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    03-19-2007, 07:31 AM
Hey i'm back from Nanango!! I did get a 80km ride!! YAY!!!
A trainer named James let me ride his 15.3hh grey gelding named Glen (his full name is really hard to spell & pronounce!).
He was beautiful to ride! He had a really big smooth trot.
The 80km ride had 3 legs. The 1st was 35km, the 2nd was 30km and the last was 15km. We got through all of the 80km but on the last vet check the vets said he was slightly stiff in his hind end. Bummer!!! :( All that way for nothing!!
Oh, well next time! :)
Another girl from my team vetted out after the second leg because her horses back was sore. :(

Anyway, I thought i'd post the newsletter that our team trainer puts out after every ride.( see the next post) :)
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    03-19-2007, 07:34 AM
Nanango Forest Ride

A hot weekend at Nanango saw the Splendacrest team suffer one Vet Out. But
The rest of the team completed successfully, and we were all very happy with
This result.

Firstly I must congratulate the committee of Barb Timms, Colleen Shaw,
Margie-Lee and Scott Madigan, David and Lesley Nancarrow, Nev Badman and
Jenny Ballin for all their work in putting on this ride. It seemed to me
That no detail was left unattended to, and in most cases the attention to
These details was completely mind-blowing. I'm talking about things like
The one-way traffic policy at the away Vet gate, the water policy (and its
Policing!), and the support of the local Council and Rural Fire Brigade and

Let me tell you all the the away Vet check was very well organised, easy to
Deal with, and no problem even for those riders who didn't have their
Personal strappers! The ride committee offered transportation for gear, and
Everyone was willing to car-pool and share the slight difficulties that
Might otherwise have been experienced. I was very impressed, and am very
Happy to think that there will be no problems, and no cause for complaint
When the same system is put into play at the upcoming FEI ride at Nanango in

While everyone was away from the showgrounds, there were security personnel
Making sure that no 'outsiders' were able to access our gear left there.
This in itself is a huge relief, especially when you think of the value of
All our gear and tack! Kudos to the Ride Committee for addressing this

The ride itself was challenging, and saw a fair few lameness Vet-outs. I am
Of the opinion that this is not a track to be messed with and that judicious
Riding and care of the horse will be paramount at the FEI ride. But the
Scenery was spectacular, with everyone commenting on what a great and
Interesting ride it was! The facilities at the Nanango showgrounds can only
Be described as excellent, with showers, catering, shade and a live-in
Caretaker who is proud of his job.

Head Vet Brian Sheahan, along with Prof Chris Pollitt, Jon Fearnley, Kathy
Webb, Graham Garde, Celia Dodd and Madonna Gardner gave the entire field the
Benefit of a couple of centuries worth of experience. Brian Sheahan is one
Of the most approachable and gentlemanly blokes around, and I'm always
Thrilled to see Jon Fearnley! But Celia Dodd and Madonna Gardner both hold
A special place in my heart, being wonderful ladies as well as Vets. Kathy
Webb is also always a welcome sight at rides, as her calm and sensible
Nature shines through, whereas I am just in awe that Professor Pollitt is
Able to continue to impart his knowledge to the endurance fraternity in
Spite of his busy schedule. And then there's Graham Garde, who has been
Around endurance rides for longer than any other Vet! His softly spoken
Advice is always welcomed. What a wealth of experience we had over this
Weekend! Thank you to all.

The middleweight honours went to Brook Sample, with Matthew Sample taking
Out the Heavyweight division. Emma Kirby won the lightweight, and Elke
Zischke won the junior ride. Congratulations to everyone who completed the

Of particular pleasure to me this weekend was the fact that two of my new
Riders (Amanda Powell and Heather Drake) successfully completed their second
40km rides, and are now looking forward to receiving their Novice Rider
Cards in the mail! Two others of my new riders (Ted Fitzgerald and Gerard
Bou) completed their first 40km ride, and young Ingrid Ambrosiussen
Completed her third 80km ride and is thrilled to be an Open Rider!

A big thank you must go to Yvonne Knight, who successfully accompanied
Takeshi Ito around his first 80km ride. Takeshi rode the beautiful
Splendacrest Perfection, and said that he learned a great deal from both
Yvonne and his horse!

John Cougle attended the ride in the capacity of observer/strapper in order
To learn more about our sport, and will ride in his first 40km ride at Imbil
In three weeks time. Geoff Head (Angela's dad) was of incredible assistance
Over the weekend, and also learned a lot more about endurance riding. I
Love having Geoff at rides, as not only is it great to know that my young
Riders have the support or their parents, but Geoff is one of the most
Organised camping specialists I know!

Anyway, enough waffle...... suffice it to say that we had a great weekend,
And are all looking forward to returning to Nanango in June for the Sample &
Partners FEI ride (which also incorporates the Trans Tasman competition).
    03-19-2007, 07:41 PM
Hehe nice try Crackrider I know that was written by Jay......
    03-20-2007, 06:05 AM
I know.......I said at the end of the post above it that it was written by our team trainer! :)
    03-22-2007, 07:36 AM
Today was a holiday because the Toowoomba Royal Show was on. Toowoomba is the biggest town/city in my area. We live about 27km away but we still get the show holiday!! :) I'm going to the show tomorrow. I really want to watch an arena show of 'The Man from Snowy River'!!

Anyway, This afternoon I went to ride Trigger. He was soooo lazy! All he wanted to do was plod and when he did move faster it was to shy and spook!!!
We were cantering up this nice little hill and suddenly there was this HUGE Brown Snake (a very poisonous snake in Oz) across the road!! I automatically tried to pull Trigger up but quicky realised we weren't going to be able to pull up in time so I quicky turned him to the right. We JUST got away! I think Trigger might have stepped on it's tail cause I heard a cunch sort of sound and it reared up like it was going to strike but thankfully it didn't. :) I got out of their as fast as I could!!!
When we were well away I realised that Trigger hadn't even seen the snake!! He would have went right over the top of it if i'd let him!! :roll: All I could think of when I first saw the snake was that I wasn't going to be able to avoid it and Trigger was going to be bitten!! NOOOOO!!!

The rest of the ride was uneventful but as I was coming in the gate I saw that Renae had saddled and was about to get on a mare she was breaking in the round yard. The mare has problems with standing still once someone is on her and letting them get off! She hadn't been ridden for 2 weeks because of Robert going to hospital. ( i'll update on that a bit later)
I had unsaddled Trigger and was about lead him away to wash the sweat off him when I heard the distinct sound of a bucking horses hooves! I turned around in time to see Renae being trown into the rail of the round yard! I rushed over to see if she was ok and found that she had split her head open. Ouch! :(
Once I was sure she hadn't knocked herself out I went next door to Renae's father-in-law and got help. By the time we got back (only 5 min or so) Renae had managed to get back on the mare :roll:
Now we had the problem of getting Renae off so she could be taken to the doctor. The mare wouldn't stand still! As soon as Renae moved the mare was off prancing again! :(
It took Renae over an hour and a half to get off and even then she had to jump off! *sigh*........the things we do for horses :roll:

Ok, now an update on Robert. I haven't seen or talked to him myself but his father and Renae tell me his is in good spirits and says he won't let this drag him down!!
The doctors have also given him an 80% chance to fully recover! Yay! Apparently he has a type of Leukemia that is more curable than others. Great news!!
Renae and their 2 little girls went to visit him in hospital last weekend with strict instructions from me and my mum to wish him well!

Well, I had better get some sleep. See you later! :)
    03-26-2007, 07:48 AM
I talked to Renae this afternoon when I went to ride Trigger and she told me she got 7 stitches in her head from when she came off the mare on Thursday. Ouch! :)
It's been really windy here for the last 2 days and it went straight to Trigger's head!! He was a complete idiot!! He was convinced that everything was out to get him!!! He was even scared of cow pats!!! ....................the nutcase!!! :)

Oh, and the 'Man From Snowy River' arena show was pretty good although in my opinion it could have gone longer! (i just wanted more horsey stuff! )
I had a really good time. There was also a hypnotist in the night show! It was sooo funny! He made people think they were gold fish, madonna, ballerinas and heaps of weird things!!! One of my friends from school even volunteered for it! Hehe!
I also watched some show jumping. There were heaps of goregous horses (as always)!

I've got to go so i'll see you later............well, not really SEE but you know what I mean!
    04-04-2007, 08:15 AM
Hello!! :)
It's been a while since I last posted but not that mcuh has happened.
On Monday my endurance coach came to get Trigger and take him back to her place so she could take him with her when she left for an endurance ride early this morning. I'm going there on Friday.
The ride is at a place called Imbil. The ride itself is called the
Far-A-Way Easter Endurance Carnival. It starts on Friday and goes until Monday. There is a few rides on everyday. On Friday a Marathon starts. It is 320km. 80km a day for 4 days! One of the girls on my team is riding in it. She's going to be stuffed by the end of it!!!
On Saturday there is a 40km ride and an 80km ride. On the Sunday there is a 40km ride and then on the Monda there is another 40km and an 80km ride.
I'm not sure who i'm riding yet or what i'll be riding in but i'm hoping for 1 or 2 80km rides.
I will also be doing some TPR work there.
Trigger will be doing 1 or 2 40km rides with another girl on my team who needs to do her second 40km ride so she can do 80km rides.
I can't wait!!! It's one of the most fun rides of the year!
My endurance coach left early this morning (as I said above) with 6 or 7 horses. Another 5 are going on Friday (that's when i'm going with them). We're taking practically all of the horses at my endurance stables that are in work to the ride so it will be very crowed. Also a few of or riders are riding other peoples horses and we also have 5 japanese riders coming over for a ride at Imbil.

Oh, and tomorrow is the last day of school for the term so i'll have a week of holidays to rest up when I get home from the ride. YAY!

I'll let you know how the ride goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    04-12-2007, 04:03 AM
Hi all!!!
I got home from the Far-a-way endurance ride just after lunch today. I didn't end up getting a ride but I had fun being a TPR for 2 days and strapping the rest of the time!
Our team had great results alround. One of our horses nearly won the 80km ride on saturday. She was winning out of over a hundred horses when near the end her rider took a wrong turn and ended up coming 2nd instead but that's still a goood tesult for a mare that was doing her 4th 80km ride and her first one out of novice time!!
I had heaps of fun although one of our team didn't. A girl named Tarni woke up at 2:30am feeling sick, weak and vomiting. She also had sharp pains in the stomach. We nursed her through until about 7am when we decided to take her to the hospital. She was in pain and dehydrated because she couldn't keep anything down. I heard later that she was put on a drip and blood tests were done. Her mother came to get her a few hours later. I haven't heard what exactly was wrong her but I have received a message from her saying she was feeling better.
Another few dramas happened as well. Some horses got out of their yards and went galloping down the town. One horse cut open it's leg badly and the other got only minor scratches. Poor horses!! :(
Another horse also got out the next night but was not hurt as badly although it will need stitches.

See the next post for a more detailed description of the ride written by our endurance trainer.
    04-12-2007, 04:08 AM
Far-A -Way
Finally unpacked and cleaned up after 6 days away from home at the Easter Endurance Carnival at Imbil. This was yet another well-run and happy ride, thanks to Bob Sample, Julie Sutton and the entire crew of the Far-A-Way Endurance Riders Club.

The Splendacrest Team took 12 horses along, and we were given a prime position as our campsite. I was very impressed with the amount of work that had gone into organising the camping, and the addition of extra power points was very welcome.

I do need to thank a few people: Jenny Bidner and Miki Field for giving up two whole days of their long weekend to come along and strap for our team and our friends. These two ladies were just wonderful, and worked very hard to ensure that our horses were well-cared-for the entire time.

Jess Hewitt and Sam Dobson who came along in the hopes of getting a ride, but who then worked their butts off all weekend doing other things! Sam spent most of the time TPRing, and Jess was a valued strapper and carer of sick persons!!

Shane Hopkins who made two trips from our place to the ride base in order to make sure all my horses got there safely! He then had to make two trips home again... this is a 4.5 hour journey each way!

Ken Moir who rode the beautiful mare Raaward Chanelle (owned by Zoe Gardner) to 2nd Mwt placing in the Saturday 84km ride. Although he SHOULD have placed first!!! Ken, you really need to have lessons in reading ride arrows!!! But congratulations to Matthew Gadsby who beat Ken in, after Ken took a wrong turn towards the end of the ride!

Yuko Crease, who spent the entire weekend looking after our 5 Japanese riders, and whose efforts were rewarded by completions all 'round!

The weather was really good all weekend! A bit breezy, a bit overcast at times, a bit sunny just when we needed it, and generally really nice. Although the dust was thick at times, the bulldust was thicker.

Our team had fabulous results all weekend. On the Saturday, we had the following results:

84km ride:
Ken Moir on Raaward Chanelle, 2nd Mwt
Ingrid Ambrosiuissen on Shaah, 4th Junior
Keisuke Goda on Splendacrest Perfection, 31st Mwt
Heather Drake on a horse belonging to John Bright (thanks John!), 6th Jnr
Amanda Powell on a horse belonging to Scott Barker (thanks Scott!)
Fumiko Ryu on a horse belonging to Alwyn Torrenbeek (thanks Alwyn!)
Keiko on a horse belonging to Alwyn Torrenbeek (thanks Alwyn!)

45km trainer completions:
Ted Fitzgerald on Stallone
Gerard Bou on Splendacrest Dryad
Beck Forgan on Tregenza
Sachi Murai on Damoors
John Dugan on Charmed

On Sunday, Beck Forgan rode a really nice young gelding owned by Deb Krogh in the 20km Intro Ride, accompanying Deb's young daughter around on her new pony.

On Monday we had the following results:

85km ride:
Keisuke Goda on Splendacrest Perfection, 16th Mwt
Amanda Powell on Shonavale Kamilla, 5th Lwt
Beck Forgan on Dave Anderson's stallion, 6th Lwt (thanks Dave!)
Sachi Murai on Tarwarri Sharhim, 7th Lwt
Ingrid Ambrosiuissen on Shaah, VO lame

45km trainer completion:
Fumiko Ryu on a horse owned by Graham Ellison (thanks Graham!)

320km Marathon:
Shigeru Ogawa on Splendacrest Fiesta, 4th Mwt (you should have seen his

As for other results, I didn't really have much time to see what was
Happening outside our camp!

Jackie Swan presented Shigeru Ogawa with a special award for the most perseverence! She is making him a custom pair of jodphurs, with "2007 Far A Way 320km" down one side, and his name down the other side. I can't wait to see him in them![/b]
    04-12-2007, 07:57 PM
I just has the most worrying night! :(
I went to feed my mare yesterday afternoon and found her lying down which is unusual for that time of day. She is usually standing at the gate eagerly waiting for her dinner. The next thing that had me worried was when she wasn't really interested in her hay! REALLY unusual!!! :)
Then she started pawing at the ground for no reason and turning around as if she was going to scratch her head with her hind foot. She did this a few times but she seemed to stop half way and just stand there like that. I thought this was weird but not extremely worrying. What really worried me was when she started lying down then getting back up and lying down again. She would walk around and turn in circles as if she was going to lie down. She would also start to lie down then seemed tochange her mind at the last minute. When I saw all of this strange behaviour I knew immediatly that something was wrong and it looked like collic!! :( :(
I grabed a halter and lead rope and started walking her to keep her standing up. I didn't want a twisted gut to top things off!
It took a lot of work sometimes to keep her up when she realy wnted to lie down.I was just about to yell for my mum to call a vet when she started to improve. She stopped trying to lie down as much and perked up a bit and took more interest in what was around her. Soon she stopped trying to lie down and was interested in eating some hay although I didn't let her have more than a few hand fulls just to be on the safe side. I ended up walking her for ages even after she had stopped trying to lie down to make sure she was fine. When I did stop I was paranoid and kept going out to check her all through the night. Mum got a bit annoyed at me going out at 2am to check on her! :) But I wouldn't have been able to sleep otherwise!
My mare is fine this morning and is acting as if nothing happened.
I think what gave her collic in the first place was the hay she ate that morning. It was really fresh cut hay which my parents had gotten while I was away on the weekend. I think i'll mix it in with some other hay in little bits to let her get used to it. I never even thought to ask mum and dad where they had got the hay from, I just asumed they would get the same stuff I had been getting. It looked the same too! Oh, well they understand why it's not good to change a horses feed so suddenly now!!
Oh, and in case you hadn't guessed . . . . My parents aren't exactly horsey people. The extent of their knowledge is very limited when it comes to things like that! :roll:

Oh well, no lasting harm done and everyone has learnt a lesson!! :)

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