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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        12-12-2012, 08:02 AM
    Super Moderator
    I just thought of something too....
    The age of the possible baby daddy, or lack there of, would certainly explain her less than oderiferous "funk" we talked about and the lack of effect on cool transportation and clothes.
    The young'uns don't usually get their full groove on until closer to one or more.
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        12-13-2012, 11:22 PM
    Super Moderator
    That makes total sense Leah! We're going to get this figured out yet! *pulls out detective hat and mandatory pipe*

    Nothing much has happened since the last update but I did get a set of photos (B+W kick, by the way...haha) that I really like soooo they're going to be shared. :)

    When I went up there this evening to put everyone away for the night, I found Hazel laying down with Atticus next to her...and Lacey no where to be found.
    Turns out Lacey was one field over, hanging out with her deer buddies!

    "Erhmmm, don't you see I have GUESTS?"

    "Now that you scared them away, I guesss it can be dinner time...if you insist."

    "WOW! My mini deer! I forgot them!"

    This one CRACKS me up so much. Hazel's deadpan face, Atticus' feet that show he's -once again- leaping around, Lacey's lack of interest in the whole thing... HILARIOUS.

    Speaking of leaping around...this boy needs to go out for basketball - he has mad hops.

    Cute face.

    "I have identified the room where my hay lives. I suggest you open this door and feed me, before I try leaping over the door...Kapeesh?"

    "You're slow. We, the ladies of the pasture, disapprove."

    And "Ferdinand". He's one of the deer that was hanging out with Lacey - he ran away but had returned by the time I was done feeding.

    I hope you're all doing super well!!
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        12-13-2012, 11:28 PM
    Super Moderator
    Lockwood luvs contrasty B&Ws!!
    They rock!
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        12-14-2012, 01:07 PM
    Green Broke
    Good pics and stories, Wallaby -- I think you could have a writing career!
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        12-15-2012, 07:49 PM
    Super Moderator
    Thanks Lockwood! I love contrasty B+W too! I finally figured out how to make my photo editing program (I use Picasa which is a little less user friendly than one would hope... haha) do them the way I like so hopefully there are more to come! :)

    Haha, thanks Chevaux! :)
    One day a book will probably occur - all my friends want me to write a book about something...we shall see.

    In other news, nothing really exciting has happened at all. Yesterday one of Hazel's internal minions kicked me super hard. There was no mistaking it for anything but a kick!

    I've also created two little blankets for them. I've read that Angora kids can be super fragile so I want to make sure they'll be warm enough, especially since they're likely going to be born in the coldest part of the year.
    I made two so hopefully she doesn't have triplets! Haha I think I've read that triplets are super rare for Angoras though so my fingers are crossed!

    I thought that purple would be a nice touch since it matches one of Hazel's blankets. Also, if there are two, they'll be basically identical (the dad was white so color options = white, white, and white), I made the blanket straps different colors so we'll be able to tell them apart initially! Haha

    [I'm super excited about these blankets, they're made out of 100% leftover stuff from other projects so dollars spent = $0, they even have some "fill" - maybe 150g = warm babehs!]

    That's all for now, folks!
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        12-17-2012, 08:49 PM
    Super Moderator
    Nothing really exciting has been happening.

    I did go to the zoo today! With the llama stamps kid, if you remember that. It was super fun! The weather was not "zoo weather" (kinda rainy and cold) so it was DEAD. No one was there. We got to see the zookeepers feeding an alligator, the baby elephant, we petted some was great! Haha The goats, if you are wondering, appeared to be Nigoras (Angora/Nigerian Dwarf) or Cashmeres/NDs. They were definitely a fiber/ND mix. And I suppose they could have had a few of each. They were all some variation on white (a few looked more ND in their coloring) and were really fluffy. A few even had curls (why I was thinking maybe Angora). They were super adorable and friend had to practically drag me away.

    And then there were these super cute cougars who were cuddling:

    Super cute.

    Anyway, yeah.

    On the "animals I own" front, I think I'm going to try lunging Lacey just a smidge tomorrow. Just at a know, get her mind thinking. Of course, if it's raining too much...we won't. Haha This whole Lacey being retired thing is making me so lazy! Hahaha

    On the Hazel front, SOMEONE woke up on soooo the wrong side of the bed today. She was being so mean to everybody. But I suppose she has that right since she's carrying around some living beings inside her... Poor thing!
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        12-22-2012, 09:39 PM
    Super Moderator
    Hah, so that whole lunging Lacey idea was kinda put on hold because we got a ton of snow the next day.

    However, I then did it the next day and it went pretty well! She was a little sassy each time I asked her to turn around (her preferred way of turning is to basically do a rollback, complete with front legs off the ground, etc - "exxccccuse me, ma'am but I believe you are 28 and recovering from an injury? How about we don't do airs above ground...?") but we did it.
    I watched an interesting video on YouTube yesterday (kudos to TinyLiny! - great Brent Whats-his-face video!) so I'm going to try some of the ideas I saw in it with Lacey on Monday. I'm not sure if it'll work well with her vision issues but the only way to find out is to try! And she really needs something mental to do.

    Yesterday I brought everybody hay and Miss L ESCAPED while I was bringing hay in the gate!! She bolted past me and went running up the road, then came running back, ran into the cul-de-sac to the left of the gate (in front of the angry old man's house, of course), then came running back to the gate and started grazing on the grass that's right there. Silly girl!!
    She let me catch her easily but yeah, someone needs something more to do.

    On the Hazel front, I know absolutely nothing about goats and goats giving birth (thank the Lord for Lockwood! These goats would not be so happy without all her help!) but to my eye and my gut, I feel like we're getting close.
    *chants* Christmas BABIES! Christmas BABIES!!!!!!

    But, of course, she'll probably make it another month.
    In any case, I clipped her patootie+udder today because of just how fast things are moving in "that" direction. She might have a bit left but at least I can rest easy knowing it's done! She reminds me of a poodle with a lion-clip. She does not appreciate my laughter.

    Yesterday I was trying to get some "me n' Haze" pictures...and she licked me fully in the eye right as I took a picture.

    The Sass Captian herself, yesterday! Doing some trotting.

    Curly, curly, curly!

    Apparently this is how the cool kids go downhill - running and jumping the wholllle way.

    Coming back up!


    Fluff Captain!

    Lacey girl. :)

    Post-clippage. She's super mad. Hahaha
    Plus side, she seems to be a bit more relaxed now that she's clipped like that. Like she knew it should be done or something. But she is a very routine oriented girl so maybe she did know!

    That is all! I hope you guys are all doing super well!

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        12-23-2012, 03:43 PM
    Super Moderator
    Didn’t I ever mention that goats love eyeballs?
    Love the red blanket and green tailbag.. Festive girl!

    Ok, picture three… someone definitely looks like she has buns in the oven now!
    And her last pic…embarrassing for her I know, but things still look like they are where they should be under the tail. Not puffy or relaxed yet.
    Nice trim job too by the way….. you could always get a second job as a groomer some day.
    Another thing to watch for is that usually 8 to 24 hours before birth time you may notice she doesn’t look nearly as pregnant anymore. That’s because the kid(s) move up towards the birth canal and the lower side bulge gets smaller.
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        12-24-2012, 08:44 PM
    Super Moderator
    Hah, dear ole' Hazel. She'll probably wait until the night before school starts just to mess with me.
    But really, that would be the worst. However, if she could just go before January 6th or after Jan 14, that would be ideal. If I could get just one week into school, I know I could make enough friends in my classes to allow for a few classes to be skipped.
    Wahwahwah. Cry me a river, Emily!

    In "OH MY WORD, COOLEST THING EVER!!" news, today when I went up to feed, I couldn't see any of my kiddos immediately when I walked into the pasture. That's not super unusual, just generally means Lacey is in the far pasture with "her" deer.

    Well, I started looking around more and saw this strange fluffy looking brown lump on the ground basically in the middle of the pasture. A second or two later, a head pops up along with 2 pointy brown ears. Duke, THE COYOTE, was TAKING A NAP IN MY PASTURE.
    5 seconds later, Atticus pops off the ground from where he had apparently been laying, right behind the curve in the hill (why I couldn't see him). He had been laying not even 5 feet away from Duke!!!!!
    Hazel was maybe 10 feet away grazing on some blackberry bushes seeming all together unconcerned.
    It was literally one of the most amazing things I have EVER seen.
    Neither of the goats were worried about Duke, Duke wasn't really worried about them (Duke, as it turns out, is smaller than both of them!!) they were really acting like Lacey does with her deer. Very content and relaxed, just hanging out.
    Duke wandered around (while being followed by a very curious Atti), then caught wind of me and trotted off into the bushes.

    Like WHAT???! I just saw a PREDATOR, chilling with my PREY animals and NO ONE WAS WORRIED?? What is this? The freaking Garden of Eden???

    Then I went into the lower pasture and discovered Miss Lace with 4 doe deer and the younger buck (Ferdinand) that's been around.
    She was thrilled to see me, whinnied, and went cantering down the shed for her dinner.

    I legitimately feel like I just saw Heaven for a second. I can't even believe it.

    And of course, the one time I forgot my phone at home and my camera. I guess some things are not meant to be documented, right?

    Merry Christmas!!



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        12-26-2012, 01:02 AM
    Super Moderator
    1. My family got me a dslr camera for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line: a whole new world of photography has opened for me. Also, this one has 16.1 megapixels where the one I've been using has only 10 - basically that means that this new camera can zoom better, take bigger, clearer photos, etc etc. SUPER EXCITED.
    I don't have any fancy lenses for it at this point but I imagine that one day I'll find some...
    I don't know all the tricks with it yet but tomorrow morning I plan to take it with me when I feed and mess around a bit. Maybe we'll have some fancy pictures for tomorrow afternoon.
    It even has a manual focus!!
    I'm all around super excited about it.

    2. Hazel knows her name. It's hilarious. You say "Hazel!" to her and she'll prick her ears and look at you like "WHAT??!"
    It's especially funny because Hazel has only been her name for...3 months since I got her.
    Before her name was "Tone" (said "Tony") which, sorry if anyone is named that but, is ridiculous for a geriatric female goat. It makes her sound like she's part of an '80's hair band...which she does look like pre-shearing but REALLY. Or if she were born in the eighties, I could be understanding.
    On the "Gosh darn you, Hazel! HAVE YOUR BABIES ALREADY." front, today her udder was a bit fuller than it was. Not a whole bunch but it was different.

    I think tomorrow I'm going to have to double-blanket her. I went up to put everybody away for the night and I found Hazel and Lacey standing together with their patooties to the wind, and Hazel was shivering something awful. I don't know why she didn't go down to the shed, the poor dear was totally cold. Lacey was soaked to the bone (they both had blankets on too!) and she was acting nuts.
    Luckily I had warm dry blankets for both of them which I switched them to, then fed everybody. They both were back to normal pretty fast, thankfully - silly girls!!

    Atticus was the only one was was totally fine. He was also soaking wet but apparently boys don't feel it... At least, that's what HE told ME.

    3. Tomorrow I'm going to the zoo again! This time with a dear lady-friend of mine. She's basically my big sister. We've been friends for years, bonded on the first day we met (not unlike llama-stamps kid/my gentleman friend! Haha), go to church together every week...she's wonderful.
    I'll be taking ze new camera and maybe I'll get some zoo-goat pictures for you all! Or even a picture of the baby elephant..what a thought. We shall see, I will do my best!

    ETA: Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope you all have had a really wonderful holiday filled with things you love - animals, family, friends, presents, food, whatever makes you feel warm fuzzies. <3 <3
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