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    08-21-2012, 09:47 PM
Super Moderator
Great idea Muumi! I had thought of something like that but then I was like "But it'd be so much work to get it back together again, wahwah". HOWEVER, I do not have to continue with my previous plan of lining a mask I already have with this new mesh and making a 100% new one. I have enough mesh to make 2 full Lacey-sized masks so I really don't need to reuse the "old" one. I could just use that one as a pattern (since I LOVE it's silhouette) and make 2 brand new ones. Silly me.

Right, Megan? Meeee too.
I actually just emailed them today, all righteously indignant, about how they aren't caring for their horse and I feel taken advantage of and how maybe they aren't as reputable as the person who recommended them to me thought, etc etc. And guess what? Not even 15 minutes later, I get an email AND a text apologizing out the wazoo, asking if they can call me tomorrow to set something up, etc etc etc.

Questioning their repute gets answers FAST!

Apparently, the girl "in charge" of me+Lady has been out of town so she passed our case to the director of the rescue and another lady. She was under the impression that I had been helped bunches in the time she was gone. Hah! "My" person feels terrible currently so hopefully we'll get somewhere.
I'm getting more and more of the feeling that the director is a little nutty and not in a good way...she's just really sketch.

In other news, it seems that while I've been out of the loop, it has turned up that Lady WAS exposed to a mini jack. So, there's a pretty sure chance that whatever's living in her belly is a pony-sized mule.
IT'S GOING TO BE SO CUTE. However, also a devil on wheels. Sassy Arab+Donkey? Dear goodness. I pity the trainer.

And, we went on a monster trail ride today. I still have to figure out which pictures I want to share (paring 55 of "the best" down to 15? HARD.) but to tide you over until I hopefully post a picture thread I have a video?
YES, I have a video!

This is the hill up to the cool new trail. I used my GPS today and it turns out that this hill goes from 500ft above sea level to 900ft, in about a 3rd of a mile = this hill.

Also, there were a gross amount of spiders up there. During this video I picked 3 off myself. It was horrifying.

I think Lacey's breathing is my favorite part. She gets to into it. THE BEST. And Lady. Totes refusing to enjoy herself...she's like a sullen teenage girl.

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    08-23-2012, 02:07 AM
Super Moderator
Well guys, I have fortunate/unfortunate news.

As of today, it appears that Lady will be leaving us on Monday. She'll be heading to the vet clinic first to get preg checked+ETA of baby, then heading to a home where she'll have her foal safely.
This will be the best for everyone and I'm sure they'll let me keep tabs on her. I'll for sure update on her when she foals/when she's adopted/other events in her life that I hear about.

I'm pretty bummed about this but at the same time, the plan from the start was not to keep her. I had hoped it could work out for forever but it didn't.
And really, she was a great foster for me to learn what my limits are. I had not realized how much of myself I was putting into Lacey's care and how little of my attention was left over. I thought a real project would fit in fine and that I'd really be able to get somewhere. It appears now that, with Lacey needing as much as she needs, any other horse I have will need to be a pretty reliable critter.
In a perfect world, Lady's issues would not be all that challenging. However, with Lacey taking up so much of what I have to give, it's just not fair to give Lady the shortest end of the stick possible and hope for the best.

I guess we can say though that this time with Lady has taught me quite a bit about things I hadn't even realized I needed to know. And she's given me a whole new perspective on what I am and am not comfortable with. AND she's really given me an eye into the kind of personality I like in a horse.
I claim to like Arabs with an undying passion, and I do, but I really like a "steady with a touch of fire" personality. Not something overly playful, something work(wo)man-like, something that'll get get the job done, something that doesn't look at a problem and see an insurmountable wall, something that instead sees something to be attained, something I can rely on without question, something that appreciates fussing but doesn't need it, etc.
I've realized that it's not really a breed that I like above others, it's a certain personality.

But gosh guys, I'm becoming more and more partial to horses older 20. I love youngsters but every horse I've really liked was at least 14 before I started liking them. Then, the older they got, the better I liked them.
Sooooo weird.
I guess old horses need a place too and that place is with me?
Thank you Lady for showing me what my heart really wants/needs! Haha

Anyway, this break is the best for all of us but it is sad. I'll make sure to have a little "Going Away" photoshoot with Lady though so we can commemorate her time with us in the classiest way possible.
    08-24-2012, 12:17 AM
Super Moderator
Guys, guys, guys, GUESS WHO HAS A NEW FLYMASK?

Um, yeah, that'd be Lacey.
It's not "the best" in the world (one of the eye darts is unevenly bigger (however, bigger darts are better, in her case, I suppose...around the ears is a smidge small) but it'll function just fine and it fits perfectly where fits counts.

So $9 "Guardian Mask" knockoff that's a whole bunch funner than the actual Guardian Mask (, if I do say so, 1, 2, 3, GO!

Go that.

In other news, Lady is definitely leaving Monday evening. I'm bummed. But this is the best for everyone.

She's so funny, it was really windy this evening so both girls were feeling a little fresh. Lady was running all over the place and when I got up there to feed dinner, I found Lacey by herself looking like a powder leg of energy and acting a little lonely. I called for Lady (she comes like a champ to "Ladylade! C'mere Ladylade!") and she can galloping up out of the far field (the one the AOM was trying to bully me about) and went trot/canter/bucking down to the shed. Then whinnied at Lacey and I like we needed to hurry up.
Such sass.

I think Lacey will be happy to go back to our usual slower way of doing things. Lady likes things to be done fast, when she likes whatever is happening, and never if she doesn't. It'll be nice to just go our pace again.

Captain Grazing Muzzle:

And the girls being too sassy for their own good.

    08-24-2012, 04:59 PM
Green Broke
YAAAAY flymask! Does she like it better than the last one? I know awhile back you were having issues with whether to keep it on at night because she didnt like having it on.

Aaaw going to miss the round lil' girl haha. But that's exciting that she's preggo. I hope you can see the lady jr. When its born somehow!
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    08-25-2012, 12:57 AM
Super Moderator
She does seem to really like the new one! I'm sure it doesn't hurt that it's basically like the darkest sunglasses ever (yes, I tested it... ) and since her eyes are photosensitive, bam, a match made in heaven!
On the "wearing flymasks at night" front, basically she's learned to like it. I don't know whether she's a genius or what but she definitely seems to understand the connection between flymask=comfy eyes, no flymask=ouchie eyes. But somehow she seems to have picked up that a flymask at night is actually not that bad and so now she looks for her flymask before wandering off after her "bedtime" feeding.

I think it's also helped that I've been using her green mask as the night time one because I feel like that gives her more vision in the dark vs the darker colored ones (wearing sunglasses in a dark room, and all).

I am concerned for the winter time though...will she need to wear a mask then? How will I avoid her getting all kinds of mud in it and mud in her eyes? What about rain+mask? I'm worried. But we'll figure it out. I guess I can be thankful that the initial (well, diagnosed initial, I know she's had episodes before that weren't recognized as such, poor dear!) parts of this "debacle" took place as we went into the spring/summer. Now I know my way around this a bit better.

Maybe I'll make her a mask of clear vinyl+that mesh? Water/mudproof+sunproof? That could actually work... wahahahahaha!

I'll miss Lady too. She's been a lot of fun. The LOP (Little Old People who own the property) are super super sad. They've really liked having her here with Lacey. They were always worried that Lacey "needed" a horse friend so they thought it was so fantastic that she had a horse friend! Haha
And hopefully I will get to meet Lady Jr (love it!) when she/he is born. How great would that be?

__________________________________________________ ____________

In today's news, I totally trimmed Lacey's front hooves ALL by myself! And she LOVED it!
I've been having the worst trouble with farriers/trimmers. I just cannot find one that actually does a good job and it's been the most frustrating thing evvver. I'm just like "I'm paying you $$$ and you don't want to do a good job? Who do you think you are? Brad freaking Pitt? Johnny goshdarn Depp? What? Is that a no I hear? THEN DO YOUR JOB!!!"

Anyhoo, I got myself a rasp and have taken the plunge. I've wanted to learn before but at the time, I thought (wrongly) that the hoof care Lacey was receiving was adequate, at worst. Apparently NOT.
Then, I recently switched farrier to someone who was initially better but after 3 trims, his work is steadily going downhill and I don't really want to stick around for the 12th or 20th trim.

So I decided to strike out on my own. I've done two lil raspings here and there but nothing "major". Tonight I went there. I read up, got my hoof parts down, created a game plan, educated myself on WHAT her hooves should look like, and went for it.
I've noticed some white line stretching which has bothered me in the past, but I figured that the trimmer/farrier was on top of it. In my reading, I've determined that that stretching I'm seeing really isn't great. Some horses can deal but over this summer, Lacey has seemed stiffer+stiffer and I'm wondering if that could be because of the things I'm seeing.

Anyway, so I did what felt like a lot to me (ie, nothing to someone who does that everyday) and got her wall backed up to the white line and rounded it off pretty hard.
I was initially worried I had done too much but literally AS SOON as the first "done" hoof hit the ground, Lacey stretched her back, her neck, licked+chewed, and stretched that leg as forward as it could go, then slowly dragged it back (like I've been teaching her! I've been stretching her everyday to hopefully help with that stiffness I've been seeing)!! I did the other front and got the EXACT same reaction.
I guess someone had opinions about their previous hoof care and perhaps they like their new hoof care person better?

I'm going to do her back ones tomorrow. I can't wait to see her reaction.

The other interesting thing I noticed about trimming is that you can't push/force the rasp. I hadn't really figured it out before and I think I was trying to force the rasp. I discovered today that if I just let the rasp do it's own work, things work out pretty well!

Anyway, that was super rewarding to trim Lacey's hooves myself and see her have such a good reaction to it. It feels great to make her feel better!

The other thing is that once I had done that, I realized just how misshapen her hooves are! Her heels are actually really pretty contracted, compared to how I thought they were "perfect" and the front to back balance of her hoof is really rather off (contracted frog, contracted heels, toe flare, etc). That means that she's been having some "not great" work for quite some time. Hopefully I can make a difference in that for her+we'll be on the road to beast hooves in no time...
    08-25-2012, 01:00 AM
Green Broke
Nice! I would definitely think about keeping her flymask on in winter...especially if yall get alot of snow.

That's awesome that you can trim her hooves yourself! Way to be independent haha!
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    08-25-2012, 01:11 AM
Super Moderator
Hah, right?
I'm basically ridiculously introverted so horses were always a way for me to come out of my shell, with the farrier/vet/etc aspect...but I've basically turned horses into a super introvert sport too! *chants: Idonotneedotherpeople,Idonotneedotherpeople*
Obviously, I need a vet still but I've found a vet that doesn't try to talk to me too much, I can email - don't necessarily have to call...
This is ridiculous. Lol

We really don't get much snow here so that's an aspect that won't be too bad (but she'll "get" to wear her mask on snowy days for sure! - also be in her stall but yknow, haha)...but I'm not sure how dark-ish gloomy days are going to affect her. From about November-Feburary, we basically have clouds. Blue sky is basically not something you see. And sometimes white clouds can be bright? We shall see, I suppose!
    08-25-2012, 01:14 PM
Wallaby, you make me smile with your posts.
I wave farewell to miss Lady... I hope motherhood suits her and that she finds herself a wonderful forever home. Hats off to you for your part in molding her into a good horse. Any rescue horse should be so lucky.
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    08-26-2012, 12:50 AM
Super Moderator
Aww thanks arrowsaway! I aim to please! Heehee :)
And you're so sweet! Lady deserves the best, I'm glad I got to have help her transition! I really think horses/animals are placed in our lives for a reason - the whole "the animal you need vs the animal you want" idea - and so even though this didn't work out for forever, I love that Lady was able to teach me at least some of what she was supposed to teach me.
I hope she's going to find a great forever home. She just exudes that kind of personality that someone out there is just going to adore. She's totally going to be that horse that someone talks about for years after she's gone. No doubt. She's just like that.

__________________________________________________ ___________


Guess what guys. Someone [me] got more mesh to make another flymask....*addicted to sewing for Lacey*
She's just been loving that new one SO much that I feel bad taking it off for the night+switching her to one of her others.
This one is light grey and going to be super classy. I'm excited!

Also, I did her back hooves today and she LOVED it again. She was moving a lot more confidently too when I was done - perhaps her hooves have been hurting her+causing some trepidation about movement? Freaking farriers.

Anyhoo, then I lunged her and she was so into it. Of late, she's been a little "realllly? I haaaavvvve to move? Seriously?" so it was great seeing her excited about it. Then I hosed her off (she worked up such a sweat!) and as we were walking back down to the shed, she was pulling a bit on me in a way she only does when she knows where we're headed and she wants to run to wherever it is.
She hasn't done that in literally months (since we moved to the new field/all summer) but I unclipped her to see what she'd do. And well, she lept away from me, squealed, bucked, and went awkwardly cantering (she does this weird "don't want to commit but WANNA RUN!" canter when she's concerned, but not, about the footing) allll the way down to the shed where she screeched to a halt in front of her stall (before the fence+drop).
Apppparently someone felt good today. Though I'm not sure who that might be, at all, no clue...

It was really great to see her being so happy!

Lady was being a sassy brat. She tried to kick my mom today. That was cool. Lady thought she was going to die, post kick-attempt, muhahahaha. My mom was ok, just all "I'm glad she's leaving!!" (my parents are anti-horse, haha), of course! So that was all fun... That horse, she needs some serious rule creation. I thought I was tough on the rules but apparently not enough!
    08-27-2012, 02:23 AM
Super Moderator
Note the title change. :)
I felt like it'd be sad to have Lady's name staring us in the face all the time once she's gone... :( Lady n' Lacey sounded great together though...bummer.

I'm SO excited to go exploring the new trails with Lacey, sans Lady. Lady was the worst at trails. I suppose I can't blame her -zero trail experience and all- but it'll be nice to only have to coerce one horse into going some direction. And I doubt Lace will need much coercion at this point, she's been chomping at the bit (lawl, puns) to do some running/exploring on a more regular basis.
We're going to have fuuuunnnnn.

I wonder if Lacey will care much when Lady leaves... It's a toss up. They're probably going to park the trailer down the road (Lacey gets SO excited by trailers, she's like Liz Lemon on 30Rock: "I want to go to there.") so that won't get her too excited. And she's generally pretty non excited about Lady calling all over the place... I guess we'll see!
My plan is to go back up there about an hour after Lady leaves to feed L her "dinner" etc and make sure she's still doing ok. I'm a little nervous!
I kind of feel like she'll relax pretty immediately. I think the stress of being "the leader/boss" has been getting to her a bit. She's not been her usual carefree self since Lady has been here, really. But she's usually that way around other horses, since her BFF Danni died a couple years ago (Danni was her "bodyguard" and no other horse has connected with L in the way she and Danni were's a little sad, like an old grandma outliving all her friends).

Anyway, I'm excited and also a bit sad. But mostly looking forward to just being Lacey and I again. I wonder if it'll be lonely, just us...

In OTHER news, I made Lacey another flymask today! This one is grey, but still 90% UV blocking. I did the pattern a little wrong so I have to mess with it a bit more but otherwise, it's great!
This one is basically identical to the grey one she had had, that turned out to have very little UV protection+caused her last episode, except this one has UV protection. I just really liked the grey+medium blue/flowers thing.
My other "task" for this week is to make her a riding mask that hopefully will attach to her halter/bridle = less bulk (currently she wears a halter, her bridle, and a flymask out on rides. Once Lady leaves, we can go back to just a riding halter most of the time but still...and it'd be useful in her lessons since her kids use the bridle). I already have a plan for it, just need to get measurements, new needles for the machine (the machine was FREAKING OUT on this last mask. The needle broke THREE times. I had three needles, total, in my house. That was cool.).

I haven't decided though if I want to do a black or grey riding mask. Grey would be lower profile, but to the people we come across on the trail, it might make her look like she has no face...not ideal. Black would stand out a bit better+possibly be less scary... But higher profile... Decisions! I suppose though, things could be worse.

Anyway, I took a few pictures today for you all! :)

This morning, at "breakfast". Lady had just whinnied very happily to me (she's taken to doing that, obviously laying the charm on thick). It's so funny. Lacey has a very deep, for a girl horse, nicker+neigh+whinny. Basically any noise she makes is crazy loud and deep. Lady, on the other hand, is very high pitched and always sounds a little panicky. Her noises don't carry very far either. It's very interesting!

This evening. Thrilled, as always, to see me.

Clouds! They were intense this evening. It's getting to be fall here.

Newest addition to Lacey's mask family!

I hope everybody is having a great day!! :)

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