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        07-17-2012, 06:29 PM
    Hi Hailey - in these pics I threaded the end of the lunge through both bit rings and clipped it to itself, so it is acting as the curb - and I worried about it always giving some pressure - but it seems to be the least offensive method to her...

    I tried running the lunge line up through one snaffle ring, around the back of her head and hooked to the far snaffle bit ring, which is how I have always lunged my horses - she hated it - lots and lots of head shaking... I tried just hooking it to the bit ring - she hated it as when she went around she cocked her head so far in to avoid the pressure she was basically sidepassing around the circle. Doing it this way she seems to accept - the lunge is a really light cotton line, so isn't giving her to much pressure... she is pretty picky, this one :P
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        07-18-2012, 10:37 AM
    Apparently! Im picking my brain, trying to come up with another possible solution. I'll let you know if I come up with one!
        07-18-2012, 08:08 PM
    Had a good day with both Ivy and Whiskey.

    Sent in Whiskey's entry forms for State Fair and a 4 judge APHA show, both at the end of August, so it's time to light the fires and get Whiskey back in shape. Kellie and I rode - she rode Whiskey and I rode Ivy in the big back pasture. I put a rope noseband on under Ivy's bridle and she was pretty quiet at the walk today - still gaping at the trot - I lunged her and desensitized her for about 30 minutes before walking her around the arena - this was the first time I rode her in the big open space but I was probably only on her for about 10 minutes - Kellie said she was pretty busy with her mouth but she wasn't trying to root or take the bit - still not happy with her mouthiness but we are just going to keep exposing her to it and keeping her experiences good - I may go get a french link snaffle and try that one... going to ask the local resale shop if I can get a few different types to try on her - I swear I am going to have my own personal bit collection at this rate

    Kellie rode Whiskey for about 45 minutes and then we put them both away, but I went back out a few hours later and drilled Whiskey on showmanship - my 6 year old, Wren, came out and I drew out the lines and we started showing her the showmanship squares, with her dad helping.

    Right after I bought the other little saddle, a little show saddle came up for sale and I went and got it (for 120.00) and so today Wren tried it out - I love it! It is sooo cute Wren has to learn to get her legs back while she rides, but she had fun riding Whiskey around the cones. Brushed Whiskey down good and called it a day.

    Here's pics of Wren's new saddle, learning showmanship, and riding (I love pictures) :)
    Attached Images
    File Type: jpg wrenwhiskeyJuly18.jpg (18.9 KB, 43 views)
    File Type: jpg wrenssaddle.jpg (33.0 KB, 45 views)
    File Type: jpg WrenshowmanshipJuly18.jpg (55.9 KB, 44 views)
        07-19-2012, 11:47 PM
    Today Whiskey had a 20 minute ride - I waited until after 8 to ride and it was already dusk - I hadn't fed yet as I was on the phone with my dad for 2 HOURS - he does like to pontificate :) . I went out, threw a saddle on Whiskey and worked horsemanship and steering - she was a really unhappy camper as it was past her dinnertime, getting dark, and the kids were playing in the barn so she could hear grain buckets rattling, doors opening, etc... but she was pretty responsive so it was a good ride.

    On a funny note, I left Ivy out in the pasture, which is also where my "arena" is dragged out, so Ivy came out and placed herself at my knee and ponied herself around the arena right at Whiskey's hip - I reached down, petted her head and neck, and she stayed there as we did serpentines at the trot - I wish I would have had someone take a pic as it was pretty funny. Then about the time I was going to get off and tie her up so I could safely do my ride, she got bored and wandered off.

    When I was done riding I hopped off and did a few showmanship drills and Whiskey stood square right away and did well, so I brought her in and brushed her down good then refilled water buckets and gave them both their dinner. While I was doing this the kids were riding their three wheelers in the barn, bouncing balls, and playing with the hose in the aisle and both horses were watching them with interested expressions.

    It was a short day out there but a good ride.
        07-21-2012, 11:40 PM
    No riding the last two days because I got two teeth pulled and a filling repaired, so I wasn't up to riding... I did, however, go visit my new puppy and he is probably the cutest puppy on earth. He is an AKC English Mastiff and we named him Tug... here's a couple pics of him (and me)... he is two and a half weeks old :)
    Attached Images
    File Type: jpg TugJuly21.jpg (87.7 KB, 37 views)
    File Type: jpg KrisandTugJuly21.jpg (93.8 KB, 38 views)
        07-23-2012, 11:49 PM
    Today Whiskey and I rode English - she was a pissy girl - swishing her tail on canter transitions, shaking her head, etc.. everytime she did it she got a bump or a swat with a firm "OT OT!" and then I would push her into a faster canter ... she's lazy so this is her worst possible punishment... then after a lap or two, I would ask again nicely - if she responded smoothly I would tell her "good" and ride very softly. After about 20 minutes she was doing much better. I rode for about 30 minutes and then took the saddle off and put on her showmanship halter and we worked on showmanship for awhile - she was great! Set herself squarely very quickly and planted that pivot foot. We worked on trotting around cones with me to the inside, and then with me to the outside. When I was on the inside I slowed my legs so she could keep up, on the outside I extended my legs and moved a little quicker while working to keep her right next to my shoulder and responsive.

    I had Ivy tied for Whiskey's lesson, then when I got her we just worked on ground manners ... she was bucking and jumping in the pasture when I went out so I could tell she was full of it today, and I didn't want to ask for anything she wasn't going to give me today. I put her on the lunge first and she took off, just running as fast as she could. I let her run for a few minutes to get some of her edge off, then asked for a trot and then a walk - reversing directions often and having her work on her responses to my voice commands. I have a 50 foot lead so I used that and walked with her to keep her circles really big ... I worked her for about 30 minutes before she calmed down enough to be listening. Had her give me a relaxed trot and an only slightly fast canter and then back down to walk and whoa. Then grabbed a sheet and ran it all over her, and worked on walk/ whoa and stand. Practiced setting her up, she is getting better at it. Worked on crossing over her front legs (first step to getting a clean pivot) and giving her hindquarters both ways. Then on to trot/walk/whoa.

    She ended her lesson calm and happy. She has a few tooth bumps on her jaw, maybe the cause of her unhappiness with her bit? She had her wolf teeth pulled a month ago, but now we have new teeth coming in...

    I rode late in the evening right as it was getting dark and it was still pretty hot out there, got no time to take days off though - show is now one month away...
        07-24-2012, 11:57 PM
    Pretty much repeat of yesterday - rode Whiskey english - worked hard on keeping my hands very soft and encouraging her to reach down and lengthen her stride, driving deep with my legs and pushing her belly up - keeping my posting slow so she wouldn't trot faster - just lengthen - I think to myself "Cute Boys, Cute Boys, Cute Boys" as I go around, to help me maintain my rhythm. Worked a little on the canter, she gets chargy because she is out of shape - which is my fault...I really have to drive that outside leg in to push her hindquarters to the inside which helps her get under herself... then bending and half-passing across the arena at a walk, serpentines, and pivots and turns on the forehand - she was still a little pissy today but I expect it as she has been out of work (serious work) for a while, so is a little resentful. We rode for about 30 minutes since she's out of shape and then on to showmanship.

    Kellie worked Ivy today on the lunge then leading and whoa, and setups and crossovers, then rubbing all over with a blanket...
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        07-26-2012, 11:22 PM
    Yesterday I rode Whiskey western - I have a trail clinic coming up on Saturday afternoon so figured to do some trail obstacle warmups - she did really well, so I took off her saddle and did some bareback horsemanship patterns- as a child I rode everywhere bareback, so I was surprised how difficult it is to hold position at the lope now ... Ivy had a great day - She stood tied while I worked Whiskey, then I ponied her around the pasture and arena and she held her position really well. I got off Whiskey, tied her up, and walked Ivy through the trail obstacles, then worked on showmanship working on her setup and a 1/4 turn pivot and back - she is getting so much better on her groundwork. I put a snaffle in and she had to pack it around. She doesn't fuss with it much as long as there is no pressure on it, so I just let her figure it out.

    Today I took a big step and ponied Ivy out on the road and around the nearby fields for about 20 minutes, we had to cut it short because of thunderstorms, but she was really interested in everything and seemed to really enjoy the outing, so we'll do that again soon. After we got back I worked Whiskey on trail and western horsemanship and showmanship, leaving Ivy tied in her stall - she called a few times for Whiskey, but was quiet most of the time. I then brought Ivy out and introduced her to the kids toys they left out, including a red wagon I pulled around and had her walk next to it, in front of it, behind it - it is a squeaky thing but she didn't seem to mind. We worked on showmanship again and set ups. I let her wander around the barn and she played with the plastic shavings bags and carried the empty feed bags around as I cleaned the barn aisle.

    I measured her and Whiskey with a tape measure with my husbands help - she is 14.3 at the wither, 15 at the hip as a 2 year old - I hope she grows to 15.3 - as big as her mom and dad - hard to tell what's going to happen because she had such a rough start. Whiskey is 15.2, which was surprising because she is so built I would have sworn she was taller... I think she's done growing as she is 4, but we'll see.

    A couple good days with the kiddos. :)
        07-31-2012, 01:56 AM
    Lightening and downpours today (we'll take it!!) and lightening and thunderstorms yesterday, so didn't ride either horse. Did take Whiskey to a trail horse clinic on Saturday morning, which was really good.

    We learned:
    1. On the gate, get right next to the gate and be forward enough you don't have to lean to get the rope. Once you pick up the rope, back smoothly and angle their butt out away from the gate so you have enough room in case their is a pole on the ground to step over as you go through the gate, then as you walk forward, really hug the gate and again get to it tight, then back smoothly until you can just put the rope back - without leaning.

    2. Walk overs - ours were 2 feet apart. Trainer suggested making a mental mark on the ground one foot before the first pole, then halfway between the other poles as you walk over - Whiskey would put her feet right where I was staring. I was told not to hesitate before the poles, and to not lean forward out of my seat - sit deeply and move forward carefully.

    3. Trot overs - a 12 foot square we had to do serpentines through - should be 3 strides at a working trot, don't guide too much with hands, use legs, legs, legs. Look where you want to go, and bump with your legs and check with reins to get the horse up and rounded.

    4. Lope overs - learn spacing - again with the mental note of first hoof hitting the ground one foot before first pole, then using the right line to try to keep the horse smooth and even ... for us it was 6 strides.

    5. Back through - patience. I was rushing, so we had to sit, back with spur cue with me looking straight ahead, and not relying on reins. We had to practice a couple times to get our placement right for the turn, I am going to be working alot on this in the next few weeks.

    6. The box, we did good and we were reminded quick and smooth is best.

    Overall - I needed to modernize - keep my butt in the saddle - work on spacing and body positions, if Whiskey is getting frustrated, just keep working on it without getting harsh with her - let her figure it out. If she is clunking the poles, just keep working on spacing and set her up correctly. When you walk the course, look for how many strides it should take - for us four feet is one stride.

    It was a great clinic, and the trainer is having another one in a couple weeks on showmanship and horsemanship - which is great timing since I have two horseshows back to back the weekend following the clinic :)

    In the meantime, Ivy is busy in her pasture, she is bucking, rearing, pacing and acting like a crazy thing in the bad weather, but when I go into the barn she comes racing in for a goody. She hates to be by herself in the field, but I refuse to let her in with Whiskey as Whiskey is a pig and would eat all Ivy's extra food, plus I don't want Ivy to get any more attached to Whiskey than she already is - they share a fenceline so that's good enough - I keep thinking I am never going to keep any weight on her the way she is always running around, but just when I think I am going to break down and put them in the same paddock, I look out and Ivy is out eating in the back or checking out the cows on the back fenceline. I think she'll adjust - and all her moving around out there is great for her bone development.
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        07-31-2012, 02:40 AM
    That sounds like it was a really informative and fun clinic!

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