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Green Broke
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I was going to ask you, do you use any ammonium chloride for Atti? It's a white powder I and all the other FFA students put in their goat's water to prevent urinary calculi/kidney stones. You only need to give it to wethers so I'm not sure if it would have a negative effect on Hazel but it is a preventative.
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We give our wethers (and doe) a cup of apple cider vinegar in their water to prevent our boys from stones. Haven't had a problem yet.
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Haze. I'm going to miss her fur when I shave it off in two weeks! Brace yourselves, naked mole rat-goat is coming.
wow! cant wait for THOSE pics lol poor hazel is gonna be so traumatized!
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*Insert something witty*
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I just had a thought, Wallaby -- I think you should make Hazel's soon to be ex-hair into little packets tied with a ribbon and send it all of us who have grown so fond of Hazel -- green or pink ribbon for me please.
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I hope Atti is fine, but something came to mind...
ruminants will often shiver/shake/tremble when they are in pain or discomfort (or if their calcium : phoshorous ratios are off [not typical in males though.])
It is easy to think they are cold, but that often isn't the case.
Just an FYI to rest your mind about his shedding/OMG do I have to worry about him too??

He could have had a minor blockage causing an overly full bladder... which is very painful!
However, if I remember right, he isn't getting typical "grain" which is a bigger cause of stones than forages (usually) but as the others mention, it might be something to check on with him.
Some grain types have additives, like Goat Chow and Caprine Challenger, to prevent it and thus the additives will not harm the females at all. :)
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Ah! Guys! Picture me dragging myself along the floor by my fingernails, in exhaustion, from how unweekend-like this "weekend" has been!

I'll try to report back better this afternoon but for now, I thinkkkk we're ok on the possible blockage front. His mineral supp (Manna-Pro, which I add to his feed everyday) has ammonium chloride in it and he pretty much eats his portion of minerals AND Hazel's everyday (Haze prefers Lacey's minerals, haha) so I'm thinking he's probably, hopefully, maybe, getting enough to prevent any real issues... ??
And he's continued acting totally normal, peeing normally and often, galloping around, etc, so I'm thinking that whatever Thursday was, it was just Thursday thing!

Anyhoo, I'll come back and address everyone's thoughts hopefully later today! :) <3
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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SS, the Sassaby does kind of look like Atticus! Now we see what he's going for....we see what you did there, Atticus! haha!
Right? Lacey really is queen of deer! She just loves them and they love her. I love them too so extra bonus for that! haha Thankfully they don't seem to have figured out about the food in the shed. Or perhaps they have but don't care. I know they drink out of the water tub by the gate, they probably drink out of the shed-water too. Thankfully there's enough brush and stuff around that I don't think they really have a need to eat dried grass, you know?
But in any case, if they want to eat some hay, I'm happy to share. :)

Thanks Kayella! I would like to find some straight ammonium chloride but I'm not sure where to find it. I've tried looking at my local feedstores but it appears that the places I'm used to going cater more towards horse/cattle people (selection for goat/sheep stuff is VERY limited). I probably need to order it online. Thankfully the mineral supplement I give them everyday has ammonium chloride in it so hopefully that's enough.

Cruiser, I had been feeding them ACV too, but then I realized that the vinegar I was buying was "Apple Cider FLAVORED" vinegar and that threw me I stopped. Is AC flavored vinegar "good enough"? So confused. haha

Roperchick, it'll be HILARIOUS! I can't wait. hahahahaha! I expect that she'll probably be less traumatized than we all expect, I mean she's been shorn every 6 months/year for her 9 years of life... And this time I'm going to use clippers like I did when I shaved her patootie and she really did not mind that t all! She's gonna look funnnyyyyyyy! haha

That's a great idea, Chevaux! I'll see what I can do about that once it's all shaved off+clean.

Thanks, Lockwood! I had a thought today - the grass is just starting to come in all green+fresh and he's been obsessing about grazing on that tasty tasty grass, perhaps he's just overindulging and giving himself an upset tummy. His poops have been normal but that doesn't mean that his tummy feels fantastic. He was a late March baby last year so he's never experienced that whole young grass-thing..
I've given him probiotics everyday in his food for the last few days and he seems a whole lot happier on them right now. Not that he was specifically "unhappy" for any length of time but there was just he was acting needier or something. Anyway, everyday that I've given him probios, he acts fine but then on the days I don't give them to him, he starts doing weird stuff - happy stuff, but weirder than normal. haha
Fingers crossed, I've been keeping an eye out for him peeing and I've been making sure his tummy doesn't get hard. So hopefully the young grass is all it is...


First, last Saturday, my mom and I discovered this new 100% gluten free bakery that's super close to us. Sooooo someone (ME!!) definitely got a crazy delicious cinnamon roll!
It was AMAZING. All gooey, soft, and tasty, JUST like a "normal" cinnamon roll would be!! I actually took a bite, then finished a few hours later, just to make sure, because it sort of freaked me out with how wheat-like it was!! hahahaha!
It was $5 so not something I could get allll the time but it was sure a nice treat!

Then, also on Saturday, the hoof trimmer I used to use came out to give me some pointers with Lacey's hooves and to do Hazel's (her back hooves had gotten out of control so I needed someone who knew what they were doing to get them back to "ground zero").
The kiddos were not impressed with having to stand tied for a boringgggggg 1.5 hours. They miraculously survived. ;)

Speaking of green grass, SPRING!!!

"Guys, I see Lacey roll everyday...I think I'm going to try it! My back is just SO itchy from all the shedding I'm going through right now!!"

"Well...that failed!"
He got his horn stuck in the ground and I had to "save" him. hahaha!
This is an example of the "weirdness" that's been going on - stopped since he's been getting Probios.

Then, today. I got home a good half hour early so I took that time to work Miss Lacey.
I figured we should start building up her stamina+such because once we hit those trails, she is gonna die on the hills if she's not prepped first.

So I took her in the steep pasture (lower pasture) and lunged her on the hill. One side of our circle had a big log in it so she couldn't do her favorite "OMG! This is a HILL!! I'm going to get out of control and run SO FAST and ignore all your commands!" Instead, she had to focus on her circle and getting herself over the log. It was really good for her. She did super great, I would tell her "step!" right before the log (her word for something she needs to step up and over) and she used that as her gauge for how close she was to the log. It was pretty cute!

Upppp the hill!


Overrr the log!

Then, we went to the other, flatter, pasture to cool her down. Even though she was only walking for about 20 minutes, she was SOAKED in sweat. She is OUT of shape!

Atticus decided to "help" me lunge her.

"Hmmmm...let me see here. How does this work again?"

"I see! I hold the line with my feet and hold this stick...."

That is all for now!

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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.

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I love your drawings. I hope you DONT spend time studying the way the animals look in reality. or, at least that you don't try to make yours real looking. Their charm is in their rustic nature. In a strange way, they kind of remind me of Maurice Sendak art.
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Super jealous about the gooey bun! No gf bakeries here, but I do make a mean (and I mean mean wheat like banana bread.)

That's a thought about the new grass.
He could have had some bloat type issue and all the peeing was just secondary. I know one of my does is very sensitive to forage changes and bloats much easier than the others.
I keep a bottle of Rolaids chewables in the barn (the one with the anti-gas, anti-bloat super duper stuff in cherry flavor [generic ok]) and if I think someone is trying to get bloat I give them a few tablets and watch closely. Probios is wonderful (and I've never heard of it causing "weirdies" before) but for a quick fix, the Rolaids are helpful. I also keep an actual ruminant bloat medicine, but it's gross according to the goats while the cherry rolaids is a big hit!

So, did you have an ah-hah moment watching the trimmer with Hazel?
How are things going with your work on Lacey's feet?

I agree with Tiny.....don't change the drawings. They are charming, whimsical and perfect the way they are.
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Awwww! CAROLINE!! [I hope it's ok that I call you by your real name...I remember reading somewhere that you don't like being called "Tiny" and "Liny" is just meh as a name... Lemme know if you would like me to not us your real name, I'm ok with whatever :)] You are too sweet! Maurice Sendak is one of my all time favorites. So sweet.
Yeah, no worries about me trying to go too "real". I used to be really self conscious about how not-real my drawings are so I spent my high school years attempting to be "real" (I took every art class my high school offered, hahaha). Too bad my version of "real" was everyone else's version of "you should illustrate children's books!!!! You would be so good at it!!"..
So anyway, I eventually decided that my pictures are MY pictures, life-like or not, and that other people like them so I should too. I'm hoping that eventually I'll settle in more and get a bit more...something...I don't know, there's something missing I the oldest versions of Peanuts. But for now, it's a work in progress. :)

Thanks Lockwood! Good thinking. I hadn't even considered Rolaids but he would probably love those! I'll get a box to have up in the tack room. :) For now the Probios seems to be doing the trick but Rolaids are probably cheaper for the longerterm! haha
No ah-ha moment with Haze and the trimmer. Miss Haze made watching very hard because she refused to stand still unless I was on the side opposite the trimmer, she was leaning on me 100%, and I was covering her eyes with my hand. WHAT A BABY. [it was really cute...sassy old lady goat needs her owner! Awwwwwwww!] But I wasn't really hoping for one, I was mostly hoping to get her hind hooves back down to "ground zero" so I could continue maintenance on them. They got sort of out of control before (I had not realized that she needs to be trimmed every two weeks, MAX, and let her go for 6 weeks before trying to trim them = too much for pansy me to feel comfy with!) so I'm hoping that now that they're back down to "right", I'll be more able to deal with them. She has really badly twisted toes in the back and she walks on the side of her hooves back there, for whatever reason, so they just grow wacky. It's really intimidating! haha But hopefully I'll be able to get on top of them now. I'm super comfy with Ati's feet (his are EASY!!) but Haze's...oh man, scaryyyy.

Lacey's feet. Oh boy. We're still reaping the 'rewards' of the last BAD trimmer I had out who let Miss L's angles get all out of wack. So I was being really thrown off by how out of line her toe angle was and then getting confused about her heel angle. Basically, it was a good thing this trimmer came out because she had quite a few ticks for me and she helped me getting L's heel's straightened out. Her toes were great but her heels were getting really underrun. Anyhoo, now I'll hopefully be able to keep up with that and things will be good!
Other great bonus, this trimmer has a short hoof jack that she hates because it's so short (it doesn't go up at all) but she offered to give it to me for Miss L because LaceyLace doesn't really want to have her legs up high for very long so something that doesn't go up at all really wouldn't be a problem for us. So that was fantastic. I've been puttering along without a hoofjack but a hoofjack would make getting angles right so much easier!
And free is ALWAYS the best price!

Then, just a few pictures from today:

Lacey's figured out that if she stands right here, she can look outside at her deer AND be under the overhang of the shed. She's so cute! I call her Queen of Buckets when she stands there. (the big one is my muck-bucket and the little one is our down-spout-watering-system, haha)

Today's drawing. A Sassaby?
I was going to draw another one but it came out don't mind the head the Sassaby is staring at...

Thennnnn today I came home to THIS. I think a deer got into the goat pen and freaked out. But it seriously broke down the pen. Thanks deer!
Luckily it only took me 15 minute to get it back up but I'm thinking that, if not over Spring Break, this summer the goat pen is going to see renovation in the form of pallet fencing. Darn.

"Hmmmmm! What happened HERE!!???"

"Let me help you fix it!! Look at me, I'm so HELPFUL!!"

Then allll back together. More ghetto than before. hahaha

Today was exhausting!! haha

Glad it's over!
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Fabio - 13 year old Arabian/Lipizzan gelding

Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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