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Maybe I'll try making one this summer. :) It seems like I have so little time to update things when I'm in school...and that's sad. Better to be committed to something already THEN go back to school (kinda how this journal is still going! ).

Good thinking about the watermark. I need to look into that. I know there's some way that you can change the picture's...something, so that when it's right-clicked (to steal or print without the rest of the blog/webpage) you just can't. I hate the look of watermarked/copyrighted pictures (since if you don't put the mark directly over the subject, usually, if someone was inclined, it would generally be pretty easy for them to just crop the mark right out) so I've been resistant... But I proooobably should figure out a way to do something to them one of these days... haha

So poor Lacey, Hazel, and Atticus. They don't know where I've gone and they aren't too happy.
On Monday, the goats were huddled int their stall and made SUCH A RUCKUS when I got home. Lacey was outside next to the shed, on the right side, and nearly killed me when she came cantering+bucking around the shed to "greet" me. Yeah, that was fun. Having a nearly blind horse canter-bucking down a muddy hill that you're standing at the bottom of...she skidded to a stop about a foot from me... My favorite.
She was REALLY happy though! hahaha

Then yesterday I got out of class an hour early, since it was the first day, so I was home by 4 instead of 5.
I basically felt like a mom of little kids as soon as I got into the pasture. Everyone was trying to get my attention in one way or another and the goats were following me EVERYWHERE. Lacey ended up biting Atticus because he wanted in on "her" mom- time and it was just super silly. Hazel acted all superior when it was time for her blanket to be changed "look at me, guys. Mom is paying attention to ME! HAH." It was super funny.
Poor dears. Everybody got hugs and love yesterday but they were pretty sure that was not "enough".

Then, this morning I headed over to feed and discovered that Lacey had gotten stuck in her fence again... I'm not sure HOW she did it but she managed to get her head between the chicken-wire bottom section and the top "electric" tape section, then get the middle "supporting" t-post somehow right in front of her a buggy or something.
Luckily it was easy to get her out and she was really pretty relaxed about it. She wasn't thrilled (throwing her head around all over the place like "I'M STUCK! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE FASTER! This is so FRUSTRATING!!") but she knew I was going to save her so she just stood there until I told her "ok".
She could have easily just gotten herself totally out one way or another, had she tried, but she didn't. She's such a good girl.

I don't know WHY she keeps trying this getting out thing. She's totally fine when she's in for a long long time (ie, during the break, she would be in her stall from 3pm on Sunday to 9:30am on Monday) but last term she did the same thing. My first week of school and she's getting herself super tangled in fencing.
Maybe it's an attention thing? I don't know.
In any case, this weekend I'm going to change that section of fence AGAIN so she can't get her head through it at all. Silly goose-girl!!

In Hazel news, her belly is MONSTROUS. Those babies are seriously doing some exponential growth. It seems like everyday she's bigger. WHAT IS HAPPENING.
She's been being a bit more "meh" lately but I figure that's just late pregnancy stuff. She's still eating happily and seems really happy on a daily level...just uncomfortable!

I had a dream last night that she gave birth to fully grown cats... I hope not. I love cats but I want goat babies!!!! haha

I got a kidding stall (around her favorite "bedtime" snuggle spot so I know she loves it) all set up for her last Saturday so we're set for whenever she decides to have them.
Hopefully soon!! Hopefully on a Thursday/Friday so I can have a whole weekend with them!
I don't think birth is imminent but we might looking at maybe two weeks... Her udder is changing more and it's just starting to seem to fill a little teensy bit more everyday (before it was a more weekly change-thing).

Then, the saddest, most pathetic thing you have ever seen:

"Please, please come home."

OH MY WORD. HAZEL. JUST STOP. Emotional tortureeeeee!!!!

And that is all for now. :)

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Come on Hazel, give us some little goat babies!
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RIGHT??! Hazel's being SUCH A JERK.

I don't have much of a true update but I do have a ridiculous amount of pictures!! :) It felt so good to hold my camera after a week of no camera time! haha

OH! But, on the Hazel front, I think we're getting closer...a bit. Supposedly sometime before she gives birth, her "lady area" is supposed to start looking "puffy" and redder, color-wise. Well, today we have marked puffier-ness AND some redness! I made a comparison collage that I'll link to, just so no one is forced to experience goat lady-parts.
Still no real udder but it seems to be slowly slowly filling each day...I'm figuring that she'll be one of those "sudden" fillers. I guess we'll see!
Pooch-y link:

Anyhoo, pictures!

It snowed again today. Lacey was not very thrilled.

"Lense cap? Can I haz?"

Oh yeah! I got a kidding (still want to call it foaling...hahaha) stall all set up for Haze.
Any additions anyone can think of?
There's a deep hay bed for the back...probably 4x4 area, then a wooden pallet with a plank of wood over it for the front bit.
The concern I have is that the wooden area and the stall front don't exactly meet. There's probably a 6 inch gap between the stall front and the wood area. It's only maybe a 4 inch drop to the ground and would be impossible for anyone to get stuck UNDER but I don't know if there's something else dangerous about that I haven't thought of?
Oh, and the hay in the back. I've just been adding fresh hay on top of soiled hay for quite some time... Should I do a thorough clean out this weekend? Or since it'll be clean hay on top when she goes, does it matter?
That green fencing on the "front" of the gate will close to form a door that'll keep Haze+babies in and Atti out.

Judgmental goat is judgmental.

"LOLz, I have ze legz and ze belly!!"


I love the relationship Haze and Lacey have.
They're so mean yet loving to each other. Not unlike some elderly, human, BFFs I have met! hahaha

Running some more!


"Wait for me, guys!!"

She was glued to my leg all day. I think she may have missed me this week....


That's all folks!

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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I just realized I missed two pictures!! And one was my favorite from today - can't have THAT!!

Just cuz she's cute... There were deer in the far pasture and I think she had just seen them running or something but couldn't figure out WHAT they were because she went on high alert:

Then, my favorite.
I guess she decided to show her Arab side!
And I love how her long mane is making her neck look... I would like to just hug this picture.

Also, I find it super hilarious that she's SO butt-high that in that picture, she looks built uphill...because her back feet are at least 6 inches lower than her front feet.
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Good call on the collage and good eye grasshopper to notice the differences!
BTW, did that file show up ok?

If there is enough moisture and some manure pellets in that old hay that is stacking up, it might start to compost and generate some heat. Some farmers use this technique to help the animals stay warmer in the winter.
It’s called the Deep Bedding method, and it basically consists of setting a good base for compost and letting the animals do the work, then clean it all out down to the floor come spring.
Well, ok.... it is a bit more complex than that, but not hard to achieve. A google search should get you pointed in the right direction.

Just a note, although I'm sure you already know… goat baby births are mess-ey! A lot of fluid… so be prepared to dig some of that out afterwards and replace it with fresh. But once dry, deep bedding gives the kids a snuggly place to sleep and hopefully divert them from the space under the platform.
If you do find the area too wet/damp you can pull the old hay back, spread fresh pellet bedding or shavings, then put the dry old hay back on top again.
Hazel may be one of the “dig a hole to China” moms who like to put their kids in a hidey hole for warmth and security.

Can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but I really like the names from your name list.
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I will agree that they are messy! We once had a goat and her water was so much and it ended up bouncing off of the ground into some of the faces of the people watching. Eww! Haha.

What kind of camera do you use? I really love the pictures, and I'm into photography so it's just me being curious as to what people use to get nice action shots :)
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Hah, thanks Leah! The collages have really been helping me see changes...or not. Keeping me sane...depending on your definition of sanity...!! hahahaha
I have heard of that, that kindaaa what I've been going for...without actually committing. haha!
I will Google search it!
Is it sanitary enough though? That's my main concern. I've read about dipping navels+hooves in iodine post-birth but I know that even that isn't necessarily enough to keep them safe.
I'm beginning to understand how grandmas feel, possibly. No telling when the baby is coming, just waiting nervously and hoping that everything will be fine! haha!

Yes, on the bedding front, luckily my feed store has been having a $1 off bedding sale (usually $5 per #40 bag of wood pellets, during January it's $4/bag! How did they know?!) so I have a few spare bags of that (though I don't usually use wood pellets for the G's since their stall is generally so amp anyway and the wood pellets seem to just suck that dampness up and on to the G's - but for birth clean up=perfect) and I went to the feed store yesterday and got 5 more bales of hay. I hadn't wanted to but for some reason everyone ate more hay last week and since births are messy, like you said, I didn't want to be stingy about bedding them all down.
So now I have 8 #70 bales of grass hay stuffed into in my little 6x5 hay area. Getting hay down to use is currently interesting...but I feel rather prepared so that's ok, I suppose.
Any case, that should mean that in the event of a REALLY unbelievably messy blessed event, I could even use an entire bale of hay getting things cleaned up...if I wanted. I hope it won't come to that but I could.

I also have a little birthing kit all made up and up at the barn (towels, iodine, gloves, kiddo blankets, floss for umbilical cords, clean scissors, selenium+VitE should they need that -I did dose Haze myself a few weeks ago+have been giving her Vit E daily, but you never know, etc) so I feel ok on that front. :)

One thing that I think I'm most nervous about it that I DID dose her with Valbazen while she was still within the first 45 days of her pregnancy. I had no idea then and no reason to suspect I shouldn't give it to her but I'm a bit worried about the possible effects... I know that generaly it causes abortion so obviously on that front we're "ok" but I have read about other side effects... I'm sure they'll be fine, just I want to make sure!! haha

Great to know about the hole digging! I did know that they did some digging but that's a relief o know that if she starts "digging a hole to China", not a bad sign. :)

She hasn't started licking a lot yet. ...or should I say, more than usual. She did sidle up to me today and give my hand a few good licks which was a bit unusual for her, but it wasn't anything really crazy or driven. Just a few "let's be buds" licks. And she does like to lick my face everyday when I take off/put on her blanket. But those are both pretty normal for her. I'm sure I'll know labor driven licking when I see it! hahaha!

Leah, you're the best. :)
I didn't get your message before locking everybody in for the night (Hazel's in the kidding stall, Atti is in the rest of the pen - Hazel seemed THRILLED to be by herself, Atti=not so much, haha) so no side pictures but I'll try to get one tomorrow morning right fter her blanket comes off. :)
BUT, I do have a patootie collage!
I don't know if you can see this, but the top of her udder in today's picture is wider vs yesterday's. Not by a whole lot but there's action!
We're not up to risen bread level though.. I think...maybe? haha!


Hahaha! That's DISGUSTING, TRP!! I so hope that does not happen to me. GROSS. But, with my luck, that will absolutely happen to me. hahaha
Oh thanks for the picture compliments! :)
I used to use a Nikon CoolPix P5000 which is a pretty handy all around camera. It doesn't have a great zoom but otherwise it was really ok for what it was.
Then, for Christmas, I was given a Nikon CoolPix P510. I'm still getting the hang of it but so far it's been far more versatile than the other camera (P5000). My favorite thing about it is the optical zoom. I've never used one before and it's basically my favorite! I love having the zoom without sacrificing quality! haha
I would have liked a "real" DSLR but you know, beggars can't be choosy!!

Today's pictures!
I think we're getting closer with Haze but it's not 911 time yet. She is having her first night in the kidding stall, with Atticus locked out! She seemed to really be loving having her own "bedroom" when I put them all in for the night. We'll see how she feels in the morning when I go up to let them all out, but for now, she's a happy girl!

Lacey had a great day. She and the goats went on a little adventure to the bottom of the valley in their pasture. There's a creek down there and it's very steep going down...but I guess Lacey's bored!
In any case, I went up to feed this evening and couldn't see anyone anywhere. So I started calling and next thing I know, I hear this thundering noise and here Lacey comes, galloping up the hill like she's going to slide backwards if she slowed down. She was very proud of herself when I met her at the top of the hill and everybody happily headed down to the shed, like they had just done some real work.
She also got to go "naked" again today which seems to be one of her really favorite things these days.
Since I'm not riding her, there's really no need for her to be really clean all the time, so on sunny+dry days with no/little wind, she gets to be free of blankets during the day. She definitely gets blanketed at night though!

Atticus is being a general pain in the patootie. He's just such an active little guy and no one wants to play with him. Hopefully these babies will be his playmates, at least for a while! But he is trying to be good so I have hope for him!


"Guys, don't you like my kidding stall? I am oh so happy with it."


Troublemaker! I tried to bring him something to stand on and THAT is what he did to it. Silly guy!

Marina the llama was very interested in me today...

Then this was just cool - somehow the dandelion got ice on it!

That's all!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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Ok, it wasn’t until after I finished I realized this is a book. Sorry to hijack…..again.

My kids and alpaca babies are born on deep bedding and I’ve never had a problem. I dip navels generously three to four times in the first 24 to 36 hours and I’ve never dipped hooves.
Be sure yours is a gentle iodine concentration, and if not Nolvasan/surgical/wound scrub solution works well too.
It is the under layers that generate the heat and so long as the top layer is clean, you’ll be surprised at how tidy and un-smelly it really is.
I’ve been using this for the goats and alps for 5 years now. It is easier to achieve with the goats though because alps have a tendency to pile everything up in one place. Not compost friendly!

Mess- if you are able to figure out when they are coming, you can put down the pellets or shavings just before, then clean back up after. This is way more absorbent than hay anyway and if you don’t clean up the hay really well, it can cause… stink… if you know what I mean.
If you happen to be there, you can use newspaper, clean paper feed sacks, or cheap toweling to wipe and clean kids. Be sure whatever it is, you can throw a there will be lots of stringy gunk and you will NOT want to wash these in the washing machine after (go ahead… ask me how I know this.)
I use generic Puppy Pads. You know, those little pads you put down for a puppy to pee on while you are trying to house train them? (Which defeats the whole purpose of training a puppy not to pee in the house… but that‘s rant for another day)
Anyway, those are a little spendy but work great and then I toss them in the trash.

Your kit sounds good, the only thing you might find helpful is one of those little snot suckers bulbs. You can find them in the baby section of the discount or drug store, or perhaps the dollar store. They are a soft squeezable bulb with a small spout on the end. It is to suck boogers and snot from the nose of infants. I know… TMI, but they are really helpful to suck mucus (of which there will be lots) from the mouth and nose of the babies.
They look like this:

Valbazen- Nothing you can do now so don‘t beat yourself up about it. It was the previous owners mistake for not telling you the full story. Chances are slim anyway.
Pic- I see the elongation under the tail, but she is not yet starting the “dough” stage.
Her udder looks like it still needs more activity too. The good thing is because you are really paying attention to the details, you will see the changes very well because you already know what her “normal” is and is not. This is what I meant by the “signs will read like a story.”
I will say this- for a newbie you are most prepared!

Heck, you make some of the old timers look like noobs! LOL

Oh, one last thing… in the kidding stall… hang up the water bucket so just Hazel can reach it. Many a new kid has drowned in buckets that were on the floor. They are curious, then fall in and aren’t coordinated enough to get back out right away, then they get chilled and can’t get out. Plus with fiber animals they take on so much water they are too heavy to get out.
Don’t worry, they will get plenty of liquid from Hazel and won’t even need a water bucker for several weeks. Then you can put it back down and she will teach them how to drink from it.

Cinder blocks are a goat owners best friend! If you can find some old free ones you can make a mini mountain. Wears the hooves down a little and is great for jumping on and off of. Some people will pick up human kid outdoor play things at garage sales and put them out for goats too, like a big plastic slide or something with a wide base.
Marina is pretty! And as always… lovely pics!
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It was disgusting! Hahaha. And I will add another thing, my goats were picky about where the kidded. Most of them did not kid in the barn, they choose outside instead. You definitely know what's not normal for her so you should be able to tell. Good luck :)
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Thanks you two! :)

Well, of course, Hazel is being wily...again.
Is she pregnant? Is she not pregnant? Only time will tell. I'm about to start tearing my hair out. haha

At the beginning of the week, after I separated Haze from Atti overnight as a precaution, every morning when I let her out, she'd let Atticus mount her and "go at it".
Super confusing because, according to what I've read, Angoras breed September-November ...which I assumed (possibly naively) meant that Hazel should not be going into heat right now...since it's January...
So there's that, but then, I continued to separate them for 4 nights, thinking that, if she was in heat, she should only be in for 3 days... Well, she continued to let him mount her and as soon as I let her out overnight, all mounting ceased....

Maybe it was dominance related? But I thought he was the "underling"? But, I have read that Alpines are generally the dominant ones in the herd (I guess they're sassy?) and he IS half Alpine.... SO CONFUSED.
I'm again watching her lady-parts like a hawk because if they go back to being shrivelly, then I figure we'll know. They still look basically the same right now as they did last weekend...
Gosh darn you, Hazel! haha

If she's going to have babies, it'll be by February 10th (155 days since September 7th, the day I brought them home) so at least there's an outer limit.

The other confusing thing is that I've felt movements on her right side (where babies would be) that I don't feel on her left side and that I don't feel on Atticus...but they aren't feelings that say "THIS IS A KICK!"... Initially I thought for sure they were a kick but then, and maybe I'm over thinking this, I started doubting it...
Her belly is also quite a bit firmer than Atticus'...if that makes any sense. His is soft and sort of "floppy" (for lack of a better word) and hers is harder and "full" feeling...
I wish she could speak!!

I took a little video of her walking case the moving visual would be helpful for any experts out there... To me, she walks a bit...funny. But I'm not sure how much of that is her feet hurting (she's had one foot thing after the other - first it was hoof rot and now she seems to have some fungal thing like mud fever, tea tree oil mud fever ointment is working great to clear it up but for now it seems to hurt her) and how much is anything "real", you know?

Anyway, enough with this worrying stuff, time for pictures!!

Oh! But before we do pictures, Lacey wanted me to show you guys how pro she is at rolling.


I just about died of cute when I found everybody like this:

"Cute, GROSS."

"My molehill is NOT cute and it's nice to me. It would NEVER think I'm cute."

I just love her hair!

"Me. PICK. ME."


Look at this cutie. Starting to look like an old lady!
I never realized how much work went into keeping her topline up!!



Oh! And from the other day. This one was pretty cute.

Oh! And today it was officially noted that Lacey IS shedding. 1. That means I hopefully won't need to body clip her (that was up for debate since last year, when she lost most of the rest of her sight, she was already mostly shed out so I was concerned that she might not really shed this year), 2. SPRING IS COMING. And 3. It's almost May, almost time to try out the ol' riding thing again! Fingers crossed she's sound enough for that!

I hope you all are doing great!

Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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