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Equi-view: A member journal from the horses' points of view

I thought starting a member journal might be a good idea, and then figured why not have some fun with it! I'll be writing this journal from the point of view of the horses, as I am sure you will all find it far more entertaining than my point of view. Sorry for the length of this first post but it spans 4 busy and important days.

Trinity: I'll start off by describing my Lovely vacation last weekend: First off I was dragged down a muddy driveway, in the middle of rainstorm. Silly humans, don't they know the trailer is meant to come to me! well anyway after slogging through a quarter mile of mud and muck I got to stand in a trailer all day, lucky me (NOT!). we finally arrived in a strange yard, the humans tried to hurry me but I know better than to just hop out of the trailer, who knows what kind of place they've brought me to! A girl has got to get her bearings and if the lodgings are sub par it is easier to object if you stay in the trailer. Things didn't look so bad so I got out and was treated to a warm cozy stall for the night.

The next morning they wanted to load me back up on the trailer, I noticed that there were actually other horses here! I said hello and they seemed quite surprised to hear me, lesson learned I should always yell upon arriving at a new place to determine if there is anyone of interest to talk to. at least this time the ride was shorter I got out at a very busy place there was horses and people everywhere.

After learning my lesson this morning I announced my presence to the world by screaming in my human's ear she didn't like it much but everyone else seemed rather friendly. I was then brushed to within an inch of my life they kept trying to get rid of every bit of mud and dirt and shaggy winter hair off my body, oh well as annoying as it was by the end I looked pretty darn good! I couldn't figure it out the human was getting so very nervous and taking things so seriously! By the time I was saddled up and we were riding around it was clear I would have to take over this operation! I thought she might relax if she made some new friends so I tried to bring her in closer to the other horses and riders but she was arguing with me! Well if she wants a fight I will give her a fight! for some reason she was even more nervous, humans are so very confusing some days.

We then went into a building filled with people and had to start doing ground work, it was too hot in there to work and I tried to tell my human that but she was to petrified in front of the crowd to listen to me… Fine I figure if I have to work in conditions like this she is going to get a major work out too (I might as well sweat a few pounds off of her) who knows maybe if I wear her out enough she will be too tired to be spooked of the crowd. I dragged her around the arena a few times then we were supposed to back up, by then the human was huffing and puffing pretty hard and she was still pretty worried about everything so I figured for her safety I had better not move too much (I didn't want her to keel over after all). after that I had a lovely scratch on my human while she tried to put the bridle on (I kind of like it when she is this nervous she treats me with the respect I deserve). She got on and did a wonderful job of pushing through all of her cues! The guy giving her instructions told her to lope so I went for another tear around the arena and felt like changing my usual pattern and instead of really diving sideways I just tried to run through the fence at the far corner of the arena… I thought our ride ended quite well but the human seemed rather upset, oh well her loss I suppose.

The next day I enjoyed hanging out in the barns with all the other horses, though the feed could have been better. I had to spend more time working on ground work and the human found a longer rope so it was far more difficult for me to drag her around, dang it! Later that afternoon I went into to the building with tons of people in it. I walked right passed an awesome looking team of horses they were big and black they seemed rather focused so I decided not to bother them perhaps later we could have a chat. Once we were in I had to wait around, sigh! So boring but the human seemed a lot more assertive and a lot less scared, so I figured I had better not push her buttons too much. I watched a group of long eared ladies and chaps go into the other arena, they ran around a bit then when they came back out one came to stand right next to me, next the big team of horses came in one of those long eared fellows was terrified! He took off bolting, I mean yes they make a lot of noise they're hooves are practically earth shaking but it is rather rude to run from them and I thought it was nice to have someone taller than me hanging around for a change. Then the lady next to me freaked out too, I reacted before I even knew why she was scared I spun around and there was nothing going on maybe she was afraid of the team too?

Next thing I know I am in the arena working on groundwork luckily it is a little cooler on this side of the building. The human got me doing all sorts of things and then the guy giving instructions told her to bring me over though he insisted upon calling me by a different name! He took over, I think he may have been a little surprised that I didn't start doing what he wanted, can't these humans understand that I am far to talented to do something as pedestrian as a turn ton the haunches, any horse can do that! Then he got scary! I resigned myself to preforming the maneuver after he that it was just easier than arguing with him.

My human got on shortly after that and unbelievably asked me to turn on my haunches again. No way not again I did not want to, then the man came over with a flag on a stick, scary! Maybe I should of just listened to her in the first place. Then we worked on loping today the human didn't fight with me when I edited her flight plan but that crazy woman kept turning me into the fence! I mean yes I have run us into fences but we shared the risk equally the way she was doing it I only risked smacking the wall, thats not fair. We kept doing the same thing over and over and over again lope, rollback, lope, rollback, well since she was insisting on driving I let her drive make her feel the full weight of responsibility humph! Then the strangest thing happened she seemed happy and she was petting me then best of all I got to stop!

What a workout I shall have to find a way to inform the human that this was not what I consider a vacation. Oh well as the human was unsaddling I was visited by my adoring public! They kept saying good job, the human thought they were talking to her but it is obvious they were talking to me they appreciate how difficult rollbacks are, perhaps I need to trade this human in she is getting far too full of herself.

I had a rotten sleep then got up early in the morning and bonked my head on part of the stall, I got a splitting headache and cut on my forehead which bled everywhere. Yuck! That evening I was put back on the trailer and we drove all night, phew exhausting! We kept making these long stops I just wanted to get home. I finally got there and for some strange reason the place was covered in snow again but it was just as muddy as when we left, so we had another long slippery walk down the driveway. To top it all off, the human has Dude, Jessie and I on a diet everyone else has hay around the clock but she only feeds us a few times a day, before I went on my trip I informed her of my feelings of this diet and slipped through the fence to munch on the other round bales. She still didn't get it, so yesterday I slipped out again to prove my point, she put me in with Buddy and Rea now I can eat as much as I want! Though I have a feeling I may be moved back if the ground starts drying up a bit... Anyone have any ideas on how to get through a live electric fence?

Time to sign off for now I am sure my friends and I will be reporting back to y'all soon.
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But horses can't take pictures! ;)

The sensitivity of the internet baffles me.
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Trinity: Don't you worry Zexious, that's what humans are for!

Here is a photo of my lovely head wound now that most of the blood has been rinsed off
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Jessie: My humans came out yesterday day morning and actually came to catch Dude, Trinity and I, we were led down to the end of the road and loaded in a trailer. I had a lovely long relaxing trailer ride and we came to a place where it is actually DRY! and there is green grass! we got put into a temporary pasture, then while the humans went to find us water, we might of kinda broke out and went running around :p. they put us back in and got the electricity working on the fence. Today everybody got worked with, the human rode Dude and led me; it was a little nerve wracking at first but then I figured it wasn't so bad. The human played with me for a while longer and almost got on. she is really nice and calm I like her, maybe riding with her again won't be so bad.

Trinity: Hehehe It was fun watching the humans chase us around, it wasn't my fault I needed to stretch my legs. today I had to do groundwork until I was soaking wet, the Nerve! then the human got on and made me do rollbacks, I showed her though! I can go right through trees no problem her not so much! smacking into a few trees didn't seem to deter her at all, so I decided to listen up before she got too annoying. we worked for a really long time on our rollbacks then loped a few times. It is nice not fighting every time we lope I am fairly sure the human prefers it when I use listen to her directions while loping, who knew? I was just trying to help, but I suppose if she won't appreciate me I'll go along with her plans to keep the peace.
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This is gorgeous!! And so cleverly written. :) makes me wonder what's going on in the heads of the horses in my life... ;)
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Jesse: my poor human has been run off her feet lately and hasn't had a chance to post our activities in the past few days. After our last post the human did some groundwork I may have overreacted a bit to a couple of things. I know the human did all of this stuff a long time ago, but I am a little more wary now. Can I really be blamed for being a little scared of saddles being tossed at me and a rope going around my butt? I got over it though and then she led me around from Dude's back again we walked and trotted then my other human came over to visit, he called her a chicken, then got on my back we sat there for a minute and he got down. After that she decided she had to get on, her and I moved around a bit I was only a little bit nervous and maybe a little confused (it has been a long time since I was ridden) she didn't ride for very long, but we were both calm. The next day we went home it was thankfully much drier than when we left, it finally feels like winter is over WAHOO!!! We made it clear how happy we were the other day when the human came out, she came in to catch someone and we ran and bucked back and forth across the pasture inviting her to come play too! She didn't seem too happy about it though. Eventually she caught Trinity and led her over to Buddy and Rea's pasture then those two tried to get her to play too. Eventually she just gave up, oops I guess she had somewhere to be.

Rea: so the other three got to head off on a vacation, or something and we got to stay at home, the first day they left the wind was so strong that it blew the dang fence over! Bud and I just stayed put, we had feed and water there, plus if I would have gone out I would have had to visit my son and I know he would of tried to grab a drink. It is time for him to grow up and stand on his own four hooves. When everyone came home three days later the humans fed Buddy and I lots of treats and called us the best horses in the world! That was an unexpected bonus I guess they didn't notice that Buddy drooled in the water trough, and the state of my mane.

Just look at that fence!

the humans put up some temporary electric fencing until they can get some bigger posts in, I am a little disappointed in them we should have proved that we can stay put without that now!

Assassin: Lately I have been giving the humans shows every time they come out, reining maneuvers, airs above ground, leaps and twirls, I am magnificent! I should say every time they bring a camera, I cannot allow them to record my performances. Perhaps once I am all cleaned up for summer I will allow it, who knows by then the human may be so desperate that she camps out next to the corral with a camera all day.

Dude: Lately it seems that I only get any attention when I am helping out with Jesse, oh well, at least I'm not being worked to death and I still get fed.

Trinity: The human is persistent in her pursuit of groundwork perfection, I resent this, it is a lot of work and I would just rather not behave. It is hilarious watching her feet leave the ground for a second every time I gave a good tug. I even went so far as to pull the lead out of her hand and go for a brisk trot down the road, she came and grabbed me and put me back to work. She is just too darn stubborn, she makes things so much harder for herself, if she would just relax and let me make the decisions for her we would be much better off. I finally relented and stopped trying to rear and drag her around then she got on, I slowly keep giving her a little bit more control under saddle perhaps one day she can prove that she is responsible enough to call the shots but that day is NOT today. She must not only be able to keep me safe but be capable of showing my incredible talent off to the world. when we got home the humans seemed quite upset that I stretched the wire out on the fence, it wasn't my fault! they put the top wire on too low for me to reach through so my withers were stuck when I pulled back. They went and grabbed a few things and, you won't believe it the fence bit me the next time I went to reach through. Rather annoyed with this as I knew it meant I could be kept on a diet I tried to bite the fence back. DO NOT DO THIS it hurts! electric fences are evil, and the humans are incredibly cruel to me by keeping my locked in one and not feeding me as much as I would like. on the plus side the grass has started growing!
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Sorry for the delay I have been to busy to post and so this is what happened the day before yesterday that never actually got put online :P

Calliente: the human has been putting this thing on my head (Assassin says its called a halter) and is leading me all over the place, and she has also been touching me everywhere, and I mean everywhere! She says she is checking to see if I am ready to be gelded whatever that means. I am very uncertain about her playing with my feet it is weird, but she just keeps working at it a little bit every day so I am starting to get used to it. I noticed that Assassin suddenly smelled different today and after that the Human took Assassin out of my pen and put Dude in with me. I guess Dude is ok but I miss Assassin she is more fun. I let the human know I was very upset with her for taking my mare away, I stamped my foot down hard, twice, just to tell her how mad I was, I think she got the point.

Trinity: Instead of putting the saddle with the horn on today, the human put the small flat saddle on me. Pretty brave of her actually, I mean yes this saddle is more comfortable for me and I look awesome in it but that doesn't mean I will take things any easier on her! I have decided to help my human develop a better seat you should have seen her scrambling to stay in that saddle. Apparently they are not really designed to be taking super tight turns at top speed! Hehehehe I think she nearly came off a few times but she still kept going and asking me to turn just like we did at that arena with the big crowd of people. If it were up to me she would have a much easier time with it, I want to be like California Chrome now. I promise I won't fly sideways anymore if she would just let me race hehehe! By the end of the ride I was pooped so I let her take control, she cooled me out and untacked me then she snapped a picture of my favorite part of the ride!

a good roll gets rid of all of those itchy spots

Jessie: My human and I have been having short happy rides for a few days now I am still a little nervous, waiting for something to go wrong like it did in my other homes but she is really patient and taking things nice and slow. Nothing has gone wrong yet so maybe there is no reason to be nervous, we go walking all over the place, I think the human is letting me get used to being ridden again before asking me for anymore speed. One thing I don't like on our rides is bridling up, I like the bit, in fact I pick it up all on my own but the headstall is kind of scary! My human is always very patient with me, I like that.

Dude: The human finally noticed me, and took me out for a real ride. It was a about time I let her know just how excited I was, I was running and snorting and crow hopping, it was fun, she road me through it and I soon settled down that much goofing off is hard work! We walked through streams and went up and down some pretty big hills, I even got to chase a couple of geese. It was nice and not our usual arena workouts but I think this might be to much work for everyday. Hopefully we get back on track with our arena work soon, then maybe I can start teaching some kids to ride again. After our ride the human put me in the corral with the colt and moved the mare. Good Lord! There is no way I was ever even half as annoying as this kid!

(aside from human: actually Dude you were far more annoying)

Buddy: *Snort ya you were more like twenty times as annoying as him Dude!
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So the human brought us more water today and Dude showed me an awesome new game, right after she brings you fresh water you put your nose in it and splash it all over the place! Dude and I were soaked and the human was laughing, she says I wag my tail like a dog when I am happy. She was trying to take a video of it to show all of you but Assassin told me that when the human's phone or camera comes out you are supposed to look as bland and boring as possible. I guess Dude is kind of fun to hang out with too, but i still miss Assassin.

Jessie: the human didn't work with us today, she was favoring her right leg a little, I think Trinity must of injured her yesterday.

Trinity: It was not me! it looked like she has a stone bruise, possibly an abscess, nothing I could have caused! Besides I heard she was helping seed oats,

Dude: OATS! I wonder if we get to eat them all?
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