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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        03-28-2013, 12:23 AM
    Green Broke
    Happy birthday atti! Aaaw eveybody has to get in a little trouble on their b day lol
    That is one tortured cat haha
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        03-28-2013, 01:26 AM
    Super Moderator
    Watching him try to walk while wearing that was THE BEST. He tried jumping up onto my bed by himself and it was sort of like watching a fish leap out of the sea. I was dyingggg.
    Poor Booth, it's a good thing he loves me! Haha

    Then, today I rode Lacey around bareback and took a little (aka too long) video. This is cut down from 15 minutes but still. SO long.
    We were doing our bareback with a halter and single lead rope thing. I find it seems to be a good responsiveness "drill" since I'm neck reining her on one side and basically direct reining on the other.

    In any case, I feel like the 2 really worthwhile areas are the first 30 seconds/minute - Atti decided to "help" me with my cinematography, and the very last minute or so - you get to see what a Lacey "spook" looks like (aka, stop and stare for a lonnnng time), Atti was in the shade with some deer and she could see him moving but couldn't figure out what he was. Then she realized it was Atti and everything was hunkydory.

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        03-29-2013, 12:20 AM
    Super Moderator
    I got Haze's patootie+udder+legs+head all sheared finally today. Like a true mullet, Hazel had a few dead beetles in hers. And they weren't named Ringo. But really, I did clip out a few beetles. It was sketchy! Haha So now she's fully sheared and, with any luck, I won't need to do any more shearing until July or August. THANK GOODNESS.
    I was actually sort of surprised with her today. I expected her to want to avoid the "shearing shed" (we have to go to the llamas pasture and use their shed because that one has electricity, unlike Lacey+G's shed) but she actually got happy to see it! She nearly pulled be down the hill to get to it! Silly girl!!
    No pictures of her fully sheared-ness because I forgot to charge my camera's battery and forgot about this until I tried to take pictures. And Miss Haze was not standing still enough for my cellphone. Haha

    In other news, it's been "hot" (high 60's) this week and Lacey thinks she's dying. Poor girl!
    She also started her very classy "I'm SO HOT" shedding where her belly area sheds out so fast that it basically goes bald. Way to make sure you look really classy for the vet on Monday, Lacey!
    She pretty much does it every year. It scared me so bad my first year with her, I thought she had mange or something!
    Her shedding patterns are my favorite - she always sheds her left shoulder very first, then her right shoulder, then her butt starts to really lose hair (left side first, always), and on and on until she's nearly completely shed out...except for the front half of her belly. She apparently likes her belly fur and that's always the last to go.

    Summertime Lacey is back:

    Weird shedding...

    And cute deer!

        03-29-2013, 12:31 AM
    Green Broke
    Haha poor haze lol now she really IS a rat...jk she's too cute for that

    And poor poor Lacey stuck in her cruel grazing muzzle again Lol
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        03-30-2013, 01:03 AM
    Super Moderator
    OH MY WORD, guys. Today has, literally HAS, to be up at the top of a "most traumatizing days ever" list.

    The morning started out pretty well - figured out how to get Hazel to eat her "grain" more expediently, add Apple Cider Vinegar! Then my lesson kid came, had her lesson, Lacey did well, etc.
    Then I baked oatmeal/cinnamon gluten-free muffins that are the tastiest ever. So excited about them! I'm a little bit disappointed in them because they are very fluffy+cakey and I was hoping for something more muffin-like, but really. Come on, I got to eat real freaking muffins!! No reason to complain!
    Flavor-wise they are perfect. I'm thinking I might add some applesauce next time for an apple-cake sort of feel but they're tasty this way too.

    THEN. Making those pushed into my "Feeding Time" (usually, since it's not too light out after 7pm/when dinner is over yet, I head up to feed at 4 or 4:30pm - today I was feeding at 5:30) so I had to hurry up to Lacey's pasture, forgetting my cellphone, to feed them all before they mutinied/I ran out of time to make human-dinner before humans mutinied.
    I got everyone all settled, fed, etc, and was about to leave when I noticed that Lacey was acting a bit strange. She wasn't going over to her hay like she usually does after I put it out and she was acting a bit "not there." So I figured she had a weird itch.
    So I'm petting her and she started getting a bit pushy about it, sort of insistent. Which isn't really "weird" for her but whenever she acts like she was acting, she's usually trying to "tell" me something. So I stopped petting her to watch her for a second. She shoved me with her nose (really weird for her!) so I started kind of looking her over. THEN, she twisted her neck and squealed at me!
    She never talks to me when I'm petting her - talking for her is always a message of some kind or another.

    Then she started doing weird stuff with her neck and I realized she was CHOKING!
    I tried to find a blockage n her neck, couldn't feel anything. Tried massaging her neck to get whatever it was down, THAT didn't work. And on the day I didn't bring my phone with me!
    So I took away all L's food, locked her in her stall, pretty much ran back to my house, grabbed my phone, ran back up to Lacey, THEN called the vet.
    At that point (6pm), Lacey was pretty much flailing around her stall, spewing green stuff all over the place, acting like she was about to fall over, pretty much running backwards, really panicking! I really wanted to go in her stall with her to con=mfort her but determined that probably the best thing I could do was stay out since she is mostly blind and panicked+mostly blind=dead Wallaby. So I talked to her and let her know I was there, that seemed to help a bit.

    Then, as soon as the vet picked up the phone, Lacey coughed a giant cough and an unbelievably large ball of green gunk came flying out of her mouth.

    She was still choking a bit as the vet and I talked but she was definitely calming down, thank the Lord!
    Luckily, the vet did not need to come out, she suggested lunging Lacey a little bit to hopefully sort of jostle the blockage out of the way, and syringing water fast into the back of L's throat to break up whatever it was.
    Thankfully, that seemed to do the trick. She coughed a few more times, then perked right back up, and went back to being herself.
    Lacey is too amazing, I can't even get over it. She single-handedly notified me that she needed my help, then refused to eat anything until she got the blockage cleared. She's probably the coolest.
    Anyway, I soaked her hay for tonight so it should be easier for her to get down, in case her throat is sore.

    And the vet knew exactly who Lacey was and knew all the right facts about her as soon as I said my name and Lacey's. We have a good vet. :)

    So think good thoughts for Miss L, if you would. I think she'll be fine since she was right back her normal self when I left and I watched her until 7:15 - she claimed she was "healed" at 6:30...but I'm sure she could still use some prayers/good thoughts.
    Good thing the vet is coming out on Monday anyway!!

    Ironically, the single other time she's choked -while under my care- was after she got her teeth done 2 years ago when I gave her grain too soon after the sedation from her teeth... I guess she likes symmetry?

    So yeah, I'm pretty traumatized right now. Poor Lacey.

    And some pictures, pre-choke:

    This morning, waiting for the lesson kid.

    Hazel is too weird. She sits like this all the time. She's such a nut!

    Sharpei-goat? Look at those butt-wrinkles!!

    "Don't you make fun of me, missy!"

    "Ze jokez you tell are heeeelarious!"

    Could she LOOK any more beaten??! Oh my goodness, Hazel!!

    In all her shaven glory!

    Then, this lovely article about blind horses showed up in my email this morning and I think it's a worthwhile read for anyone who's interested or is in contact with a blind I thought I'd share.
    You do need membership to read it, but I can genuinely say that the emails I get from them are pertinent to things that matter to me (I have mine set to only send me articles pertaining to old and/or blind horses) and it's a free membership. By far the best thing I've ever given my email address to! Haha
    The Horse | Caring for the Blind Horse |

    And I think that's all for now! :)
        03-30-2013, 01:32 AM
    Green Broke
    Ohhh - glad it turned out alright. Do you think to be on the safe side, you will water her hay for the next couple of meals???

    By the way, you know those goats are happy and content with you, don't you?
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        03-31-2013, 01:05 AM
    Super Moderator
    Well, she choked on her "grain" - alfalfa+beet pulp so I'm not too worried about the hay. I did soak it again tonight, just to be sure but I think she'll be fine. I have been extra soaking her BP+A pellets and making them pretty wet (which she hates) though! I think the issue might have been that I added some loose salt to her feed for the first time since last summer (she gets a loose mineral supplement but that doesn't seem to have enough salt in it for warmer weather) and though it was only a tablespoon, maybe the taste made her so happy that she forgot to chew.
    I've been adding salt to her feed at every meal since last night so hopefully her salt levels are getting all caught up and, if that was the issue, it won't happen again...

    Aww, thanks. :) I like to think they probably like me but sometimes I wonder! Haha

    Today it was "hot" - 74*F! Miss Lacey got her first bath of the season and she loved it. Well, she loved being hosed off and became less thrilled when she realized that I wasn't just hosing her off, I was actually bathing her...but you can't win them all!

    Her mane and tail got whitened, her udder got cleaned, she was feeling very frisky when we got done!
    Her hair is so much silkier now, I'm sure that'll encourage the shedding process along...I HOPE at least! She sort of looks mangy right now. Hahaha

    Atti was very interested in "helping" me bathe Lacey, Hazel wanted nothing of it. Haze knows what's up. Haha!

    In terms of Lacey choking last night, she seems all better now. She was a little sedate this morning but as the day progressed, she perked up. I think maybe her throat was just hurting this morning, poor dear!

    And, of course, pictures!

    "It's HOT!"

    Lacey, pre-bath...highly unenthusiastic.

    Mid-bath. Still not amused. Atti was helping supervise, of course.

    Lacey had very strong feelings about how fast she should leave her stall where I had been "forcing" her to stay while I put detangler+leave-in conditioner in her hair.

    And, of course:

    "Look at me! I can look like a mustang!!"

    "I'm so darn majestic. HOW do I DO IT?!"

    This evening. Hairy horse=all dry.



    Hmmmm, which one of these troublemakers does not belong?
    I love how Hazel is as far away from Lacey as possible, looking all "What the HECK? You don't go in here, giant creature!"

    [I was cleaning the goat's stall before bringing them all down for dinner+bed and I forgot to put up the rope that keeps Lacey out of the goat's stall. Lacey took full advantage of this slip-up.]

    "What?! I can do no wrong."

    Happy Easter everybody!! :)
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        04-02-2013, 11:51 PM
    Super Moderator
    So on Monday I started a new term at school...again. Therefore, things are, again, cray-cray.
    But we're going to survive, ok? Just this term until SUMMMMMMMER!!! Only 11 weeks!! I can survive that!

    Also, the vet had to cancel for Lacey's teeth floating on Monday (I guess she got double-booked somehow) so Miss L's float was rescheduled for this Friday at 3:30. So that is why you have not been blessed with rugged Lacey pictures yet.

    So I'm taking a photography class this term and the teacher assigned us a "photo a day" project type deal. So today was the first day of that.
    I'm having a tough time choosing what to photograph everyday (I see SO MANY things I like on a daily basis!) and it doesn't have to be the same thing everyday...but I thought it might be interesting to do the same thing everyday, since it is spring and things are constantly growing and changing!
    Anyhoo, I'll share my current favorite options for today's photo.
    I'm thinking I'd like to do something with photographing Hazel everyday since she typically gets the short end of the stick in terms of my attention+photos and since she was just shorn, the hair growth process (this photo/day thing will be happening for 60 days) should be interesting. Not to mention the hilarious facial expressions she's constantly making!

    Anyway, so here are my favorites of what I took today.

    Then this one is sort of my favorite. Every single day Lacey stands right here and Hazel stands over there, It would be funny to have a daily picture of Hazel, framed by Lacey. According to the assignment, each photo of given subject doesn't have to have the same composition at all but it might be fun. Especially since they pretty much do it everyday.

    Then my other thought is that "Tree Monster" (the tree next to the shed is absoutely terrifying to Lacey...or at least she pretends it is!) is about to bloom+grow leaves, that could be interesting too!

    And then, unrelated to the photo a day thing, Atticus just wanted to be majestic.

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        04-03-2013, 12:10 AM
    Green Broke
    So glad Lacey is doing better! A choking episode is really terrifying. Henny choked twice in one week. Both times he stopped eating and stood there with his head stretched waaay down. We were able to massage the blockage out of his throat both times, and he coughed them up on me, both times. It's a scary, scary thing to go through. I've been soaking his feed since then and he hasn't choked once since then. :) -knock on wood- Really glad that everything ended up okay.
        04-03-2013, 12:49 AM
    Super Moderator
    Twice in one week? Wow, that would be terrifying! Glad you were able to get it out!! :)
    That was sort of the scariest thing about this one - I couldn't feel anything anywhere in her neck. I was massaging her neck and massaging it some more, just in hopes of moving what I couldn't feel, and nothing was moving. Things were gurgling but nothing was moving. Super scary.
    I soak all her food as a general rule (I think of it as practice for when she's extra ancient and needs "Old Lady Mush" ) too. I can't imagine how bad it might have been if it had been dry!
    I'm glad everything ended up ok for both of us too! :)
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