes!

Today we rode and Sky exhibited to my trainer, whom I was pleading with and guaranteeing and talking with about taking off the training fork, that we still need it on. Naughty boy!

We rode in the outdoor, which I always have a lesson inside so it was different. The arena was pretty good except for one entire side was soppy and a little pool by the gate. I was nervous about riding in the slop and slipping but the indoor was so dusty it wouldn't be safe.

So we warm up, he's doing okay. We start the lesson and she's asking me to ride into the corners.. even the soppy ones. So I try.... Sky resists so much. He pops his shoulders out, he barrels and plows my legs and just bullies his way into the nicer stuff.


I try again.. he's getting to be a pig. I'm doing everything I need to be doing. I'm putting my weight where it needs to be, using my leg properly (not my heel!) I'm helping with my hands, supporting him on the outside rein, driving with the inside leg. Nothing.. he just was being an absolute pig.

So I got flustered and I kicked the living daylights out of him on my inside leg until he went over there. My seat was compromised but he got over there. And then I stopped and just continued riding as usual. From then on, he wasn't a pig.

Yeah.. one can dream.
Our trotting and leg yields were okay. He kept popping his shoulder out and overbending (HIM not me!) so I had to keep putting him straight and wouldn't let him drift (which I noticed that he does drift..) without the cue first. Then we started having beautiful leg yields with a nice supple and straight body. I was so sore though.

Then it came time to canter... what a monkey. It was nice going his stiff direction (to the right) because it's my better direction. Now going to the left was a different story.... HUGE surge from a soft cue... head went up, butt tucked under.. it was like a very nasty sliding stop mixed with a bunny hop canter. Soooo naughty!!!!!!! So I brought him back to a trot and asked again, he picked it up but it was so fast... and he was ignoring my half halts and cues to slow down. So I just had to ride it. I did okay, I kept looking down which was a disaster.. but when I looked up and sat up and RODE, it was good. Just I was so scared of him slipping and me flying out of the saddle.

Needless to say, I am sore, I had a huge horse wedgie, and I couldn't stop nodding off in the car. Thank the bees I wasn't driving.

Hopefully tomorrow goes better.. I have a LOT of homework.

1. Work on poll bending l and r at a halt
2. Leg yields
3. Bending and riding into the corners
4. Keeping my outside elbow close to my body and supporting rather than dancing and encouraging naughty behavior.
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    02-05-2012, 09:27 PM
February 4th and 5th

So Saturday was a mess.. so I'll start with that first. My bestie came to visit again (woo!) and we got Sky ready. It was very very cold out and my bestie was froooozen. I was doing great but worried about her keeping warm so I offered to let her ride first after we lunged him in the side reins. He was wonderful.. his canter transition was perfect on the ground and we was ready to go.

She climbed on, walked him, trotted him, and then it came down to the canter.

Oh... boy. He was fine.. until she started to lose her stirrups. She panicked because the last time she lost a stirrup, she got caught and was dragged or something. So she leaned down and tried to put it back in (terrible idea) at the canter. Well her leg came up and tickled Sky at his hip area. His ears went so flat trying to pinpoint what the heck was going on... he flung his nose up and went out of control bolting towards the arena gate.

Yikes.... there was nothing I could do. She flew off as he turned sharply and luckily she tuck and rolled so she didn't hit the gate or land wrong. I caught Sky within seconds but I was so worried about her!!

Luckily the new barn manager came to check up on us (how awesome is that!) and then she supervised as I got back on him and trotted him around. Then she watched as we cantered. At first he was being a pig, but then he knocked it off and was a lot better. We started with his good side (his naughty naughty side) and then did his stiffer side (my good side) and ended on a fabulous note.

Now today, the 5th, I had a lessee coming to meet me at 9am. I got up at 7am, got ready and left by 7:50am, got there at 8:30 and just as I was going to catch him, she walks up. So we both get him ready, she asks me to show her a demonstration of his abilities and whatnot. We warm up, work on all of the stuff that I had to work on for homework. He would NOT go on the rail. It made me so mad..... but eventually I got him close enough. Then we went for a canter and he threw his head so I pushed him forward and halt halted hard on the reins so he wouldn't take that as an invitation to speed off. He settled down and then we were fine. She got on and walk trotted him and she was in awe of his movement and how sweet he was. She decided to lease right there!

After she rode my friend didn't want to cool him down bareback since we were both so close to falling asleep. Just then Sky pooped so I picked it up with one of those cow bag things and picked some up because I'm having it analyzed. So we drove to the vet and I payed my bill and all is great!

We ride again this Tuesday
    02-07-2012, 07:36 PM
February 7th.... oh I am angry.

My horse was such a jack ass today. I can't even begin to describe how I am feeling or how I felt.

This part was my fault.. as I was tacking him up and had his boots on and his pads and his saddle.. I went to put his bridle on, and I shoved my thumb too deep into his mouth (I wasn't paying attention) and... crunch and hold...

My thumb was crushed by 3 tons of pressure, at least... oh it hurt. He didn't know it was my thumb.. he thought it was the bit. But man! My left thumb is now crushed, the fingernail is ripped/disconnected at the cuticle.. it's ugly as sin and painful.

So that was the first sign of negligence on my part.

Got him tacked up, ready to lunge. He tried to walk all over me so I reprimanded him and put him in his place. Made him w/t/c both directions and he did well.

Got on and worked on asking him to use his back with a nice slack rein. He moved into frame nicely as I felt his back lift up. We walked around the arena working on leg yields (they are awesome now :)) and circles and staying on the rail, and serpentines and all sorts at the walk. He was doing great. Time to trot... he fell apart. We went to the walk again, I got him all sorted again and asked for the trot.. nope... back to walking.. asked for the trot and softened as I did. There we go.. he didn't drop his back that time. We did figures, leg yields (they were horrible....)

Let me just tell you... at the beginning I was doing things wrong (like my leg at the trot was confusing) and once I sorted that out, he was listening to my leg really well and stayed nice and supple.

But that little jackass decides to give me problems when we went near the gate to the indoor arena (they are connected) and there was another horse in there. We spent literally 10 minutes trying to keep him from slamming or riding himself into the gate. He was doing it to be an ass.. and once my instructor told me how to prevent it, he stopped really quickly.

Then came time for the canter. FML FML FML FML.

He completely blew my cues.. without any pulling or anything on MY end, he hollowed his back, scooted his butt underneath him, threw up his head and bolted like he was being chased by 100 tigers. That jackass.

He wasn't scared, he wasn't in pain, he was doing it as an evasion. It started as just throwing his head up but kept nice and soft cantering. But now it's just out of control. He bolted sideways at the canter.. forward, sideways.. I stayed with him until I wanted him to trot again. I sat down deep.. no answer. "Trot" I told him sternly. Ignored me again...

He yanked the reins (which my hands were holding onto) and unseated me. I knew I was going down. I told him sternly again, "trot!" "Trot ****it!!!! TROT TROT TROT" I grabbed ahold of his neck with all of the strength I could muster, still telling him to trot. He started galloping as I got my feet out of the stirrups. Still holding onto his neck, I swung so I was on the outside side of him. I TOLD YOU TO TROT!!!!! I dug my heels into the ground and pulled back on his bit. He stopped and I continued to reprimand him "YOU DO NOT EVER DO THAT TO ME, EVER!" I was on my feet and made him soften his bit NOW and backed him up NOW. "NO" he knew he was in trouble.. and I was so angry.

Everyone around was laughing their butts off.. I had done this really unique emergency dismount and refused to fall off and put him in his place once he did stop. They made sure I was okay, that's when I burst into tears. The pain from my thumb and I managed to hurt the right side of my chest hurt. I think I pulled a muscle and probably Sky's neck is sore from 125lbs of kickass hanging on him.

Anyhow, she (my trainer) got on him, worked through his canter. I got back on, we did trot work, with beautiful leg yields (we figured out the problem and then everything became crystal clear to him) and then got on the lungeline to canter twice each way. I was crying the entire time and he was anxious to be done. We did canter twice each way.. to the right was troublesome and he had a perfect canter transition to the left.

I am tired, and might have another lesson this Thursday since the girl that I usually ride with didn't have time to do it today. Hopefully it happens.. he is forbidden to canter OFF of the lungeline.

We have a sneaking suspicion this dangerous new game of his came from all those other people riding him because he was fine as rain before. "/ Downside to leasing out my horse...
    02-07-2012, 09:24 PM
WOW! What I wouldn't give to see that on film!

YOu really have guts.
    02-07-2012, 09:45 PM
Yeah I should have someone follow me around with a camera. I just know that falling off is what he wants because that means no work for him, so I didn't give it to him, I did everything I could to stay on. I made it harder for him, then corrected him at the end. Got back on and he was perfect.

Gotta have guts if you're working with a greenie! :P
    02-09-2012, 08:33 PM
Green Broke
Sky, hold in there! I've done similar things. I call it an "Emergency Dismount". My paint acts like that in a canter too, until I lost it on her and got a little mean, then got all my frustration out by yelling at her and then crying. :P But she lopes good 70% of the time now!
    02-09-2012, 08:43 PM
Thanks QH :)

And I'm glad she does! Sky will get there some day... we made it so far already we can do it.
    02-12-2012, 09:12 PM
Feb 11th and 12th, 2012.. both amazing days.

I was so nervous on the 11th.. it was the first time riding him after the little incident. My thumb was doing better, muscles weren't pulled. But I was scared.. I kept imagining everything going wrong. (Before I got to the barn) because as soon as I got there, peace. It was quiet and sunny and it was lovely.. all my fears melted.

I went to go grab him and he waited patiently for me. I haltered him and went to the gate, opened it up, lead him through and put him on the cross ties. I took his blanket off and brushed him down, every spot of him was nice and clean. My cousins came by and they helped brush him (both men!!) and he did fabulous. Got him all tacked up with his side reins and lunge line.

We all went down to the arena and I lunged him in his side reins, w t c a few times. He did really well and this went on for about 30 minutes.

After that, I hopped on and we began to walk forward and I was encouraging him to stretch.. thinking about my elbows being bent but not rigid, thinking about my legs hanging down with my toes pointing forward and my heel away from his side. We moved into a trot and I took up a little more rein. We trotted and he stretched down into the bridle, did leg yields wonderfully and circles like he'd been doing it his entire life. We trotted over a ground pole and he didn't miss a beat.

It was wonderful.. :)

Today was similar, he was so curious when I got him from pasture. Today my lessee rode in the morning and I noticed my saddle and bridle were clean!! How nice of her! But Sky was confused as to why he was being gotten again. Well tough toodles! Only 6 days left so I get to spend as much time with you as possible! :P

I got him all tacked up and brought him down to the indoor. I got on and then we spent a long while stretching and warming up. We felt so good together, and I asked for a trot and he obliged. A lady whom I ran into (she's new) popped up from the gate and asked me (well hollered) across the arena if I could help her with a question. It startled Sky and she was carrying a cute little white Maltese dog so he tried to spook away. Nope. I turned him sharply with my leg and made him halt.

I helped her with her question and we rode off again. We did a lot of trot work and leg yields, trotting over poles and circles.. lots of direction changes and then I worked in two point.

I then got off and lunged him at the canter. He looked so lovely.. he even cantered freely on his own, correct lead, good tempo, soft upfront and using his hind.. he was so happy.

We only worked for about 35 minutes.. it was in the low 30s and he had already been out. Gave him some hay and then he had dinner :)

I love my horse.

Last.. Final... Lesson on Tuesday!
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    02-12-2012, 09:22 PM
Your descriptions are so nice. It's a wonder you remember all those details after the fact.
    02-12-2012, 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by tinyliny    
your descriptions are so nice. It's a wonder you remember all those details after the fact.
Thank you :)

I really remember the weirdest stuff.. like all of the dog breeds, what someone has said, random facts. But I'm a very hands on girl.. I can recall feelings and dreams and occurrences from years ago like they just happened.

But I can't remember the "important" stuff like where I left my glasses, haha!

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