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Green Broke
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One the stone marker, how about "much loved horse of Wallaby" ?

Also, if you take the job, who'll care for your goats?
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I'll live in her friendly neighbor's field in a tent for the summer and take care of them o.o

Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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Originally Posted by Endiku View Post
oooooh, summer trail guide on a BEACH? Yes. Good luck with your interview- I know they'll love you! I mean come on.

Don't worry about logistics yet- if this is meant to be, God will work it out and someone will step up to take care of your trouble mean, perfect citizens.
what she said!

I wish that I would have done something for *me* like this after college...instead I went straight to work and now I'm 4 years into the "real world" with a full time office job and a house and it just really isn't fun! So I'd say if you get the chance to do something great & exciting then DO IT!
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Ah! Thanks you guys!

From the online reviews, it looks like the place is just walk/trot which is so nice! At lest there shouldn't be cantering fools! haha

That's kinda my perspective too, Allyson. If this job is the plan, doors will open. If it's not the plan, doors won't!
It'd be one thing if Lacey were here and needed her usual high-level of summertime care, but the goats are really low-maintenance and could probably do ok with a single daily check, or a check every few days...and it wouldn't necessarily have to be be me doing it since their needs, unlike Lacey's needs, require very little special experience.
Also, PLEASE come live in the pasture. :) You'd love it. The goats would love you!
Actually, you can come live in my house. We have an extra bedroom! And my family knows alllll about the whole food/life-allergies everything.

Haha, thanks Caroline and SueC. :)

Gunslinger, I'm not going to worry about that just yet. If I go there and it's the best place ever and I get the job, then I'll think about that. But, for now, it's just an adventure.
But I knoww! The idea of even considering this is nerve-wracking. However, I ALWAYS get in my own way by assuming I can't do something/won't be able to manage/won't be good enough/etc or I find problems [like "who'll take care fo the goats! I can't leave them!"] and let "maybe"'s hold me back.
This time, whatever the outcome, I'm going to have a "crazy" dream and I'm going to follow matter how much I want to say "no! This is scary and new! I want to be safe and comfortable!"
I'll be able to at least say I tried and I didn't give up.

If it doesn't work out, at least I'll have gained a trip to the beach with one of my oldest friends+her dog AND gotten to horseback ride on the beach. It's a win-win! :)

Julia, YOU HAVE A HOUSE!!?? Well that's just awesome! I'm impressed. Most of the people I know, in their 20's, either still live at home or have 40 billion roommates. It's probably cuz 1. it's Portland and 2. those kinds of jobs just don't exist here for young people...but still!! YOU HAVE A HOUSE!!?! Well PLAYED.

There is not a whole lot to report. I guess I'm kind bored. haha

Oh! But look at US! We're on to the 100th page of this journal and 7 posts away from 1000 posts?? WHAT?! Hollllla. Look at us go!

Yesterday I had my first appointment with a "counselor" to deal with my *stuff*. Just talking to someone was good. It wasn't really due to any one thing, but a lot of things happened when I was growing up that I've been unable to let go of and I know they're affecting me now - in how I relate to people, how I deal wit the world, how I view myself...and I want to be more than the things that happened.
The counselor pronounced me fixable and "a delightful young lady" I guess that's good? haha
Hopefully we'll get some stuff figured out!

In other news, I put Atti's "backpack" on him again and he did MUCH better this time. We did a little desensitization last time before I took it off [strap touching his belly, he stands still, treat, repeat, no treat if he moves, etc], and it really seemed to help this time! This time he got way less excited about it!
I did more strap desensitization with him tis time before actually putting it on so I'm sure that helped. Before buckling anything, I made sure to "pretend" buckle it, and gave him treats for standing still, at least 4 times with each strap.
He still didn't *love* it, but he didn't panic!

I DID take the bag part off so the only "new" thing was really the straps under his belly. I decided that added, though very light, weight on his back AND the new-concept of belly straps might be too much. Luckily, the compartments on this pack are velcroed on=removable.
So I'm gonna work at getting him totally chill with the backpack base, THEN add the pack part.

He was *clearly* thrilled.
But, his pupils are way less dilated=less aroused/worried so yay!

He wore it eating breakfast. I figure that eating with it on is a good exercise - the straps will pull "funny" on his body, but he's doing something relaxing and rewarding and, at least in his case, he can't eat AND worry.

And some deer that were in the pasture this morning:

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Originally Posted by Wallaby View Post

This is priceless, Emily. Never seen anything like it before. We had goats when I was a kid. Thanks for the great photo!
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This reminds me of those pictures people post of their kids, 'first day of school!' haha. Atti is going to pack-goat school! <3 so cute. And I'm sure it is great for his mind to always be stimulated. Seems like the less people do with their goats, the more trouble they find.
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Everyone in your life is meant to
be in your journey, but not all of
them are meant to stay till the end.
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anytime, SueC!! I'm glad it gave you a laugh. Atti and his backpack always makes me chuckle too.

So true, Allyson!! That's actually half of why I started training him to do things - he was always getting into trouble and I really wanted to teach him what wrong behaviors were and what acceptable ones were...and that kind of morphed into this! haha I never anticipated him being much more than just Lacey's friend...but it's actually turned out that he's MY friend too. :)
I love the "first day of school" analogy, he'd probably agree. haha

Speaking of Atticus, THIS:

[my camera was definitely metering off Atticus so my shoes/Hazel look like they're made of it. haha]

AH! He's a genius!

I'm thinking I need to work on my talking to him ["good boy" really doesn't need to be said 50 times after things he knows well, but hey - learning process!] but otherwise I think I'm pleased with how he's coming along.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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i love how his little tail goes waggedy-wag when he knows he DID IT!
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Right, Caroline?! He's such a sweetheart. And he tries so hard! I just love how much he tries.
And his tail is a really nice "get-it"-meter. When he understand a cue, he wags when he does it right...but if he doesn't understand the cue yet and isn't really sure what I'm looking for, he doesn't wag his tail really at all. He's cute. :)
He really makes me wonder what other goats could be, if more goats were know?

I mean, he had a rough start that definitely colors his perception of the world - what if he had had a perfect start AND got this kind of training?
Also, why aren't there Guide Goats?! I feel like a goat could, perhaps, make a better guide animal than the guide horses people have..? Why horses but not goats?
After all, there are goats that are naturally small enough [no dwarfism issues] and Angora goats, like Hazel, are about the size of a Lab and incredibly laidback...of course, it'd have to be an Angora mix to avoid the shearing thing but that's not hard!

Haha Guide new calling in life.

SO, I put Atti's backpack on him again yesterday and it went really well! He's totally chill about the straps now - YAY!
He gets a little panicky when I remove it and have to pull the chest piece over his head, but I'm sure that'll fade with repetition.

Hazel's doing SO WELL! Guys, she is chubby, she is playing, she is GALLOPING, she is JUMPING stuff that's in her way...I do not even know. Go Hazel!
I'm really happy for her!
Her hooves are looking fab [at least her front ones, her back hooves are never going to be "normal"] too - Lacey's hoof trimmer has been doing them every 5 weeks since November-ish and this is the first time in Haze's life that she's actually getting regular "correct" hoof care. So that's cool and I'm sure it's not hurting anything! Her front hooves are actually starting to be really upright, like goat hooves should be. It's wonderful!


Onto the part half of you have probably been waiting for: NG.

I am currently conflicted.

Last night he was a little stand-offish, but friendlier than the week before. So that was good.
He reminded me more than once that our Kentucky Derby thing is next Saturday and, when I told him we needed to discuss that [I needed more info, etc], he actually sought me out after church and made sure we talked about it.

I think I found the reason for his behavior last week: I told you guys that he's going to Tennessee for the summer, right? He got some job and everything kind of worked out perfectly for him to go there [he did his undergraduate at some college there].
Turns out that, after we had lunch, he found out he would be moving to Tennessee for a YEAR. That the job had been extended from just the summer to a YEAR. And he's leaving on June 15th.

So I guess I can see that.
I mean, I'd probably do the same thing if I were in his shoes. If he were to, hypothetically, have feelings for me and something happened where we became a thing, it would basically automatically be a long-distance thing. And that'd put a lot of stress on everything. After all, we only met 4 months ago!
The "logical" thing would be to throw some distance between us now, here, so it's easier to leave.

So that really makes a lot of sense.
I would do the same thing.
And it also makes sense that he couldn't just tell me that. I wish he had just told me. But I can understand.

Things got interesting again.
Yesterday I texted him a question about the KDerby and he didn't respond. So I was kinda "ok, whatever."

Then, today, he posted on my Facebook status "write a book." [which is what he posted on a different status last week..Caroline, he's a gentleman after your heart? ]

And not even 10 minutes after THAT, I got a text from him saying that his friend who was gonna come with us to the KD had accidentally made other plans and that it sounded like I was pretty busy too [at church I told him about the interview and how those two things back-to-back were gonna be stresssfullll], then stated that he was gonna be busy on Saturday morning too, and asked me if I wanted to get lunch tomorrow.
Then, 15 minutes later he texted me again to say that the Preakness is in a few weeks and maybe we could plan on going to that instead.


So I lost the Kentucky Derby thing, gained lunch tomorrow, and gained the Preakness??

OH MY GOSH. Why can't I like normal people??
Well, ok, I wouldn't like NG if he was "normal" - let's be real. I like him cuz he makes no sense and makes me laugh and makes my mind feel funny.

To quote Gman: "oh geez. So much confusion that man is causing..."
Gman doesn't even know the HALF of it.

So I really don't know. But I guess I'm having lunch with NG tomorrow? It was great before, I'm really looking forward to it.

Let's see how many times he brings up marriage.

[ETA: 999th post!! Whoever posts next gets 1000! This is so exciting! I never thought this journal would last this long! LOVE. IT.]
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Boom 1000!

Haha I love Atti videos. He's gonna be the most well trained goat EVER.

But confusing. Lol
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