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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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    03-01-2013, 01:34 AM
Super Moderator
Nothing much to report but we are all alive!

Lacey is shedding SO MUCH. However, since I've been leaving her blanket off quite a bit, she's doing a lot of her shedding into the grass/dirt during her daily multi-rolls (I think she must roll at least 3 times, on average, during the day. Silly girl!!), and therefore she's actually really shed out for her at this time of year. It's so great! I can brush her with minimal lung-ingestion of hair. It is wonderful!
She's still ridiculously hairy...pretty sure her mom was a yak, but she's doing better than I had expected.

Hazel and Atti are doing great too.
I'm finding some serious irony in Atticus' name though. It's kind of bothering me - I'm taking a Greek History class right now and, didn't know this at the time, Atticus basically means "Man of Attica"...and Attica was the term for the island Athens was on.
Athens, back when it was "Attica" etc, was a really pain in everybody's neck and was always at war or trying to go to war with someone...basically. Other "people" were always trying to war with Attica as well but Athens was a real instigator/meany.
Um, yeah. Probably not he best name for our boy.
I definitely believe that names should evoke something for someone/something to grow into and...yeahhhhh. But it's been so long, I'm not sure I could change Atticus' name to something else without extreme difficulty. Curses!
Anyhoo, we can just call him Atti and hope he grows into someone better than his name. I mean, Lacey's name means...lace-y and she's certainly smarter than your average lace. Also more BA. She's like leather AND lace.

Then, in life news, I signed up for Spring term classes yesterday and I AM SO EXCITED. I'm taking a photo class and a class on "Pacific Northwest Pre-History", then Sign Language 103, and a historic writing class that I have to take for my degree. On the days I have photo, I'll be getting out everyday at THREE PM! Instead of 4. So I'll generally be getting home around 4 on Tues/Thurs, instead of 5 like it's been for the last 2 terms and since that's about when I'm going to start trying to get Lace back into work... OMG SO PERFECT. I'm really thrilled.
Monday/Wednesday, it'll be the usual of going to school at 8, getting out at 4, home by 5. But Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be great!

Other interesting story, for those of you invested in the story about the gentleman-friend (the one I've known for 2 years, etc), on Sunday I was supposed to see him at church. Every other week he helps with childcare for the church (so sweet!) so I only get to see him on the weeks he's not doing that - would have been this last week.
Usually we kinda trade back and forth asking if the other is going to church that evening (aka, I don't want to be "that girl" who's just always "are you coming to church????!!!!!!" allll the time, you know).
Anyhoo, this was "his week" to ask me if I would be there but he didn't text me. So I eventually texted him and he said that he was going to the later service. I hadn't seen him in forever so this was a huge bummer.

I texted him as such, etc, and eventually told him basically that I had been having a bad day (you know those days when you can just feeeeel that you're coming down with a cold and you don't want to be?) and had been looking forward to seeing him so not seeing him was not the greatest thing.
Anyway, he was really sad that I was sad and I figured we had moved on.

However, on Tuesday, I open up my Facebook and he posted this really sweet message on my FB wall, with a picture of a herd of llamas, saying that he "and his llama friends" hoped that I would have a wonderful day. I happened to be home sick that day (stupid cold!) so that made it even sweeter.
He's such a nice guy. Even as just a friend, such a boon to my life to have him in it!
Made my day!

Then, pictures from the week! From my cellphone so nothing special but you know!



Then Hazel today. She somehow managed to detach the belly strap of her blanket, then stick her front leg THROUGH the neckhole...then walk around like that for awhile.
And yes, she DID "hide" the bellystrap in the pasture so it was basically a Belly-StrapPre-Easter-Egg-Hunt out there this afternoon. Soooo helpful. Haha! Keeping my life fun!

Self-Sufficient Fashionista Goat says:
"I was hot. So I made this blanket into a necklace! It's dirty now. Don't you know? Trashin' IS fashion!!!"

What a dork.

And that, I THINK, pretty much sums up this week.

But oh yeah! I've figured out the first chapter of "Sassypants"...thought you'd like to know. Haven't WRITTEN it yet...but I know how it'll go!

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    03-01-2013, 04:43 PM
On the "gentleman-friend" issue (I love reading your journal) I have a similar (okay pretty exact) story to yours. Me and my now boyfriend were friends for a year and some months before we got in a relationship, just casual texters, NOT every day until closer when we got into a relationship, only saw each other once a week just like you etc. well why I tell you this story is we NEVER talked about a relationship, if we liked each other, what our feelings were toward each other, etc. it just didn't come up because we were good friends, enjoyed our friendship and we neither of us wanted to "push it" or even consider pushing it, really we were content to stay friends, a relationship would be GREAT we both knew, but because of the friendship this was never shared in conversation. Well anyways I went through a really rough period with my then best friend, my sister and her were ganging up on me, I was losing her etc. and I would talk to him about it, he would say I'm sorry, im sad for you etc (like a friend of course) well to help comfort me, we planned a hug (just as friends, no mention of a relationship budding) when we were going to see each other next at the fair (a couple weeks time away) and so we talked a little about that, moved on, were still friends. I thought that was as far as it was going, but was content to be his friend (because like you said, just having that friend is a blessing). Well casually one night when we were texting, he said something to the effect of "so after our hug, whats next, holding hands, arm around the shoulder?" and just like that BOOM relationship. Not even a "do you like me?" "whats our status" etc no conversation of getting in a relationship, literally in a normal conversation it flowed into what is now a so far year and almost seven month relationship of boyfriend/girlfriend while still being best friends.
The reason I tell you this is, don't give up hope, you never know, just because you've never talked about it, don't talk or see each other that much, at times it felt like he would never text me or didn't want to, didn't care etc but it was just a busy life and he always did. So even though you're just friends and don't talk about those "things" it does NOT mean it won't happen. Just get in a huge fight with your best friend and WHAM a boyfriend. Just kidding, BAD advice.
Just wanted to share that story and let you know its a big possibility for you, because it happened just like that for me even though I thought it never would and now I'm in love! Good luck! I'll be thinking about you guys (and your precious animals)
Have a great day!
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    03-02-2013, 04:17 PM
Super Moderator
That is pretty much exactly the same as my story!! Wow. Almost uncanny! Haha I feel so much better after reading that, thanks for sharing. I'm so glad it worked out for you! :)

Brace yourselves.

"Out of my way, you SERF!"

"Hmmm, if I sneak up on her, will she try to hurt me?!"

Cutie patootie.

I dunno, I liked this one:

Goat fur!

Lil goatie hoof!


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    03-02-2013, 04:18 PM
Super Moderator
Running down to the shed for dinner!

Plant "skeletons"!

"Hazel! Let's take some pictures together!! ..... HAZEL!!!! THOSE ARE NOT WORDS A LADY WOULD USE."

"Hazel, be cute this time!"


"...because you won't let me EAT YOUR CAMERA."

Pretty flowers! Spring is coming!

"Mergh! Attention! Pony needs it!"

Mr. Atti has almost grown into "his" halter! Just a few weeks ago, the last hole was still a bit too big for him - now it's perfect! Yay! Almost time for the switch to "Hazel's" blue halter (the plan was to switch all along, so this is perfect - Hazel's is a large that's too big for her, this pink one is a medium).

"Goat HATES halter!!"

We went on our first Atti+Wallaby "hike" today! He did fantastic. He got a little fussy towards the end of the time we were gone for (15 minutes) but that was mostly because I was making him stand still for this picture. Hahaha!
Otherwise he did great.

He's getting so tall and gangly! Only a month away from him first birthday!!

    03-02-2013, 09:17 PM
Super Moderator

I just got to ride my pony girl again!!

I was lunging her and she was behaving so impeccably that I just couldn't help it. So I hopped up there, with just her halter+lunge line to "control" her, and we bummed around the pasture a bit.

I didn't ride her for very long at all - it WAS dinnertime, after all. But she did so well! Just slowly walked around and did everything I asked her to do.

I forgot just how comfy her back is when she's all wooly and slightly under-muscled. She has a bit of a dippy back going on (not really a "swayback" per-say, just she's SO butt-high combined with her rather large withers = built in dressage saddle) and all that hair just grips have to WORK at being unstable on that back!

Anyway, it was wonderful.

Also, she did MUCH better adjusting to my weight this time. Last time she really had difficulty going downhill with the addition of my weight and she tripped/stumbled a few times just from being unprepared. This time she did a whole lot better. Zero trips, 100% steady-edd..."ina"-ness.

I'm SO HAPPY. YAAAAY LaceyLace!! Way to kick it like a unicorn.
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    03-02-2013, 09:36 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Wallaby    

OHMYGOSH I love this one! She's so adorabible.
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    03-04-2013, 01:46 AM
Super Moderator
Right?! I love that one too! She was making a cute face, then dove for grass right as I snapped the picture. I almost just deleted it offhandedly but thankfully checked it out before doing so, thank goodness I didn't delete it! haha

Nothing new, just another "Portlandia" shot for you guys! This is off that same bridge, just the opposite side. Up river...I thinnnk.

And obviously at sunset. :)

That is all!
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    03-04-2013, 02:05 AM

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    03-05-2013, 12:38 AM
Super Moderator
DONE. :)

And today a multitude of pictures that Lacey loves because they make her look skinny.
Do not panic, she is not skinny...AT ALL. Well, she's "perfect" a touch "thin", aka not fat per her usual. I would be worried-er if we weren't about to head into spring but since she balloons practically as soon as she smells fresh grass, I'd like her to be thinner rather than fatter. Last spring she was chubby heading into spring and it was such a pain allll summer to be constantly worried about her weight (I watch her weight closely anyway but you know what I mean).

And, to further assuage any fears, her ribs are always the first things to pop out when she isn't "fat". :)

We started out this morning very sassily.
I liked something about the angle/focus of this one...I don't know.

Then, trot Lacey, TROT!

This afternoon I found her alllllll the way down at the bottom of this hill.
She won't come when I call once she's gotten down that far since she follows my voice to find me and this is such a deep valley-thing that my voice just bounces off the other calling to her calls her deeper into the valley. Soooo I had to walk alllll the way down there to get her.
She's invested in my fitness, that's for sure!

Allll the way down.

We finally made it back up. Silhouette pony!

"Where's mah' dinna', dawg?"

"WAT. You aren't CARRYING my dinner? How dare you."

Then, Lacey is basically the horse version of a pointer. She is hilarious. She "sees"/"senses" things that scare her and watch OUT scary thing. She will TAKE you.

Here she is, off to kill something "dangerous". turned out to be her [extremely deadly] deer BFF. Silly Lacey!

"I will scare it so so so badly by looking as much like a total conformational wreck as I possibly can!"

[the dangerous, dangerous deer BFF was SO scared... so, so scared. Hahahaha]

Then, the sunset!

That is all!

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    03-05-2013, 12:51 AM
That's all the News from Lake Wallaby.
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