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post #201 of 1967 Old 12-26-2012, 11:04 AM
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Oooohh... which camera did you get?? Huh? Huh?
Must see zoo pics!!!
Your pictures are soo good already, I can't wait to see them once you figure out all the buttons on the new camera.

Merry belated Christmas to you too!

(Do you have a name list started yet?)
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Hahaha, good question! No, I have it right here with me so I can actually tell you. It's a Nikon Coolpix P510. I'm more a of a Canon girl but my dad, who was the main instigator into this purchase, LOVES Nikon soooooo.... haha But seriously, I am not complaining!
I need to practice with it more on moving subjects. I have stationary things pretty much down but moving stuff, oh boy. haha I think part of the issue was I had it set wrong for moving things...just need to figure out what "right" is! Tomorrow!
Oh thanks. :) I really enjoy photography a lot and I just love that I have such ready subjects all the time!


I'm hoping she'll have a single (I really don't want to have to say goodbye to a fluff ball+choose which one to go!) but I have names for all possibilities.

Top picks are: Falkor for a boy, Falkora for a girl, Shalom for a girl (means "peace" + can be loosely translated to something along the lines of "striving towards wholeness" - sounds LOVELY for a female fluff-ball!), Theophilus (who was a super cool guy that a few of the books of the Bible were written to - a really upstanding "fought the good fight" kinda guy) for a boy, then last resorts we have Scribonia (wife of Caesar Augustus and a G if I ever head of one) for a girl and Marius (another G from Roman history - he was a nobody who went on to lead Rome for 7..."terms" which was unheard of but he was just that cool) for a boy.
In all likelihood, a boy will be Theophilus and a girl will be Shalom. Those are my favorites out of that list.
Of course, another name might pop into my head as soon as I see "it"/them and, in that case, that name is it.
Nerd goats. Yes, I know.


[btw, I will probably end up double posting it up here]

The goats turned out to be Pygoras (Pygmy/Angora crosses). There was a sign right there and Apparently I'm just blind. hahaha!

This one was my fave.

This guy, not sure if he's a goat or a shetland sheep...but he's cute!

This guy just wanted snuggles.

BABEH ELEPHANT! Her name is Lily and she's hilarious.

Another elephant that was outside...

This guy is a Carcal. He's probably my favoritest zoo creature at this time. He's like a kitty...but dangerous! hahaha

African Wild Dogs!


These guys. I can't remember what they are but they're so delicate and elegant!!

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Then, some chimpanzees.

Now, my kiddos!

Lacey and Atti, run, run, run!

Hazel and Atticus decided to have a rearing fight prior to dinner...

It looks like Hazel is telling Atti a secret...really she's biting him. HAH!


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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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"Errrhhhm, this youngster is a nutcase. What are YOU going to do about THIS?"



Lacey's been so grumpy lately... :(

Grumpy face. Smile, Lacey, smile!!

Good thing I love her even if she's grumpy!
I'm not sure if her eyes are hurting or what... But I gave her a little pain stuff this evening to see if she's happier tomorrow. She also hasn't worn a flymask in a while...maybe I'll stick on on her to see tomorrow.
Weird story: she's shedding a bit. She reached her average "peak" (ie, January/Feb) hair growth about a month agoand now little hairs are coming out here and there. Just weird. Usually she doesn't start shedding until March at the earliest... I figured that with her decreased vision her hair would just get longer than usual...
I guess I really should not be too surprised, it seems that Lacey lives to be an enigma to us all.

Sad day story: I got a video of Atti running and leaping around BUT somehow it got deleted as I was transferring it to my laptop. :( :( :( Another time.
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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Nothing super exciting has occured in the last day or two. But I did get some silly pictures of Atti today that I'll share and I got a video of the little herd yesterday (and figured out how to get it off the camera without deleting it! go me!) so I'll hare that too. :)

First the video. They were headed down to the shed for dinner+to be put away for the night but then Lacey, using her apparent "deer-sense", found a deer behind the shed and headed back there to check it out. After the deer left, she was perfectly happy to come in. Silly girl!
And no worries at the beginning when it looks like she's limping a bit at the trot. She wasn't limping, just tripping her way down the hill.
[ps, sorry about how small it is! Didn't think that through when I was taking I know. Also, DAAAANG this camera takes good videos!!]

Then pictures!

"Let ME OUT."

This goat! Him and his winking sauve-ness. Thank goodness he's not a buck - no ladies would be able to resist him!

"Hey baby, let's talk about YOU."



Highland goat!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I saw, and actually got some photos of, Duke the coyote today!!

It was very interesting. He/she was headed straight for the shed, then saw me and booked it 15ft away, then watched me, then ran another 15ft, etc. It was almost like she was expecting something. Though I have no idea what she might have been expecting! haha

Booking it away after she initially spotted me:

My camera thought the blackberry bushes were cooler than Duke...but I think it came out kind of cool. This was one of her "stop and assess" moments:

Then, later, after I was done feeding (and when it was almost dark = bad quality) a Red Breasted Sapsucker appeared on my "bird food tree"! (I really like wild birds so I have a suet feeder and a seed feeder in a tree near the shed)
They're one of my most favorite birds ever (I'm a woodpecker nut but these guys get me even more than the average woodpecker) so I was really excited. They're a mid-high elevation bird so where I live is close to the lowest they come (Lacey's at 850ft above sea level) so you don't usually get to see them.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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It snowed AGAIN today!! Usually we don't get nearly this much snow. I LOVE it! Last year we had one snow , tops, and so far, in the last 4 weeks we've had three.
I sure do love me some snow.

Next week I go back to school. :( :( :( :( I'm bummed. It's gonna be another term of the 8-5 thing. GROSS. Luckily I've fixed it so I only have school Monday-Thursday but still. GROSS.
My next break starts March 14th so I'm already looking forward to that.

On the Hazel front, she's being really really confusing. I thought for sure she was prego, I saw udder stuff happening, etc, now I'm not so sure... I thought her belly was getting bigger but now it doesn't seem so much bigger anymore. And I keep reading about people feeling heads and body parts of babies inside the doe prior to them making an appearance into the world and I just can't feel anything like that. SO CONFUSED. I tried doing something called "bouncing" to her yesterday, where you basically pick up her stomach and see what you feel, however, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be feeling. I didn't feel anything that screamed "baby"... She certainly thought I was helping her exercise interesting muscles! I got licked for my trouble.
Whatever, she can be pregnant if she wants but she doesn't have to be. I still like her anyway. If she is, she'll have them before Feb 10 so I guess we'll see! And if Feb 10 comes and goes, well, we'll know.
Darn goat.

Anyhoo, I have a video of Lacey being a dork - she was trying EVERYTHING she could think of to avoid going in. I'm not really sure why since she was cold (it was 28* out and will get down to 19* tonight!) and wet (from the snow) and it was windy...but whatever. It was still funny. I eventually had to get my lead rope around her neck and "force" her in cuz she just wasn't going there on her own!
But I got her in and she got wrapped in her snuggly heavy blanket, got fed, and got extra I think she realized that life in her stall is pretty good afterall. hahaha


From yesterday, it's been super frosty the last few days and I adore the texture that leaves on the leaves+grass.


A white horse in a snow storm. Hardyharhar!

Happy little guy!


"I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth!"

This bird. Do you see him, near the middle, sitting on the suet? He was cheeping and cheeping. Adorable. I also love that he's sitting inside my ghetto suet feeder. Such a cutie!

That is all!
Also, happy New Year! You all better be being safe! Make good choices! [my friends call that "Grandma Wallaby"...I'm prepping for being 80]
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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I super love this one:

Is it the new camera? if so, I take back what I said earlier. This would make a good photo for cards .
you can send me a copy if you get bored.
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Thanks Caroline! :) That one's my favorite too.
It is the new camera! I'm slowlyyyy figuring it out.

It's SO COLD today! There's a high wind advisory (for gusts of over 35ph) out and it's just basically the worst outside. 32* and sunny but windchill is also super high. Luckily, I suppose, since it's sunny, it's warmer in the sun but still. One of those days that calls you to be outside but then you go outside and are all "Just kidding, guys, just kidding."

Poor Hazel was shivering SO BAD this morning with just her 200g "nighttime" blanket on, even while she was still snuggled in her hay-bed. I put her purple blanket (100g) on her, over the 200g, and she stopped shivering as much. Still a little shiver here and there but not teeth chattering like she had been. Poor thing!
Atticus, of course, "doesn't feel cold" so he was perfectly happy. I guess that's just the difference in goats!
Atticus's breeds (LaMancha and Alpine) both come from colder places so he's basically genetically prepared for the cold. Hazel, on the other hand, was invented for more of an arid sort of landcape. Perhaps arid cold, at times, but not humid cold like we get here.

Anyway, I'm just thankful I have two blankets for her!

Lacey was still snug in her HW and was a little bummed when I did not take it off her for the day. However, I think if I had taken it off, she would have quickly decided she wanted it back on.
It's so cold, her poop was even frozen where she left it! I felt like I was mucking rocks vs actual poop. haha
But yeah, she happily ate her breakfast and went galloping out into the pasture like some sort of queen. Wind makes her frisky! ...friskier than usual...

Everyone's water was frozen again but I had brought a thermos of boiling water with me so I was able to create a drinking hole in the ice layers. haha



"Hrmmmmm, do you have foodz?"

Hairy chin!

Ice..on a plant.

Then, Atticus thought he would play with his wall "friend"... It did not go so well for him.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Still stupid cold.
I spit on the ground prior to feeding and when I came back after feeding, 15 minutes later, said spit was totally frozen. SO NOT OK. [but also super cool]
I would be happy if it were this cold but not windy... The wind makes everything so much worse. Die wind, die!

Nothing really new to report.

On the Hazel front, she seemed MUCH happier today. I think double blanketing as the trick.
Her back legs are REALLY stiff though, poor dear. I'm sure it's the cold getting to them.
In terms of "goat years" Hazel is the equivalent to a 63 year old lady while Lacey, in horse years, is about 82. However, out of the two of them, Hazel definitely seems older. Poor thing! I know it's slow going with her and that probaly eventually she'll feel better...but I want her to feel better NOW!
She's basically walking around bending her hocks+stifles as little as possible, like a bow-legged cowboy.
I ordered her a "real" joint supplement tonight which should arrive in about a week. Hopefully that'll give her some relief when it gets here. I currently have her on MSM, like Lacey, but it's really not cutting it with her.

It doesn't help that Atticus is so desperate for someone to play with that he's started jumping on her patootie, then when she turns around to correct him, he leaps away and starts running around like they're playing. And since she's really not feeling so great, she's certainly not going to go chasing after him to put him in his place!
Jerk goat! Atticus is basically like a kid who needs Super Nanny to come lay the law down on him. "Amusingly", if he knows I'm watching, he won't even try to do that to her. But as soon as my back is turned... :(
The only things I have for pain relief are Devil's Claw+Yucca (which I've heard is bad for preggo animals and since she's possibly preggo...), Bute (which I've heard is the worst for ruminants), and MSM. Maybe I'll give her a bigger dose of MSM tomorrow, perhaps that'll help.

Darn Atticus! Grow up, please!
He's very respectful to me and Lacey...just no one else. Lil jerk.

On the Lacey front, I basically made her day today. I've been boiling a pot of water morning+evening which I put in a thermos and carry up to melt the ice in her water tank. It usually only takes about half the thermos of water to melt a reasonable drinking hole and I had just been pouring the rest in the tank...but that seemed like sort of a waste of boiling water.
Today I added that leftover half to Lacey's breakfast grain, turning it into a warm mash, and BOY! She was SO happy. Usually she's a little distracted as she eats but not during breakfast today! She was GLUED to her bucket, with her eyes half closed, slurping away at her alfalfa pellets+rice bran+MSM+mineral supplement.
Then in the evening I did it again, but also realized that perhaps I should give her some raspberry leaves to help her settle about the all the wind (she was ok yesterday about the wind but today the constant stress seems to be really wearing on her). SO I added raspberry leaves and lo and behold, she got raspberry tea for dinner! She basically could not believe her mouth when she tasted that. Pure joy.
It was adorable, I love that girl.
Anyhoo, someone is going to be getting hot water everyday while it's so cold out. :)


yesterday evening.

That time when you feel like you're petting a polar bear..but it's just a VERY FURRY horse.

This morning.
happy happy happy with her warm mash.

My muck bucket got really blown away...I had to walk all the way down to the pasture to get it... EXERCISE!

Captain Cool.
She got to wear a flymask today. Her right (already bad) eye was looking a little swollen. I'm going to give her bute tomorrow to hopefully get it back from whatever it's thinking it wants to do.

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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