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Lacey, Fabio and Me: The Neverending Story

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        04-04-2013, 11:17 PM
    Super Moderator
    My first week of classes is almost over (one, one hour long, class tomorrow) and I'm freaking exhausted! I feel like I've been run over by a bus.

    In animal news, Atticus is being a huge huge brat. I need to get some sort of covering for his horns because, now that poor Haze doesn't have very much fur to protect herself with, he's "accidentally" cut her pretty deeply a few times with his horns. She's ok but she has 4 or 5 healing cuts, some deeper than others, from his horns. AND he managed to literally rip her purple blanket off her body today, with his horns. No joke, that poor blanket is in pieces.
    I've read about people attaching mini-tennis balls to the ends of their sassy goats's horns...I've also heard of people using a stick to basically stick both horns together, via duct tape, so they can't hook anything. A stick would be cheaper for now so tomorrow morning=stick installment. Lucky for him, I have turquoise duct tape, purple duct tape, pink duct tape...yes, his double punishment is going to involve girly colors. Muhahahaha!
    Remind me why I allowed a goat in the throes of teenager-ness to come home with me?? I'm going to be the worst mom ever, I have no tolerance for teenagers. hahaha

    Anyhoo, Lacey and Hazel are both being their usual angelic selves. Hardyharhar. #sarcasm
    Really, Lacey has been being her usual sassy self and Hazel, well, she's actually been being very sweet. I feel for her, being bossed around by Mr. BossyPants alll the time. It's sad. Hopefully, once his horns go to horn-jail, his overinflated sense of self-worth will settle done a bit. Hopefully.

    Lacey's getting her teeth tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed that that goes well!

    Picture time!

    Today+yesterday's prospective pictures "of the day":

    Then this is from yesterday morning as well:

    THEN, yesterday the Redtail Hawk cam to visit.
    I think I interrupted him/her mid-feeding time because she was hanging around pretty closely. She's leave if she felt like I was watching her too much but then, within 5 minutes, she'd be back!

    Mid-take off

    Then, today Miss L got her "beard" trimmed. I was trying to leave it to shed out on its own but it was driving me NUTS! I have never let her beard shed out naturally, not once in the 5 winters we've had together. Hahahaha

    So much more lady-like now!

    "Shedding season, am I right?"

    All that hair = 5 minutes with my hands and our Slick n' Easy blade. Ridiculous.
    Plus side, her left shoulder and the left side of her neck are almost totally shed out now! Her right shoulder and the right side of her neck are slowly catching up as well. The rest of her = hairy hairyyyyyyy.

    Thanks for looking! I hope you all are doing well!! :)
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        04-06-2013, 01:04 AM
    Super Moderator
    Alrighty, Miss L has "shiny" teeth now! And Atti's horns are in horn-jail.

    Atti did NOT like me putting the stick on his horns but so far it seems to have worked! He was much more laid back with Hazel and he was just all around a little less "full of himself." Yay! I'm a bit concerned with the stick affecting his horn growth by holding his horns to a certain growth "route" horn braces or something, but I suppose we'll see. Maybe this won't have to be a long term thing. And if it seems to be a longer term thing, I'll just get his horns some tennis balls so each horn is the master of its own, blunt, destiny.

    Lacey did great with getting her teeth done! She was sedated out of her mindddd so that was pretty hilarious. But even being sedated so much that she was barely standing, she was still fighting her teeth getting done. Not too badly but she certainly got a jaw workout while biting down on that thing that holds their mouths open! I can't imagine effectively doing her teeth with her awake! Sheesh.
    She still has all her teeth but one is slightly loose. It's the second molar on her right side. It's not super loose and the vet filed it down a bit more than the other teeth, to hopefully take the pressure off it, if pressure on it is an issue for Lacey.
    Lacey was also being hilariously dramatic while she was sedated. She kept failure nickering (she'd trying to nicker but it just wouldn't come out so she'd try again, and again) and sighing. It was literally the cutest and funniest thing I thing she's even done.

    We also elected to not give Miss L any vaccines this year. We figure that after 28 years of vaccines, she probably has pretty has a pretty strong defense built against the common issues and coupled with the fact that shots could trigger an ERU episode = NOTHANKYOU, sir!! So basically I'm supposed to call if she gets any sort of deep wound so she can get a tetanus shot but otherwise, we are good to go!

    Stick Atti:


    "So many drugs, guyz."

    And my vet is not a man, she is a lady. That picture just makes her looks like a man.
        04-06-2013, 01:18 AM
    Green Broke
    I am curious about Atti's horns: How much will they grow? Will they curl or just keep going and eventually he'll look like an impala? Is it possible to have them blunt or round cut (not that I'm advocating such a thing) at the tips to reduce the accidental damage he does?

    Hazel looks very mellow in the last picture!!!!
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        04-06-2013, 01:42 AM
    Green Broke
    Pardon me, Wallaby, I should have said Lacey instead of Hazel - I think I'm going to have to stop making posts after 11 pm as my brain apparently goes to sleep at 10:30 pm.
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        04-06-2013, 12:40 PM
    Green Broke
    The horns can actually be tipped, where they take off the pointy ends. I had it done to my one show doe. I don't know if it grows out pointy a again, though.
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        04-07-2013, 12:08 AM
    Super Moderator
    No worries, Chevaux, I knew who you were talking about! :)

    I imagine they'll end up looking something like this:
    [random Google image]

    Eventually...! It seems that most people disbud their dairy breed goat ids so there were not a whole bunch of pictures for me to look through. Thanks, Google! Haha

    Like Kayella said, I guess you can "tip" their horns and make the ends more round. I think Hazel had that done back in the day because the ends of her horns are basically like rounded sidewalk chalk...but from what I've read it sounds like a job for someone who knows what they are doing = not me! Haha Something about using a saw or "bone wire" to "just remove the tip of each horn"...

    This is what Lacey did today:

    Lacey does homework...!

        04-07-2013, 12:25 AM
    Green Broke
    Yeah I had mine done by a vet. It gets a little bloody. But you can't "debud" the horns after they've started growing in and are visible. They're usually cauterized off when they're a couple weeks old. But that doesn't stop from some horn growing back. Little buds will grow back that are not attached to the skull, so they wiggle. When they get big enough you can just pull them off easy peasy. Maybe you could look into getting Atti's horns tipped by your vet? I don't think it costs much.
        04-08-2013, 01:22 AM
    Super Moderator
    Yeah, no debudding (dehorning!) here!! Especially with the coyote around [saw her yesterday :) ] I really like that they have horns - some kind of protection at least!
    That's the awkward thing, the goats don't actually have a vet... :/ It seems as though the closest vet that does goats is about an hour car ride away. Lacey's vet knows next to nothing about goats and Booth, the cat,'s vet doesn't know goats either. :/
    Anyhoo, today he got little tennis balls on his horns instead of the stick. I cut a small slit in 2 mini tennis balls, one went over the tip of each horn, then each ball got liberally duct taped on. He looks like he has eye-stalks! Hahaha I feel a lot more comfortable with doing them that way vs the "horn braces." Time will tell how long they stay on, but currently they're on those horns pretttty firmly.

    I DO have a somewhat interesting story to add to the "Gentleman Files" for those interested parties...
    1. About a week ago, my brother and his wife basically gave me a patootie whipping about my texting (or lack there of). Basically I had been texting him with a sense of self-depreciation - that I was the one being the "agressor" and that I was probably constantly in danger of being "too much". But then, my bro and SIL made me really think about it and I realized that he "likes" pretty much every status I post on Facebook, he texts me back when I text him, he posts on my fb wall more than I post on his fb wall, etc, and I realized that truthfully all my texting was really my form of "liking" something on FB or whatever. That he has one way of showing our friendship and I have another way and that's ok.
    Anyway, so my SIL basically told me to text "like the Honey Badger, like I just don't care." And that is exactly what I've been doing. And it's been working pretty well. He's texting me more (like instead of just "hahaha", it'll be "hahaha" plus a real sentence of words) back and I'm starting to feel better about this whole thing - less awkward and nervous about texting him because I've switched my thinking from "oh geeze, I hope he thinks this is funny" to knowing that he will find it funny because I know for a fact that he likes my sense of humor. Basically just working on being more self confident, not overly confident, but less of a nervous Nelly.
    Whew, hopefully that makes sense - it's 10pm and that's my bedtime.

    2. This story probably needs background:
    There's this guy who worked at camp with me and Gentleman Friend. I've known and worked with at camp said guy since I was....16 (met Gentleman Friend at 20). That guy and I basically had a flirtation-ship. Basically we flirted every summer allll summer and he was a "you call me, I'll be there" sort of guy for me, while I was at camp. Gentleman Friend and Camp Guy go/went to the same college (CG graduated last year) and all three of us go to the same church.
    Last summer I was really hopeful that something was finally happening with CG and I..........but nothing did.
    Gentleman Friend started showing more interest/we started becoming better friends and CG started working on Sunday nights so I never saw him at church anymore (none of us work at camp anymore).
    Also, if anyone ever watches the show "New Girl", CG is basically the real life. EXACTLY like that.
    Then, after a few months of this^, CG shows back up at church on a Sunday night...and on a night that Gentleman Friend was at church and had gotten very little sleep - GF was being above average flirty with me and just all kinds of..."friends" sort of friends. So CG saw this and then basically ignored me for the next few times he saw me. He'd talk to GF but I was basically dead to him, it seemed.
    I obviously felt terrible but at the same time, I needed to move on from CG because it had been, what, 4-5 years of chances for him? And really, someone who would behave like that^ is not someone I need seriously in my life.

    ANyhoo, I saw CG again at church a month or two later (without GF) and his only comment to me was "You're sitting over here? Where's (GF)? I thought you only sat here to be with him." [when he knew full well that I sat in that spot whether GF is there or not] Buuuuuurrrrrrrrn. Yeah, RUDE.

    Then, I saw CG at church tonight.
    He came over, sat down next to me, and started doing that "inquiring" thing guys do where they act like they don't care about the answer, about where GF was... Anyway so I told him, we talked a bit - apparently he's going to ride a horse tomorrow and thought I needed to know and then he left.
    It was all together very strange. But he didn't seem as downright mad as he had seemed post-"incident" I guess that's good. I really do like him as a person and he is a wonderful person, just I need someone who talks about how they're feeling instead of playing silly middle school games....

    Gah, guys.
    I still really feel bad about CG though. I feel like I accidentally led him on somehow and maybe I did, but come on. We had been flirting for 4 or 5 years, I was pretty sure that if he felt something he would have done something about it, or at least asked for my phone number!
    But yeah. Feel bad. I'm glad we talked tonight though. I tried to be really neutral and didn't flirt with him or anything, even though he was trying to flirt, because I don't want a repeat.

    ANyway, cookies if you read all that! Props to you! No worries if you did not, I don't blame you. Haha

    And for that, I will reward you with a picture of the train that I ride n a near daily basis. Of course, my phone decided that said train was a solid beam of light...but I like it. :)

        04-08-2013, 11:47 PM
    Super Moderator
    Today's drawing!

    Hipster Dinosaur eats history for BREAKFAST.

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        04-09-2013, 10:45 PM
    Super Moderator
    No new news.

    Lacey switched over to Triple Crown 30% on Saturday to fulfill her ration balancer needs and so far that's going really well! She really really likes eating it (getting her to want to eat all her supplements is always a struggle and since she NEEDS most of her supplements for her eyes....) and I'm super happy about that!

    We had a visitor today...
    Guess who....

    You guessed it! Duke[ina]!

    "Hunting, hunting, hunting. Now where are those wrascally mice!"

    "Over there?"

    "Or RIGHT THERE!!!"

    "OH NO! That human!!!"

    "Buh-bye ya'll!"

    She was so focused on her hunting that she didn't even realize at all when I spotted her! She only realized after she turned towards me...and then she ran away. I wish she didn't run so soon after spotting me but at the same time, her running signals that she's not at all usd to humans and that's something I want from a coyote that's going to be hanging around... catch-22.

    Isn't she CUTE!?!!
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