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        06-21-2012, 03:48 AM
    Green Broke
    Haha I think im more upset about it than she was. She's one of those optomistic, tough cowgirls and yet wen I heard about it from my mom I was like O.O osh my gosh! But at least they had 18 yrs
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        06-21-2012, 03:55 AM
    Yeah that is a long time! She may be putting on a brave face. Everyone deals with it in their own way.. "/

    But how have things been doing for ya?
        06-21-2012, 03:57 AM
    Green Broke
    True true

    Theyve been crazy hectic.
    Trying to get in time at the rescue, go paintballing or go-kart racing, and army crap every weekend haha.
    I just bought a new saddle and hopefully a new bridle and breastcollar for Charlie....and I can't even use em! ;P but ill send em home and my mom can take loads of pics with him in it all haha

    How about you???
        06-21-2012, 04:04 AM
    Wow that's exciting!! And yeah army stuff takes up a looot of time. I wish I knew more about it, I have a few friends in it but they don't like to talk about it and what they tell me I find hard to remember.

    You going to share the pictures?

    I've been doing alright.. just struggling to find time to get everything done. But Sky is doing great and that's what counts! Thanks for asking :)
        06-21-2012, 03:17 PM
    Green Broke
    For sure! Itll be a picture overload haha! Im glad Skys doing not having em with us tho huh?
        06-23-2012, 05:24 PM
    Green Broke
    June 23

    Well today officially sucks.
    Started off waking up to an email saying my leave was explination just it was denied. And that we now have to wear our Class A's on monday for the REHEARSAL for the CoC. Not the real thing. The rehearsal. Which is great because I was going to pick em up on monday from the alterations shop. So I go and ask if they can get it done today and they tell me they may not have my rank so I have to come back at 130...which is fine

    Then I FINALLY get the chance to go back out to the rescue and as soon as I get out there I get a call from my squad leader that my 1sg wants to talk to me about my leave and I thought "great maybe he wants me to explain why I deserve to go before hell approve it" but no. He just wanted to tell me all the different reasons why I don't deserve to go....none of which are legal reasons to deny it.

    Our BDE regulations is 1 pt test every 6 months. But army regulation is 1 pt test every 12 months. So the fact that my pt test doesnt expire till september 20 by army standards means that they can't really deny it if I went to IG. But oh I didnt get a 300 on my pt test so that's the only way they could really make an exception....excuse me? You have a grand total of 0 people in your company that have a 300 on their pt why rag on me?
    Oh and I don't make enough effort to get a supervisory position at work....solrry that theres people their with more seniority that need it more. And im pretty sure I just got counselled for having to stay late to do the supes work instead of go to pt so make up your mind. Pt or work.

    Im really tempted to go to the IG about this but with 2 years left here on my contracrt its not the best idea to get legal involved and piss off my chain of command....
    So today sucks.
        06-23-2012, 08:46 PM
    Oh honey.. I'm so sorry :( I was really excited for you to go home for a few weeks. That truly sucks.. urgh.

        06-23-2012, 09:24 PM
    Green Broke
    Haha thank you! Me too. I was definitely looking forward to some quality time with my baby. Way things are now itll probably be next June by the time I can go home. :( but its not the end of the world I guess haha. Ill just have to have my mom take lots more pictures!
        06-23-2012, 11:50 PM
    That's a good game plan :)
        07-01-2012, 03:33 PM
    Green Broke
    Weeeel havnt updated this in awhile haha im so bad but I havnt beent o the rescue and don't have my babies haha

    1 July
    So I made my daily call to my parents yesterday and they told me about my "terror chile"...hmmm charlies the good one right? The uber smart, uber obedient nice guy that is loveable...nope

    Idk why but for some reason they took the horses in to the vet for their floating and shots and what not this time (usually Quintana our vet comes out) so anyways I guess Red was okay, they only had to sedate him 2ce this time instead of 4 times haha

    But charlie....charlie charlie charlie...charlie was sedated and they got his floating done and 2 of the shots in his neck...buut I guess when it came time for the butt shot he went nuts... he started bucking and rearing (mind you they were in a small building with one horse in the chute (red) and charlie outside the chute) and my dad was fighting him to keep him still. So they had to take poor drugged up Red outside and they tried to get charlie in the chute....3 more sedations later and 2 more guys added to the mix they still didnt have him in the chute so they ended up putting it in his neck....WHY DIDNT THEY DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! Men. Gah. So then poor charlie was drugged up, leaning his head on the wall to stay standing.

    Sugar then went through, had to be sedated and put in the chute.....

    But my BEAUTIFUL AMAZING smart baby girl Josie only had to be sedated once... didnt blink for floating, shots, or ulcer check (we had both girls checked for ulcers since they both got them last winter) I heart her! Haha

    I just wish ida been there for charlies rodeo because I can guaren-d**n -tee there wouldnt have been one with me there.

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