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        08-31-2013, 08:17 AM
    Green Broke
    I truly loved shooting the m203.......and I got pretty good with it....

    It reminded me of a baseball coming off a bat....
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        08-31-2013, 11:30 AM
    Being a retired sailor I just had to share:

        08-31-2013, 08:09 PM
    Green Broke
    -___- hahaha nice, Nick.....nice.

    Haha gunslinger. I've only shot the M203 once in basic...I was sooo mad I didn't get to do it this year. But oh well.

    Went out and worked my two new projects, Lance and Merlin today...

    Merlin can now stand still....for the most part haha with the rope looped over the fence. I want him to be a little bit more behaved under halter before I try actually tying him to the hitch rail which isn't enclosed.

    And Lance just got lunged and more desensitization training today since I had to go buy a new bit that would fit his fat head lol

    I have pictures...but im too lazy to upload them now so ill do it later!
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        09-02-2013, 06:42 PM
    Green Broke
    Ohmygosh fun weekend. Lol

    Saturday I had to drop a friend at the airport and then went to the ranch at 0900. I worked with Lance for about 45 min. Just lunging, and lots of ground work. Then got out Merlin and spent only about 30 min with him working on staying calm with the rope looped around the fence and to NOT pull back with the halter on. I don't want to do too much with him he's still alittle underweight and has no he's 30+yrs old.

    Then went to The Feed Trough (only tack store I like on island lol) and had to buy a new bridle/bit/ and halter for Lance. He's so stinking big theres nothing really at the ranch that can fit him good.

    Went home....took a nap lol and then....Keemoos with Chrissy, Mel, Tyler, and two of their friends.....omg.

    I was just going to have a couple buds but somehow ended up having 3 beers, a jager bomb, a lemon ddrop, and two tequila was a bad night once we got home lol. Woke up at 6 sunda morning (omg bad idea) went and bought like 4 bottles of Sprite and chugged them. Then took a shower and slept till 12 and went to Chrissys sons party.....not a good way to cure a hangover lol.

    So today is lazy Castle day. Just going to lay in bed, watch movies and maybe do laundry haha I don't want to go to work tomorrow!
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        09-03-2013, 09:07 AM
    You know when I was in the Navy we had a perfect cure for a hang over... we would just start drinking again!

    Worked great until we had to show up for muster.
        09-03-2013, 10:24 PM
    Green Broke
    Omg noooooo. I usually don't even get hangovers but me+tequila is just a bad combo lol

    But omg guyz.....just omg.

    First off. Last night.....someone stole my sweatshirt!!!! I have this ratty ass old (seriously its like 10 years old...completely stretched out...has holes in it....doesn't even keep you warm) sweatshirt...I DISTINCTLY remember putting it in the washing machine first...and it just disappeared! I think it was the evil lawn gnomes. I don't know...but castle=completely devastated by the loss of my most favoritest sweatshirt ever...I seriously don't have a picture from like 6th grade when I got it till at LEAST jr yr in highschool without it....yeah I was one of those kids lo. AND I had some from my A-dult years too! So sad.
    (i know I know its just an object)

    But that's not even the OMG news.

    So. I have these three friends....C (chica friend) M (guy friend married to C) and T (other guy friend) so C and M have this open relationship and C was dating T.

    Well I was in the tunnel ALL day today so I couldn't have my phone on me....I get out to my car and see a text first from T saying "hey you and me need to talk about something" then right under that a message from C "hey me and T broke up" (C actually texted me first)

    So im like "Dafuq?!" and I text C asking if she's alright and whats going on....

    Her reply was "yeah im trying to be alright with it. He said he still loves me but he has feelings for another girl (wtf wth wtf moment for me) and he's tired of hiding our relationship"

    Now I know that T has feelings for me....he not so subtly tried to tell me when we were both shmammered and I told him flat out that those feelings are not reciprocated on my end and he's like a brother to me....which in his drunken state he said okay and accepted APPARENTLY NOT!

    So I haven't replied to him and im just planning on not until we're face to face on Saturday when I was going to go hang with them. Like I've never gotten the whole "open marriage" thing. Marriage to me is one girl+one guy (or whatevs. I don't judge) making vows to love only each other for foreverz. And I hold to that.

    I hope some day I have a relationship like my parents who are going on like 30+years I think. And they love each other to death. No side people for them...

    But back to the subject M, C, and T were never like blatantly obvious about it so you know it was never awkward trying to hang with them.

    And as far as I know T is still moving with M and C to Colorado to live with B (the old BO of the ranch)....which is just a whole other wth can of worms thing that I don't even want to get into....

    Wth.....i need my security blanket sweatshirt right about nowlol:
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        09-03-2013, 10:29 PM
    Maybe T stole the sweatshirt because it smells like you and he wanted it for a pillowcase. :P
        09-03-2013, 11:13 PM
    Super Moderator
    100% the same thing happened to my favorite sweatshirt tooooo! BOO. Who are these darn sweatshirt stealers?? NOT. COOL. GUYZ.
    Mine was probably 2 sizes too big, all ratty like yours, didn't even have inner fluff anymore, I had had it since 5th grade all the way until freshman year of college...then it disappeared. D:
    I STILL miss it.

    I can for sure commiserate!! Haha
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        09-03-2013, 11:15 PM
    Green Broke
    Wooooh we're sweatshirt buddies! They sound exactly the same hahaha
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        09-04-2013, 11:08 PM
    Green Broke
    Way to creep me out nick lol. Still holding out on finding the dang thing...probably will till I leave the island roflmao

    Don't really have anything to say today....was stuck in class all day oh and army ncos=super bugs.

    Aaand a picture.....I didn't even know I GOT this picture lol but I was looking through the pics from my little vacation this june and saw it..

    Awesome! Lol her butt is SO big in this pic and charlies just standing there liker "dherp"

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