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    03-23-2013, 09:03 PM
Green Broke
It has been a big week here. Cinny of course had a break while I went to visit Sunny CA for a week. I came back and we got right back to work. Our lesson Wednesday gave us yet another BIG turning point.

We achieved ROUNDNESS accompanied by suppleness. Well for about 4-5 strides at a time anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new trainer, we have accomplished so much in such a short time. I now know HOW to ask Cinny to go round and the more we do it, the more he is relaxing into my legs and the bridle.

So now that he is responding to my ask, my job is to ask ask ask ask ask, and then ask some more so that we can develop the muscles he is now working and get it to be a habit to use his back this way.

And on rare occasion, when he is rounding he will give some great pushes from his hind, which causes him to grunt with each stride. We are even giving some of this new found roundness in the canter but if I'm not paying attention to my outside leg pressure we end up cantering leg yields which I don't think we are quite ready for. Plus he grounds very loudly when we do so making me think he isn't developed enough for this yet.

I can't wait for this show year. I have so many new people on my side rooting for Cinny and me, most of whom I have met while doing volunteer work for Nebraska Dressage Association. Where I felt like everyone was against us and were telling me what a loser my horse was last year, this year I feel like we are becoming celebrity favorites for Training Level. I've even been encouraged to work hard and try to qualify for the schooling show championships. Sigh.... I will work, I will try, but not sure my horse can pull THAT off ......yet.
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    03-25-2013, 07:37 PM
Green Broke
Not a good day today. Warmup went really great. I hop on Cin and we start working the shoulders, working the bend, asking to round down when BAM, an idiot at my stable, who shall remain nameless turns their horse out into the indoor WITHOUT making sure nobody else was in it. Sadly, this horse does not get along with ANY other horse and promptly came after Cinny with ears pinned and teeth bared. Next thing I know I hit the arena wall with my shoulder/ribs and am on the ground while Cinny is running, bucking, kicking and biting for his life. I started screaming obscenities (couldn't help myself) because the dork actually walked away after shutting the gate. They came back when they heard me screaming then tried to defend themselves by saying it was a weekday morning and they didn't expect anyone to be in the arena (snort.)

Needless to say, Cinny could NOT relax after that. He did his work, he did move his shoulders and round properly the way Jane wants us to work for now, but he just couldn't relax poor guy. So my shoulder and ribs are bruised, but I'm okay. The wall luckily kept me upright so I pretty much landed on my feet first, then my butt. It still wasn't very fun. And yes, I DID check Cinny all over and couldn't find a thing wrong with him except his overly nervous nerves being more unnerved than usual.

Then I get home and track Cin's registration transfer. I mailed it a week ago PRIORITY with Sig confirmation. Tracking still only says it left Omaha on the 19th and then nothing. I guess it got abducted by aliens. I called USPS and they show it as officially being documented as missing :( That leaves me with a LOT of hoops to jump through because the lady I bought him from never transferred him to her name, all I had was his registration certificate and the breeders signature with a 2003 date as it was. So I get to track down his breeder and hope they will sign an affidavit so I can get his APHA papers transferred to my name.

Problem...through the grape vine I have heard that his "breeder" is none too happy that their reining bred "jae bar horse" is doing Dressage so I am gearing up to get some sort of flack or verbal irritation from them.

Today it would seem that if I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all.
    03-29-2013, 11:32 AM
Green Broke
It has been a very interesting week. No lesson this week because Cinny was a bit, um..hard to handle to say the least. He has not been himself but I think the culprit has been pinpointed. When he had an ulcer flare up we naturally upped his calcium as it's a natural acid reducer. What I didn't know is that when you up the calcium, you also have to up magnesium or you could end up with a magnesium deficiency. That is what the vet thinks is going on with him.

His symptoms have been: strange muscle twitches, usually in the glutes after work that were unexplained, irrational spookiness (he isn't really a spooky horse ever), irritable, can't seem to relax, has stopped laying down in his stall to sleep, over all anxiety. Just to let you know the level of his anxiety and spookiness.....I had his tail wrapped to keep it out of the mud and from tangling. I thought maybe the bandage was pulling at his tail hair so I took out the wrap to make him more comfortable. He spent the next 10 minutes int he cross ties prancing in place, kicking wildly at his tail, gnashing his teeth and pinning his ears. He looked like a horse tied with a wolf nipping at his back legs, it was horrible.

What we have done, we have upped Cinny's magnesium intake. I added foods naturally high in magnesium to his diet such as pumpkin seeds and flax meal. I took out ALL supplements except for his SmartGut Ultra. I dumped him Strategy (which I thought may be moldy on top of everything) and he is now getting fresh Strategy Healthy Edge as he did very well on that in the past I just stopped feeding it because I have to drive forever to buy it. We are adding SmartCalm which is also high in magnesium as well as B vitamins - this was suggested by his vet. There is nothing herbal in it or chemical, just a vitamin/mineral mixture geared towards healthy nervous system.

He is already showing signs of improvement. The vet will be checking on him on Tuesday to make sure he is fit for the show.

As for the show, there is DRAMA on the horizon, I can feel it. I got the show list today and was pleased to find many of my friends going, and acquaintances that I get along well with. My friend with her paint horse that I have a very friendly rivalry with. We have never beat their scores however. I thought it looked like a wonderful turnout for training level AA's and like a fun, friendly competitive show. And then I saw it....

My old BO is competing in Training 2. She should be open, but who knows what she put. She is riding her aged OTTB RG, the one she had me ride that couldn't canter to save his life. This is the woman who told me Cinny would only ever get embarrassing scores! Neither of them have shown in years, and they are.

I'm probably being overly dramatic but I feel like she is here for a last attempt at humiliating me. I have to remember that when I was going to show RG, I looked up his past scores and he never hit a 60 in anything, not once. Neither have Cin and me but my goal is a 60, and I feel like we can hit it. It's just the one person that I did not expect to be there. And she's one of those people who has to just walk by and say their stupid snitty remarks. If you have seen Dance Mom's, she's like that Candy Apples teacher that can't keep her mouth shut and has nothing nice to so the the ALDC group. I really don't need that on my show day at all.

But time to regroup, she is donig intro b and training 2, as am I among other classes. Her horse is a tough canter, hates to canter, and you can't keep him in a canter and training 2's coeffecients are for, stretchy trot circle, free walk and both canter circles. Cinny has a beautiful, wonderful canter. I can HAVE this and I have to keep telling myself that. Everything else I know we do just as well as RG if not better since we have had an awesome trainer.

I should ignore this person of little mind, but there has been so much mucky water under the bridge that it is very hard to. And if she starts walking by and picking us apart I'm not sure what will happen. I will either gain strength in rebellion or I will fall apart.

May the dressage gawds be with us, and my my husband stand guard of my tack stall!
    04-03-2013, 05:02 PM
Green Broke
Back to journaling....

Show Season 002.jpg

Well it seems like Cinny is 99% back to himself (see thread Something Just Isn't Right With Cinny for more information). All bloodwork came out as expected, including borderline low magnesium levels. The vet says it was probably worse last week before I started adding more mag to his diet. Green light for showing.

Our lesson was PERFECT today. For the first time in a long time he worked himself down into relaxation instead of up to a giant ball of anxiety. We went through different elements that are in the tests we are doing and with the exception of the stretchy trot circle and the canter, he did everything perfectly several times through. Canter is okay except he is still a little rushy and hyper. My goal at the show is to still encourage roundness and and to set him up for good transitions even if we end up a little late into the canter. Jane says it's better to hit the canter a little late with a perfect transition than to hit it on time with a sloppy transition.

Stretchy trot is going to be our throwaway score. There is just too much to work on and too little time so we are just going to leave it be and not worry about it right now.

He was so good that we ran out of things to work on and instead of continuing on when he was already so great we ended on our wonderful note and gave him some extra play time to himself so he could roll without having a yearling trying to use him as a jump in the process.

I am getting very excited about Saturday. I just know I am going to hit a 60 in at least one of my classes...which is my goal. I AM bringing a list of my best scores for each test so that I will know if I have improved, the ultimate goal even if I don't hit my 60's.
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    04-09-2013, 01:17 PM
Green Broke
And yet another schooling show has come and gone...... and may it PALEEEEESE live in the past.

Let's start with this. In my opinion (and my trainer's) Cinny has grown by leaps and bounds since last year's schooling shows. He has STOPPED grinding his teeth altogether. He is more supple. He relaxes more. He rushes his movements far less. Over all, with the exception of our first test ride of the day which is usually horrid, he gave me the best tests he has EVER given me. I am so proud of my Cin man.

I was really looking forward to the first show of the season because I wanted to see how much my scores have improved, how much my horse has improved, especially now without the grinding automatically deducting points from us. But it was NOT to be. Despite the fact that I corrected the grinding, and the rushing, and our geometry as well as Cinny becoming more supple our scores were worse. Not just worse, CONSIDERABLY WORSE. I'm talking going from upper 50's to lower 40' score being a measly 39!!! Sigh.

It just goes to show that although they try to keep things in the dressage world pretty much fair, even, and standard you can never ever change the "human" fact. Basically, no matter how much they may say it isn't supposed to happen, each judge has their own definite opinions and basis for their scoring practices. Although our horses may improve greatly, it may not necessarily get you the scores you want if you run in to a hard score. Or, as the rumors going around last weekend's schooling show were....and this is a new term for me which I have never heard of until I overheard the population griping about it....a bi-polar judge. Apparently this is a judge that either loves your horse, or hates it. Some of the people who normally get scores in the high 60's to low 70's were even seeing 50's.

So, this was definitely a schooling show to ignore scores on. Not judges comments, mind you, but not to cry or worry over the scores. I know in my heart that my horse and I have gotten much much better and I don't need a score to tell me that. And I don't want a score to pull me down and make me depressed or worse, make me second guess our achievements.

I will celebrate with my new barn friends instead. 1 friend had her first ever dressage show and her first show ever on her current horse. She showed Intro and received GRAND CHAMPION!. I am so proud of her. My other friend road a lovely Andalusian Stallion owned by a local rescue. This horse has been through the ringer and now has a fabulous life. They two showed Intro and received Reserve Champion. I am so proud of them both!

OH, and that trainer I was just DYING to score better than in Training 2....I accomplished it. That was the test that I received a 39 in, she only received a 36! At least I accomplished THAT goal ha ha.
    04-09-2013, 05:53 PM
So are you going to post that video for critique now?
    04-09-2013, 05:58 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Skyseternalangel    
So are you going to post that video for critique now?
LOL, Hubby was in charge of the video camera and he brought it, he just didn't charge the blinkin battery!! I have a lesson coming up, going to see if my trainer will get some video of us.
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    04-11-2013, 09:14 PM
Green Broke
Today was "clinic" day for my vet at our barn. I signed Cin up for the works, plus his coggins and a blood panel to make sure that his levels are normal and we don't need to tweak his feed anymore.

Sadly, his teeth are HORRIBLE. The vet says he thinks he can feel where there might have been a small abscess recently that is now healed over (slaps hand on head). Poor Poor Cinny! Now I feel bad for taking him to the show, and it's probably why he still had some head tossing in his tests and NOT because he is still "finding where he wants to put his head" as my trainer thought. I am feeling REALLY guilty.

It was too cold to sedate so our vet is returning next week some time to do teeth floats, sheath cleaning, etc. I figure that as long as Cin is going to be sedated, I will just let the vet do a good cleaning "down there" instead of struggling with it myself.

We are signed up for another wonderful clinic this coming weekend. I am debating still riding Cin in it, but wit his new rope hackamore (like a rope halter but with rings in the side nots to attach reins to. In this way I can REALLY work on my seat more. The clinician is one that comes once a week and works with us individually anyway so I think it would be really great to just get on bareback with my hackamore and really work on proper use of core and seat and NOT fiddle with Cin's mouth at all. I have emailed the clinician and she thinks its an absolutely wonderful idea and she encourages all of her students to try to obtain a "no bridle needed" relationship with their horse, provided Cinny is not in pain which our vet says he doubts he is at this point as he is in the last stages of healing.

Now to pull out my helmet :)
    05-07-2013, 08:00 PM
Green Broke
We've had a rough month. A few weeks ago I left Cinny turned out in the indoor arena just long enough for a quick bathroom break and when I came back he was hobbling on only 3 legs. I had my vet's associate already on the way to do a teeth float and when she got there she tentatively suggested it was a suspensory ligament injury. He got tucked into his stall with a No Bows warp and a big sign that said "DO NOT TURN OUT." sIGH.

A week later my regular vet came and after about half an hour of assessing determined that it is merely a sprained heel. Yay. I started hand walking him (or more like hand passage) for a week with no lamness, heat or swelling returning. Today I let him turn out with his friends for a couple of hours and still no sign that he was lame.

So now, I am going to give him a week of turnout and light lunge line work and if all goes well, get on him and see how it goes. We might be back into full work in a month, yay.

And I had more joy in my mailbox today, my Dressage Today magazine. But really it was more like what I read in it....starting this year for the lower show levels Not only is coat optional but you can where ANY color breech more white breeches making my bum look like it's the size of a Plymouth on my tiny black horse!! I may even be brave enough to sport my favorite plum colored breeches.....mmmmmmmm
    05-08-2013, 11:42 AM
Green Broke
Oh the ups and downs of a horseowner's life!
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