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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        08-10-2012, 12:10 AM
    I'm so glad to see you posting. Lady is wonderful, but she's def not worth Lacey and your relationship suffering. Loooverly photos!
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        08-14-2012, 07:00 PM
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    Thanks for the support, cakemom! That's basically how I feel too. There's just something about Lady's personality that's just not the right fit for where we are now and, while she's fantastic, I'm sure she'll make someone else a better longterm companion than she'll make for me. :)
    And thanks! :)

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Sooo yesterday we didn't do much. Just hung out together. I did mess with Lacey's hooves a bit and got them looking pretty respectable.

    Then, today, we went on a SUPER long ride! I didn't set out with that intention, it just kinda happened... lol
    Basically, I started out with the intention to just do that long ride we did that other time - the middle trail, if you recall.
    We got all the way up to the top of the second "volcano" and as we were heading off down the other side, this narrow trail off to the side caught my eye. It's one that I've been wanting to go on but whenever I've been up there it's been overly wet or otherwise gross and since that trail isn't improved like the ones I usually take (no gravel/sand footing, just dirt), I didn't want to get into trouble, you know?

    Anyhoo, it's been very dry for weeks so I figured that out of any day for that trail to catch my eye, today was the day to do it.
    And, well, I'm afraid I have been bitten by the "explore ALL the trails!" bug. there are a couple others I've seen while out riding that I've never really had the nerve to try but now I really want to do it! Haha

    Lady was SOOOO mad about the whole situation. She was basically dragging the whole time. Lacey was so jazzed that she was basically just pulling Lady like nobody's business. It was fantastic.
    I SHOULD have taken my camera (next time, I promise!) but this was some kind of gorgeous trail. I think I'm in love with it. We were on it for a good 45+minutes and Lacey was walking probably 9-10mph (when she's into something, she doesn't believe in walking at all slowly, hahaha) so there was a lot of space we covered. It was really great.
    AND! It ended up turning my already favorite trail into a loop! Bonus!! So now, that trail can actually be a loop or even a figure-eight - perfect for riding.

    I also forgot to turn on my pedometer thingy that'll graph where we went and exactly how long it was -bummer deal. Next time.

    Next time my plan is to ride it going the other way. The way we went today made it all be pretty much downhill which is probably the least fun ever when you're riding a super jazzed, basically blind, horse. Lacey doesn't get out of control, persay, but she gets into this "zone" where she is GOING for it and if you don't like it, tough cookies. She's perfectly responsive, just yknow, the typical "hot" Arab who's life calling is to get the job, whatever the "job" is, done. I never let her run in that^ state because that's when she does get out of control ("JOY!!! RUNS LIKE CHAMPION!") but at a walk she's great, just crazy fast.
    Anyway, if we go the opposite way on this new trail, we'll be going mostly uphill which is much more ideal.

    But yeah, all of us, except for Lady, had a bunch of fun. There were a few bridges we got to cross, quite a few large logs to step over, a few banks, a few drops, and most of the way it was a single-file sort of "steep drop-off on one side" trail. SUPER FUN.

    Any other horse I would be so concerned about what we just did, but with Lacey, she's just so "I got this" that you just can't help but be infected with the same confidence.

    Though Lady was mad, I think was a really good mind-thing for her to engage in. She had to really think about where her feet were, not to mention her first bridge crossings!

    After we got home, I hosed them both off really well, fed them, and sent them on their way.

    It was really amazing, when we got home, the effect that ride had had on Lacey's attitude. Even though she was tired, she was SO happy. The happiest I've seen her since her eyes really started causing her problems. Yay for serotonin!
    Apparently someone wants me to find them an endurance/LTD ride.

    Anyway, it was great. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again this week. However, it's supposed to be 95* tomorrow, 100* on Thursday, and 102* on Friday so our plans may have to wait until next week when it's cooler. Oh well, her health. :)
        08-14-2012, 07:09 PM
    Green Broke
    What? No pictures? Ohmygosh. Lucky lucky to have trails you can go on!
        08-14-2012, 10:05 PM
    Bad bad wallaby, no photos!! I have a horsey photo for YoU! I'll send it in a pm.
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        08-15-2012, 12:13 AM
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    I know, I know, I'm the worst. I just thought it'd be some lame-o ride and why would I need my camera? WRONG.
    Next time!! :)

    Speaking of pictures, though...Roperchick, did you get pictures of the saddle on a pony?? Perhaps I'm not the only slacker here!

    And yeah, I'm so excited that this is an actual trail! I had no idea what I was missing out on. I just figured they were some kind of deer trail, no idea that they actually go somewhere!
    Sometimes I really wish I had an arena vs the trails but really, Lacey wouldn't work nearly as hard in the arena as she does on the trails. Trails are her thang', super blessed to have a ridiculously bomb trail horse and access to great trails. If she were less of a trail machine, there'd be way fewer options open to us.
    Basically, true story, Lacey and I are some kind of uncannily blessed. I don't know how to explain it other than to say that God is making sure that things works out right for Miss L. It's crazy ridiculously cool. :)
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        08-15-2012, 09:01 AM
    Green Broke
    Happy to hear that you & the horses had such a wonderful day.
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        08-16-2012, 12:18 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by Wallaby    
    Speaking of pictures, though...Roperchick, did you get pictures of the saddle on a pony?? Perhaps I'm not the only slacker here!

    Haha sorry not yet. It wouldnt fit on the 2 horses I've been riding. But I got a new project horse so if I can get permission from the owner ill get some pics for you this saturday!
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        08-16-2012, 12:56 AM
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    That HAS to be a preggers belly. It just hazta.
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        08-16-2012, 01:15 AM
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    So today was...a day. Lol

    Initially, in the morning, Lacey was doing fantastic. I was actually quite impressed with her since she wasn't acting at all sore or otherwise overly tired after our ride yesterday. Usually the day after a ride like that, you can tell that it's the day after! But not today. I guess that shows that she's in a good place conditioning-wise!
    I try to keep a certain level of fitness on her but it's definitely nice to see that fitness pan out! :)

    However, it was 95* today and in the evening I could definitely tell that she had gotten too hot. Basically, while she was still alert, she was "off", yknow? Like instead of heading straight down to the shed with Lady and standing there waiting for me, in her stall, basically tapping her hoof, like she usually does; I fed Lady, prepared Lacey's food, shook her bucket around, called to her (she was only maybe 15ft away), and finally had to go up to her with the bucket and shake it right under her nose for her to even really register that food was available.
    That's pretty typical "too hot" behavior from her so I'm not really overly concerned - her vitals are all fine, she's hydrated, her eyes look great... But I am going to hose her off really good tomorrow before "lunch" to hopefully cool her body down enough that she'll be able to deal with the afternoon heat better (it's supposed to be 100* tomorrow).
    Obviously, of course, I would much prefer if she could actually deal with heat but yknow...

    Thinking about it, I might stick them in their stalls for the afternoon as well... There's a nice breeze that goes through there and there's shade. Then LaceyLace wouldn't be standing in the blazing sun (as is her habit) being all "gots to try to eat the grassez through my grazing muzzle!!" and she'd hopefully stay cooler...

    Of course, Lady would have a cow about being in but if I stuff the shed with hay (maybe mix some alfalfa in with Lady's - make it more "exciting") I bet she'd stay there.

    I'll give it a try. Friday it's supposed to be 103* and that's even more concerning...

    Anyhoo, I took some picture today! To maybe, kind of, make up for the lack yesterday.
    Speaking of yesterday, I am SO badly sunburned from that! We were in the shade!! Apparently shade does not matter when you're a pale-y like me. Lame. I wore a tank top thinking that it would be cooler than a T+that I wouldn't get burned since we were in the shade (I never wear tanks as a general rule because my shoulders get SO burned - they're actually permanently scared n' stuff from previous burns... ) yeah, NO.
    I guess I should be thankful that I could have been more severely burned (no blistering!) but still, lame.

    Pictures! I was posting pictures!!

    This morning...after "lunch"

    Hard to impress horse is hard to impress.

    Ponies n' sunset.
    That dog you see is this crazy dog I'm petsitting. Lacey HATES him. He loves Lacey. It's sad but also hilarious. He just doesn't stay out of her space and she's super uncomfortable with him in her space so I've had to save him from being bitten about 4 times already, in as many days. Thankfully today he started catching on that horse+pinned ears=MOVE YOUR BUTT so hopefully he'll survive until his owners pick him back up on Friday.


    ETA- Tiny, I most vehemently agree with you. :/ She's acting more and more preggo, AND that belly has not stopped getting bigger and bigger. Also, when I pony Lady off Lacey and I look over+down at Lady's belly, it's massively wide. The widest part of her. There's NO way it could be a hay belly, imho.
        08-17-2012, 12:37 AM
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    Speaking of a preggers belly, the pictures I got today make it look even huger..but really, like it does irl... Yaaaay.
    At least, I suppose, Lady is turning out to be an attractive horse conformationally. Not great, but with the addition of food, the faults she has seem to be less extreme, at least compared to my initial read on them. Too bad she's weird in the head...hopefully that's due to being an orphan and not genetics...

    Not to bash the rescue at all, I mean they're doing good work and doing their best, BUT instead of finding a haven of horse knowledgeable people (never met one before outside HF! I was excited!), I seem to have stumbled upon another group of the same ol' same ol ignorant people that seem to run the horse world.
    I've been really hounding them about getting Lady pregnancy checked and, while I understand that they have horses in more dire need of vet $$ etc etc, they KEEP putting me off because the rescue lady that came to see her thinks she's maybe 6 months along or it's a hay belly, that means she's 6 months along/it's a hay belly and I'm senselessly "panicking". No need to double check, apparently a visual check is all that's needed.

    WTHECK PEOPLE!!! WHAT IF SHE DROPS A BABY HERE, ON "MY" PROPERTY??? What am I going to do then???
    Not to mention that I have no idea about the fescue content in my grass/hay! I mentioned that to them and they said that "wasn't a concern". Um, when I'm the one unexpectedly traumatized by a red bag delivery/dead baby, you better BELIEVE it's going to be a concern!

    Gah, I'm just so frustrated about it. I understand that people who get into rescue are going to, most likely, be in it for some part of the "glory" of rescuing a horse but seriously. All the rescues are not going to be glory-ridden cases. Some of them ARE going to be like Lady - skinny, nutty, small, and probably pregnant.
    They make a huge fuss on their Facebook page when they get in a skinny skinny mare/gelding and one they got adopted the day she came in due to the fuss they made. Lady, on the other hand, isn't even on their Facebook page, there's been no fuss over her, no pictures posted... Give the girl some time in the limelight! Someone is going to fall in love with that lil blaze of hers and her nuttiness, she just needs to be displayed enough that that person will find her!
    She can't exactly help that she wasn't born super eyecatching, color/markings-wise, but she has that Arab "it-factor" that someone is dying to have.

    Suuuuper frustrated. Doesn't help that Lady spewed her brattiness all over me today... I want her to find her person...who isn't me! Haha


    Anyway, basically, all today was was cold hosing in the morning (I hosed Lacey for a good 15 minutes this morning), then into their stalls for the rest of the day.

    Bonus, we made it through the day without Lacey getting at all mentally "lost"! It got up to 95* in the shed, 102* in the sun, but Lacey's none the worse for wear. I think we've hit upon a new "it's hot out" routine.
    I also soaked Lacey's flymask in water before putting it on her which she hated having put on, but her face stayed really cool all day which I think helped.

    Lady did exit her stall (tool-face horse) sometime in the afternoon/evening but Lacey stayed in like a good girl. I haven't really decided if I even want to stall Lady tomorrow. I might leave her side open and shut Lacey in because I don't particularly like constantly reinforcing Lady getting out by allowing her to constantly get out...but at the same time, I don't want Lacey to panic about Lady not being nearby... Decisions, decisions. They both had plenty of hay, Lady's getting out wasn't so much "gotta go eat" as much as "this is stupid, I'm leaving".

    Ah, anyway, pictures for you!!

    "haha I got out this way! LOL."

    "You seem mad...I can come back in??"
    [I think Lady and I don't get along because she does stuff like this^. Lacey and I just don't do things to do them, we have a purpose. Lady just does stuff because she thinks it's fun/will be entertaining. Lacey and I don't get that. We understand doing fun stuff to achieve an end but we don't waste time like My Little Pony over here... ]

    Her tail. <3

    She's getting a pretty neck...

    My wide boat of a horse. She's cute.

    Queen Ann's Lace has to be my favorite flower to photograph...

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