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    08-16-2013, 08:41 PM
Green Broke
Buenas palabras para vivir por Gunslinger! Sólo tengo que recordar eso. Hahaha

Yeah. He's like my bestie lol....or I'm the son he never had o.O I think he actually might be more excited than I am that I'll be back in the US of A in just over 6 months! Aaaah
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    08-17-2013, 08:49 PM
Green Broke
Drama. Drama drama drama.


So yesterday at around 230 I got like 8 frantic texts from B (the old BO at the ranch who moved to CO) and my friends who still go to the ranch sometimes that we had a Horse911

So I immediately called her and she said Trinity was having a life or death situation. So I drove over to their house and rode out to the ranch with them.

On the way there B called and told us that I was to be the handler, tyler and mel were going to do the doctoring stuff and Chrissy was on crowd control lol

So we get there, I immediately go to the horse, nobody else was around, and get the halter on and mel starts doing his thing.

She WASNT in fact dying she just has a cut on her back left leg that isn't even that serious because she's still putting all her weight on it.

As were standing there L (no real names for this part) comes running up and immediately gets in my face saying repeatedly "you don't know this horse. We have a special bond. You don't know this horse. Get the F away" etc etc etc. and it escalated ALOT. I wont go into all the stuff she was saying because it would probably get me banned here.

Then one of the self proclaimed "horse whisperer amazing trainer I know everything" boarders well call her S came up and started screaming at me and mel.

I told chrissy to get B on the phone NOW. So L ripped the lead out of my hands...and I let her because a she was stressing the horse out and b. After being screamed at from all sides a was about ready to choke this ho out and if I had fought with her I would have.

So while L and S are still screaming at me and mel B gets on the phone and tells L (after chrissy handed tho phone to me) to give me the lead rope and to back off but that she could stay near.

Well this doesn't go over well with L and she flips out and says she quits. And then goes and calls 2 others who are banned from the ranch and starts trashing me, chrissy, mel, tyler and B. Awesome.

So im holdingTrinity, and mel is doctoring all he can, when trinity turns and bites me. So reflex action is to discipline and I smack her lightly on the muzzle.

S freaks out and runs over to me demanding the lead rope. I calmly tell her no. That's not happening we just went through this with Lisa. I don't care if this horse is on her deathbed, no horse is going to get away with that. She's not in pain, im not hurting her in any way and that action was one of simple disrespect because yall let these two (reba nad trinity) run wild, you say they don't "like halters" but she's standing calmly with a halter on right now?

She then tells me im a horrible abusive person whos hitting an already abused (she was NEVER abused just surrendered because the old owner just couldn't take care of her) and that I was "torturing her in her last hours of life" (shes being put down on Monday)

That just made me snap. I made sure mel was done and we got out. Then I went and smoked about 6 cigarettes trying to calm myself down. Me and tyler were outside the ranch smoking and we heard L get into it with Chrissy, and then Mel got Mel is probably the calmest person I have ever met and you have to REALLY work to get him pissed and he was PISSED.

So I had to run over and literally drag him away from L and S. Then L left, almost running me over with her car -_- and I went over to chill with Champ so I woudnt kill anybody.

And the whole time I could hear S on the phone tihe all the other trashing us etc etc etc.

Eventually it calmed down some and we started putting all the horses away (that's a whole other bucket of stupidity there I wont even get into all that's wrong elsewhere on the ranch) and as I was getting the halter for champ I see him knock over the board that's acting as the gate for the field he was in! I yelled Ho! And he immediately stopped like I trained him to do (i swear he's the only trained horse there!!!!) and I saw S running over towards him. Chrissy said later that my face was one of pure murder since she was the one that didn't close his gate!!! And I ran over to him before she could get there. Im sure I threw a very scary face at her because she turned tail and ran.

I took him to his stall, dropped his feed and we left...i was ready to kill somebody. No joke. Like at all. If S had gotten near me when I had champ I would have beat her and pretty much ruined my career for that. But regardless.

After that we went back to their house and had a long conference call with B about trying to fix the ranch.

But its going to take a lot. To get this place back up and running smoothly.

So pretty much ALL these new people that were causing so much trouble yesterday are going to be banned. Me chrissy and tyler have worked out a schedule to do random drop ins to make sure things are working out (were not exactly uh welcome there by the others but were Bs only people left to take care of things) and me and tyler are splitting the duties of ranch manager/coordinator/whatever.

End rant/

In other news.....well I don't really have other news haha. Just that. Today has just been a lazy day of cleaning, working out (still a lot of frustration from yesterday lol) and drawing.
    08-18-2013, 10:54 PM
Green Broke
Cat fight!
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    08-18-2013, 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by Roperchick    
drama. Drama drama drama.


As were standing there L (no real names for this part) comes running up and immediately gets in my face saying repeatedly "you don't know this horse. We have a special bond. You don't know this horse. Get the F away" etc etc etc. and it escalated ALOT. I wont go into all the stuff she was saying because it would probably get me banned here.
Urghhh I had the same experience as above when I first started working at the riding center.

People can be so psycho.. screaming about it is certainly not helping the horse any!!

I'm glad you have a plan in place, but still ridiculous that it even resorts to that!
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    08-18-2013, 11:24 PM
Green Broke
Amen Maggie. Haha I guess im not surprised. Horse people can be....uh....extreme in their eccentricity lol

I know. It makes me sad every time I think about how much the ranch has fallen since B left. Hopefully we can get it back up and running because Hawaii REALLY needs it. We just had another rescue open up on Northshore but really. Theres WAY too many horses here in need of help for one rescue to handle.

Ahaha Gunslinger. It was definitely interesting. I think somebody would have stopped it before it got too far...but I kinda like my pay right now so I didn't want to actually choke her out like I was dying to hahaha

Anywho. Sundays are never productive for me. I always put off doing something. Especially on 3-4 day weekends, because I start thinking "oh I have till Sunday to do stuff."

And then Sunday comes around and it somehow usually ends up being a lazy movie marathon day in bed roflmao.

I did do 2 loads of laundry today (I can't do my uniforms with my civvies...they STINK! Hahaha) but of course....I forgot I had a load in and left it for like 2 hours...and it stank so I had to redo that load.
And I did vacuum and mop for room inspections tomorrow. But I think there was something else I was going to do. And I can't remember!

Oh well. If it was important for tomorrow...then I'll probably remember AFTER I needed it done.. and if it wasn't important then voila! No worries lol

This is also the first Sunday that I didn't do my morning workout! Shame on me!! I think I earned it though. I've been doing double workouts mon-fri (platoon PT int he mornings then weights with my battles after work) and working out Saturday and Sunday mornings since the start of July and I've gained 7lbs of muscle. So I went from 119lbs (minimum weight for me to even be in the army) to 126lbs.

May not seem like a lot to some haha but I'm not trying to be a body builder. I just want to be able to max my pt test

Alas. All good things come to an end (weekends are like the root of all evil. You go out and party and sham for 48 hours then BAM work hits you in the face haha) and I have to go to work tomorrow. Hopefully I at least get to go to Shafter to get my HMMWV!

Hope everybody has/had a fantabulous weekend!
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    08-18-2013, 11:30 PM
I always love reading your posts, haha! I don't want to be a body builder either

Yeah good people are like glue to a place like that.. is she gone for good or just away for awhile? I wasn't quite sure :/

Agreed that HI needs a horse rescue.. badly!

You and I had the same weekend.. except as you did your laundry.. I didn't do mine and pushed it till later... whoops!

I find it crazy how much the army expects you to tidy your rooms!
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    08-18-2013, 11:32 PM
Green Broke
So if you flunk your pt test will they let you out early? Or, is it remedial PT?
    08-18-2013, 11:48 PM
Green Broke
If I ever were to flunk it (knock on wood hasn't ever happened yet haha!) the way the army is now they can just boot you straight out with all the cuts.

But that's really only if you're like a complete s***bag and the army would be better off with you out. Im sure people probably push to get out after they fail...or they fail 2 on purpose so they DO get out.

Im trying to get at least 90-90-90 on my PT tests. If you get that then you get to miss Tuesday/Thursday mass pt so I could go work out on my own instead of the PRT crap we have. If I could get a 300 (yeah right) I wouldn't have to do mass pt at all which would be AWESOME.

Oh and just found this pic of champ from yesterday and even though I cut off half his face (the kid doesn't let me get god pictures he always walks up to me before I can haha) I really like it.


Like Maggie pointed out on facebook...he actualy has a nice expression in it. Hahaha

He actually looks happy and not grumpy-old-man-ugly like he usually does haha
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    08-19-2013, 12:55 AM
Green Broke
So I just spent all $15 AHQA dolluh bills yall. On looking up Josies pedigree/ownership/and offspring pedigree/ownership. Then went to and spent like 30 minutes fixing her pedigree lol.

ALSO. Apparently she had a pally stud in '98 from the ranch where I bought her, and he's still in Aztec...owned by the very man who used to own the ranch! hello. Why did they never mention this or the fact they had her other 2 babies there as well when I bought her?! Grrrrr the things you learn on the interwebz haha

(conspiracy theory I my head has me thinking hhmmm...wonder if he's a ginormous pally stud that was bred to a certain loco strawberry roan appy mare, who popped out a monstrous jughead gelding named Charlie)

They did come from the same town/area after all hahahahahahaha

But yeah right. That would be trippy if it were true though...but the world will never know dun-dun-dun

Anyways....that is all. If I had the uh boredom level/attention span to, I would add her two babies that ARENT on allbreedpedigree to said website...but I don't thereforhow. Some other day!
    08-20-2013, 01:10 AM
Green Broke
Well don't really have an life is boring hahaha

Were stuck in the underground widowless building all week for class. Well sorta.

I have a dentist appt. Tomorrow where they're going to fix 2 cavities (bad me!) and see what they can do about my fake tooth, which is crooked and the real tooth part of it is hollowing out O_o.

And I just love the dentist so much so I'm sure I'm going to be a joy to be around tomorrow roflmao

Aand my mom is getting my HS transcripts for me tomorrow so ill get my stuff all mailed off and hopefully still be able to register for some.

Im thinking im going to try and clep out of like ENGLISH and some others...that would make my life just THAT much easier once I get out.

And worldly realization for the day....

The army has made me the most un-materialistic person like ever. Haha
I don't like getting new clothes, or new books, or new anything since that's just that many more things to have to pack up and move all the time. I don't mind small spaces (lol) and if I can't carry it in a backback....then I don't need it!

Will definitely make my life easier at home too. I was talking to my parents today and we all realized....we could be perfectly happy with a 5-th wheel...who needs a house! Haha

Not really....well I could. But I really want my parents to get their dream house so ill more than willingly pitch in to build them a house. Then my horses can live outside for all I care and ill buy myself a nice little used camper to live in. Then someday down the line ill probably move into the house with them..(or inheret haha...morbid thought)

So I guess really I have to THANK the army for making it that much easier ones I get to permanently rock the civvies rofl

Random thought...but what else do I have to do in the army besides...think about life OUT of the army.....hahahahaha

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