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Oh Yay! Celiac Disease.
We know aaaalll about that! My son was formally diagnosed 6 years ago and I'm gluten intolerant too.
(I wasn't "formally dignosed" but after what I went through with the kiddo, I didn't need to be, it was obvious and going gluten free was the best thing I ever did for myself.)

It will get easier to deal with, trust me.
Holler when you are ready for links on everything GF.
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Haha thanks Leah!
I haven't had gluten since Monday and man, I feel SO much better. WAY less "dead" on the inside. I feel like I'm thinking more clearly, not having to drag myself through the motions of each's really great. And, traditionally I've been one of those skinny girls with a belly that sticks around no matter how much core work I do (ab shaped belly anyone? lololol!), but it's totes disappearing!!!!! Yes please, sign me UP!
I'm super tired from the week but I still feel "good", as in, I'm not so exhausted that I feel like I might die at any second.
I don't precisely WANT to be gluten intolerant but if I continue to feel this good, well, I'm REALLY not complaining.

On the horse/goat front, they're all SUPER meshing as a herd. It's perfect. Today I got home and Lacey had "lost" the goats so she was up in her "safe place" (by the gate) - she was super happy to see me.
I feel so bad for her this week, she's been feeling a bit neglected since all I really have time for in the morning/evening is mucking her stall, maybe brushing her face, feeding her, and getting her more water. Then I have to leave.
Basically, I have class from 10am-4pm everyday, about a 2.5hr commute (total - heading out and coming home), and then there's the whole taking care of myself issue. So pretty much I wake up at 6am, am at the pasture by 7am, done by 8am, leaving home by 8:10, school by 9:30, then classclassclass, then the train at 4pm, back with L by about 5:30pm, then home+dinner at 6:30pm, THEN I get to rest.
Thank the LORD I don't have school tomorrow. 3 day weekend every week, wuuuut! I'm looking forward to 3 days of horsey time.
Anyway, due to this "neglect", Lacey hadn't been groomed all week and she ended up scratching off more of her butt fur due to gnats biting up her lady parts. :((( Today I gave her and her lady parts a good hosing off with the pressure washer and she loved it. Its a true sign that she likes it when she doesn't need to be tied/held at all to be hosed and this evening she let me get her totally wet and really clean without moving a muscle. Then she went trot/cantering all the way from the gate down to the shed. I think that's probably a good sign that that was what she wanted! haha
Then. of course, she stood at the shed tossing her head and neighing at me to move my slow-poke patootie a bit faster.

I'm SO glad she has the goats - I would be so much more worried about her and spending so little time with her if she were all alone. So thankful!

Speaking of the goats, they're doing great!
I need to get Hazel some kind of dog blanket for the winter though - the other day when it as frosty in the morning she was shivering SO badly when I got there at 7am and continued for who knows how long - she was still shivering when I left. :( Poor dear!
Atticus is literally growing like a weed. He's now bigger than Hazel and he was shorter than her by a couple inches just a few weeks ago!! He's also really filling out. It's great! He's gonna be a big guy, I think!

Oh yeah! Speaking of the goats, THIS MORNING THEY WERE PLAYING together!!! It was the CUTEST thing ever. They were gently locking horns, hopping around at each other, Hazel even "reared" at Atticus...she also flipped him over her back while "sparring".. hahahaha But yeah, they seemed to be really having fun. Atticus wasn't pitifully baahing or anything and Hazel was prancing around too. Suuuper cute.

And that is, unfortunately all for now. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow. I'm hoping to spend as much time as humanly possible with the animals tomorrow so yknow. :)
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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Until the blanket arrives, you could try cutting the arms off an old sweatshirt and squirming her into it. Make little slits in the collar and cut off extra fabric under the belly as needed and hopefully Atti or Lacey wonít chew it off.
Iíve done this with my sonís old sweatshirts and jackets for alpaca babies and kids. (see below)
Even just a vest will help hold in core heat.
Also, my goats like to dig small pits in their bedding or straw to snuggle into when it is cold. Maybe pile extra shavings in the warmest corner or pile up some straw. She will dig a little bed into in and climb in.

I hate to keep posting pics in your journal, but I don't know where else to put them since I haven't figured out how to PM them.
Anyway, below is the fleece blanket I made for the llama that I mentioned before. I draped it over him (easier than measuring him) and marked with a marker where to make the holes. It has one tie (strip of yellow fleece) under the belly and the front I folded over itself like a double breasted suit or horse blanket that flaps over, and cut matching holes in each flap. Yellow fleece again to tie (I found bright colors easier to find if they come off.)

The alpaca babies both have the same toddler/small child's fleece jacket underneath their "alpaca" blanket (just an appropriate sized dog blanket from jeffers pet.) I just turned it inside out so the zipper head/pull flap is not against their back and put it on backwards. Works great, as do small vests.
And the kid photo is how you would want to cut up a sweatshirt or old sweater for Hazel.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg llama sweater 1.jpg (66.5 KB, 153 views)
File Type: jpg llama sweater 2.jpg (17.2 KB, 146 views)
File Type: jpg zz jacket.jpg (27.9 KB, 144 views)
File Type: jpg fashion girl sm.jpg (51.7 KB, 150 views)
File Type: jpg kid sweater.jpg (34.2 KB, 139 views)
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Hijack away, Leah! :) I truly do not mind. And you have such a cute animals! It just gives "my" journal an element of those stories where each chapter is written by a different author!
I've made each goat a hay-y corner (Hazel is very quick to enforce that each corner HAS an owner and Atti is DEFINITELY NOT allowed in Queen Hazel's corner) but I'm thinking that they perhaps need more hay if they were to I added another chunk of hay to each corner - hopefully that'll make it better.
We've been having a bit of a warm spell (70*+ during the day and only down to 65*-ish by "bedtime") so I've been trying to hold off on blanketing/putting clothes on anyone. But winter's definitely coming. Atti and Lacey both have super thick coats right now! At least I haven't seen Hazel shiver since that one morning and she's putting on tons of weight so she's not shivering it off at all...

In other news, I had a lady come out to trim Hazel's hooves for me. I was super uncomfortable with it being my first time trimming goat hooves, Hazel's on again off again orneriness, and with how overgrown she was.
Funny story about that, the lady I got the goats from was like "Oh yeah, Hazel has super tough hooves so I haven't done them in a while! hahahaha". Yeah, hoof trimming lady took one look at them and said "This goat hasn't had her hooves trimmed in probably 3 years".

POOR HAZEL. Hah, 3 YEARS, that's some kind of "a while"! Haze was thrilled once they were done though. She immediately went running around and generally acted super happy. The trimmer said she had some hoof rot on ll her hooves so I need to go bone up on treating that but overall that her hooves were not as bad as they could be for having been that neglected. I was also really surprised at how well Hazel did with having her feet done! She threw a bit of a fit at first but she actually stayed really still with very little manhandling - I had her in her halter and was holding her head while the trimmer worked. She did REALLY want to bite me but "LOL, halter".

I also dewormed them both again on Friday, with the full dose of dewormer this time (I had gone half-dose last time in case they were really wormy), so I think we're on the path to recovery! I hate to say it but the more I learn, the more I think these goaties were living a bit of a neglected lifestyle... They must think they're in heaven right now!

They're each putting on weight as well and Atti is growing SO fast!! Since I wormed him the first/second time, he's grown probably 3 inches in height (I should measure how tall he is! That'd be fun) and put on TEN pounds, in JUST 2 weeks! Wuuuut!? He's already taller than Hazel. Lankier than she is and leggier too. It's great! Her head is way bigger than his is though. I dumbly got a "large" sized goat halter at the store thinking that H's head HAD to be a large...haha NO. I put a knot in the crownpiece and got it small enough for her but dear young Atti is nowhere near being a large, even with a knot. One day, hopefully! Or I'll just buy him a medium sized one...too bad the only medium sized ones at the tack store are pink... Muhahahaha!

In Lacey news, she's doing great. She's still a bit "off" gait-wise but she also hasn't been worked in...forever, and she often gets a bit stiff when she's not working. Hopefully this week I can incorporate some lunging or maybe even a ride into our routine...
She's started figuring our that the syringe means that she's about to get RedCell (fascinating how "good" her vision is when she's avoiding something... hahaha) so I've been clicker training her to target the syringe with her nose. She thinks clicker training is THE FUNNEST so that's working well for her. She's still not a fan on the RedCell but the fact that we play a "game" prior and post RedCell kinda makes up for it.
I spent some time really thoroughly grooming her yesterday and she really enjoyed that. She stood there and just soaked it in. I'm not looking forward to school and being away from them for so long this week. :( At least she has the goats.
She just adores the goats so much. Around other horses, she just has this air of constant stress. Like she's constantly watching for the boogeyman to appear. With the goats, I've found her exploring the pasture more confidently and while she bosses them around a bit (in a "I can't see you well but I know you're in my path - LEAVE" way), she's not anxious about them. And she's not herd bound with them. She likes being with them but being away from them is ok too.
So ideal!

Speaking of ideal, I have cute pictures:

While we were waiting for the hoof trimmer (that's why Hazel has a halter on), they had group naptime.

Later in the day...

Hazel's so demure... hahaha

Atticus wanted to say hi but apparently Queen Hazel had thoughts about THAT kind of behavior.

That is all for today! :)

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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aah i thought i lost your thread for awhile lol

dang Atti is getting big! haha poor guy though always getting bossed around by "the ladies" rofl
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*Insert something witty*
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Right?! On both counts. :)
Atti is HUGE. He put on another 10lbs this week and he's undeniably bigger than Hazel now. Cray-cray. That boy. I'm scared but also super excited for how big he's gonna get - cart training perhaps? Awwwyeah. That'll be a few years of course, gotta make sure he's grown-up first!'s been crazy windy for the last few days and wind makes Lacey nuts - I think it hurts her eyes or something plus the fact that things are constantly moving and she can't id that they really 100% are not threats. Poor dear!
Then, on top of that, the first day it was windy -yesterday- she did waayyyy too much running around and her poor pastern that she's been improvingly lame on is super swollen again. I'm calling the vet again tomorrow about it. They weren't too concerned as long as it was improving and it had been but then she had to go tweak it again. :( Darn horse!
Then last night she basically paced in her stall all night which I'm SURE that pastern LOVED. :(
So I put bell boots on her today and for overnight because I'm wondering if she keeps whacking herself since the first time she was lame like this was right after she tripped on it really badly and smacked herself hard. I'm hoping that's all it is and that she hasn't hardcore pulled something or whatever. :/


In any case, inside her mind, she's doing great! She's been being all together too active! haha
Thankfully today she calmed it down a bit since that ankle hurt so at least she didn't do MORE to it.. And the swelling was gone by this evening so yay...?
I'm thinking I'm going to take all three of them on a little neighborhood walk tomorrow/Saturday.
I know the goats will follow along so I'll have everybody on "leashes" to begin with but then let...whichever one of the goats is behaving best-probably It'll be fun! Hopefully. hahaha But if it's not, we're going home! haha


So first, Lockwood you'll especially appreciate this I think, one of my best friends found some llama/alpaca rubberstamps at a garage sale and bought them for me. Crias-mas? THE BEST.

He's the best. hahahaha

Then, "the mountain" (Mt. Hood) at sunrise! The pasture has a great view of it.

"Lemme out! Lemme out! Outoutoutoutoutout!"
[Lacey was having a patience problem this morning, hahaha] [also, she is SO butt-high. How does that even HAPPEN??? Her butt is literally 15hh while her front is 14.1h = ridiculous]

Atti...winking? lol



"Aw yeah, I am an attractive beast. RIGHT?!!"

Taking me up to the gate (this is a daily ritual, they're cute)...

"WAIT FOR ME!!! There are monsters down here!!!"

"Ok, you can leave now. LEAVE!"


"Hello Horse! Decided to join us finally, we see!"

The end! :)
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Haha! Love the stamps! It is really hard to find cutsie things that aren't aimed at all things horses. The rest of the critter world is only slowly catching up. I'll bet your friend has a ball with the stamps!

Love the pics and am so happy to see and hear that the goats are working out so well. Way to go goatie mum!

And as for this.....
"Hijack away, Leah! :) I truly do not mind. And you have such a cute animals! It just gives "my" journal an element of those stories where each chapter is written by a different author! "

Well.... thanks and ummm...... (I try my best )
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So today, at 1, Lacey has her appointment with the vet to figure out what on earth is wrong with her leg.
I'm nervous.

However, I adore my vet and I love how she is with Lacey and I (very calming and reassuring) so I know she'll do her best for us.
And she's already doing something really nice - she's stopping by on her way home from a vaccine clinic so she won't have to charge us the emergency call fee and so I won't have to skip class during the week to have L's appt. Love my vet.

And the receptionist knows me by name... I love that kind o service, where when you call up and say your name, they know exactly who they're talking to before you even have to say anything more. The best!

But anyway, think Miss L good thoughts!
We're hoping it's something she'll be able to come back from - she's just not ready to retire/be put down yet...I don't think. However, this year has been hard on her physically with the eye stuff and the leg stuff and Lady being here so retirement might have to be in the cards. :(

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Back from the vet appt:

The diagnoses is that Miss L tore/partially tore her suspensory. :(
Soooo that basically means that she's now officially "retired" from anything more intense than toting a small kid around the pasture at a walk. No forced trotting/cantering and no riding by yours truly or any other "big" people.
Lammmme. <---- lol, literally.

On the plus side, there is a chance that she could recover enough for me to ride but that'd be a year+ from now and even if she did recover that much, she will mostly likely have a perma-gimp.
Other plus side, the vet feels like her quality of life is pretty good and that she's not in constant pain. The pain is more of a "twist it the wrong way=ouch" thing vs an "ow, ow, ow" thing. So that's really good.

And with my school schedule, she's basically retired right now anyway, this is just making it official.

Things could be worse. And she's super cute, so hello pasture filled with adorable creatures!
And, now I have a reason to bug everyone I'm related to to get me riding lessons for my birthday/Christmas/being awesome! Cuz, um, I have no horse to ride and I NEED to ride. haha Hopefully that works...

After the vet visit, I finally got around to finishing up shearing Hazel and she looks much less ridiculous now. And I did take a picture. :)

And, last night Lacey had her first night sans flymask since mid-July! And she did fine. I'm not taking it off during the day yet but I think we might be heading that direction. *hopeful* I'll take it off and leave it off tonight again, hopefully she'll do as well!

HAZEL! She thought you needed some facial expressions. Actually, she was still REAL mad about the whole shearing thing. I discovered that the trick is to get her halter on her, tie her up really short, and hold up one front leg or the other to get her body, then grab a back leg to trim them+her udder area. She threw herself on the ground at first (which was the worst idea ever due to being tied short) but I think after she realized that she couldn't really breath like that, standing up was probably a good idea.

Lacey! Sans flymask, goin' to bed.

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Oh, Wallaby... I'm so sorry! I know that must be disappointing not be able to ride Lacey. But you make a good point about the quality of life - she is happy, and that's awesome! :)
Of course, retirement does not mean she is exempt from photos... so keep those coming! lol

We drink to our youth, to the days come and gone; for the age of oppression is now nearly done.
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