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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        03-05-2013, 11:58 PM
    Super Moderator
    Speaking of Lake Wallaby, it started raining HARD again today. The poor old ladies wee both out without blankets so I came home to a couple of shivering drowned rats. Poor dears!

    I guess Lacey's trying to "man-up" or something and stay out in the rain past her comfort level, Atti could care less about the rain (obviously, he's a BOY), and with the two of them out, Miss Haze refuses to go down to the shed and keep dry. :(

    Luckily, I have towels at the barn so I towel dried Haze, and got her all warmed up and blanketed pretty fast.

    Lacey got her blanket too. She was pretty happy about that.

    I;ve really been noticing this this winter and I'm not sure if it's a "thing" for all horses or just Lacey...but when she gets sopping wet, she gets REALLY jumpy. Like "climb over the top of you" jumpy. It's when I really have to use my growl-y voice on her.

    It's just sort of weird. She's only like that when her whole body is cold and wet. If she gets a dry, warm, blanket on over her wetness, she calms right down and "chills". If only her neck is super wet (like if she's been out wearing a blanket), she's fine too!

    Weird horse!
    Anyway, so she nearly killed me as I was putting her blanket on. I was fussing with the straps that go under her belly, she spooked at something, and jumped into/over me. Luckily all I got was thrown in a "muddy" [wink wink] puddle so it could have been worse.
    I know she doesn't mean it at all, something just snaps in her poor brain when she gets really wet and cold.

    After that, I just kept growling "HO!" at her and she stood there, shaking, with anxiety about the whole thing. Poor thing, I think she was as scared as I was when she realized she had gotten me under herself. After that I could really see her forcing herself to contain the mental energy. She's such a good horse. And she takes such good care of me, I don't even know how I got so lucky.

    We got that blanket on eventually and she calmed right down. Silly weird girl!

    In other news, today, in Portland, I was walking to my train and this homeless man comes trotting up to me, yelling "Red! RED!!! REDDDDDDDD!" (strangers always call me "Red" when they don't know my name...that hair of mine! Haha). So I stop and he asks me if I have magical powers because of my hair (not the first time I've been asked that...hhaha!).
    I told him that I didn't know about magical powers but that I did have a unicorn waiting for me at home! I showed him a picture of Lacey and he thought it was the best ever.
    I could hear him telling everyone behind me about how "Red, over there, has a UNICORN!!!!"
    It was really fantastic.
    Oh Portland.

    Speaking of unicorns. Here's the dear lady herself. She was super mad that she was was THIS wet and I was taking a picture instead of caring for her poor, probably dying of hypothermia, self.

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        03-06-2013, 12:20 AM
    Ok. I would probably have run the other way if some homeless guy came running up to me shouting , "Red! Red!" only in Portland.

    I always worry that putting a blanket on over the wet horse will make them colder, and make it hard for them to dry. Is that true?
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        03-06-2013, 12:24 AM
    Green Broke
    Originally Posted by tinyliny    
    I always worry that putting a blanket on over the wet horse will make them colder, and make it hard for them to dry. Is that true?
    im always paranoid about that too. In winter I always towel off my hrose and walk em for a good while after work before ill put the blanket on and take em out to the trailer to go home.
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        03-06-2013, 12:43 AM
    Super Moderator
    Originally Posted by tinyliny    
    Ok. I would probably have run the other way if some homeless guy came running up to me shouting , "Red! Red!" only in Portland.

    I always worry that putting a blanket on over the wet horse will make them colder, and make it hard for them to dry. Is that true?
    hahahaha! Right? Portland!

    I used to feel very much the same way about blanketing Lacey when she's wet but she seems to really like it. And I've checked her before, about 15 minutes after putting the blanket on her while she's wet, and she'll still be wet (obviously) but it'll be warm-wet instead of cold-wet. I think it depends on the weight of the blanket, etc. I try to "overblanket" a bit when she's wet. Maybe that's the difference. Even though it's about 40* out, since she was wet, I put her heavy-mid weight on her - if she had been dry, she would have just gotten a sheet. If I put her sheet on her while she's wet, she will definitely get super cold!

    I would have probably waited until tomorrow, when she had gotten the chance to dry off in her stall overnight, if she hadn't been acting the way she was. It's really hard to describe in words but it was obvious she wanted her blanket pretty badly. Usually in situations like this, I defer to her - if she's acting like she doesn't care then I don't care too much either (unless I do, then I overrule) but when she's..."talking" to me with her actions and strongly sharing an opinion, I usually try to give her, within reason, what she feels she needs. It's just so hard to explain without sounding like a floofy "my horse is as smart as I is!!" owner!

    Tomorrow morning I'll pull tonight's blanket, curry her out, and put her lightweight (or her lighter MW...depending on the weather, of course) on her, to give tonight's blanket a chance to air out. :)

    But yeah, Lacey's the only horse I would ever blanket while they're wet. It would be a "tough cookies" situation for anyone else!
        03-06-2013, 02:05 AM
    Well, I can understand doing that. I think she's fine. I mean, horse hair is basically wool, right? Wool is warm even if it's wet. As long as the hair isn't plastered down too hard to the skin, so that there is not loft and so that the moisture does not transfer to the skin.
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        03-06-2013, 11:03 PM
    Super Moderator
    Miss L was back to her normal self today, thank goodness!

    I don't have really anything animal-related to say but I do have an sorta addition to the "Gentleman-Friend Files"...

    Back in the day, when we had only known each other a month or so (we have one of those friendships where we, from the start, felt like we had known each other for "forever" already - I think we hadn't even known each other for a week before we were both like "Did we really meet a WEEK ago?" ), he found a smiley face pin on the ground somewhere and gave it to me because "it reminded him of me".
    Anyway, I pinned it to my shoe and wore it constantly for the rest of the summer. Then, after the summer ended, I sewed it onto one of my "everyday-real world" shoes and it's been on that shoe ever since.

    Today, however, the thread holding the pin on finally snapped and the pin fell off! D:
    Luckily I noticed immediately and saved the pin from "tragedy."

    Obviously, I HAD to text him immediately about this. So I texted him and he texted me right back saying that, when he got my text, he had actually been in the midst of texting me ABOUT THAT PIN! He's reading a book where the author mocked smiley face buttons and he wanted to tell me about how he lost all respect for the author because of that.
    How uncanny is that?! Hahaha

    I told him to get out of my head.

    But I was bummed that I texted him first...he rarely texts me and it makes me sort of sad... haha But he doesn't text much in general and he writes on my facebook a lot, so I really have no reason to be bummed, but you know.

    I thought I was pretty slick in my text back, though. I mentioned that I enjoy getting random texts from him. Living on the willdddd side, I KNOW.
    He's sometimes not the most confident guy out there and...I don't know...I hope he's not not texting me because he think I don't want to hear from him (that would be something just like him to assume, I don't even get it - he is LITERALLY the most beautiful guy I have ever seen yet he thinks everyone is more likely to hate him than love him. HAH. However...that sort of makes him more beautiful - really humble, you know?)... So anyway, if that's the case, hopefully he gets it now that I like getting texts from him.

    I guess we'll see!

    Then, I drew a picture yesterday!
    I'm on a giraffe drawing kick...I think. Hahaha!

    I'm not sure how giraffes move exactly but I figure they probably "trot" laterally since, with those long long legs, a diagonal gait just seems prone to leg tangle-age... but who knows. Well, I guess someone obesessed with giraffes/a giraffe-ologist would know..
    Best guess. Haha

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        03-07-2013, 10:58 PM
    Super Moderator
    So Mr. Atticus decided to scare me half to death this morning. What a bro.

    It was about 30* last night and Atti has been shedding out for some time so his coat is much thinner than it was in the midst of winter.

    So I get up there and he is shivering VIOLENTLY. Like entire body tremors sort of shivering. Haze, of course, is totally totally fine.
    All their hay was gone and their water (both of which they had had plenty of last night!) was all gone as well.
    So I watched him a bit, he pooped - normal, put Hazel's blanket on him to warm him up a bit, and decided to just carry on as normal with feeding them.

    Then, he turned his nose up at his breakfast!! While shivering violently, wearing Hazel's turquoise coat.

    And he still hadn't peed, at all.

    So at this point, I'm all "OH NO! BLOAT! STONES! HE'S going to DIE."

    I thought through the logical things I had on hand and figured that if it was bloat, a dose of Probios+water would not hurt the situation at all. So I syringed that into him, which must have scared him because he started peeing.
    And peeing.
    And peeing.
    And peeing.
    He LITERALLY peed for EIGHT minutes. I kid you not.

    After that, the shivering stopped! He was still a bit "off" but he had also been acting a bit more spooky than he usually is so maybe something scared him during the night...

    In any case, he's totally fine now. He was running around as I left the pasture this morning, did his usual "bounce down the hill to dinner" thing this evening, ate dinner like a boss, etc.

    Maybe he forgot how to pee? Maybe he was so cold that he tensed himself up and he was shiverng out of tension which the pee released? I don't know.
    In any case, thought he was dying but he's fine.

    They got a BUNCH of hay tonight and I filled their water all the way to the brim so hopefully tomorrow won't be a repeat...
    Fingers crossed!

    Anyhoo, pictures!

    "What?!!! You mean to tell me that I'm supposed to EAT this hay, not make abstract art with it??! SURELY you jest, ma'am."

    After the pony got out for the morning. :) It was really pretty out today!

    Then, this is what my Jazz History class "created" today. I had considered skipping but was like "Well, the prof taught us nothing on Tuesday so he MUST be going to teach us something today!!"
    Hah, yeah, NO. A Latin Jazz band came in and played for an hour of the 2 hour class, then, once they were done playing, the prof let us all go. Oh yes, $$ well spent. At least I have an 110% in the class! I could not take the final and still get an A. I'm going to take the final but you know. Nice to have an easy "coasting" class sometimes!

    I'm thinking though that I need to research the tails of these creatures I'm drawing - I just noticed that that giraffe from yesterday and today's rhino have the exact same tail.....haha can't say I'm not consistent!

    And that, my friends, is all. :)

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        03-08-2013, 08:49 PM
    Cute drawings, Wallaby! You must be in an African animal mood ;). What African animal will you draw next? Elephant? Zebra? Or maybe my favorite, an Okapi!
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        03-08-2013, 10:44 PM
    Super Moderator
    Haha, thanks! :)
    I did draw a "baller" (it was balancing a ball on it's nose..sooo punny. Hahaha!) elephant the other day for a friend... No picture of that one though! I guess I'll just have to draw another one! ;)
    I love Okapi's toooooo!!!!! They are the best. I'll give it a whirl! Good thinking.
    Maybe I'll have to draw a Sassaby next...pretty sure they are the sassy cousins of Wallabys...aka, they are my spirit animal...

    I rode Miss Lacey again today!! Speakng of Sassabys...pretty sure she morphed into one today. She was VERY...herself.

    In any case, I think I "won," eventually...I hope I did! Haha I think I'm going to postpone taking her out on any sort of trail ride until she's had her teeth done. If today was any indication, we WILL need a bit for our first ride out. Haha
    Really, she did pretty well overall. The main issue was that she seriously wanted to run and, obviously given her injury, she shouldn't be running for at least a while - until her legs have had a chance to toughen up. I was only barely able to get her mind back in the pasture and I can only imagine how difficult that'll be on the trail.

    And right now her teeth need to be done so she's really not comfortable with a bit, due to that. Gah, HORSE! Haha but they'll be getting done pretty soon and then we'll be good to go.

    She was super responsive to all my cues and seemed really happy about being ridden so that was great! We basically went around and wandered through all her pastures, did a lot of hill climbing, a few steps of trot, climbed over a few logs, you know, had fun. She worked up quite a sweat and everyone (the goats were galloping around after us everywhere - Atti still hasn't figured out WHY I ride that white creature) was pretty pooped by the time we were done. I suppose everyone got a good workout, myself included! Haha


    This morning Lacey seemed to have gained a pair of twins that she forgot to mention to me...
    They just came bopping out of the far pasture when I let her out and hung out with her until I let the goats out!

    Haze. I'm going to miss her fur when I shave it off in two weeks! Brace yourselves, naked mole rat-goat is coming.

    This afternoon, pre-ride.
    "Mom, we're boredddddd...."

    Queens of the WORLDDDDDD!

    "Ok, you can get off now."

    Post-ride. Skeptical horse is skeptical.

    "HRRRMRRRGRRRR! So tired! How dare YOU."

    "OH. MY. GOSH. HAY."

    "See??! I am SO tired, I HAD to lay down. Mercy me!"

    "Me too! I'm exhausted!"

    Then, I put them all away and discovered this guy behind the shed!

    Someone is shedding!

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        03-09-2013, 12:25 AM
    Lol, love the sassaby!!! Kind of looks like Atticus, don't you think?

    Lacey seems to be queen of the deer. So cool you have them on a regular basis. Hopefully they don't eat all your hay!
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