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post #151 of 1960 Old 09-19-2012, 09:13 PM
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Sorry to hijack, but I can only get these in here-
Hugs for a valiant "Salon de Caprine" try with Hazel.
I'm gonna send you a "I'm an official Shearer" shirt.
(And my feet/ankles look just like yours minus the Chuck Taylor marks... I have croc marks.)
Victim number 1- (aka- bobble head)


Victim 2-

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nice to hear how things are going. I always check in to your thread, it's like going home.

What is this Red Cell stuff? maybe I should eat it. I am anemic. But over the counter iron supplements won't stay down (I upchuck them) .

Isn't this Indian Summer awesome? I went for a ride today wth a friend and the light coming through the trees at that low, autumn angle was jsut exquisitely beautiful. The hroses seemed to feel that fall is coming and they had way more energy than they've had in the last two months. We had some nice canters and even a couple of all out gallops up the hills. WEE!
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Thanks Leah! You're the best! :) That's about what Hazel looks like currently (plus fluffy back legs/patootie/udder area and shorn front legs) so maybe I'm not doing as badly as I thought!

Hah, Caroline, you would NOT like Red Cell. Just the smell makes me queasy. It's disgusting. But it is pretty cool - it perks Lacey and Atti right up! You might want to stomach tube it in if you want to try it. Like that wouldn't make it more disgusting...what am I thinking? lol
Yes! I'm loving this summer too. And I love that it's finally getting to be fall-ish. I love the summer but the fall is my absolute favorite. Fall and spring actually..I guess I like the intermediary seasons? haha
The best weather! :)

__________________________________________________ ______

On the life front, I've been stalling Lacey at night all week. She's not the biggest fan of it but I think she'll come around once it starts raining. She certainly doesn't hate it so that's good!
I have been having issues with her refusing to pee in the stall. She has a bedded down stall that she could easily+happily pee in but she just refuses. She holds it all night, then when I show up in the morning, is practically dancing at the gate to be let out to pee. I let her out, she pees and comes back down to eat. I've tried reasoning with her (lol) that that can't be good for her blader but something about her stall just makes her not want to pee... Maybe it needs to be more thickly bedded... There's a good 2-3 inches of wood pellet "fluff" inside but maybe she wants more...
Old lady horses, I tell you!
I'm going to buy her a hay net tomorrow because she's been eating like 15lbs of hay/night just to keep herself busy. Hopefully a net will help her eat a bit slower/less...
Even with eating all that hay though, she's looking really good. She's lost her major summer blub and is really at a weight I like to have her at. She's still fluffy by some standards but her ribs are easy to feel and she's muscular where she needs to be muscular - if she were any skinnier, it'd be like "BAM, ribs!" and that would be sad.

On the goat front, I decided that since everyone (Lacey included) is soon to be dewormed for the season (I rarely deworm L but with Lady+the goats this summer, it's likely she's picked up something), I might as well let the goats out and get them acclimatized to the pasture as per my original plan.
I'm going back to school on Monday and it'd be ideal to have the goats out while I'm gone and then stick them back in once I get home.
Anyway, today was "unsupervised roaming" day. I was deep cleaning the tack room (which, btw, looks like a miracle occurred inside - it's THAT clean) so I was there but not really "there".
The goats did SO well! They basically joined up with Lacey and just followed her around - it was the cutest. I'm going to put a small bell on each of their collars tomorrow because Lacey got a little nervous when they'd be close to her and I imagine that having "small", quiet, tripping hazards wandering around your legs might be mildly disconcerting for the old girl... Then, after they had been out for a bit, they just put themselves back into their stall and stood there, baahing at me.

I'm going to let them out tomorrow while I'm gone for a couple of hours so big test day! haha

I think they should do ok. Lacey's pretty attached to them and she's not afraid to go herding them around - she's such a "jerk", it's the best. haha But we'll see! And there's enough vegetation that they really like in the pastures to keep them pretty busy.

Also, tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. Growing up is weird. First you're five and then suddenly you're 22 and you wonder where it all went...
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday! Sounds like you're enjoying being a goat-mom :)
The bells are a good idea... and I'm glad they did well being out with Lacey. We need more pictures tho... Must...have...cute...
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Happy B-day oldie! haha (no ur only like 1 1/2 yrs older than me O.O oh god! haha) are pictures? ohmygosh! i guess we can wiat patiently since its ur bday rofl
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Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday tooo youuuu....
Happy BIRTHday dear WALLLLLAAABY....
Hap-py birth-day to YOU!!!!!
*OOOWWWWW... Ow Ow OOOwwwww....*
(that would be the dogs howling because lockwood is attempting to sing)
(( ........ ))

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Thanks for the happy birthday's guys! :) I had a great day. It was really foggy+misty+wet this morning so Lacey's eyes were feeling great and therefore, we went for a ride+got pictures of her sans flymask!

Also, Leah, I adore your use of the dancing smiley. That one's my 100% favorite smiley on this board.

I also ended up leaving the goats out allll day. I had only intended to leave them out half the day but at the halfway mark they were doing so well that I figured I might as well let them stay out! They did perfect. I put a little bell on each of their collars so whenever they make fast movements, they jingle. Atticus' bell jingles a bit more than Hazel's but that's probably good since he's the one who likes to get under Lacey's feet.
Actually, it was pretty funny - I let the goats out then went to leave and Hazel chased me, baaaahing, allll the way up the gate and continued to baah until I was out of sight. She's pretty quiet as a general rule so that was pretty funny. I thiiiink I may have made a friend.

Then I went to the feed store, bought a hay net, a goat halter for Halzel (hopefully that'll help her NOT bite me when I shear her...and then maybe I can get her the rest of the way done...fingers crossed! - ie I can tie her FACE to the wall vs her neck via the collar), and got 4 bales of hay. All for $35. I was proud of myself. lol

Also, I took enough nice-ish pictures today to warrant a picture thread for tomorrow (it's bedtime here!). However, lucky for you guys, the photo limit is 15 pictures and I have 18 pictures to share soooooo who gets to see "limited release: Lacey/Hazel/Atti Extravaganza!!"? Oh yeah, that'd be YOU!

The Lacey girl...

Half-shorn Hazel. She looks too funny. Basically, I laugh in her face on a daily basis.
[I'm keeping her "beard" until I get her feet trimmed+her sheared the rest of the way - since her horns are fragile, if I end up having to lay her down I'll need something to grab... :/]

Yesterday Atticus was deeply invested in "helping" me clean the tack room. Here you can see him helpfully removing that toy (TRASH) from the trash bag I must have mistakenly placed it in. Oh yeah, Atti, "mistakenly". That's EXACTLY the word I would use to describe it as well! Fancy that.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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Don't you all love it when something you try is working out SUPER well?

That's how I'm feeling today. It's basically great.

The goats and Lacey are REALLY getting along. Hazel finally seems to be getting over her worries about Lacey and they're all really starting to herd together.
So far it seems like Hazel and Lacey are both taking sort of the lead roles. Atticus follows Lacey when she moves away and Hazel doesn't want to be left alone so she tags along then Lacey generally follows Hazel when Hazel leaves. It's very interesting! I wonder who'll turn into the appointed herd guider...
Today they left their stalls as one little group, were down in their stalls - together, around mid-day, and were grazing together again by evening. SUPER CUTE.

And the goats are doing perfect being out. This is terrible but I haven't fixed up the perimeter fence really at all yet. I fortified up by the gate just a bit (there was an area where it was just 4 strands of high tensile wire) but other than that, there's still only a 2 foot fence (plus a strand of barbed wire, between 2 strands of high tensile wire) between the goats+Lacey and the llamas. It's cray.
They are literally the perfect goats. I do not even know. Sooooo weird how meant to be this is!

In other news, the goats are basically super adorable. Everyday, in the morning, they follow me up to the gate and baah pitifully when I leave - mostly Hazel (I should say gurgle, she really doesn't baah) but Atticus joins in a bit because he's a talker.

Then, this evening, they basically made me feel like a rockstar when I came to shut them all in their respective stalls for the night: Hazel saw me at the gate but she was far enough away that she didn't really recognize me on sight. Then, I started unlocking the gate and I called to her. AS SOON as she heard her name/my voice, her head FLEW up into the air and she started rubbernecking around trying to figure out where I was. I came in the gate and she starting TROTTING in my direction while baahing. Atticus, of course, followed, baahing twice as loud. Then -Lacey was there too- Lacey started nickering up a storm because, obviously, the goats are getting excited so she should be too.
It was basically adorable. I greeted everyone and we all headed down to the shed for "dinner" and bedtime.

Really, I could totally get used to this. I had no idea how seemingly attached and demonstrative they'd get in such a short time! I love it.

In Lacey news, she seems to have pulled something in her fetlock/pastern area or some arthritis is acting up. It works itself out over the day but overnight she seems to get a bit sore+swollen on it - less moving around. Hopefully it's just nothing. I'm planning to put a call in to the vet on Monday, just to check in and see what they think. I don't really feel like it's anything major to worry about but yknow, better safe than sorry!

And, A COUPLE OF PICTURES FOR YOU! no need to panic!

This morning, 10 or so minutes after they were let out for the day:

Hazel believes that she should join me at my abode...

She VERY MUCH believes these things.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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• Horses: 2 one panic but I'm back in school and that means that there may be a major slack off in the amount of pictures I can take. D: D: Basically, I get to see Lacey+G's from 7-8am, then go to school, and get home around FIVE PM. It's the dumbest ever. I guess like having a "real" job?
So yeah, it's sad. But, I'll try to make some pictures a priority, I mean, I do have a 2hr lunch on Mondays/Wednesday, perhaps I will "need" to edit some pictures in that time... :)

In other news, I appear to have found a lady who's gonna come out and do Hazel's hooves for me, at least for the first time, so yaaaaaay that!!

Speaking of the goats, they are starting to feel so good! Atticus was doing that whole baby animal run/buck/kick thing today when I got home to put them in for the night. Soooo cute. And Hazel was even kinda flipping her head around like she was playing too! It's the best. Atti has also REALLY grown since I got him wormed and they've been on good feed - he's about as tall as Hazel now! I was reading about the breeds he is and it appears like he could potentially end up around 200lbs. And since he was "only" 86lbs when I dewormed him, at only 5 months (from what I've read, that seems to be pretty big for a "baby"), I'd say he might get there. Talk about having a giant goat to scare the coyote away!

On the Lacey front, tomorrow I really need to work on her front hooves. I've been half putting them off somehow thinking that would make them better. Um, yeah, logic says NO. So tomorrow morning, I'm being a man about it and at least doing something. At the very least I'll take some hoof pictures+post them to get advice on what to do.

Also, other "super fun" life thing for me right now, we're pretty sure I have celiac's. Sooooo no gluten for me, yaaay. I need to call the doctor and have them test me n' all but I've been eating gluten free for the last couple of days and I'm feeling so much more alive! Not to mention that all my symptoms match celiac's perfectly...dumbest in the world.
On the plus side, I made some super super tasty croutons with gluten free bread so I'm going to have that tomorrow on a salad. I've basically been eating salad+meat for lunch everyday since that can be pretty filling and has no gluten but it's getting a little old, yknow? :/
Excited about the croutons though! lol

Anyway, that is all for now. It's 10:30pm and this girl should be her cat is. hahaha
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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