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Green Broke
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! haha sorry its my dads bday today....

oooh where to begin....yesterday i went to the rescue and ended up being there before everybody else! so i did the morning feed and started the time my friend tansy got there i was down with the geriatrics (hehe) cleaning their was soooooooooooo hot.
after we got done we sat around ckillin for about 2 hours waiting for Betina to get there so we could see what horses to ride that day...she got stuck in a meeting so her daughter said we could take our her stud (3 yr old QH...hes like 13.3hh haha) and her 18hh TB mare (ex polo horse) about complete opposites! i started off on Gracey (mare). we went out on the road because they had just brought in 2 truck loads of sand so the arena was smaller till they got the piles dealt with aha.

anyways Gracey started out okay...they were both pretty hyper, since Athena (daughter) is preggo and cant ride so they dont get alot of exercise. as soon as we turned onto another road Gracey lost her mind....she wouldnt go forward as soon as you pointed her forward and told her to walk she would buck, rear, jump around etc...i thought "great...shes another josie...." we continued on for awhile and then Tansys stirrup broke! aaah so we started back home....then gracey lost her mind again...i probably ended up backing her a good 1/2 mile because she wouldnt walk haha. when we got back i made her stand outside the gate for about 5 minutes till she relaxed...then we decided to take em both into the areana (what space there was) to work em some since they didnt really get a good workout on the trail.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE...shes definitely a twin (altough much much bigger twin) to Josie...she cant do trails but she was the most WONERFUL lope...i cant even explain it. shes so self controlled when i was loping her i could just feel the power in her strides but i didnt have to touch her. i just held the reins lightly and she was so collected and smooth! aaah i could fall asleep to her lope...but i know she could easily clear any jump i pointed her at! WONDERFUL!

and of course Tansy wanted ehr turn on her so i got on Jackpot (stud) while she took her turn on Gracey....much much different. JP is probably the LAZIEST horse i have ever ridden... I got more of a work out just trying to get him to walk, much less trot and lope! haha. i felt so ridiculous on him. i could touch my toes underneath his belly if i kicked my feet out of the stirrups!....ill take my big horses any day!

and tansy had a little trouble with Gracey...she had been so used to JP being lazy and having to kick him up...she got on Gracey, gave her a tap and Gracey had a fit! eventually she got her calmed back down and they did well together.

then Betinas granddaughter wanted to ride so i lifted her up on JP and dragged him around for what felt like forever!

today...i didnt go. i was going to but i woke up late and felt really lazy so i went and say The Dark Knight Rises! ooooh sooooo epic! they have to make a sequel. no way they can end it on that!

plus i found out theyre making another SUPERMAN MOVIE!!!!!!!! aaaah my heart is content haha! i love me some batman and superman!

and tomorrow is back to sad...i miss my 3 on 3 off! and im gonna be losing some of my weekends now too. i just got 2 new soldiers and i have to do pt with them...but theyre on shift work so they work weekends sometimes so ill have to come in on those days to to PT and any army crap they need....oh the joys of leadership haha
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Green Broke
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: south of nowhere, north of nothing
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Yeah. i know i complain alot about my job. but things just are like a roller coaster.

on the one hand i really like my new job...well correction i really like my hours. i get off at 1500ish every day, go do a little pt and then have the rest of the day to myself.
but my boss is such a hypocrite.

he told me on day one..."he was gonna view me as a high speed soldier, with no bad past, and i came highly reccomended to my job" and not taht some little spoiled douchebag jumped his chain of command and complained because i corrected him on something...
but this dude condemns me for everything. yesterday i was supposed to call my 2 soldiers im in charge of and get them some info. i called BOTH, and NEITHER answered so i left a message that they needed to etiher call me back or text me. neither of them did. then of of them called my boss and said they had never heard from me...yeah because i hadnt called them i got in trouble with him for "not following a simple command, and repeating my behavior of 'minor misconduct'. so he wrote me up and said if it happens again hes going to follow through with my 1sgts threat of pulling my clearance, and kicking me out of the army?!

there was nothing more i could have done for the situation.

now were having 100% vehicle inspections by our 1SGT today. My mazda is still on Pearl Harbor with a flat tire because i havnt had time to go fix it.

I told my boss this and his first thought was "you got a flat tire so you bought a new car" really no. how bout you let me explain the situaition instead of jumping to conclusions and thinking im a retarted sh*tbag.
so after i explained that
1. the mazda was almost 10 yrs old and had 107,000 on it when i baught it a YEAR ago, and so it was in the shop alot..its a lemon....
2. so i baught my escape so i would have a reliable set of wheels.
3. i now loan it out (with a small fee haha) to people and a family friend needed to borrow it.....they ended up screwing me over and getting the flat and not paying for it but whatevs
4. me and my friend are going down on saturday to fix it and bring it back to the barracks

so now he thinks im a pos cuz i didnt atomatically race down there to fix the d*mn thing that has cost me over $4,000 just in repairs and taht im taking my time because i dont need it

so hes going to check up on the situation on monday to "make sure i follow through with it and dont follow the same pattern of telling him im going to do something and not do it" (refering to the crap accusation that i didnt contact my soldiers) and if i dont have it done hes coing to counsel me again!

right now i wouldnt even know what a positive counseling would look like...

he told me he "still wants to help my army career (right im getting out in 2 years) but his opinion of me as a soldier and a leader has beeng reatly diminished...." hes so full of crap.

also i learned that this new job is " a temporary probation." and hopefully i get to go back to my shop soon!

im so over the political/screw you over for promotion army bullcrap. im ready to get out.

sorry for the rant.

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Green Broke
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wow i havnt updated this in awhile. my head is just about to explode with everything thats going on.

lets see, first I got assigned a new horse at the rescue...used to be we just hopped on whoever she told us to, but there was a problem with communication and people were being told to do stuff they werent supposed to do...

anyways so now i have Honey, Kana (my two favs haha) and a new boy Champ.

I dont remember alot of Champs story...i think hes about 12? yrs old. he was a stud for the first 8?ish years of his his old "home" they left him tied by his back left fetlock, and his neck, to a tree for YEARS. he was extremely malnourished when they got him...after rehabing him, he was adopted out to a young girl, and they basically helped each other....he was given back to the rescue last year when the family came upon some financially hard times.

His bff in the whole entire world is Gracie (big ol 18hh mare i rode...i think i talked about her in here but idk haha). they go nuts if theyre seperated. they were stalled right next to each other for the longest time and they just recently moved champ over to the other side of the aisle so they could put a boarders horse in his old stall....that didnt make Gracie too happy.

sorry i derailed...back to Champ. Hes a very very stocky horse...QH pretty sure..haha he seems like he'll be a very smooth ride....his only problem...he has a talent for bucking people of course i volunteered to ride him haha. I figure hes just like josie...he likes to get his ritual buck in, then once he realized that "oh hey she can stick it" he gets down to it.

i havnt ridden him yet. i took him out Sunday, chased him around in the arena for awhile, then tacked him up and lunged him to see what he knows ground wise...hes soo responsive.

i personally love a hrose that is focused on me and reacts to the slightest movement of my body language. he will turn on a dime, has a good woah, has a good sense of personal space, and respect...his only downfall is the bucking as far as i can tell!

im super excited to ride him this Saturday

in other news...this may make me sound like a horrid person but its just....complicated.

my father is coming here October 6th-13th. dont get me wrong i want to see him SOOOO bad...we have an amazing relationship and hes honestly my best friend.

but the thing in trouble right now. im flagged because of all this shady army bs theyre trying to get me in trouble for so i cant go on hes gonna be here for 7 days...i will only be able to see him for 3..he flies in saturday night, so ill have that sat/sun then flies back out the next saturday night.

im gratefull taht ill have SOME time with him...but i know that im gonna be going nuts those 5 days i have to work, and hes here all alone, so hes gonna be bored out of his mind....and its just not enough time...its never enough time. i dont want him to come here and be dissapointed or to waste time.
idk maybe im just stressing for biggest fear is taht hell come here and find out all the crap thats been going on (ive only told them like the barest details) and i dont want him to be dissapointed in me. super excited to see him!

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Green Broke
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i am SO tired....this extra duty is killing norm. schedule is i get up at 5 go for a run or whatever then go to work from 7-1430. after work we have pt from 1430-1530

but for 11 more days (yay 3 down) i get to also do extra duty from 1800-2200

usually i dont go to bed till about midnight or so..i get about 5 hours of sleep...but extra duty is just knocking me out. i literally come back to my room change and conck out immediately haha.

but oh well...tomorrow is the first day of our 4 day weekend (of course they conveniently give me extra duty on a 4 day weekend...grrr) so we have ED from 0800-1700...thats going to be fun. hopefully i get paid tonight so i can go get my tattoo tomorrow! im so excited! aaah

but my sisters going to kill me...i just know that when she sees this shes going to disown me and kick me out of my "honorary brides maid" position for her wedding next june!
i just found out that her bachelorrette party is going to be may 2-4 so i dont get to go...sad face...

i was really hoping she would wait and do it the 1st week of june (her wedding is june 8) cuz my bday is june 2 n she wanted to take me to Vegas and get me "drunk and broke" thats where she wanted her party too so it would have been very convenient...
but i can only hav 30 days of leave. if i have more then the BN commander has to sign off...and i know she wont because she really doesnt like having soldiers on leave...yay. not.

but yeah. cant wait for my tattoo....and cant wait for these 11 more days to be over so i can go back out to the ranch finally!

i just found out that Betina would have let me use Honey for the Extreme Cowboy Race! hopefully theres another one soon once im off.....

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Tattoo? Pictures?

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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haha wallaby i put it on the back burner while i was on extra duty.....but

Today is my LAST day of extra duty! me so happy! haha. its insane that its already been 2 weeks. holy cow.

Things seem to finally be smoothing out (knock on wood)....or maybe its just the acomplished feeling from yesterday...i did a full on hand n knees scrub down of my room, the kitchen, and the bathroom yesterday.....feeling quite proud of myself haha.

now i just have to get my car cleaned out, and find a body shop that can fix it up. glad i have insurance haha.

im kinda bummed that i have to take part of my day on saturday out to do this car crap, id rather just spend all day out at the ranch riding Kona, Honey, and Champ, but i can probably squeeze all three into the last 4 hours (hehe) im also super Jelli of ArmyWife, who got to go do the EXCA on Saturday while i was slaving away on ED. but all thats over with now.

found out that Kona isnt going to be in the parad on the 22nd so i no longer have to concentrate on calming him i can truly get down to getting him ready for barrels. YAY!

also found out, while my parents have been down in St. Jo visiting my sister, and grandparents, they shopped around for some more land out there. (theyre planning on building on my papas 600 acres but.....)

they found a property about 5 min away from my grandparents (they live right on the town limits next to the highschool and the ranch is about 20 min away way outside near the illinois bend)

its 60 acres. has a ranch house/with a pool n what not....and a guest house (apparently for me haha) w/ a two car garage, 1 1/2 bath etc.

the BEST part is they have 2 BARNS! ermehgerd! haha....only downfall....its like $600,000 so maybe if i stayed in for 20 yrs....and my parents dished out every penny they had....we may be able to afford it together hahahahaha

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Green Broke
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Blerg. I hate mondays haha....and Hawaii construction.... they just closed down the main bridge for construction for the next six weeks :/....did they tell anybody it was going to be shut down? no. they had signs saying "expect delays" but never "closed from today till wahtever..."
kinda pissed me off because i left the barracks at 0600 as usual, started heading for Wahiawa and all of a sudden theres a brand new sign thing flashing "karsten bridge closed" ....wasnt there yesterday...tahnks for the heads up...i was already commited along with 30 other vehicles so it took 20 min to get turned around....then the other 500 cars that take that bridge were apparently in front of me so my usual 10 min ride to work took 50 min. this morning....yay.

i usually get to the Roach by 0610 or 0615 and then have time so sit and chill out ( i9 get here uber early so i have a good spot...toherwise im like a mile out at the other end of the lot).

and today i was gonna sit in my car and call my insurance to get the Escape fixed....nope i was in traffic so as soon as i got here i had to head in....

then find out that we have not 2 training days this month but 3. great. i was going to go check out a new horse ther escues gonna get next month but nooooo. now i get to go play Zombie Apocolypse (more like sit on my butt in the CLS van since i cant run great)

only good thing about this week was i got to have my first day off in 26 days. had an AMAZING run on Honey Girl.....ohmygosh that mare can run! i totally just fell in love with that mare ( she was already my fav but now that i know what a runner she is ooooh boy watch out barrel racers here!)
i would seriously buy her in the next 2 years if Betina decides to sell as im getting ready to PCS. this mare is AWESOME

but yeah....basically the army is a douche. and the only good thing about this chunk of rock int he middle of the ocean is the ranch. rofl

plus this saturday is the parade...and betina hasnt said ANYTHING about when, where and how were getting there...i know the riders have to be mounted by 0730....were taking 7 horses 2 of which i know for sure have SERIOUS trailering issues so i dont know if they want us to go help load at 0430 or if me, tansy, and diana are carpooling down or what....i was going to find all that out on wednesday when we went to look at the hrose but now i have no idea....i guess im just gonna have to sneak out early today and head to the ranch to find out. grrrr haha

anyways end rantish thing-a-majig

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Well, at least you're off extra duty.....

How long before you're on it again? LOL

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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My dad used to always tell me that Ponies can smell an open gate haha Sounds like a great volunteer job!
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Well, at least you're off extra duty.....

How long before you're on it again? LOL
bahahaha hopefully uuuuum NEVER. haha im going to just slide under the rader for the next 1 1/2 yrs (hopefully)

thanks EthanQ yeah. the littles ones are always the trouble makers.

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