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September 12, 2008, Friday
I got to the barn a little past 3pm and had my mom drop me off at the bathrooms so I could change into my horsey attire. ;) They were setting up for the auction and I saw that some of the cows were already there.
Talked to Loki. She said her leg was just tired and a bit sore. She was resting it when I came. We decided to finally turn out Pride and Pie with the rest of the herd. I took them out and they were superstars! I'm so proud of them! Koale(who happens to be in season) imeadiately stuck herself to Pride's side and Pie went off to explore. One little squeal when Pride met Aslan and that was it! DoDa got a bit worried when she was them mingling, but she seemed to calm down quickly. Just two more guys for her to boss around. ;) Miss Take came up the the gate when she saw them coming and I could tell she was wondering if it was her turn to come in. Since she wasn't going away, I popped in to say hi and scratched her old fly sore, whcih she loved. She's the bestest in the world! I love my mare. :)

Let's see... finished cleaning stalls, cleaned out Roxy and Sherman's waters, mucked the paddock, filled a couple waters, said bye to the newbies. :( Frank trailered them to their home. Violet, Jane's youngest, might start taking lessons here though. She's a very bright girl and I like her. But yeah, I was sad to see them go, but happy that I wouldn't have to clean their stalls anymore. xD You always see good and bad horse owners and these were some of the best I've seen, which was awesome. They really love and want the best for their ponies. Kay, back to work... Poured dinner cubes, took out Gabby and Griffin once the trailer left, took out Blond and Tessa, fed dinner cubes, and finished cleaning stalls and filling waters. All done!

Loki wants to wean Contessa in a month and start keeping her in a stall since the sun is drying out her coat. Looks like she's going to be a bay and not a buckskin. Oh well, we still love her! And she also wants to soonly turn out Blond and Tessa with the herd because we need to prepare for the next baby! Gabby's! I think she's gonna have a colt. We'll see. She's due October 4th. Yay for Gabby! We just need to keep her eating 24/7.

I just got off the phone with Aunty Kathy. She's the one who asked me if I'd like to ride one of her horses. Well, the horse is actually Aunty Zimm's(another lady from church who's close with her) horse. They don't ride much anymore, basically because they don't have time, but they always go out to groom the horses. His name is Ala Bear, he's the sweetest and has the personality of Eyeore(sp?), 16hh, 17 years old, western pleasure gelding. He's barefoot (she files their hooves herself between farrier visits) and sound, even though he has a chunk of muscle missing from his left foreleg from an accident with a hot wire when he was 2. Anyways, I'm going out to ride him next Saturday! I'm so totally excited and I'm hoping them can teach me how to tack up western stuff and ride westerny. Lol, I'll definitely have Aunty Kathy give me tips when I'm riding and she said she'll hop on his first to see how he feels. However, she said he's the kind of horse you can safely ride even after sitting in pasture so long. She used to ride a lot, reining anf cutting, so that's pretty impressive to me. I hope it all goes well! Cheers!
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September 13, 2008, Saturday
Went and saw the parade in the morning. Gorgeous horses! I saw Ulanui! Looks great, still a bit of a fattie though. xD That's Ula for ya. Heh, I miss her.

Got to the barn after twelve and thought I was late for the auction. But it was only just starting when I came. I watched the bulls, then spotted Loki and went to sit by her, Pam and Kawena. Saw the cows, then teh horses! Two 21 year old brood mares didn't sell. one was in foal and the other was open. Thankfully here they don't go to slaughter, they just go back out in the pasture. :) A couple green broke horses. I wanted this cute bay mare. She was so pretty. Then some cowhorses. Those ones sold for a bit over 4,000 although I think every horse was over $2,000. Only nine horses. Next time I'll take notes and make it to the previews to take pics.

Went and got my mare, groomed her with Kawena, and went out to lunge her. And randomly met her former owner for the first time, Lynn. I've been formerly calling her badhorseownerlady. She's definitely not evil. Just... interesting. I mean, you can tell she loves her horses, but I'm not sure how honest she is. And then she tried to sell me a stallion. o_0 Riiiight. Anyways, I got her number. Mainly because she said she has a baby pic of Miss Take. That would be so CUTE! And it's confirmed. Her name was Commanche. -tries not to laugh- Lynn kinda hinted that she wants me to call her that again. Lol. It's a dude name, IMO.

Anyways, the lunging was great. She usually started out a little nervous, but she calmed down quickly and started accepting the bit. Did like the best canters we've ever done. Not rushed and nicely collected. Whoot! It was a short session, and she was already sweating, since it was a hot day. Showered her and turned her out then went home. I made sure to sunscreen her little nose for tomorrow. ;)
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Comanche is definitely a male name!!! But that is kinda cool that she had the same name as my dressage boy!!!
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Yeah, I didn't even realize that until I was looking around here and saw one of your posts! xD But Com's name fits him perfectly.

September 15, 2008, Monday
New work schedule! Same hours, but I work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I changed my lesson day to Friday. I actually liked working on Moday. It was an amazingly light work day and I got to treasure hunt in the tack room. Seriously, every time I clean, I find cool stuff. My fav is a nice leather halter. It's a bit small, so if it doesn't fit Miss Take, I'm thinking Loki can use it for Tessa when she's a yearling. Oh and it's covered in mold. :P I got the major bits off with a cloth and I'm going to try and clean it tomorrow.
The one lesson didn't show up so I put in a short ride on Miss Take. I think we were out for about half an hour. Usually I don't like short rides, but this one went well. She was way heavy in the hand, so we did a bunch of walk/trot transitions and that lightened her up. She was going beautifully! Did some awesome cantering on a large circle. I can't believe that her canter had changed so much! it's so... professional now. I think she was a little ouchy on the footing though, so maybe it was good that it was a short ride. I'll see if we can ride on the grass next time. The only thing is that we're killing the grass by riding on it and the other grass is lumpy. xP Rain, plz?

Pie and Pride went back in with the herd today. Yay for them! And we're trying Gabby with the Blond and Tessa again. Fingers crossed! Hm... that's about it. I just need to remember to ask Loki if I can buy one of the saddles now. Then somehow get all the "trappings" for it. eBay! ;)
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September 16, 2008, Tuesday
Went for a warm up walk around the hill paddock. No spooking at the many bags on the fenceline! :) And she walked up every hill, without trying to cheat by running up...not that she does that anyways. I love that I can gallop her madly up a hill then turn around and walk up on a loose rein. But no galloping today. ;)
Since the cinder footing in the rodeo arena seemed to be bothering her again, I worked on the grass in front of the barn. It's dusty and lumpy. Ew. But she was good on it, except for a little stumbling if I went over a dirt patch or dip. Oh I wish for flat greeness! Then I could set up some nice lil' jumps... -daydreams-

Hehe, so she was heavy in the hand again, especially in the left rein. I think it's kinda me, too. I had to keep moving my left hand out of my lap. Grr... But we did some lovely should-ins that helped to even her out. Did a canter both ways on our large rectangle. It like I was flying. I love her canter! Worked a little bit on trotting in a frame on a longer rein then worked on our neck reining. Her circles to the left need lots of work. Then we cooled off by walking through the scary shed, which now had stalking picnic tables inside. ;) She balked like twice then went through. We went around the bleachers, through the bathroom area then back to the barn. Our gate skills are getting a little rusty.
Rinsed her off then took her out with Pie. Poor Gabby really wants to go with the herd. I had to chase her off and felt bad when I threw a rock at her belly. :( Thankfully I was able to get both horses through with no escapes.

Loki cleaned up the leather halter I found, plus it got rained on. So that took care of the mold. :P She said it almost fits Tessie! So yay, she gets a nice leather halter. I didn't know how to ask her about the saddles... -sigh- I'm going to do it soon though!
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September 18, 2008, Wednesday
Lots of lessons! Now that summer is over, we're settling back into a regular work schedule. It was actually kind of nice. I like grooming the horses and tacking them up as long as it's not a mad rush. ;) Had some mix ups though. Loki forgot that one private lesson was actually a group lesson. Thankfully she remembered before I turned out all the horses. And then one girl showed up for a lesson when she didn't really have one.

I didn't have the time to ride, but I filed Miss Take's front feet. I think I'm getting the hang of it! I'm just worried that her toes are too long in the front. Some days it seems like it and some days they seem normal...

Then I had a huge scare. Wehn i was doing Miss take's feet, I hear this scarrbling around in the gravel so I let go of her feet and turn around to see a dog grabbing Granny cat by her chest and shaking her around. Ugh, the thought still makes my heart beat fast. I try to poke him off with the file, that does work, so I drop that and give him a good boot. Nothing. So I just reached down and grabbed him on the scruff of his neck and pulled him off Granny cat. I didn't even see where she went. So I'm holding the dog and I look for his owner. Apparently she was watching her daughter's lesson at the rodeo arena, which is pretty far from the barn. I just throw the Jack Russel down and chase him out of barn. Then I look at my gloves and there's blood all aover and on my shirt sleeves and on my file. I clean up and am almost shaking, because I'm wondering what kind of shape Granny cat is. I mean she's so frail and small and old. I find her in the tack room, her eyes huge. But she's walking, and she hides in a corner. I put down a pad for her, and she lets me pet her, but I'm too scared to even look at her stomach area. Loki calls and asks why the dog has blood all over and I tell her that the dog got Granny cat. She asks if she's dead and I say no, but I had to pull him off of her. The owner comes of apologizing and offering to pay for any vet visits. She checks out Granny cat and feels her all over and Loki comes back and does the same. No blood or anything and Granny cat is starting to purr.

Omg, that was so scary. Loki kept thanking me for saving Granny cat's life. The blood was all from one little nick from the dog's ear, so I guess Granny cat must have somehow gotten him, which is strage because she looked so helpless when he was mauling her. I'm just so glad it was a small dog that I could pull off. She was still huddled in her corner when i left for the day, but I put fresh food by her so she wouldn't have to venture out just yet. I hope she's doing alright now.

That shook me up a bit. -shakes head- But yeah, that was my day at the barn.
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Yay, page 2! I hadn't even noticed. Anyways, I want to get up pics of all the horses soonish. Yeah, we'll see.

September 18, 2008, Thursday
Granny cat wasn't at the table today like she usually is so I went to look for her. She moved like a foot. Loki said she fed her this morning and she gave her a little cup of water, too. We're figuring that she's pretty sore from yesterday. :( Loki thought that she had internal injuries, but nothing is pointing to that, so that's good. I just feel so bad for her. Out of all the cats, why Granny cat? -sigh- I hope she gets 100% better, she's really the sweetest, even if I sometimes get annoyed at her begging. We already lost one cat, one more would be too much.

Back to good news. Loki's birthday was today! I haven't finished her gift yet, but I'm planning to find one of my pics of Contessa, print it out, mat and frame it, and give it as her present. I know she'll love it, but I'm having a hard time choosing which pic to print.
Speaking of the filly, today was her first day totally separated from mum. They still go out together at night though. ;) She was banging around in her stall and digging a hole to China. Not cool. However, not much whinnying for mom at all and Blond was totally unconcerned. :)

I finished Miss Take's feet today. The right back was really unlevel, but I think I fixed it. She flares out a little in back, so I filed that down as much as I could. Arg, I want a foot stand. The back feet are easier for me, Loki thinks it's because the hooves are white so they're softer. -shrug- I only hate how sweaty I get when I do them. I'm not usually a very sweaty person. Tomorrow I'll see if Loki can take a look at them and point out any parts I missed.

When I finished, we went for a short ride. Rode on the front field. I figured since she just got her feet done i should keep her on softer ground. Did one canter each way from walk. She was wonderful! Then we did lengthing stride in trot. I wasn't completely satisfied, I could feel the extending, but I wasn't sure if she was just going faster or really really extending. =/ But her response is great now. We got a good one then I cooled her off and we went back in.

Rinsed Miss Take off and talked about the saddles and paid Loki half. I still need to get the rest of the money. :P She's really excited because she found this perfect saddle for her and Gabriel. I think she's buying it tomorrow. And then she said I can keep the saddles in my locker. Yay! I half own them now. :) I'm reassured that I'm getting a steal for them. Seriously, it's like buying a used Stubben for $200. Crazy! I want to figure out what "brand" made the dressage saddle. Pics in the future. Kay, then turned out Miss Take and caught a ride home with Maureen. I can't believe the saddles are almost mine. Just need to pay for half more, pay to get the billets replaced, buy saddles pads, leathers, stirrups, and a girth... Haha, the joys of horse ownership.
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September 19, 2008, Friday

Had my lesson today! Went and worked on the front field since we were with Kaikea and Loki didn't want him riding in the same place that there's a baby on the grass. Erm, explaination! When Sylvia has Tiffany with her she rides on the grass in front of the barn and puts Tiff on a blanket on the ground with all her toys and stuff so she can watch her and ride Griffin. Yeah. The lesson was great! We did tons of bending in walk and some counter bending. Then we did the same in trot, but threw in lenghting stride. Loki said we got some "toe flicking" which I'm assuming meant that she was extending like a flashy dressage horse. Omg, her extending is like I switch on a button and we power forwards. It's sweet. Miss Take was trying really hard for me today. I love her. After the lesson we worked on some cantering, since she was warmed up. In the right lead it's harder for her to get into a frame. Correct lead everytime though! :) We need to work a little more on our "longer reins but still staying in a frame." I should work on that tomorrow. She was way sweaty after that (silly winter coat fluffiness) so I went for a walk around the track with Kaikea who was on TickTock.

Work was kinda rushed because my lesson was late. xP But it was okay. Quick recap! No one showed up for vaulting. :( Tessie was being a brat and I got pissed at her (although I think something else set me off. So I re-evaluated and calmed back down. It's only her second day of being away from her mom. Roxanne peed in her food bucket... again. (okay, maybe that's too much info. Frank helped feed dinner and Kaikea actually was being more helpful than he usually is. I think his annoyingness had decreased.

I can has tomorrow? It has the potential to be one of the best days of my life.. as I know it! 8) I like smileys! I think I owe a new profile thingy, too....

Kaikea - 8 years old I think, lives with his older brother and uncle who took them in, Loki and Frank help his uncle out a lot, newbie rider, hangs out at the barn sometimes, high-energy, often annoying
Keanu - Kaikea's 12 year old brother
Cyrus - Keanu and Kaikea's uncle, they're mom's brother, sometimes the boys are a bit much for him, but he always tries his best, made a complete turnaround in his life for them.
Lisa - vaulting instructor, has one daughter and one son
Tom and Cliff - main farriers around here, both do our horses, great guys
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Just wanted to say I enjoy your log! Especially when you describe your rides - I ride dressage, too, and it's really cool to read your description!

Live, laugh, love.

My name is Lisa, and I am owned by Lucius and Sawyer.
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Thanks so much, Lisa! I wasn't sure if anyone was reading this, so any reply is always encouraging. :) I know I can be longwinded at times. =P

September 20, 2008, Saturday
I rode with a bareback pad for the first time today. It was okay. I miss the feel of just the horse beneath me, but I was getting sores and scraped from Miss Take's spine whenever I rode bareback, so I finally gave in a tried something else. No sores today! Went around the hill paddock first. The pad was the kind with a girth and I didn't tighten it enough, so it slipped back a couple inches. I hopped off, fixed and tightened it a hole then used a rock to hop back on. I've never used a random object like that before. Lots of new today, lol.
Cantered a little on the racetarck, but I think we were on the wrong lead, but I didn't want to fix it. xP Shh!
Worked on the front field for a little bit. I mainly wanted to see if the pad rubbed me in any way. The spine rubbed, but not much at all. Just did trot circles and canter circles. Worked on making the downward transitions smooth.
Went to the grass in front of the barn and I hopped off and set up a small cross rail. It was probably.... a foot. Not more then a foot and a half. Then got back on with possibly one of the sloppiest mounting-up-from-the-ground that I've ever done. Ewie. And I think I pulled some of her mane out. Trotted over the cross rail about five times on the right, trotted over it a little less on the left. Since the left is easier for her, we started with the cantering over the jump on that rein. Did it a couple times then changed the rein. Went over it in right lead canter three times and ended on that. It was hot and I wasn't sure how tired she was so between sets of jumps I'd walk her around a lap before resuming trot/canter. She was super awesome! She only rushed the jump a couple of times, no faltering or running out (though we did have "wings" on each end). Jumping is way easy for me bareback. With the saddle it's too technical. I can't wait to try more jumping!

Finished taking care of the pony, went home to have lunch, then went out to Aunty Zim's and was late. :( But they were okay with it, thankfully. Way to make a first impression. If you can't recall, Aunty Zim and Aunty Kathy were the two ladied from church who asked me if I wanted to ride one of their horses. Anyhow, Aunty Kathy showed me and my mom around the place. They have two mares there, a seven year old and a two year old named Kitty Cat. Gorgeous coloring. And gorgeous place. Huge house with a little barn. The stalls are sweet! They have little outside pens attached. ;) Then like five different paddocks/pastures.
My mom left and we (including Squirt, one of Aunty Zim's dogs) piled into the car to go up to where the other horses were. In the pasture they have Ala Bear (Aunty Zim's horse), Smoke (Aunty Kathy's horse) and Keala(not sure if this is right). She's the only mare and was actually pastured with Tara, the horse across from their pasture. But then Tara had a colt and he's not gelded yet.
Caught the horses, lightly groomed and saddled. Aunty Zim saddled Ala for me. Info! He's a dark dark bay QH gelding. 16hh and 16 years old. Missing a muscle from his left front as a result of an accident when he was a baby. Slightly lazy, fat, and total Eeyore personality. I like him. Smoke is a true black QH. Gelding and 17 years old. He has an injured right hind I think, so his canter is messed up because of that. And then the chestnut mare is 23 and retired. I think she has back problems.
Rode him around the pasture a little bit, then we went out to the polo field. Aunty Kathy rode Smoke and Aunty Zim lead the mare since she didn't want her leave her alone in the pasture. Ala is such a western pleasure horse. He can trot so slowly! It's awesome. He was a bit grumpy about the canter, but I did get it. I guess was was a little unconfident/unsure, so Aunty Zim got on him and cantered him around a little then told me to just give him a lot of leg in the canter and get him to use his hind end. The right is harder for him, like Miss T. I got back on him and we did better in the canter. Trotted more then we went back to the pasture. He's had good training in him. Gets into a frame easily. Moves off leg pressure and listens to your seat.
Untacked, brushed and Aunty Zim fed them. We visited the colt! He's SO cute. Four months old, like Tessie, but smaller cuz he's a QH. But kyoot! He's going to be gelded soon and weaned, and after that he's going to be Ala's pasture buddy and the mare can have Tara back! She really misses Tara and was standing at the fence staring at her when we left.

It was a lot of fun riding and getting to know both Aunties and the horses. I hope to be able to ride again with them! We have yet to set up a date for the next ride, but they mentioned me riding the seven year old mare. She's more my size. xD Still, I quite like Ala. He's like the gentle giant. And I could see him doing english pleasure stuff with ease... little dressage... -hinthint- :) I'm pooped. Oh but wait! Granny cat went outside for the first time(other than to use the bathroom) since she was attacked! I think that's a good sign.
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