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Hahaha that's so great. That's totally what Lady would have done, had I suggested she do anything help me out. Charlie sounds like such a character! My brother's name is Charlie...=weird. lol

Lacey, on the other hand, is very very careful about everything. I think it's actually mostly due to her sight issues combined with her base personality which is more fearful than brave. She REALLY goes out of her way to make things be "not scary" and "scary" is stuff -anything- falling off her back, bumping things unexpectedly, me seeming mad, tripping, ouchies, etc. <----that is actually why I'm really surprised that she's doing so well with her decreasing vision. All the signs pointed towards her becoming this super phobic nutty blind horse but apparently NOT. Who knew, go Lacey! lol

__________________________________________________ ___________

Soooo, today I was not nearly as effective in the tack room as I would have liked. I got the final rubber mat OUT of L's stall (she hates them, she drags her feet to assess her surroundings+the rubber mats in her stall would constantly pop up and be...SCARY! haha so I've been moving them out of the stall to in front of the stalls) and that took the wind out of my sails. Rubber mats are stupidly heavy. However, I adore having them in front of the stalls. It looks so clean! and Lacey doesn't mind them out there either. I have them all smashed together so no edges pop up and it's just overall my fav.
I still have to get all the rubber mats out of the other stall though...yaaaay. Hopefully my brother will return from wherever he's been soon+I can coerce him into helping me move them...He's really strong.

Anyway, I decided that the tack room would be Saturday/next week's deal. Procrastination? Naaaaah.

In other news, I was able to switch Lacey's food over today. She had been eating Enrich 32 but I disliked how it had corn (inflammatory) in it and it was just a bit too high protein for the chub monkey. Today we finally finished her bag of Enrich so I went and got this loose mineral sup (Purina's 12:12) to set out for her (discovered that one of those small round rubber feed tubs+a corner feeder=BEST mineral place evvver) and I got her some timothy hay pellets to eat her supplements with.
She adores the 12:12 (was trying to open it with her teeth, while wearing the grazing muzzle, when I left it with her to take the pellets down first - thinking that the pellets were more likely to be messed with, apparently not!) so hopefully this'll work great for her. Then, for her "dinner" she ate the timothy pellets right up so yay for finding something that's healthy and that she likes!
Other bonus of this^ is that the 12:12 is $25 for a 285 day supply and the Timothy pellets are $12 for a 50 day supply (1lb/day). Compared to the Enrich 32 at $30 for 50 days, I'm saving SO MANY MONIES. I'm excited. At this rate I could become a tycoon...NOT.

Then (I've just been having a successful day today!) I was using FeedXL and, backstory needed: for months, no matter what I add or remove, FeedXL is CONVINCED that Lacey is missing a ton of Vitamin E, B12, and Folic Acid in her diet. Those are pretty important vitamins so I've been mildly concerned.
Today, I happened to be looking on SmartPak for B12 supps (hate SmartPaks but they are a great index of sorts for supplements! haha) and discovered Red Cell. So I stuck that in FeedXL and bam, look who would have correct B12, E, and FA levels? Lacey!
So I ordered her some of that. I found it for $20 for 68+ day dose so I'm pretty happy with that!!
Hopefully it'll do good things for her. FeedXL think it will! haha


And 2 pictures since you all are wonderful. :)

The sunset this evening...

Lacey, classing it up.
Now that her forelock is basically constantly braided, it's SO long and thick! O.o

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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I met the goats today! They're coming home sometime next week, barring catastrophe/Lockwood telling me that these goats are the worst ever. Probably next Thursday or Friday.
Exciiiited. Lacey would be too, of course, if she knew.

And, I can already tell, they are going to make for some great photos. They're each so different.
One, the older (9 years old, basically equivalent to a 20 year old horse) doe is a breed called an "Angora". As far as I can tell, they're pretty much like sheep in a goat's body - needs shearing, etc.

Google reference picture for funnsies:

aka- the cutest evvver.

Her name is currently "Tony" but I'm feeling like her name with me will be Hazel. Tony is a boy's name, sillies! And I like the name Hazel, especially for someone as mature seeming and dignified as this girl is.

Then, the wether (fixed boy goat, by the way) is 5 months old. He's a cross of a breed called the "LaMancha" and a breed called the "Alpine".
There were no good Google pictures of that cross but trust me, he's a cutie and should be pretty photogenic. He's basically, to use horse terms, a mixture of dark liver chestnut, and sorrel with a couple "pinto" spots.
And, LaMancha's have tiny little ears, which he happened to inherit from his LaMancha mom.
His name is currently Atticus. It seems to suit him and Atti is a cute nickname so I think he gets to keep his name. I was going to rename him "Petri" but Atticus and Hazel sound just as good as Petri and Hazel so yknow...sacrifices and all.

I think Lacey will love them. They were both super laid back when I met them and I spent a few hours there, getting to know them. Laid back was what I was looking for so yay! And, from what I've been reading on various goat info sites, the breeds they are are some of the best for no0bs like me due to their generally kind dispositions.
Other bonus, the current owner has agreed to take them back if they don't work out. I think they probably really will work out but it's nice that she's willing to stand behind her goats like that. It makes me feel all that more comfy getting goats from her.

So, this whole goat lady meeting thing. It was one of the most unusual experiences I have evvver had. Basically, I drove way out into the country (but, thankfully also an area I'm super familiar with), then had to take my van up THE SCARIEST, super steep, gravel driveway. I drive a giant van (lol) and this poor thing was seconds away from totally spinning out the whole driveway climb. Thank the Lord I was the only person in there, any more weight and I think we probably would have died.
Then, I get to the top of the driveway and there's this super run down double wide trailer sitting there, an equally run down camper -with no wheels- next to it, surrounded by fences containing animals, chickens are running everywhere, there's a livestock dog barking at me, I hear a herd of children screeching inside the trailer, basically it was cray.
So I go knock on the door and 4 little grubby faced kids are all suddenly peering out at me. Now, mind you, at this point, I'm expecting the goat lady to be 30-something, look 60, be a chain smoker, have a creepy vibe, the whole deal. However, next thing I know, this "girl" (she turned out to be 27) in Carhartt overalls is leaping around the kids, apologizing for her children, and introducing herself as the goat lady.
The next thing we realize is that we both have our hair done the same way (braided pigtails), we have the EXACT same dark red hair color, same skin tone (never met someone with the same skin tone as me - I'm a redhead but one that gets tan/golden looking and freckly, not a pale freckly one), same brown eyes that practically match our hair...It was sooo weird. Like the Twilight Zone.
Like a Twilight episode where I become a hippy, stop shaving, get a bunch of goats, live off the land, have my first kid when I was 17, etc. It was weird.
The similarities didn't just end there. We actually ended up talking goats/horses/art/etc for three full hours. It was the weirdest thing.
She was actually the first Oregonian I've ever met that wants to do the best by her animals and not just what GranPappy taught her in the '70s. There's something to be said for old knowledge but when you aren't learning new things constantly, that's when the problems start.

Anyway, I was so relieved and it was refreshing to talk to someone so invested in the health and welfare of her animals.

Other bonus, she apparently just got a horse last week sometime and didn't have any tack for said horse. Guess who has one horse but the tack for 4? Um, ME. So, I'm trading tack for the goats, she's actually going to buy whatever else she needs+I want to get rid of, horse-stuff-wise, AND she signed two of her daughters up for riding lessons! These goats could turn out to be the best deal of my LIFE!
Aw yeah, driving deals and getting goats, like a pro.

Basically it's the best.

In Lacey news, she seems thrilled about being an only horse again. She's come back "alive" and is running all over the place, bucking, etc. Just basically having a grand time. It's wonderful. She's fantastic. I may like her...just a bit. haha
I think she'll really like having goat "minions". Something little to boss around? Who could refuse?

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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Cool story. I had this vision it was going to be some old Indian woman, like the goat lady that helped the main character in "Cold Mountain", when he was escaped from the chain gang of prisoners.

By the way, when you change from one feed to a new one, it's good to save that last two or three feedings so that you can mix with the new feed to make the change over less abrupt.

Glad to hear Lacey is doing well and loved your descriptive story.

I like the name Atticus for the goat. you could do "Gem" for the girl. or "Scout" or Calpernia (the maid) characters from "To Kill a Mockingbird", my all time favorite movie in the whole world.
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For future referance, use a pair of pliars to drag rubber mats. It is SO much easier, I just clamp them over the edge and pull.
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Thank you Sage!!! You probably just saved my life. I have to do the goats' stall tomorrow, mats-removal-wise, and I was not particularly looking forward to it. thank you!

Caroline, an Indian lady would have been cool too! I hadn't even considered that. Bummer that she wasn't/isn't! haha
Thanks for the tip!
I like the name Atticus for him too. It suits him really well. I can't wait to "introduce" them to everybody!
Junior year, IB Engish pretty much killed "To Kill a Mockingbird" for me. :( we had to take our IB tests on it so just the thought of it makes me feel unbelievably stressed... IB PTSD!
In another universe where that didn't happen, I'm sure I would have loved it. :/

__________________________________________________ ____________

Nothing much to report on the Lacey front. She's settling in to being by herself super well. Her deer buddies are back and they're all bumming around the pasture together like old pals. It's really great. I hope the deer and the goats mix well. How cute would that be? A 3 species herd? YES PLEASE.

I did go to the feed store on Saturday and a couple of interesting things happened:
1) On the way there, we happened past the vet clinic associated with Lady's rescue group and who did we see in the front pasture? MISS LADY. She looked super bored and she was wearing her flymask I "perfected" for her. Poor dear. Hopefully she gets to do something soon.
2) I found "Red Cell" at the feed store and bought it (I had mentioned buying it before but I never actually ordered it after I told you guys about it, lol).
3) I also found 5lbs of MSM (99.5% pure) there for cheaper than I can get it online. I got carded for trying to buy it. They had to apparently make sure I was not going to use MSM to make meth. Who does that? Seriously. But anyway, yay for 5lbs of MSM!

So Lacey's been on Red Cell for a couple of days. And man, she must have had some kind of anemia going on or something because Captain Sass is totally back. She's all trotting around her pasture, spooking at everything - then running off bucking, doing the "I'm an Aye-RAB and I can inflate my chest" thing, and her APPETITE! Girl, you do not need to put on any more weight!

Obviously only time will tell but I wonder if her being anemic is why she's been having such a time with her weight... I've read reviews where it talked about anemic hardkeepers going on Red Cell and "becoming" easy keepers...maybe it works the other way?
*fingers crossed* I don't want her to lose tooo much weight but I sure want her to be healthy!

We'll see. She thinks it's the grossest stuff in the world so I've been having to trick her by adding it to her food then sprinkling some "un-tainted" food on top. By the time she's done eating the food on the top, she generally just keeps going. I'll have to take a video or something tomorrow. You can practically see disgust in her eyes.
I think it's mostly that it just smells pretty strongly like minerals/blood (high iron content in it) so she just needs to get used it. today was better than yesterday though so bonus! Yesterday she literally threw her bucket across her stall after sniffing it and becoming horrified.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I am chronically anemic. They won't take my blood at donation centers due to that. but, over the counter iron supplements are intolerable to me. I chuck 'em up in a few minutes. So, I can sympathize with the old lady.
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It has been 3 days without an update... i demand more! And goat pictures. Please :)

For without a horse, i could not fly.
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ii cant believe....u havnt taken pics of the stalls with the mats in dissapointing. haha

i cant WAIT to see goat pictures...and then eventually goat/horse/deer piccies! yay

*Insert something witty*
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Hahaha I'm sorry guys! I've been so busy prepping for the goats!

Also, last night I got this huge post all typed up, then hit the wrong button and it was gone. So I gave up.

In any case, we're all still alive. I'm picking the goats up on Friday at 2 so no goaty pictures yet! I'm SOOOOO excited for them to come home. So excited.
Surprisingly, I'm actually already really prepared for them. The only thing that needs to happen still is for the pen to get finished (I ran out of fencing, it was sad). I got it halfway done this morning so tomorrow will hopefully include finishing it.
I have goat grain, goat minerals, goat collars (pink for Hazel who's a girl and blue for Atticus who's a boy!), ID tags in the mail, hay racks, it's ridiculous. lol

In Lacey news, she's doing great. She's decided that she actually likes her RedCell so that's a bonus! And I really think it is helping her metabolism, some of the areas where she has fat pads seem distinctly less fatty than they did. Yaaaaay. And her saddle is actually fitting her well right now - usually it's a little narrow cuz of her fattiness.
I think she is a bit bored - whenever I'm working up there, she's right near me dozing - but I'd be a bit bored in her shoes too. I bet the goats will make things a bit more lively! haha
We went on our usual ride yesterday and that was lovely. L got soooo sweaty though. She has quite the winter fur going on so she's pretty much constantly too hot. Poor dear! Good thing I'm able to hose her off after riding. She adores that when she's hot.

I'm trying to hold off on pictures of the shed etc until I get the goat pen fixed up. Then we can have a "big reveal"! Hopefully I'll be done tomorrow (aka I BETTER be done tomorrow! The goats are coming home on Friday!) and you'll get to see it.
Trust me though, the shed is looking classier by the day.

And, from my post yesterday that vanished, I do have a couple of pictures for you all!
Not precisely anything you're dying to see (the shed/goats) but pictures!

Running up to greet me at the gate...See? she's feeling great! haha

"Hrrrrbaderrr, I'm LACEY!"

Sooooo furry.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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My friends used to breed lamancha oh and pygmys and boar and nubian and sheep haha yaaa they had a lot of animals i so wish i could get a goat they are so funny.
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