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post #121 of 1967 Old 08-27-2012, 02:43 AM
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So Lacey is the "Liz Lemon" of horses, now.
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Something like that!

__________________________________________________ ______________

So...Lady is still here. This morning I got a text from my friend with the rescue saying that her preferred trailer guy had an emergency conflict for tonight+would it be ok if Lady was picked up tomorrow evening instead of tonight...
Well, I'm a bit of a "too nice" person so I said it was fine. And it really is, actually it might work out better (every night, except for Tuesdays, I make dinner for my parents+myself and I try to have dinner done by 6:30 so having them pick up Lady at 6-6:30 would have made dinner tonight a bit harder)...however, I wish she was gone already - ripping the "band-aid" off quickly and all, you know? I'm probably going to cry tomorrow when she leaves.

However, she's been behaving herself well for the last couple of days (aside from last night when I was having a groundwork lesson with one of my lesson kids+Lady tried to jump on top of me as I trotted her inhand...) so go her! And her being on her good behavior is making it easier to have her here.

In other news, I pressure washed ALL of Lacey's winter blankets (5: 2 sheets, 2 MW, 1 HW) today. They're all SO clean now! It's the best. Then they dried in the sun all day so they're clean AND they smell great.
I had dragged them up from the shed by wrapping them all up together in one of the sheets (realized halfway through dragging them up the hill that it probably looked like I was dragging a dead body of some kind...) because the hose+pressure washing thingy is all up at the gate, not to mention that the gate is the sturdiest place to hang blankets to spray the living daylights out of them.

I left them on the fence to dry all day so I could take them down when I went back down to feed.

As I was piling them all into this little red wagon I have up there, Lacey came and stood right next to me...kinda waiting expectantly. There wasn't really enough room in the wagon for all five blankets and she was there so I decided to "let" her help (not sure if that's exactly what she wanted but yknow, haha).
I stuck two blankets on her back and as soon as I released her (her release word is "ok") she started walking with SUCH purpose down to the shed. Every time I'd stop with the wagon, she'd stop too and wait for me to start moving again.
She walked the blankets all the way down to the shed and didn't move a muscle until I took them off her back. It was almost like she meant to help me, that that had been her purpose all along, even when she initially came over.
She's the sweetest.

Basically, I really don't feel like I "own" her. It's like she's another human that just doesn't happen to speak English. One of these days she's just gonna start talking like one of those horses from Narnia...oh boy. Lord help us when that happens!

Here she is, helping:

Captain Grazing Muzzle: Helper of blanket washers.

Love that horse!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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you act like it's normal for a horse to help it's master move things . it's not. It's special.
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She spoils me something terrible, that's for sure! She really is probably a unicorn. I have no other explanation.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I have made Selena carry my stuff...But of course that consisted of me dragging her along the barn aisles...She'd never do it on her own o.o You certainly are spoiled o.o
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Pssh.I didn't pick up the wrong lead
It's called a counter canter...
...A very advanced maneuver.
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Ah I love Lacey! She is too amazing!
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She's a Unicorn/Narnia horse/Liz Lemon. I'm telling you!

Basically she's why Lady didn't work out: she made Lady look badder than is probably even real. Poor Lady.

__________________________________________________ ___________

In other news, Lady truly left today.
The LOP cried. It was sad. I did not cry. I stood there like an emotionless brick of a human. I'm the worst. The rescue people gave me a jar of homemade horse cookies for Lacey. It was sweet.

Lacey basically had a cow when Lady left. She was neighing and neighing. However, she calmed down most of the way when she realized that Lady AND me hadn't both been disappeared by a polar bear. Apparently just Lady as a polar bear casualty was marginally acceptable. Obviously not ideal but acceptable. :P

Then I left her for dinner and when I came back she was even calmer. She started licking and chewing as soon as she realized that I was me (haha) so that was a good sign! She kept looking down the road like she thought Lady was still out there somewhere so we went on a little handwalk and determined that Lady was definitely no where near by and that we needed to give up on the idea of her possible survival. :P

After looking for Lady herself she pretty much totally calmed down. She's still looking for Lady a bit (obviously) but we even went down to the shed, went in "our" stall, and ate "our" dinner thoroughly. When I released her, she went pretty directly back up to the front gate but she did so pretty calmly so I'm pretty ok with that.

Tomorrow we're going on a ride and getting some of that energy out. We haven't been able to really ride all summer so L has some energy pent up. she's one of those ones that NEEDS to run pretty regularly or else she starts going a little "nuts". And she's currently going a little funny. haha

On the companionship front, I'm seriously looking into getting her a pair of goats. She got along with the llamas SO well, more comfortably than she does with horses, that I'd like to get her something that's "her own". And besides that, the LOP won't let the llamas come live in her pasture and her currently pasture is MUCH better for her so... Anyway, I'm going to go look at a pair on Friday. We'll see. I am not going to take them then, at all, but if they're "right", I might go get them next week. However, they have to be "right". I'm not settling for any old goat. One of the goats I'm going to be looking at is an old lady cute would that be - old lady horse, old lady goat. Sounds ideal. We'll see though.

In other news, of course I got a lil Lacey video for you. It's not a videographic work of art but yknow... :)

And then, some pictures. :)


"Um...Lady was eaten by a polar bear ovvvvver there. I'm pretty sure at least."

"Yup, yup, over there. We better go check it out!"

"Um no, what are you saying? I DO NOT look like a Quarter Horse from this angle! How offensive. I'm an AYE-RABE-EE-ANNE. Seriously."

"Um yeah, dawg, the sky behind me is purple. It's cuz I'm fly. Yoyoyo."

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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loved the sound effects in that video. if you took that sound made while she is eating and smacking her lips, and dubbed that into video of some gelatinous mass of a thing moving around, it would be a scary soundtrack for a film on Aliens.

And the long drawn out fart was just precious!
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hahaha YES! She is the loudest eater in the world.

The long fart was my favorite too. I was so glad I caught it for you guys.
She's practically gas powered.

__________________________________________________ ____________

Sooooo, today two things in particular:

I got a text from the rescue people saying Lady "is NOT" pregnant, she's just fat. Now I don't know about you, but I'm not going to believe that until it's been 5+ months with no baby.
Apparently they only ultrasounded which is cool if she's, I think I remember, less than 5 months pregnant. From what I've read, post-5 months preggo, the only truly accurate way to diagnose pregnancy is palpation (something about the baby dropping down lower into the belly, etc). Which they didn't get done.
If she were just THAT obese, I would have figured it would have been showing somewhere other than JUST her belly. Her ribs were/are still easily visible, her neck isn't cresty, all her bone structures are easy to find...I've seen obesity *glares at Lacey* and nothing obese that I've ever seen has looked like Lady. Of course, I'm not well-versed in rehabbing emaciated horses but obese is obese, right?

Anyway, I'm just glad I got "out". Even if Lady isn't preggo, she still was not a good match for Lacey+me.
The barn is soooo peaceful just me and Lacey. It's so nice.

Lacey and I went on a nice long ride today. She was worked up when I got up to her this morning but calmed down pretty immediately. She called a few times as we walked down to the trails (interesting how now that Lady is gone, Lacey is having issues with calling whereas when Lady was here, Lacey was "the quiet one", lol) but as soon as I got on, she pretty much settled down to "work".
We went on our usual ride, 3 miles, did quite a bit of trotting/cantering, some galloping and some walking. She loved it. We both had a really nice time. I think the MAIN thing with Lady was that she didn't give us the "alone-time" we needed together, yknow? It was like either we come back to some fence being broken down or she comes along.
When we got back "home" Lacey actually stayed really settled down. I tied her to the fence to while I went to turn the hose on and she gurgle-whinnied (haha) after me but I talked to her and she was fine.

Then we walked down to the shed and she ate her "lunch". The time that her stress level is the most apparent is around feeding time, imo. She has the hardest time eating all her food if she's at all nervous (constantlyyyy around Lady - price of being the big boss, I guess) but this morning (and this evening too, actually) she's been eating like a some kind of starving waif. Licking her bucket totally clean, munching her grass hay like it's going out of style (this time of year I start putting grass hay out in the shed, just in case the grass isn't great enough. Since I do free-choice grass hay all winter, it pays to get in that mindset early), it's funny.
It is nice to see her eating well again. I had been worried about it previously. I guess that's just more confirmation that Lacey doesn't need an equine buddy, something less less would be better.

And, other bonus, showing how relaxed she is, this morning AND this evening, after I left her post-feeding, she happily stayed in her stall munching hay. When she's feeling nervous/there's something she thinks needs "watching" happening in her world, she pretty much stays up by the front gate (where she headed in last night's video). Up there shares a fence with where she used to like to stand in her old pasture and there's only 3 sides that "need" watching so overall, it feels really safe to her.
Anyway, if she were still super nervous about being on her own, she'd be heading straight up for the gate after I left. The fact that she's not doing that shows a certain level of security that I'm really pleased with.

ALSO, gonna go meet "the" goats on Friday. Hopefully these first ones are "the one"'s. Suuuuper excited. I'm sure you can't tell.
The other bonus of goats is that there are SOOO many blackberry bushes in Lacey's pastures. They're probably taking up a full acre of pasture (if they were all consolidated) so, not that Lacey really needs MORE grass, it would be cool to have access to more of the whole pasture and not just what's currently free. There are quite a few nice spots that one just can't reach cuz of the darn berry bushes. It's duuumb.
Gonna go ask the LOP about goats tomorrow. Wish me luck! They'll probably be like "SURE!!! YOU ARE THE BEST." (they seem to have taken me under their wing like I'm some sort of "old" grandchild...) but sometimes they have interesting ideas. They are reallllly bummed about Lady so we'll see. I'm trying to time it for talking to the lady cuz she's more the "let's do it! *orders husband to agree*" type while the man is more the "well, there's this problem, this problem, and this problem. None will ever cease to exist and we're all probably gonna DIE" type. It's easier to get her ok than his. I really am like a grandchild/child. I'm such a manipulator. It is THE WORST. It's not my fault I can see weaknesses, right? I just exploit them for good -OLD LADY GOAT+OLD LADY HORSE- not evil!
I'm like the animal version of Batman...

Anyway, that is all.

Tomorrow is "Tack Room Clean Out" day. I'm scared. SO many mice, giant hairy black spiders, snakes, dead mice, etc live in my tack room. However, hopefully once I'm done, the tack room will be a bit less homey feeling for them... *fingers crossed*

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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bahahahaha i love Lacey! that fart....was epic! haha but are one spoiled girl...having a horse that will help you carry blankets down....every time i would have Charlie carry his saddle or a blanket, he would take off running, dump the saddle/blanket, spook himelf, fart then go investigate it and look at me like "uuum i didnt do that."
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*Insert something witty*
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